For those that read my other story, Twisted Insurrection: Eternal Enemies, I had to delete it because its just overkill. Nod would have such a enormous advantage. So I made this story where there is no connections to Red Alert.

Operation Venomous Crossfire

Mexico City, Mexico (Two days before African Campaign)

The Insurrectionist: The leaders of Latin America are meeting in Mexico City. Soldiers of Nod! Disguise yourselves as GDI and attacked the city and then retreat. Once GDI response forces engaged the Mexican Army, we shall aid them and show them that the Brotherhood of Nod can be trusted as the guardian of HUMANITY! IN THE NAME OF KANE!


The Insurrectionist: Commence operation! (The army mobilizes)

Group Alpha: Commander. We've reached the city.

Mexican Security: Woaah..! Aren't you guys too much for an escort…(He sees GDI bombers attacking)

Group Alpha: Kill them all! (The Abrams and MLRs started firing. Then after fifty seconds, they retreat through the underground exit)

Once the Mexican Army arrives they find the GDI tank division. Obviously, GDI's Abrams outperforms all other modern tanks. So I send in my troops as the equalizer! Artillery in the back and Bradley light tanks to the front. My force surrounded the flanks and rear of the GDI tanks and decimated them.

Mexican President: Thank you commander, for you and your fighters in preserving the freedom of Latin America!

Crowd: Peace through power! Peace through power! PEACE THROUGH POWER!

Two days later

USA news reporter: Its only been day 1 since the Brotherhood of Nod launch its worldwide campaign of world domination. Due to the so called Desert Slaughter Incident, the countries of Latin America have pledged their loyalty to Nod. Also, Nod has made rapid gains as 60% of Western Europe and Russia along with all of Southern Europe, Africa and Australia are now under Nod control. To make things worse, large buildings know as Temple Primes have been discovered. One in South Africa, one in Sarajevo, one in Siberia, and another in Australia. It is to believed that their great leader, Kane, is in one of these massive fortresses. Furthermore, it is discovered that all Nod temples are retrofitted with nuclear launchers. Ready to strike anywhere.

The Insurrectionist: Humph…! The so called GDI is pathetic!

?: Don't worry Nikolai Gregory, GDI is finally bringing out their big guns.

The Insurrectionist: Well if it isn't Rick Mason, the commander that destroyed the GDI forces in Africa and has been promoted to third-in-command.

Rick Mason: Well I'm here for a reason. With Kane's authority I have authorized the Edict of Kane, which proportionate our troops to each commander to increase efficiency and decrease unwanted casualties.

The Insurrectionist: So?

Rick Mason: I am giving you troops and state of thee art equipment to continue your struggle for peace.

The Insurrectionist: I am… honored to be able to command the true soldiers of Nod.

Rick Mason: Because there aren't enough commanders and guerrilla fighters to accommodate the large armies of Nod effectively.

EVA: New information added to the database. Analyzing schematics

Stealth Tank MK-II-More damage and more missiles

Bradley MK-II Light Tank-Increased armour, firepower and range

Chemical Trooper-Replaces flamethrower infantry. Slows down vehicles and explodes if crushed. Also deals more damage

M121 Artillery-Better firing rate and accuracy

Chemical Tank-Replaces flame tank. Slows down vehicles. Faster, better armour, deals more damage and bigger blast radius

Apache MK-II-Same features as the ORCA but cheaper and faster to produce

Vehicles cost 100 less Tiberium credits and are produce 20% faster

Templar Commando-Enhanced Commando, with immunity to Tiberium. Resistant to anti-infantry weapons and faster movement speed and anti-tank grenades

The Insurrectionist: Thank you Brother-Commander, however, what am I to do now that Latin America has now joined the fold.

Rick Mason: Work for me, helped me liberate Europe from the hands of the fascist GDI. GDI has regained the Initiative and is taking back Europe through two fronts. West, through Spain, and East, through Siberia. We must stop them!

And I accept. Five days later me and my forces arrived in Paris, France. I have heard of this new commander of GDI, James Solomon. I've been waiting for the chance to fight his forces head on. With the Brotherhood of Nod now controlling over half of the world GDI is useless to stop our plans. ONE PURPOSE ONE VISION! When his forces arrived at France, my snipers will deal the fatal blow!

Three days later: On the coast of France

Operation Purgatory

EVA: Covert Nod force will arrive at Britain and station themselves on the outskirts of London. Here are your objectives. GDI navy and air force stationed in Britain had left to aid in their counterattack in Europe. Leaving their bases vulnerable. Use stealth tanks to destroy GDI bases.

"Sneaking past Abrams tank patrols. Humph! GDI guarded their docks with tanks, but left their infantry to guard the airbase." (Nuclear missile destroys power plants) (Stealth tanks crushed the infantry and destroy the airbase) "Looks like the tanks took the bait. Now slip back into the shadows."(Stealth tanks cloak back and destroy the coastal base) (Suddenly, GDI tank division are coming from all sides. "Damn it! How are we supposed to escape!"

The Insurrectionist: Don't worry brothers. The diversion has started. (Fighting starts on Ireland) Get out of there! Retreat back to France!

Five years later: GDI news report

Forces of the IRA, Taliban, Chechen terrorist, and Mexican drug cartels have assisted Nod in their counterattack against GDI. To make things worst, more Temple Primes are being constructed in California, Mexico, Ireland, and Israel. From this moment on, all GDI citizens are to go to the nearest spaceport and escape to space. Earth is lost, but GDI will never give up and will never surrender freedom!

The Insurrectionist: Ah! So the pigs have fallen back to their colonies in either space or the planets.

EVA: Both Nod and GDI have established colonies in space and on the surface of the planets to accommodate humanity's enormous population, which is increasing in magnitude never seen before. Also, Tiberium mining on Earth cannot sustained the growing needs of the people. GDI controls over one thousand space colonies and the planets Mercury and Venus, along with 90% of the surface of Mars. Nod controls all the other planets and has six times the number of space colonies. Both GDI and Nod space fleets are equal in terms of schematics, but the Brotherhood's fleet outnumbers GDI by four to one.

Kane: Thank you, my brother. With your help, we have liberated our precious Earth from the hands of GDI. For that you are now a member of the Inner Circle, the council of the Brotherhood. Your name will be inscribed within the walls of the temples of Nod as a hero that delivered humanity towards SALVATION!