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Episode tag for 5x03

Double Drabble (at least, my Word's count said it was 200...), because I couldn't cram it into only a 100 words.

Author's note: With the way 5x04 picks up, there's so much fertile ground for supposition as to what happened between Matt and Emily after 5x03... Here's one brief scene.

"You okay?"


She wasn't. Her eyes were weary reflections of the long, hard day. But more than that. A wince of physical pain.

"Your shoulder?"

Emily nodded, holding her arm.

"Let me see."

A discoloration marked where the bullet had struck but not pierced her skin.

"That's quite a lovely one, alright." He gave her a playful smile. "But I think I've a cure, if you like."

"A cure? For contusions?"

He pressed his lips to the bruised flesh. Emily flinched with a sharp inhalation, then released a pleased murmur.


"I think it requires further applications."

Matt leaned in, her lips so close he could practically taste her. He wanted to kiss her, really kiss her. Not the torturous exercises in self control his previous signs of affection had been. But a real, searing, deep, messy embrace. Open mouthed, full of fire. Fingers sunk into her brown curls. Moans and whimpers...

Emily was breathing hard when he cupped her face, finally brushed his lips to hers.

They jumped when the anomaly alert went off. Matt sighed, resting his forehead against hers.

"Go," she said. There will be time later."

And there would be.

Emily was here to stay.

A/N: Wow. Am I ever addicted to these two. Is it the epic randomness of a 19th century woman and a man from the future falling in love in the 21st century? Is it the angst of their separation, that their responsibilities and duties kept them apart? Or all of the delicious baggage they both carry? Can't really say for certain...