19th August 2011

Set: In a slight AU where COE and Exit Wounds didn't happen.

Genre: Romance.

Parings: JANTO!.

Rating: T+ Slight References.

Summary: Jack confesses something on Ianto's birthday


Ianto woke up feeling tired and pissed-off at the blaring alarm waking him up from his bliss. He dragged himself to the bathroom hauling the covers with him, much to a now shivering Jack's annoyance, and turned the shower on to steaming. Minutes later Jack attempted to join him in the shower but was kicked out to Ianto mumbling about the time and being late.

"Oh come on Yan, it's your birthday, Let me spoil you" Jack wined.

"I know it's my birthday Jack, you've been reminding me for weeks, but we're gonna be late" Ianto told Jack.

"Oh I'm sure your boss won't mind" Jack leered.

"Well, I don't know, he can be quite uptight you know" Retorted Ianto.

"You would know about being uptight wouldn't you " Jack shot back, moving closer to his welsh lover and stealing his lips. When they both parted all thoughts of getting to work were lost in the back of their minds as Jack took Ianto to bed.

When they'd finally got ready Jack dragged Ianto to the bed insisting on him opening his presents.

"The small one and the cylinder one is from me and the big one is from Martha, oh and the team said they'll give you theirs at the hub" Jack told his lover.

Jack watched as Ianto opened the large present from Martha, grinning as he lifted the lid off the box. "Well red is my colour" Ianto chuckled showing Jack the red UNIT cap and reading the note attached:

'Have fun dabbling Mx'

Ianto now turned to the two presents from Jack-a red box with a red ribbon and a cylinder silver one. "Which one do you what me to open first?" Ianto asked Jack.

"The silver one" Jack replied instantly, watching Ianto open it, smiling at finding an extra-large tin of his favourite coffee beans.

Jack then took the red box from the bed and said "Ianto Jones you are perfect in my eyes, you always know when I need you, you're always there listening to me never judging or questioning my reasons and instead of trying to change me, you fix me. Oh, and you look incredible in a suit. So, Ianto Jones Will you marry me?

Ianto blinked away tears and turned to look directly at the man he loved more than life itself "Jack, of course I will, I love you more than anything in the universe" Ianto said pulling jack into a passionate kiss.


When Jack and Ianto eventually arrived at the hub they found one very angry doctor and two cold looking women.

"Where the hell have you two been, I'm freezing my arse off ere, and you're the only one with keys Harkness" Owen complained.

"Yeah, Jack" Tosh began "I've been here for nearly an hour now"

"Sorry guys but it is Yan's birthday and I wanted to make it a special day" Jack said, smiling at a blushing Ianto.

"Hang on, are you telling me we've been freezing our arses off cause you wanted shag the tea-boy" Owen moaned.

"No Owen you're freezing your arses off because I was too busy making love to my fiancé" Beamed Jack, with an ecstatic Ianto next to him. "It's true" Ianto said putting an arm round his new fiancé, "He proposed this morning".

"Aww guys that's fantastic" squealed Gwen, "I'm so pleased for you two" Tosh told them.

The team now looked at Owen "Yeah brilliant, but can we just get in the hub now. I'm frozen".

Jack laughed as he unlocked the tourist office door, taking his fiancés hand. Yes, he thought to himself, married life to Ianto would suit him.

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