I suppose it's presumptuous of me to wrap up a story I didn't even start. Thankfully, moxyg says it's all good. So, I don't feel guilty for hijacking her story anymore! Thanks, moxyg. Your the best! :)

Megamind continued his regularly scheduled kidnappings and Roxanne was her normal, unimpressed self. Metro Man rescued her on schedule and hauled Megamind off to prison every time, as usual. If Metro Man noticed that Roxanne often looked disappointed to see him when he arrived for her rescue or that her banter with the villain seemed rather suggestive, he never mentioned it.

Six months passed before Roxanne announced that she was moving away from Metro City. She had landed a job in Montreal and was excited to take it. When asked, she told people she was tired of being kidnapped all the time and people accepted that as a perfectly reasonable explanation. They'd inevitably ask, 'What about Metro Man?' and she told them that they weren't seeing each other. No one ever asked her 'What about Megamind?', though there was some speculation on who Megamind would choose to kidnap once she was gone.

When, weeks after her move, people began to notice that Megamind hadn't implemented a single evil scheme since the day she left, they started to have suspicions. Those suspicions were confirmed when the Canadian tabloids ran some pictures of Roxanne Ritchi and Megamind walking boldly down the streets of Montreal, hand in hand.

Wayne Scott was sorting his mail when he noticed a postcard on top of a stack of fanmail. The picture on the front was a maple leaf with the word Canada written across it. He flipped it to the back side and read two words written in a small, precise hand: I WON.