Three Months

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She had been waiting for Naruto for hours. She was so happy that she was able to find the right gift for him on their three-month anniversary. It took her weeks to find it for him but she did it.

Naruto walked in through the front door of the apartment that they shared. It wasn't too big or too small. That pleased Hinata the most. Naruto walked over to the refrigerator grabbed a juice and sat next to Hinata on the couch.

"Hey what are you doing?" Naruto asked. Hinata looked up from her book and smiled. Then showed him the book. Naruto knew Hinata was a little interested in reading but lately that seems all she does. She really likes to read Sakura's parenting books. "Run out of parenting books already?" Naruto teased her.

Hinata stuck her tongue out and made Naruto laugh. "Your mean sometimes." She said in a quite voice. "Yes I ran out of books. But that's ok I am getting more here soon. " Hinata said as she went back to her book.

"Oh is that so?" Naruto said. "From what Sasuke said Sakura isn't getting anymore. So how are you going to pull that one off?" Naruto asked. Hinata got up and went to go check on supper.

She looked in the stove and Naruto wrapped his arms around her. "Oh and happy anniversary." Naruto said has he nibbled on her ear. Hinata gave a small giggle to show that it tickled her.

"Same to you too." Before she could give the great surprise Naruto surprised her by putting a locket around her neck. Hinata loved it. "I love it. Thank you Naruto." She said as she rubbed it.

"So what are you cooking?" Naruto asked. Hinata knew that would be the topic no matter what day it was. Hinata can't help but giggle again.

"Stake with a side broccoli and baked potato. Is that ok?" She asked. Naruto looked very pleased.

"Yes it is. Sounds way better then going out to eat." Naruto said with a huge smile. Hinata got plates down while Naruto got the silverware and napkins.

After getting the table ready and food on the plates they both sat down to eat. After sitting there for a few moments Hinata decided to give her present.

"So ready for your gift?" Hinata asked. Naruto looked up and smiled.

"Sure. But I bet I know what it is. Not hard to figure you out." Naruto said to her and put his fork down.

"Ok you have to go to the bedroom. You will find it on the nightstand." Hinata said with a smile. Naruto gave a sigh but got up and went to go find the note.

Both him and Hinata were good about leaving each other notes. Its what got them to be so close to each other in the first place. Naruto found the note and sat on the bed and read it.

Hinata had stayed in the kitchen and waited but after five minutes she got scared and went to go talk to him. She found him still sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Naruto is something wrong. I thought you might like the idea. But if you don't then I can go seeā€¦" Hinata was cut off by Naruto's lips. He pushed her down and kissed her as passionate as he could. "Naruto?" Hinata asked.

Naruto quit kissing her and smiled. "So much better then my present." He said and went back to kissing her. Hinata laughed but not for long. Naruto had her undressed and as they were both messing around on the bed the note that Hinata had given Naruto fell to the floor. "To think we made a baby together all because of a birthday party and a note." Naruto laughed and Hinata smiled and kissed him again. "Thank you Hinata, my love." Naruto said before they locked lips again.

Ten Years later

"Mommy!" "Daddy!" Both Naruto and Hinata ran into the room as they heard Kyo and Mia yelled.

"He pulled my hair." Mia said as she ran to her Naruto. Naruto looked at Mia's head to see if there was a bald spot. Luckily there wasn't. But that didn't stop Naruto from getting angry with his son.

"Kyo be nice. You know you and Mia have to be good." Naruto said.

"But Daddy, she tried to take the paper I was reading." He said as he looked like he was going to cry.

"What note?" Hinata asked. The she took the note from Kyo and laughed. Naruto was a little curious and came to see what she was reading.

"Well guess you didn't throw it away after all." Hinata said as Naruto read the note that said she was pregnant. They both laughed.

"Mommy? You're going to have a baby?" Kyo asked. Mia looked sad.

Hinata looked at both her children and smiled. "No cause if Mommy has another baby then Daddy has a lot to explaining to do." Hinata said and left it at that.

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