Patchouli x Remilia fiction is an empty desert out there as far as I can tell (there are very few here on FFnet). This is fairly surprising as the two have been together for...centuries? Even doujinshi-wise, I can only find one work (that ends in Patchouli x Marisa anyways). So, I hope I can rectify this somewhat with a collection of Patchouli x Remilia short stories. I had planned to do this for quite a while now...I am finally getting around to it.


Chapter 1: Preface & TOC

What you're reading now.

Introductory Arc

Chapter 2: Work

An introduction into the SDM household.

Chapter 3: Tuesdays with Remilia

Taking care of devils during an eclipse.

Chapter 4: Wednesdays with Patchouli

Taking care of anemics during a regular day.


Chapter 5: Bloodletting

A natural consequence of asking why an anemic would be living with a vampire...

Betrayal Arc (sorry for the wait) (Edit 07/31: I forgot to note, and this is somewhat important, that the following chapters interlace with s/6046589/1/Continuing-Marisa-X-Alice . My profile page has a more complete timeline.)

Chapter 6: A Prod Produced with Satin

Remilia's fate induced paranoia sets in.

Chapter 7: A Lie Lined with Spikes

Idiocy in the guise of intelligence.

Chapter 8: A Truth Told with Cyanide

Go Sakuya!

Chapter 9: A Confession Connoted with Solace

The smallest things are the hardest to do.

Chapter 10: A Secret Sealed with Superciliousness

No one messes with Patchouli.

Chapter 11: Bonus Chapter

Sakuya becomes my favorite character.

Hunting Arc

Chapter 12: Inconsiderate Hunters

Patchouli and Remilia are thoroughly disappointed.

Chapter 13: Unconsidered Hunters

Patchouli and Remilia are thoroughly surprised (and a slight nod to The Protomen)

Short Story Arc

Chapter 14: Listless

A conversation about goals and desires.

Chapter 15: Funes the Golem

With thanks to Borges' very similar short story.

Chapter 16: Secret Door

Patchouli walks through a door.

Chapter 17: Lolita Complex

A continuation to chapter 5.

Chapter 18: Romance of the Programmer

Patchouli discusses her views on the nature of work.