Watching from the Armageddon, Kane is… a bit worried by the explosion of the Leviathan, along with its captain CABAL.

Hybrid: It seems you've lost your most loyal general.

Kane: (Turns towards the stranger) Ah, and here I thought I would never thank my brother whose brilliant ideas further progress our goal of humanity's freedom. Don't worry my friend, soon there would be a new… legion of dedicated followers ready to serve the brotherhood.

Hybrid: Anyway, I'm just here making sure you keep your payments. Now that you already made your last payment, bye.

He leaves.

Logan is blown away by the blast. He is picked up by the crew of the Phoenix.

Owen: How are you Logan?

Logan: Don't worry sir, I just broke my back. How's the situation?

Owen: After Havoc blown up the Leviathan, both sides cease attacking. I have come up with a plan to destroy most of Kane's fleet of psychos. Dr. Mobius.

Mobius: I have configured the vessels of the GDI fleet to covert their Tiberium power generators into a catalytic bomb that would destroy Nod.

Logan: But, that would mean…

Owen: Yes Logan, we would need to get close to the enemy fleet and manually detonate the Phoenix, which would unleash a chain explosions. Problem is that there must be people guiding the ships and distracting Nod. That's where you come in Logan.

Logan: All right general, time to go kamikaze!

Owen: No Logan, you are to lead the survivors onto planet Mercury.

Logan is shocked by his orders.

Owen: I'm sorry Logan, but its decides that you should lead the remnants of GDI in making the final decision. Whether you surrender or make a peace treaty with Nod, fight on a desperate struggle, or escaped into exile using our space arks, they will respect your decision.

Logan: I'll do as you wish General Owen. (He signs off)

Owen: Dr. Mobius, I believe you should go too. I've heard your daughter had given birth to her fifth child.

Mobius: Thank you, but I must stay to ensure the operation succeeds. Besides, she is a strong willed woman.

Inside one of the escape pods, Logan punches the wall and breaks down, with tears falling from his eyes. Memories of his fallen comrades all through the years of the Tiberium wars are pouring in. Meanwhile, General Owen prepares his men for the final fight!

Owen: Men today is the day our daily lives as soldiers end. But today is not our end, it is the end of Nod! For today is the beginning of their end! Charge!

The entire fleet overcharges its engines and proceeds to charge at Nod.

Kane: (With a worried face) Brothers we must get out of here!

McNeil: Slavik, Marcion, Nero we must retreat!

Even in the fury of Nod's overwhelming firepower, the GDI fleet continues on its kamikaze charge. Despite humungous casualties a few ships managed to slip within the center of the enemy fleet.

Owen: This is for America! (He pushes the button)

A chain explosion causes all of the GDI and half the Nod fleet to explode in a greenish blast, and then combine to for the Mother of all Explosions, which turn a big portion of space flashing white. Upon seeing it, Logan again breaks down and cries.

A few hours later, Logan has been contacted by Kane with a offering of a peace treaty, that would put severe restrictions of the people of GDI. Left with the final decision and three grave choices that would affect his people for generations to come.

Logan: Here we are, what are we to do my sons.

Matthew Sheppard: Its better for the sake of GDI that we used the arks to get out of here father. Out of the influence of Nod we could live peacefully and prosper.

John Sheppard: We should continue one the struggle for freedom! One day GDI would rise again to free humanity from Nod!

Havoc Sheppard: I think we should accept Nod's offer of a peace treaty. We have fought so hard and lost so much. I'm tired of seeing everybody die. He did promised not to oppress us.

Logan: Sons, I have made up my decision. Take everybody who sided with you view and continue without me. I will give each of you a Purple Heart so that someday, the Sheppard family will be reunited. Now its time for you my sons to go, there's a meteor coming to the surface.

He gives them one final hug and sees them leave. He sits and waits for the meteor to hit the planet. And when it did, it disintegrate him, leaving nothing but his purple heart, which turned into a black heart that bleeds red.

The end of one generation leads to the beginning of the next. Life goes on and so should you.