Spencer could remember the day he called Lila to break things off. She had picked up the phone with an excited "Hey!" and he'd felt his stomach knot with the knowledge that since breakups didn't typically end in smiles and hugs, he would probably be ruining her mood by the end of the conversation. He also knew that it was bad etiquette to break up with someone over a phone call, but she was supposed to be flying to DC in a week and a half, and he didn't want her to fly out to see him just so he could break up with her in person and sooth his conscience.

It wasn't that he didn't like Lila, necessarily. In fact, he'd been completely blindsided by the feelings he had for her. But they'd been doing this thing, whatever it was, for almost three months. And the longer it went on, the more Spencer couldn't see a future with her.

He looked down at the brunette whose head was on his shoulder. She'd fallen asleep about ten minutes ago and was snoring softly. Earlier that night, they'd been talking about previous relationships, and she'd asked him if he "remembered the end", the moment that he realized the relationships weren't going to work out. She'd seen him thinking about it, seen the gears turning in his head, and knowing he would probably need a bit to sort out what he was trying to say, had changed the subject and set about helping him make dinner.

"Emily?," he whispered, pressing a kiss to the top of her head and rubbing her shoulder gently to wake her up. "Em, wake up."

She stirred and nuzzled into his neck a bit before opening her eyes. "Hmm? Is everything okay?"

"Yeah, everything's fine," he said, still whispering. He tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear. "I was just thinking about what you asked me earlier."

He saw her trying to fight past the sleep to remember earlier that night. "Oh! Spence, we can forget about that. It was no big deal."

"I don't mind answering it, though- I want to tell you." He said, his hand resting on her neck, thumb coming up to stroke her jawline. "What Lila and I had- it was intense. Everything happened really quickly, you know? I go to LA on a case, and next thing I know, we're alternating flying to see each other each weekend. To be honest, it all kind of hit me upside the head. But my feelings for her were very, very strong. "

"What happened?" Emily asked, her hand coming up to grasp his wrist, turning to press a kiss to the inside of it.

"There wasn't any one thing that happened, honestly. It was just- the more I saw her, the more I realized that I couldn't see a future with her. It was fun, but I think in the back of my head, it always had an expiration date, you know?"

He could see the question in Emily's eyes- the one she wouldn't allow herself to ask, the one that even if she were the kind of woman to ask questions like that, she still wouldn't ask him to answer it.

Spencer leaned forward and pressed a kiss to Emily's forehead.

"You wanna know something?" he asked, his hand still resting on her neck, her hand still grasping his wrist. When he saw her nod, he continued, moving in until their foreheads were resting against eachother. "I can't imagine us ever reaching an expiration date, Em."