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There are many different dimensions in this vast universe, most are similer, some are not, but overall they all share the same common thing; life and death. Both go hand in hand with each other and someone must be watching to make sure everything run smooth. For life we have the Goddess Kami, she is the giver of life and light, she the ruler of where all the good souls reside. Death is ruled by the Goddess Yami, she is the ruler of death and hell, she rules over evil souls with an iron first. Every soul has a place in one of those two realms but someone must lead them there, that is the job of the shishigami , the reaper of souls, they job is to make sure all souls go to their rightful place.

Hell: Yami office

Yami was sitting at her desk doing her daily invoice of new souls. She was a sight to behold, her silver hair reached all down her back, her body was well developed and she wore very reveling kimono that showed of her impressive bust . She was getting tired of all the paper work and put one hand on her shoulder massaging it to the best of her ability.

"I hate paperwork," she complained as she laid her head on her desk. In the corner of the office was a young man with dark hair, blue eyes covered by designer glasses, and had two horns sticking out of his head. He was Hellios, Yami assistant and the only one who could keep her on track. He walked over to his master and sighed patting her on the back.

"I know you hate it but if you don't finish it will create more work for you in the long run, "He said in a deep melodic voice. Yami looked up at him and stuck her tounge at him.

"Can't you do it for me," She pleaded with him slowly standing up and putting her arms around his neck, hoping he would fall for he womanly charm. He sadly did not, he removed himself from her grasp with a quick transport spell.

Looking over at her he sighed, "No matter how many times you do that it will never work," he said to her shaking his head.

"But I want to relax," She complained crying anime tears. Hellios looked at her and wondered why he took this job in the first place. A knock on the door cought both of their attentions, Yami went back to her desk while Hellios sat back in the corner.

"Come in,"Yami said getting everything composed. The door opened to revel a young man about 17 years old with blonde spiky hair with silver tips. He had dark blue eyes that and a well-developed fiese. He was had no baby fat left on his 6'2 frame. Yami smiled at him as he entered the room. He was wearing all back with arm guards on both arms. Two large pouches attached to his thigh that held many knives while a large folded scythe was attached to his back by straps.

The young man stood at attention in front of the desk and said, "Shishigami#000001, Naruto Yami smiled as she looked at the young man before her, she suddenly jumped over the desk and glomped him into a very big hug, "Look at my little boy acting all grown up," she said as she hugged him.

Naruto struggled in her grasp trying to get air but nothing could not "M….mo…mom…can….can't breathe," he stammer out slowly.

She let go of him and watched as he filled his lungs with air. She was so proud of her son, he was her first born and was by far one of the most hard working shishigami on the force.

"Mom why do you have to do that everytime I come into your office?" he asked her as he sat down in the chair in front of her desk.

She looked at him and gave him a pouty face, "It's the only time I get to hug my baby boy, you are always busy working. It is like you don't have time for little old me."

Naruto sighed and shook his head, her mother was famous for her guilt trips but today was not one of the days he would fall for it. "I would see you more often in I wasn't number#1 but I have a lot of reponsibilty, and also Kami like to give me a lot of missions."

"I know and I am so proud of you," Yami said with a huge smile, "but you need to find a girl, I want some grand babies." Suddenly a dream cloud came from her head showing her surrounded by little children and Naruto standing next to a girl with yet to be defined features.

"Mom!" Naruto cried in embarrassment, every time he visited she would always tell him to find a girl. He wants to but as a shishigami it was quite hard to find someone who was not afraid of him. Even here in hell many of the female demons are souls feared him.

He looked at his mom and tried to get her back on topic, "You have a mission for me right?" he said pulling her out of her daydream on little children running around.

She looked at him and gave him a knowing smile that he was quite weary of, "Of course I do,"

He nodded and waited for her to continue, she looked at her desk trying to find the file that had the details. After a few minutes of combing her desk she finally finds it at the bottom of her largest stake knocking it over she pulled the file out. Hellios jumped up and tried to catch the papers but was quickly buried under the massive pile. Mother and son ignored this and Hellios quietly cried to himself.

"I need a vacation," he muttered to himself.

Yami took the file and opened it up handing Naruto a copy of the papers inside, "Your mission came from the magi world, you are being sent to protect Mahora Academy, this is a prominent school in this world and they have request our strongest warrior."

Naruto looked at the file and facepanned, "This sound like a job for a hell knight, not a shishigami," Naruto said to his mother, "This is a category 3 world, I don't have the time to deal with these weaklings."

Yami looked at her son and gave him a very serious looked that made him freeze in his chair, "They request the strongest and that is you, a hell knight would not even last in a category 3 world, they are not allow in worlds higher than a category 4. Also this is a mandatory mission."

Naruto wanted to argue but knew that is was pointless, if she was making this a mandatory mission there was no way he could get out of it. Sighing in defeat he simply nodded and put the file into a seal his belt.

"Is there anything else you need Yami-sama," he said standing up getting back into work mode.

"That would be all," she replied with a smile. As he prepared to leave she stopped him for a moment, "Be safe ok."

"I will," he said to her giving her a hug before walking out of the office. Yami hugged him back and then watched him walk away. Sitting down at her desk she looked at a picture frame of her holding Naruto when he was a baby. She was standing next to a tall blonde haired man that look like an older Naruto, "oh minto if you could see your son now." She said to herself.

"Yami-sama," Hellios said as he finally got out from under the stack of papers, "What was the purpose of sending Naruto to an all girl's facility?"

Yami looked at him and gave him a very mischievous smile, "I just trying to help him find someone that is all," she said with an evil laugh. Naruto felt a chill run down his spine as he waited for the transfer to the magi world.

"Why do I have the feeling I just got suckered into something," he said to himself. Looking around he watched as the lift tubes were working. These tubes were the way to get from one dimension to another, they were the safest and fastest way to get anywhere. Standing on the plateform naruto waited for his tube lift to arrive.

"HEY NARUTOOOOOOOO!" a voice shouted from behind him causing Naruto to turn around. Standing there was a young man about the same age as Narut, wearing a green spandex, a black bowl haircut and some very large eyebrows.

"Hey lee what is up," Naruto said to his friend with a smile. Rock lee was one of Naruto best friend while they were growing up, he was shishigami#000015 and was always shout about youthful things.

"I doing well my youthful friend," Lee replied with a smile, "I have just finished my youthful mission to the shinobi world."

"That is awesome man that a category 1 world," Naruto replied with a look of surprise on his face.

"Thank you," Lee replied, "So where are you off to?"

"Well mom stuck me with a guard mission on the magi world," Naruto said with a hint of annoyance in his voice. Before lee could reply to his friend the tube Naruto was waiting for came up, running toward is he wave to Lee, "Tell you later man."

Naruto got on the lift and headed upward wondering what was in store for him topside. As he came into the light he saw the city of Tokyo and sighed. The magi world was filled with mages and wizards and other magical creatures, but they kept themselves hidden from the rest of the world. Since in this world conflict was rare between the magi and everyone else it was delegated to a category 3 world, they posed a danger but were not dangerous enough to pose a problem. He usually dealt with category 2 and 1, it was his job as shishigami#1 to take out threat that might throw worlds out of balance before they happen. As the tube came to a stop he got off and headed towards the trains. Quickly looked over the schedule and found his train. With a big smile and a near in audible chuckle he boards it and heads towards Mahora.

As the train rambled on he noticed that he was the only one on the train till they reached a certain spot, looking out the window he saw a lot of females wearing the same school uniform crowding the plateform.

"Oh boy," Naruto said to himself as he his pushed against the wall as they all crowd in. Soon they were back underway and Naruto was sandwiched in between two girls. He tried to move but it only caused him to rub against them, one girl gave him an angered looked and slapped him while the other let out a small moan in please. Naruto was both happy and angry at this predicament but he couldn't do anything about it at the moment.

"Next stop Mahora Academy," A voice said over the intercom causing the girls to stop their conversations and get ready to get off. Naruto looked at all of them and felt a sense of dread; if he got caught in that stampede he would be crushed. As the door opened it gave him a chance move out of the way of the doors. As he finally got off he watched a cloud of dust heading off into the distance.

"That was close," he said and walked down the street, looking around he saw that Mahora was more of a town than a school; it had shops and restaurant all over. As he walked he did not notice someone walk into his path, turning his head he barely has time to register her before he knocked her over. As she falls she grabbed his arm pulling him down with her. Naruto not wanting the girl to get hurt turns quickly so he hit the ground first. He looked a t the girl to see if she was ok, seeing that he had successfully cushioned her fall. She lifts her head her blue-purplish hair hiding her face. She noticed where she landed and who she landed on and quickly got up.

Naruto got up off the ground and extended his hand to help the girl up, "Sorry for that," he said with a sheepish expression, "I wasn't watching where I was going."

"I….It's ok," she stammered her bangs still covering her eyes. Naruto smiled and saw her looking around for something, looking at the ground he saw a red covered book on the ground.

Picking up the book he hands it to her, she took the book from his hands their fingers brushing against each other. As Naruto felt this happen he thought she had very soft skin. She quickly pulled her hand back her hair hiding most of her blush.

"Tha…..ank….you," She said and ran off before he could reply. He shook his head and headed towards the main office.

This girl ran as fast as she could away from the young man who knocked her down, her heart was racing. How could someone she had never met make her heart race so much. She ended that train of thought when she saw the time and ran to class.

Naruto walked into a large spacious office with short white haired old man with eyebrows that make lee's look normal. He also notice a tall man in a white suit standing off to the side, he had short brown hair and glasses. Next to him was a very beautiful woman with blonde hair and amazing eyes. The last person in the room was a boy about ten years old with short red hair carrying a staff that was double his size. Naruto looked over the odd bunch and continued his way to the desk.

He stopped in front of it and said, "My name is Naruto I was sent here by my superior to provide protection to this school."

The old man smiled and replied, "Good good, I am Koneman the head master of this school, I am glad your superiors decided to take our request. My I ask what position do you hold and what rank are you?"

Naruto inwardly sighed, he was never a big fan of giving his status as a shishigami away but this was his client so he was obligated to do so, "I am shishigami, I am rank 1," he said with everyone but the little boy gasping in shock, thelittle boy just looked confused.

"Well well, I never thought we get a shishigami to come to this fine place," Koneman said with a chuckle. "I hear that the rank 1 shishigami is Yami's son, is that true?"

Naruto again did not want to answer this question. He was silent for a few moments before nodding causing everyone to gasp. "Really it is not that big of a deal who my mom is," he thought to himself as he watched the other converse.

Getting tired of all this questioning Naruto decided to change the subject, "What does my mission in tale?" he asked getting everyone attention

"You are to protect this school from attacks of any nature, but most importantly you must protect this a certain class of ours taught by this young man," he said pointing to the little boy. "This is Negi Springfield a magi in training, he will tell you more about your charges."

Naruto nodded and waited to see if there was anything else he need to hear. After a few minutes of silence he turned to Negi, "So you're a teacher here?"

Negi facepanned always getting that question and simply nodded the white suit man stepped in and said, "Yes he is a very talented and intelligent young man."

"That's great," Naruto said with a hint of sarcasm in his voice. He turned toward Negi and said, "Meet me outside of the office so I can meet my charges."

Negi simply nodded and followed Naruto out the door.