Lulu lay in her bed looking up at the big moon that shone through her window. The night was as silent as the stars. That's what Lulu hated the most about this crummy hell where she lived. It was cast away from any kind of society. It was so dull and depressing. Nothing even grew in the old courtyard anymore. Not even the very small and fragile little buds that blossomed in the spring. But it didn't matter. It seemed that it was always winter.

The wind seemed to moan its usual moan of the chilly night. It swept across the entire prison like a phantom and sang its mournful tune. Lulu shivered and wrapped her arms around her petite body frame to keep warm. She should have brought her tattered and faded sweater to wear. But tonight was different. She liked the cold and feeling of being alive for once. The wind swept over to Lulu and the sweet smell of the cold filled her nostrils. But suddenly, the feeling vanished. Just as she turned to walk back to the dorms, her ears perked up at the sound of someone at the fence.

She jumped and fell back on her bottom. She wanted to get back to her room where she was safe to an extent than out here in the dark night.

"Hey are you okay?" she heard a voice call. She turned and faced the metal fence that kept herself and others like her bound in the prison. Cautiously, she approached the fence and grabbed onto it. She smelled a scent. It wasn't an enforcer or Clover, someone new!

"I'm okay. You just startled me." there was an eerie and thick fog that emerged from the gray dirt ground, and arose all throughout the air. It was nearly impossible.

"Oh sorry. I didn't by chance wake you did I?"

"Nope. I have a little case of insomnia you could say." she replied with a sigh.

"What is this place?" the unknown male asked breaking the horrid silence.

"Some place I hope no one else will ever have to endure. This is where all the cursed ones are sent. They treat us like monsters. What crime have we committed to them that is so terrible we deserve this treatment?" she began to rant. The male anthro just sat on the other side of the fence and listened to the barbaric way others like Lulu were treated at this wretched place.

New arrivals, or the newborn "cursed pups" were sent to a small building where only the strongest survived to make it into the dorms. Once they reached the age of ten, they were allowed to go to the school. After they completed all their lessons, they were sent to simply live in the dorms and be of some use to the chieftains, of highest ranking enforcers of the campsite. So many twisted tales and rumors were told of a chieftain that raped a murdered a young she-anthro after she completed school. But it was hard to tell apart the rumors from the true stories. Lulu and the mystery male sat in total silence until he let down a gulp of fear. Not necessarily for himself though.

"I shouldn't have told you this. I'm sorry." Lulu said in a pathetic whisper that made the male's heart wrench. Without a word, he slipped his paw through the fence and gently patted Lulu's.

"No its okay. I'm the one who should be sorry. I wish there was some way I could help." Lulu smiled and looked down at the splayed paw with a marking that resembled a star. She let out a little gasp, and he pulled his paw away.

"Oh no please!" she reached through the fence and pulled him closer by his paw.

"I think it's pretty. The design anyway." she traced the little odd design with the tip of her small claws. The male let out a small laugh, making Lulu smile for the first time in what seemed a year or so.

"We've been sitting here talking and we don't even know who we're really talking to." he let out another little laugh. "May I ask you your name miss?"

"It's Lulu. Well that's just my pet name. I couldn't tell you the name my mother gave me. I never knew her." her ears pressed against her head as they lowered.

"To be honest, I never really knew my birth mother either. But my adoptive mother was just amazing. But anyways, I'm Faolan." The both anthro's stopped when they smelled and heard two bodies approaching, but yet the fog was too thick to see. Faolan felt Lulu's body shaking through her paw he held in his warm grip.

"I must go. Please don't let this be the last time we meet Faolan. You're very pleasant to talk with." Faolan nodded his head in agreement and squeezed her paw in reassurance.

"I promise I'll be back right here tomorrow night. Lulu." he said ever so sweetly and sprinted off into the night. Lulu still clung to the cold metal fence, and wanted to stay there and call out for Faolan, but she couldn't make a sound as she felt a heavy paw on her shoulder.

"What in the name of Lupus are you doing out here at this hour? Everyone is to be asleep and in their dorms by now!" Lulu looked behind the enforcer and saw the trembling body of her best friend and roommate, Trails. She was mute, and had the mind of a 5-week-old pup. Lulu embraced her startled roommate and wiped away her tears.

"I apologize sir for my tardiness. I could not will myself to sleep, so I thought a walk would tire me out." the enforcer hurled up a large wad of spit right into Lulu's blind eye. He smacked Trails and dragged Lulu back into the dorms.

"I'll be sure to let the cheiftain know of this Lulu." he said with a smirk and he closed and locked the door shut. Trails silently wept in Lulu's arms, who sat wide-eyed and joyful on her uncomfortable cot. Still overjoyed by meeting this mysterious male by the name of Faolan.