"Okay, everyone! Take a break. That's enough for today!" The ninja academy students were sweating and exhausted from their recent taijutsu exercise, and relieved to hear their teacher say these words. Even though it was getting pretty cold out, Yahiko Satoru, academy taijutsu trainer, found himself putting aside his standard issue green vest and rolling up his sleeves.

Yahiko was a very fit man, more than suitable for the class he taught. He had short, spiked black hair and dark blue eyes with two scars on his face, one running from under his left ear to his cheek, the other running down his right eye to his chin. He wiped his face of sweat and sat down to relax from his class before he was greeted by a familiar voice.

"Yahiko Satoru! I never thought I'd see you here!" He turned to see Anko Mitarashi walk up to him.

"Anko! I heard you were raising a little hell around the academy this year!" Yahiko laughed.

"Trust me, if I can raise hell somewhere, I will." Anko smirked. "But enough about me, what about you? What's an ANBU of your status doing 'round here?"

"Standard volunteer teaching." Yahiko shrugged. "I've been assigned to do Taijutsu training. What about you?"

"Same reason, and Sex Ed." Anko answered enthusiastically.

"That's just like you." Yahiko grinned. Although he and Anko weren't in a romantic relationship, they did spend plenty of their time off missions in bed together. "So, you wanna head down to the dango shop?" Anko checked a nearby clock before answering,

"Yeah, I got time before class."

"And then Sakura smashed the bully right in the balls!" Anko finished her story, Yahiko laughing with here.

"Sounds like you've had a heck of a year." He said, clearing his laughter aside.

"Yeah." said Anko. "But enough about me, what've you been up to?"

"I don't quite have any real stories to tell." Yahiko shrugged. "I've trained my students as best as I can, they've trained, and they've grown."

"Story of all our lives." Anko sighed, taking a sip of sake as she stared off into the distance. "Hey, do you think there's something off about Mizuki?"

"There are a couple Mizukis in my class. Could you be more specific?" said Yahiko.

"The one with long white hair who isn't a student, but a teacher." Anko specified. "I mean, yeah, he's a bit of an ass, but there's something suspicious about him..."

"I haven't seen him much, but he seems to be an okay guy." Yahiko shrugged. "Why? Is he one of those guys who hates foxes?"

"More like the kind of guy who wants the foxes kicked out of the forest and killed."

"Ah. I see why you're not a fan of his." Said Yahiko, taking a swig of sake himself. "Why do you think he's suspicious though?"

"I dunno." Anko sighed. "All I know is that I want him to die. Or at least to keep him away from my students when it's time for their finals."

"Is this about Shiroumaru?" Yahiko groaned.

"No, this has nothing to do with that crap." Said Anko shortly.

"You have one devastating encounter with a spy posing as a man you trusted who has white hair, and now every guy with white hair has to be the bad guy."

"I'm telling you, it's not like that!" Anko snapped. "Look, he's been talking to me all year about wanting me to fail Naruto because... October 10th. That's enough consider him a guy not worth trusting. And that date a few nights ago... ugh..."

"Not exactly a romantic guy, huh?" said Yahiko.

"He doesn't know the meaning of the word 'romantic.' He thinks way too much about himself, and on at least two different occasions he tried to convince me to kick a certain someone. He wasn't really trying to be subtle either. Either that or he was, in which case, wow, that was just sad."

"Ever consider taking this up with someone?" Yahiko suggested.

"There's a lot of guys out there who hate that kid. Mizuki's only talked about doing those things. As much as I hate to admit it, there's nothing I can do... yet."

"Yet?" Yahiko repeated. "Why do I get a bad feeling from that word?"

"Oh! I gotta get to class." Anko blurted after discovering the time. "Hey, could I trouble you to do some volunteer work in class?"

"Yeah. Okay." Yahiko agreed.

The two shinobi crossed the village over the rooftops hurriedly to the academy. Anko's class, this time a co-ed one, was already seated and wondering what their teacher was late for this time, before Anko Mitarashi herself slunk into the room through a window, followed closely by Yahiko.

Hello!" said Anko cheerily, though her mood turned darker as she addressed the class. "Bad news, everyone. I'm afraid that tomorrow, I won't be able to make it into class." Her expression became far more irritated than dark as she went on, "And you'll get a substitute teacher for the day: Suzume-sensei."

Several groans sounded from the girls in the class. It was bad enough Ms. Prim and Proper trained them in the 'proper way of the kunoichi,' the most boring subject of the curriculum! Some of the girls were acting as if this was a good thing, however. A proper, less vulgar lesson was what they wanted. But inside, everyone was disappointed at that. Especially the boys, since Anko had taken over the class, they had seen nudity on more than one occasion, and knew that a more stoic teacher would never be good enough now.

"I know." Anko groaned. "I'm not happy about it either. And that's why this class, we're going to have a little bit of fun. I'm sure you're all familiar with Yahiko-sensei?" Most of the class, predominately the boys, gave sounds of confirmation and delight as Yahiko was introduced. Just as Anko was someone that the girls could come to for advice, Yahiko was someone the boys could turn to for questions they didn't quite feel comfortable asking Anko.

"Well, as I explained at the start of the semester, we're primarily going to prepare you kids for your Virginity Rituals." She continued."I was originally planning to save this for much later in the year, but since you're going to be stuck with Ms. Pissy and Prissy tomorrow, I figure you deserve a little treat." She grinned, making the class nervous, yet intrigued with what she had planned.

"You're not seriously planning to do what I think you're planning on doing, are you?" Yahiko whispered.

Anko just smirked more, a slight perversion on her lips. "What were you thinking? That I was dragging you over to give them a boring lecture?" Anko retorted. "Just get nekkid!"

The entire class sweat dropped as Anko and Yahiko wrestled across the front of the classroom, articles of clothing occasionally tossed this way or that, Yahiko protesting to the roguish teacher as she did. Until at last, Yahiko lay naked on his back, Anko also nude on top of him.

"Now that we got that out of the way," Anko remarked under her breath, before raising her voice so the class could hear her. "We've gone over how sexual intercourse is performed in theoretical terms, but now, we're going to SHOW you how to do it."

"We?" Yahiko repeated, wondering how he ever agreed to Anko without suspecting some ulterior and risky motive behind it.

"Yes, we. Now stop being a wuss, get on top, and fuck me!" Anko whispered.

"But... it's right in front of a bunch of..."

"If you say 'kids,' I'm gonna kick your muscular, well-toned ass!" Anko cut across him sharply, though still trying to maintain a whisper. "They're months away from being adults. Old enough to kill, old enough to fuck! And this is the best way to teach them for their virginity ritual!"

"I've been meaning to ask, wasn't the ritual was scrapped years ago?" He asked in a genuinely curious tone.

"Sex now, explanations later!"

"Fine." Yahiko sighed. "But it's so uncomfortable doing it in front of so many people..."

Anko then got up and moved to her desk, which had already been cleared, and got on top of it. Being raised off of the floor gave for a better view. This made Yahiko a little more uncomfortable, as it looked like a stage. But he soon climbed up, and mounted Anko, ready to proceed with the demonstration.

"Now, pay attention to both of our positions." Anko addressed the class. "There are hundreds of positions for sex, but this is probably the most basic. Girls, note that I'm lying in a relaxed, comfortable position, legs spread nice and wide so that the male has a clear view of the vaginal area. Boys, note how Yahiko is positioned over top of me; his body hanging just above mine, his penis right at my entrance, so that he is able to push it in and pull it all the way out easily and freely."

Much of the class became incredibly red-faced as Anko told them in descriptive detail all the things they were already seeing. It was mostly the girls and the much shyer guys whose face burned to crimson, while the rest blushed only a little, as they were used to nudity and were actually excited to see a live show.

"Go ahead, nice and slow." Anko told Yahiko, before he nervously and slowly slid his long shaft in to her. Anko's pussy swallowed up every inch of Yahiko's shaft as he pushed it further within her. He then dragged it out of her almost the entire length before thrusting it back in, still slowly.

"Boys, something important to keep in mind for your ritual is to go nice, easy, and slow starting out, especially for the ritual." Anko stated.

She was such an experienced hand at the sexual arts that her sentences were hardly hindered at all as Yahiko continued to thrust slowly into her. "I'm very accomplished when it comes to sex, so this doesn't affect me very much at all, but the girls you'll be partnered with will all be virgins, and for women, sex always hurts the first time, but in a good way." She added hastily to all the worried girls.
They watched a little more of the 'demonstration' as Yahiko continued to thrust slowly in to Anko. Being shifted by Anko, from time to time, to give the class a clear view of the penetration.

"Girls, if this is the position you're using, it's best that you just relax, both physically and mentally, because if you're too tense, your pussy will lock up, making it tighter and that much more painful. But like I said, don't stress yourselves thinking about it!"

These words did nothing to make the girls feel less uncomfortable than they were. That is, before most of them looked down at Sasuke, and pictured themselves with the mysteriously emo Uchiha.

Sakura could just hear herself screaming and moaning as Sasuke thrust in and out of her continuously.
"Sasuke! Sasuke!" She imagined herself crying out, her body pounding with sexual fulfillment to the rhythm of Sasuke's thrusts. Their breathing matched perfectly, as their bodies intertwined in a sweat filled grip, and thrusting motion before he finished her with one final, hard push into her pussy before saying in a low, husky voice;

"Sakura, have my children."
Sakura's inner self blushed as her view of the Uchiha was definitely imaginative and sparkly as he had a warmth to her that was definitely unlike the true vision of Sasuke. And with one final moan from them both, he flooded her pussy with warm cum.

"Yes! I will!"Sakura screamed in her innermost thoughts.

Ino's fantasy bordered along the same lines as Sakura's, Sasuke taking her softly, and slowly, their bodies covered in sweat as he had sex with , after Sasuke finished making love to her and dispensing his sperm deeply into Ino, he was soon replaced with a nondescript man who then grabbed the wheel, her mind just running free at this point as he plowed into her a little faster than the imaginary Sasuke, as she moaned out a little louder.

"Sensei said I could have any boy I wanted, but... is that really what I want?"Ino asked herself.

Meanwhile, even though she had taken to fantasizing about herself and Naruto in the place of heterosexual pairs making love, Hinata's mind was simply concentrating on the motions of Anko and her male volunteer. She had seen plenty of sex on the adult videos she was still watching at Anko's place, but it was completely new to her to see it in person like this.

As Yahiko picked up the pace and Anko lost her ability to speak clearly to the class through her moans of ecstasy, Hinata's worries were alleviated.

"Trust me, lesbian sex is always great, but there's really nothing better than a man's cock inside you!"
And as she watched Yahiko continuing to shamelessly fuck Anko, Hinata understood completely what Anko meant that night. Though, it began to raise a new question as she felt better about having enjoyed the lesbian acts; she wondered if her experience would feel better if she was more accepting and not stressing about it. This made her blush, as she returned her focus to the 'demonstration'.

"Hey, we're on a timetable here. Finish up." Anko ordered Yahiko, giving him a slap on the ass. He pounded her harder and faster, and Anko lost herself in ecstasy completely, too caught up in pleasure as Yahiko banged her, moaning out loudly as his cock slid in and out, faster and harder. The grunting noises filling the room as the class watched on, all of them getting somewhat aroused by the scene unfolding before them.

The boys, aching to touch themselves, the girls closing their legs tighter as they grew a little wet. Yahiko seemed to forget for that moment that the class was still watching, because he was getting more into the motion, moaning from the pleasure every bit as much as Anko.

"Ooh, yeeess! Just like that!" Anko cried, tightening the muscles in her pussy to amplify the stimulation between the two adults, and bringing Yahiko much closer to his limit. The moans getting louder, and more frequent, as they both drew ever more closer to orgasm. Feeling the pressure build inside him, he pulled out of Anko just as she squirted across the desk and came onto her front.

"And that's pretty much how it's done." Said Anko, sitting up and giving an invigorated breath. She and Yahiko looked up at the class, which simply stared back at them with faces mixed with disgust, interest, or amazement.

"And I know a lot of you girls are still scared about your first times hurting," Anko told girls of the class. "If so, then it may be best to give your boy a blowjob before intercourse."

"You're kidding." Yahiko whispered with exasperation.

"And for uncooperative boys, there's also the nutcracker." Anko added rhetorically. Yahiko silenced any further thought of objections and stood upright for Anko, his soldier still at attention, getting a few laughs from the girls, and the boys blinking.

"Anyway, not only will sucking him off add to the arousal of your sexy little night, but it also lubricates him, making him go in and out of you a fair deal easier." Anko continued. "If you girls want to follow along, take one of these." She pulled out a small box of bananas, which she walked up and down the aisles with, offering them to all the girls.

Both Sakura and Ino took one, glaring across the room at each other in the way that implied that they were challenging each other to a contest.
As Anko finished handing the bananas out, Chouji raised his hand.

"Can I have one too, please?" he asked. Everyone blinked, the boys looking at him peculiarly.

"Err, sure?" Anko blinked, handing him a banana, curious about the young boy's sexual orientation, though giggled as she watched was soon obvious that Chouji was only taking advantage of the moment to get a free snack as he peeled back the banana skin and proceed to eat it. The rest of the boys also began to sigh in relief. Some of the girls just rolled their eyes. Although they would never openly say it in front of him, they all thought of him as the fat kid, and were surprised they were actually shocked at his actions.

"Here, Chouji, enjoy." Anko smiled. "Fruit'll make you healthy." She then handed him the rest of the box.

"Seriously? Thanks." He smiled, as he took the box, happy at having permission to snack in class.

Anko returned to Yahiko, taking his shaft in one hand.

"Now this can be done with the boy either laying down or standing up, but I'm gonna have Yahiko standing up so you can get a better look." Anko explained. "Girls, unpeel your bananas and pay close attention."

Anko stroked the man's cock lightly with her hand and kissed the tip with an almost passionate look on her face. She took the entire head into her mouth, licking it sensually as she continued to stroke the body.

While the girls were initially a little hesitant, they all followed suit, copying their teachers actions as best as they could.

The boys watched the girls, finding the actions hot and furthering their arousals.
Even the girls, while embarrassed at being watched by the boys of the class, got some arousal out of it.

Sakura and Ino both followed along, kissing the tip of their bananas while stroking the still unpeeled part. They glanced to each other, trying to see how the other was doing, as if taking mark on who was better, and each began to act more lovingly to their phallic toy.

Sakura was trying very hard to picture Sasuke's dick without being horribly misshaped, while Ino had difficulty not taking a bite out of her practicing tool.

"No boy would like to have their penis bitten off." She thought, still trying to resist the temptation. Chouji's little chow-down certainly didn't help her temptations to chomp on the fruit.

Anko, meanwhile, was busy sucking off the real thing, now taking her hand off and slowly sliding all of Yahiko's cock into her mouth, pressing her lips firmly around it and sliding him back out until the back of her lips touched the head, after which she slid back down the body of his shaft. Yahiko couldn't help but moan out; she was good.

Many of the girls were trying to push their whole banana into their mouths, only to choke or gag, as it was obviously longer than a cock. Anko, noticing this, stopped her erotic action, Yahiko mentally disappointed, as she addressed her class.

"You don't have to get the whole thing into your mouth, just enough that you get the general idea. Deepthroating is a more advanced method, and I would recommend doing normal blowjobs for now to learn to relax your throat and bypass the gag-reflex, before attempting a deepthroat." She explained. "Also, the reason I chose bananas is to train you not to use your teeth when working it. Don't eat any of it until after we've finished, 'kay? Anyway, moving on..." And she continued blowing Yahiko as though there was no interruption.

At this point, Ino was fighting temptation as she sucked off the phallic fruit; stuck between wanting to eat the tasty treat she was supposed to be sucking, and using the end that was still peeled as a makeshift dildo. Her body had begun to grow hot and a little sweat ran down her forehead. Her legs tightened as she tried not to feel her crotch grow wetter as her arousal grew more and more inside of her.

Sakura, meanwhile, had finished fine-tuning her imagination so that she stopped seeing a flesh-colored banana in her mind's eye and started seeing Sasuke's cock the way it was meant to be, and getting almost too into it, her tongue dancing around the length, as she moaned and sucked softly, trying not to break the soft fruit on her salivating mouth, a few drops of drool running down her cheek.
Her body, just like Ino's had grown hot and wetter from the exercise as she continued to imagine the Uchiha, and suck him off as he moaned out for her, and giving her own muffled moans of, "Sasuke!" as she sucked off her banana more intently than Anko, who was nearing the end of the blowjob she was currently giving Yahiko.

"I'm about to cum." He warned his partner. Anko took this moment to stop and address the class, pinching the opening of Yahiko's penis closed as he came close to cumming, which he clearly showed discomfort in.

"Boys, it's always best to let your partner know when you're about to cum, just as a courtesy." She explained. "And girls, when he does give you this warning, you have four choices; first, you could just take him out and move to the side as he spurts. Second, you can let him cum on you. For some, this is another form of arousal."

Sakura finished her imaginary blowjob, picturing Sasuke cumming all over her face.

"Third, you can let him cum in your mouth and just spit it out later."

Hinata remembered sucking Naruto's cock in the strip club and being tempted to do just this. She knew all too well what the fourth and final choice was. After all, this was the one she opted with on this very same occasion.

"And fourth is to let him cum in your mouth and swallow it."

Many Sounds of disgust rang out, across the classroom. "I know it may sound sick, but given the right diet, it can be quite tasty, and with someone you love, nothing's more romantic. Oh, right. Sorry Yahiko." She added, seeing Yahiko all clenched up and tense. She put his penis back in her mouth and let go of the opening, her mouth now being flooded with Yahiko's semen, swallowing it all as though it were a tasty treat.

"You can eat your bananas now. " She told the classwith a chuckle.

Ino, who had just lifted her skirt, having taken the banana out already, andready to push her practice item into her pussy, stopped and sighed. She realized what a stupid thing she was ready to do and was pleased that she put what almost went into her pussy in her mouth.

Sakura on the other hand, was more reluctant to eat hers, as she was getting far into her perverted little fantasies and continuing to suck on the banana, and getting closer from sucking it alone, and giving out a louder moan, which caused some of the closer students to glance over making her blush as she felt the eyes hit her, as her fantasy leaked outside of her mind. She munched down her banana, avoiding embarrassing stares from the rest of the class.

"Anyway," Anko went on, moving Yahiko so he was lay down instead. "We have time for one more position demonstration today. And this is for those of you girls who want to take charge over the boys in the bedroom." She mounted Yahiko, spreading her pussy with two fingers.

"It may not be best as a first-time position, unless you're very careful, 'cause trust me, it'll hurt like hell." She pressed down slowly and carefully on Yahiko's cock, the tip of which entered Anko's vagina, and making her moan out a little as she let Yahiko all the way inside, letting her body drop onto him.
She gave a yelp of pleasure as she did so, and several girls now understood why their teacher said it would hurt so much. They watched on as Anko pushed herself up, before letting herself move back down and pumped up and down on Yahiko's cock, her large tits bouncing freely and enticingly all the while.

The male students all watched as she moved. Watching her breasts move and her face contort in pleasure and moan out; the boys being driven crazy from it. And of course, young Emi, who watched her favorite teacher in the throes of pleasure. All of whom were getting more and more aroused by it.
This was the most arousing lesson they had had, and it was getting harder for them all to not simply release the pressure that had been built up.

"When you do this, ahhh! Position, you ooh! You have to ooooh! Let him all the way inside you aaah!" Anko lectured, most of her words drowned in ecstasy as she rode Yahiko hard and fast. His hands moved across her, grabbing her breasts first, making her moan out more in pleasure. But soon his hands moved down to her hips, holding them, as he moved her a little harder.

Anko wasn't sure how much of this her students understood, or for that matter if she needed to say anything at all. "OoooOooh! Fuck yeah!" Of course, Anko couldn't help but get some arousal out of being watched. She found the voyeurism of her students to be a great piece of added thrill.

"Anko-sensei's enjoying this way too much." Naruto remarked under his breath. Though, he couldn't say he wasn't, as, like most of the class he was aroused too, he was getting to a breaking point of wanting to relieve himself.

"ooohoho! Fuck the hell yes!" Anko groaned silkily, as the two teachers soon came, Yahiko erupting into Anko. The warm white matter leaked from her pussy as she stood, bearing a face that just screamed 'I just got fucked and I loved every second of it!'

"So, um... that about concludes our class for today..." Yahiko said awkwardly as he too stood, next to Anko. "I uh, hope you enjoyed the demonstration."

"Yeah, let's give it up for our volunteer, kids!" Anko chimed enthusiastically, grabbing Yahiko's cock from behind. The students clapped slowly and awkwardly, most of which still unsure of what to make of the things they had seen.

"That should about do it for today. Stay quiet about my methods to Suzume!" The kids laughed at this statement before packing up and departing rapidly. They all pretty much needed to rush somewhere to get relief from that lesson.

"Is your class usually so... over the top?" Yahiko asked amusedly as he and Anko cleaned up and got dressed.

"Yahiko," Anko smirked. "You know better than most people that I live for over the top!" The two high-ranked shinobi shared a laugh before walking out of the academy together.

"So, where'll it be tonight? My place or yours?"

"You didn't seem all that willing for sex a few minutes ago, ya horndog!" Anko teased.

"It was in front of a class of kids, uh, students. Can you stand to have sex in front of such an audience?"

"Um, duh!"

"I'll see you at your place tonight, then." said Yahiko as he parted ways with his friend with benefits. "See you later!"

"No, no, no! Wait!" Anko shouted after, remembering that Hinata was supposed to return tonight for her regular porno screening, but Yahiko was already too far out of earshot to hear her.

"I guess she's getting a live show tonight." She sighed, though worried about how Hinata would take the surprise.

That night, Hinata took her usual shortcut to Anko's place, almost itching to see what strange and arousing movies she'll watch next. As she opened the door, however, she noticed clothes on the floor, trailing away; Anko's long jacket, a chuunin vest, two pairs of sandles, Anko's skirt, blue shinobi shirt and pants, and Anko's mesh suit. She followed the trail of clothing curiously, before she heard a noise in the living room, and after noticing some remainder of clothing on the floor before she saw two bodies, heaving, and sweaty. Anko and Yahiko, butt naked and fucking each other wildly.

They were in the doggy position, but Yahiko wasn't yet in her pussy, and Hinata noticed he was actually giving her anal, a hand wrapped around her waist, and three fingers in her pussy.
Anko's breasts swayed under her from the rough movements.

"Come on, Yahiko." She cried "Fuck me harder!" Anko and Yahiko were seriously getting in to it. Hinata's eyes widened, it seemed so rough compared to what she had seen, when it not being a group sex scene in a movie; and yet, the two had a clear expression of pleasure on their faces. It made no sense to Hinata. Her mind was spinning, 'how could this feel good at this speed? She looks so… insane! W-will I look like that?' Hinata's face went bright red as she began to imagine Naruto and her in that situation, something that was growing increasingly easy to do, and began to stare at them, before Anko and Yahiko noticed the shy girl at the door and stopped their kinky antics.

"Oh... hello... Hinata..." said Yahiko awkwardly. Hinata simply stared blankly and unblinkingly at the two embraced teachers.

She stepped back out the door and closed it before covering her mouth tightly and letting out the scream she repressed upon seeing her teachers ready to make love.

"Hinata?" Anko stepped outside a moment later, still naked as the day she was born. "You okay?"

"I'm fine." Hinata nodded, though still rather shook up.

"Sorry you had to see that." said Anko. "Yahiko and I just haven't had a good fuck in a while... I mean you know, before class, and..." She amended.

"Should I come back tomorrow?" Hinata asked, not wanting to ruin either of her senseis' nights.

"No, come on in." said Anko inviting the young female Hyuuga back in. They returned to the living room, just as Yahiko finished dressing.

"I guess this is that class related thing you mentioned when we got here." He said, as Anko had previously mentioned she had an appointment when they had started, in hopes of something quick, which had grown to what Hinata had walked in on.

"Later." Anko called after Yahiko as he left her home, and blowing a provocative kiss, Yahiko grinning back at her.

"Tonight, we're going to do something a little different." Anko told Hinata as she led Hinata down the stairs to her recreation room, which looked almost the same as last time she had been down here.

"Different?" Hinata worried. "How?" Anko walked up to the wall lined with sex toys and scanned down a long row of dildos, until picked just the right-sized one from the shelf.

"Now, strip naked." Anko instructed. Hinata gasped at this request and turned bright crimson. "Trust me, this will be far more productive than what you were going to do tonight." Anko stated.

"Um, what are we going to do?" Hinata asked, a hand clutched at the top of her jacket zipper.

"There have been times the last couple of nights where I've seen how much you've... gotten into the movies you've watched." Anko explained, to Hinata's further embarrassment. "You're pretty good at blowjobs for just imitating things you've seen in movies... and had little experience with." Hinata's face invented a new shade of red at these last words. Did Anko know about the incident in the strip club bathroom? Or was she simply referring to her practice on the banana earlier today? "But you still could do with a fair deal of practice before you're ready for the real thing."

"P-practice?" Hinata echoed.

"Yup. And I have just the tools and know-how to get you ready to make him yours!" said Anko enthusiastically.
She pulled a black thong down from the wall and slipped it on. Hinata noticed the front was thicker than fabric, and had some sort of metal indentation, that looked like something could screwed on, or clipped in to it. Hinata then watched as she saw Anko had soonattached the dildo to the front of it.

"Now, get naked and we can begin." Anko smirked.

"Um... okay..." Hinata gulped nervously, unzipping her coat and tossing it aside.
As she pulled up her shirt, Anko noticed that she had no bra on.

"Do you regularly go about daily life braless, or is it just tonight?" she asked, adding the second part on jokingly.

"I wear one sometimes." Hinata answered awkwardly as she fully removed her shirt, covering her large breasts with her hands. "But they're too small and tight on me, so I don't wear one very often."

"Not good." Anko shook her head. "I'll take you bra shopping one of these days. It's okay to go braless once in a while, but your perfect boobs will lose their shape if you don't wear one regularly."

"R-really?" Hinata blinked.

"Yeah, but I don't think that your attire quite qualifies as 'naked.'" Anko teased.

Hinata flushed and pulled off her sandals, pants and panties in a bit of a rush.

"Perfect. Now, come on over here." Anko beckoned sensually, lying back on the heart-shaped bed. Incredibly scared though she was, Hinata climbed onto the bed and sat next to Anko, swallowing nervously.

"I'm not going to fuck you, if that's what you're thinking!" Anko laughed at Hinata's frightened expression. "I know you want to break that hymen with Naruto, not some plastic."

Hinata's face started steaming with embarrassment now. She felt stupid for thinking Anko would do such a thing.

"Then what...?" Hinata queried.

"Well, you haven't had a proper cock to practice a titty fuck with," said Anko. "So, here you go!" she gestured down to the strap-on she wore. "Just give it a go, and I'll let you know how you're doing."

Hinata opened her mouth to answer, but the words were caught in her throat, It was a mix of embarrassment and relief; recalling how she tried to do it a few times awkwardly while she watched videos, only for the dildo to slip away, or fall out from her mounds. So, she simply nodded and clasped the dildo between her breasts, stroking them up and down around the rubber cock.

"Don't press them together so tightly." Anko instructed. "There you go." She said as Hinata loosened her grip. "Now keep going, nice and easy. Keep 'em around the shaft, not the head."

Hinata obeyed these instructions and knelt in front of Anko, between her legs, and moving her soft breasts up and down the shaft, slowly at first giving the 'cock' a nice massage.

"Good. That will get your man nice and hard, pleasure him. Don't just aim to get him off." Anko smiled. "Can you lick the tip while doing that?" Hinata tried, and attempted to keep her breasts on as she moved her head. At first it seemed awkward, until she found the right way to do it with her breasts, and licked the tip, and sucked on it a little. Anko was getting a little turned on by watching her shy student give her a tit-fuck.

"Very good, Hinata." Anko smiled. "But once your man is hard, you can move faster, and try to get him to cum. And its really good if he does it across your face."

Hinata blushed as she imagined Naruto erupting his cum all over her face. Feeling the warmth she had in her mouth once, but on her skin, and found herself actually being aroused as she continually stroked the dildo with all her passion, to the point that juices leaked from her pussy onto the bed.
She was very tempted to reach down and touch herself, but she couldn't lose her hold on the dildo, so she tried to keep stroking the artificial cock and bear with the itch.

"Very good, that's enough." said Anko after a while. "If you need to take a break to jack off, feel free. I know you want to."

"Um..." Hinata mumbled. Of course she wanted to, but in front of Anko, despite her display just a moment ago, she felt embarrassed.

"Or would you like me to help you out?" Anko teased, pushing Hinata onto her back and opening her legs.

"No! No, please don't!" Hinata squealed, but Anko had already kissed Hinata's soaking vagina, making her cry out in shamed ecstasy as her teacher used her tongue to explore Hinata's pussy, slurping up her juices all the while. Hinata clutched the bed sheets, as she gasped out. Anko was seriously going at her this time. She didn't have time to breath, or think, her only reaction was an unintentional grinding of her hips against Anko's mouth.

Anko smirked at this response and reached up, clasping Hinata's breasts; massaging them, and pinching her erect nipples. Hinata blinked, and gasped, she had never played with her breasts like this before, and screamed out in pleasure as she building closer to release.
And Anko kissed her clitoris, which only pushed Hinata further to the edge, then danced her tongue against her hymen, even pressing carefully against it. It made Hinata scream as she ejaculated on Anko's face.

"Ah..." Anko sighed pleasantly, wiping some of Hinata's cum off with a finger, which she stuck in her mouth and sucked on. "It's been a while since I've had a girl do that."

"I wish you wouldn't, sensei..." Hinata panted, squealing again as Anko licked her pussy clean, her hands leaving Hinata's chest.

"Don't be a prude." Anko grinned. "I told you, lesbian sex is great, but there's nothing like a cock inside you. But that's a pleasure you'll have to experience another day. For now though, I want to ask you something: have you ever considered doing anal with Naruto?" Anko smirked, having inspiration from her activity with Yahiko.

"Wha? Um..." Hinata looked away. Of course the thought had come to her now and then, but after that mess the first time she came to Anko's basement room, where she got a dildo stuck in her ass for several minutes, she wasn't too sure anal would be comfortable for her.

As she considered her teacher's question, she yelped as something intruded inside her asshole.

"As I thought, you're pretty tight there..." said Anko, her middle finger inserted almost all the way in Hinata's anus. "If you want, I can fix that for you real easy." She offered.

"Um, no thank you!" Hinata flustered. "That hole's not for..."

"It can be." Anko convinced her. "If you train it hard enough, your asshole can actually become more sensitive and more fun to play with than your pussy."

"But it's so... dirty." Hinata insisted.

"Of course it is. All of this is dirty. That's what makes it so fun." Anko replied huskily. "Sex feels good for a good reason, you know. So, you want me to loosen your asshole a little?"

"Don't say it like that..." Hinata blushed, but nodded, turning around on to all fours, and raising her ass to Anko.

"By the way, this dildo we're using is exactly Naruto's size." Anko told Hinata, as she squirted some lubrication on to the shaft, using her hand to spread it onto the whole body of the dildo.
Hinata turned around at this fact, about to say 'really?' before this word was replaced by a shout as the head of the strap-on penetrated her anus.

"Yep. Now try not to get too worked up. Just like your first time in your vagina, relaxation is the key. I guess this is a little practice, despite the anus is tighter. So just relax yourself." Anko replied, pressing her fake cock further into Hinata's rear until it could go no further, before sliding it back out and pushing back in again.

"Nnnngh!" Hinata groaned with pain, her eyes watering. Anko was going as slow as possible, but it still pained her tight anus to be penetrated in this manner. Hinata's body began to rock back and forth, her breasts swaying under her in rhythm. After a few moments, it did ease up, but it still felt very uncomfortable, and it was so tight in her, even with the lubrication. Hinata closed her eyes, trying to think of Naruto doing this, hoping that would help her bear with it, as she forced herself to continue.

"Damn, you really are tight down there, aren't you?" Anko commented, seeing Hinata's pained expression. "Maybe you're not quite ready for this yet..." She slid the dildo very carefully out of Hinata's asshole. "Hey, um, Hinata?"

"Y-yes?" Hinata blinked, turning to face her sensei. Anko pulled off the strap-on.

"Could you lift your left leg for me?" Anko requested. Hinata complied, and Anko pulled the black thong up Hinata's legs until the back of the revealing garment rode into her ass's crevice. Hinata looked down at herself with embarrassment. Despite the thong, it almost looked like she had a penis.

"Sorry to ask this of you, but could you fuck me with that thing?" Anko requested, getting on her hands and knees andraising her ass. "I got way too horny watching you stroke that thing with your tits, and training your ass didn't help at all. Stick it in whichever hole you please."

"But this is..." Hinata stammered. She was only expecting to watch a dirty movie or two tonight, not be penetrated in the ass by a dildo and be asked to fuck her sensei with the exact same dildo.

"Do it, or I'll fail you from the academy." Anko demanded. She didn't want to blackmail her, but she was still horny from the interrupted session, and with the added arousal from hinata's 'exercises' it was a little much for her to be nice, at that moment.

Hinata swallowed her pride one more time and moved up to Anko, and with one hand on her teachers hip, and the other holding the strapon, she guided the toy to Anko's cunt, and slowly inserted the rubber cock into her sensei's pussy, pumping very slowly and carefully.

"You don't have to go easy on me." Anko grinned. "Go ahead and fuck me nice and hard!"

Hinata blushed, but nodded as shethrust harder and faster into Anko, who was ever so pleased with how her 'itch' was being scratched. Hinata grabbed a hold of Anko's hips to stabilize herself as she picked up the tempo, and somehow, her thoughts fell on Naruto.
"Is this what it'll be like when Naruto and I...?" She pondered. Though, of course, she reminded herself, Naruto would actually feel something from this action, and it would probably feel incredible, if Anko's lustful moans were of any indication. Hinata moved faster and harder, Anko's body moved back and forth, as she moaned out, loudly.

"Good… g-good, H-Hinata." She moaned out.

Hinata blushed at hearing her name spoken in such a pleasured way. She began to wish to hear Naruto speak her name like that. This aroused her once again, her clit hardening, and getting stimulated as it slammed against the inside of the hard surface of the thong she wore, as it was pushed against Anko. This began to stimulate her too, as thrust by thrust, she felt a wave of pleasure shoot up her body.

Both their bodies once again began to heat up from the sexual activity and pleasure, as Hinata fucked her sensei.

"Harder, FASTER!" Anko screamed out, Hinata rapidly complying, as she moved her hips more intensly. As sweat began to appear, making their bodies glisten, Hinata was reminded by the intensity of when she had just caught Anko and Yahiko, and she knew this was close to that incredibly hard and rough sex. Both their pussies were now soaked as they both began to get closer to orgasm. Anko began to push back against Hinata, making her move faster and harder than she could have on her own, driving them both closer and closer as their moans grew louder, before Anko screamed out as she ejaculated, squirting her juices all over the bed and Hinata.

"Thanks a ton, kid." Anko smiled, getting up and stretching as Hinata collapsed, having drenched the panties in her own juices. "Oh, and don't worry. That bed's made to get messy on." She added as Hinata looked at the cum stains on the sheets. "Just clean that thing up and you're free to go."
The only thing that came to Hinata's mind that Anko was referring to was the false penis she wore. She removed the strap-on, removed the dildo and in the skilful way she had been learning from the films, licked Anko's juices from it. She remembered tasting Naruto's cum in the strip club before, and she knew instantly which kind of cum she liked the taste of.

"Whoa, hey! I was going to give you a washcloth to use." Said Anko as she saw Hinata licking the rubber shaft, who then blinked, blushed, and stopped as she felt unbearably awkward as she dried the dildo off with the washcloth and put it back on the shelf. Anko suppressed a laugh and asked her, "So, what kind of cum do you like better?"

"Boys." Hinata smiled, a little pleased her taste in men wasn't ruined.

"Alright then. You did great today." Anko smiled broadly, giving Hinata a congratulatory pat on the ass, which made her jump about a foot in the air. "Next time, we'll do some bra shopping."

"Thank you, Anko-sensei." Said Hinata politely, pulling her clothes back on before the two headed back towards the front door. "Um... sensei?" She muttered awkwardly, stopping for a moment. "Remember the other day when you suggested that I take an early Virginity Ritual with Naruto?"


"Well... I think I want to do it." Hinata stated, her face screaming of reluctance to say these words.

"Sure thing. Tomorrow night sound okay to you?" Anko asked. Hinata gasped. She wanted to do it early, sure, but not THAT early.

"What? But...!"

"Great. See you tomorrow night then!" Anko smiled, seeing the young student out quickly and closing the door behind her, leaving the Hyuuga a little confused.

Hinata sighed as she walked home, the cool wind feeling pleasant and refreshing against her still warm, reddened face. Tomorrow night. That felt far too early to do their ritual, and the hours before it felt like too much time to think about it. Half way through town, Hinata froze in mid-step as a thought snapped through her mind.

"Wait... how did Anko-sensei know I've tasted male cum before?" She asked herself, before fainted in the middle of the street.

"Ooooh... Hinata... You're so good at this..." Naruto muttered in his sleep, giving into his erotic dream. It felt too good to resist anymore, but he was confused as to why Hinata's voice sounded so different. Somehow, Naruto awoke and almost screamed as he saw Naruko, his older female look-alike who worked as a stripper sucking on his dick. She stopped as she saw Naruto awaken and smiled.

"You caught me, little bro." She giggled teasingly.

"What are you doing here?" Naruto flustered.

"Oh, I figured I would keep my little bro company." Naruko smiled pleasantly at his erection. "You certainly seem happy to see me." She added with a laugh at Naruto's embarrassed expression.

"I don't need company now! Not when I'm asleep!" said Naruto, blushing as Naruko resumed working his shaft.

"Well, I just wanted to see you before going off to work. And get a little practice in." She smiled, sticking his cock into her mouth.

"What time is it?" Naruto asked, sitting up. According to the clock on the wall, he was over an hour late for the start of school. At first he freaked, but then remembered what Anko told the class, that Suzume would be substituting for her. "Eh, I can skip the day."

"No! Lil' bro has to go to school every day!" Naruko said firmly as she squeezed her 'bro's' cock between her breasts and stroked him off.

"But today's gonna suck! Suzume-sensei's teaching in Anko-sensei's place today." Naruto whined almost immaturely. Naruko considered what to do with her 'brother' as she replaced her boobs with her mouth and bobbed her head up and down as she sucked his dick. When at last he came, Naruko swallowed his cum and declared,

"Alright. You don't have to go to class today, but you're coming with me to work!" And with that, she pulled off his clothes and dressed him before dragging him by the scruff of his shirt collar to the strip club.

"Good afternoon, class." Suzume stated as sex education class began. Some girls replied,

"Good afternoon, Suzume-sensei." Though the majority of the classroom was silent. Suzume pushed her glasses up in her typical snobbish manner with frustration.

"Obviously this class isn't disciplined as it should be." She grumbled. "When I say, 'Good afternoon, class,' I expect to be replied to; 'Good afternoon, Suzume-sensei.' Now, let's try this again! Good afternoon, class."

"Good afternoon, Suzume-sensei." The class chimed dully in unison.

"Much better." Suzume sighed. "Now I understand that you've been taught sex education for the last eight months or so by Anko Mitarashi, who has defiled your minds with lies and sickening vulgarity! But no more. Today, your mind will be erased of such vulgarity, and you will learn the proper way." Many of the boys groaned at this prospect. "But first, the role call." Suzume read the list of names of students one by one, each one responding with a dull 'here.' Many, however, were surprised when "Hinata Hyuuga." Was called, only for no answer. Hinata was always one to be on time for class every single day.

"She couldn't be sick, could she?" Emi wondered as other students around her whispered their own musings to one another.

"All students in this class will be silent until spoken to!" Suzume huffed, the classroom instantly silencing. Although Hinata's absence came as a surprise, nobody was shocked at all when the OCD teacher called, "Naruto Uzumaki." To no response.

"Lucky bastard. Wish I coulda skipped." Kiba sighed. "Could be spending more time with my silicone snatch instead of this shit. Stupid Hana..."

"Now that the roll is complete, we shall begin." Suzume stated, clearing her through in a self-important way before opening her teacher's book and reading from it to the class. Only one minute in, the boys were already falling asleep as Suzume droned dully on, reading the prudish, sheltering, crappy sex ed book word for word to the class.

"This is going to be such a boring, irritating, troublesome drag." Shikamaru groaned.

To be continued...

I didn't get as much of Suzume's class in as I thought I would, but I guess that's something for next time. How will Naruto hold in with his 'big sis?' Why did Hinata lose her shot at perfect attendance? Will the future shinobi of the leaf survive Suzume's onslaught of absolute boredom? Find out next chapter. See you then!

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