Hermione stared down at the two infants in her arms. Even after six months, the twins, Emily and Lucy, never failed to amaze her. They looked perfect, asleep in her arms, their heads already covered with soft red fuzz that Hermione was certain would grow into red curls: the colour of their father's the structure of their mother's.

"Daddy will be home soon," She whispered aloud, to herself rather than her daughters. A quick glance at her clock – a wedding gift from Mr. and Mrs. Weasley – indicated that George had just left his joke shop. As Emily and Lucy slept, Hermione's mind drifted; she was grateful to actually have a moment to herself, raising twins didn't provide for much leisure time. She thought back to how supportive George had been when was accepted to a prestigious Master's program at a wizarding school in Italy. He decided to open a satellite location of the Weasley's joke in Venice in order to be near her. The Weasley twins' brand of humor, it had turned out, appealed to the Italians and even after Hermione and George returned to England the location still thrived, to the extent that Fred and George expanded to other parts of Europe.

When Hermione's first book – a treatise on the rights of house elves and other non-human magical beings – had been published no one had been more excited than George. He had spent her entire book launch bragging about how smart his wife was. With each of Hermione's books and papers on similar matters she had gained more and more notoriety in academic circles as an intelligent but controversial figure. Even when some complained about how Hermione was disturbing the status quo, George's support never wavered, as he continually stood by his wife, asserting to naysayers that her ideas were important and relevant. When Hermione and George had announced that they were expecting, the entire family had been overjoyed, particularly Ginny, who was excited that James and Albus would have cousin playmates, and Angelina, who had been pregnant with her and Fred's son, John, at the same time.

Hermione looked up when she heard the unlatching of the door, smiling when her husband strode in to their living room.

"Hello, love," George leaned over and kissed her before scoping up his daughters, one in each arm and landed a soft peck on each of their plump cheeks. Hermione loved seeing George with his daughters. He never turned down an opportunity to play with them or take them to the Burrow to show the girls off to their uncles, aunts, and cousins.

"Look at these two beauties," – George marveled. – "You just know Em is dreaming about the books she's going to read and Luce is coming up with all sorts of pranks to play one day." According to George, Emily was a future bookworm like her mother and Lucy would take after her father's troublemaking ways. Hermione was certain his theory had no salience, but enjoyed humoring him about it nevertheless.

"Well as long as only one of the girls is keen on misbehaving, we're better off than your folks," She gently teased, resting her hands on her husband's shoulder.

"If we're lucky. More likely, they're both going to inherit your smarts and my love of pranks and then we'll be in real trouble." George sounded worried, but there was a decided gleam in his eyes, eager to see the way his girls turned out and possibly excited to find out what kind of mischief they could create.

"Looking forward to spending more time with these two?" Hermione asked; George responded by nodding feverously. The Ministry had asked Hermione to participate in drafting new legislation on treatment of house elves, meaning that she would be quite busy with research and committee meetings for some time. George was planning on taking time off from the shop to compensate. Hermione could tell that he was overjoyed at the prospect of additional time with his daughters.

"I think these two need to get to bed," George whispered, kissing Hermione on her forehead. Carrying both of the sleeping girls, George let the way up the stairs of their house to the room the twins shared. Placing the girls in their cribs, Hermione lovingly tucked the blankets Mrs. Weasley had knitted over her twins: orange for Emily and magenta for Lucy. Wrapping her arms around her husband she gazed fondly at her daughters, knowing that in short time they would have her and George up, with their demands for attention. That didn't bother her though, everything was going so well. George's arm remained around her shoulder as the couple whispered goodnights to their twins and quietly left the room and made their way to their own bed.

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