Update 4/16/12: For those of you who want more sex ed, I've started a secondary series for SE:AMS with scenes, moments, classes, etc that were ultimately unused in the actual series titled 'Sex Ed Sidestories.' Defintely a worthwhile read if you're a fan of this series. ^^

"Welcome home, Naruto." Hinata greeted the young knucklehead as he walked in through the door.
She wore nothing but an apron, the top half barely covering her breasts, slipping views of her nipples when she moved, and her mounds jiggled. Beside her was Anko, who was donned only in a towel. "Would you like to have dinner first?"

"Or a bath?" Anko winked. Naruto smirked as he eyed each body before him.

"Dinner, I think." Naruto grinned, approaching Hinata, who dropped her apron with a smile, and sat on the table, all her goods on display, for him.

"Please have as much as you wish." She said shyly, her cheeks red, as she slowly began spreading her legs.

Naruto grinned, and knelt before her, his mouth kissing up her inner thigh, working up trailing up, and closer to her already wet cunt. Hinata shivered under his caressment, and soon, as he dug into her pussy with his tongue. She cried out with ecstasy, pressing his face even more firmly into her nether regions.

"Ah! Naruto!" She squealed delightedly, holding his head in her hands.

He intently licked her out deeply, tasting her juices, as he swallowed what she gave him, her voice moaning out in such a cute way, as her body grew warmer and trembled. Naruto then pulled away, a line of saliva bridging the gap for a moment, before breaking. He stood and grabbed her breasts, sucking on her nipple as he continued to pleasure her pussy with his knee, pressing it firmly against her, as Hinata rubbed against it, getting off of fucking the leg joint.

"Naruto! I'm about to..." He was right on top of it, descending and opening his mouth just as she ejaculated, and swallowed the juices her pussy spurt. Afterwards he smirked, and everything began to fuzz, and his body tingled before…

"I can't believe I used to hate that dream." Naruto yawned as he awoke, before he suddenly let out a pleasured moan.

"Hm?" He looked down to see his self-proclaimed 'big sis' buck naked knelt at the foot of his bed, holding his legs apart, which were stripped of clothing, and sucking his dick.

"Morning, little bro." Naruko said through a mouthful of cock, not breaking her rhythm, bobbing up and down, her mouth taking his dick in and out.

"Why do you keep sneaking in here to do that?" Naruto moaned out, lying back, stuck between exasperation and amusement. He groaned out more, his cock feeling a little sore, but still pleasured. How many times had she made him cum? He wondered when she arrived, but it wasn't long, before he suddenly came; Naruko kept her mouth clamped around his cock as it was flooded with ejaculant, which she swallowed, with a pleasant, and desired moan.

"Cause I know you like it." She answered, finally, giggling as she licked the shaft, up and down, still hungrily desiring his stick. Her face was covered in cum and sweat; obviously she had been working his shaft for hours before he woke up, her naked body also drenched in splatters of cum. "Oooh! I learned a fun little new trick too!" She added.

She turned around,showing off her drenched pussy, wet from arousal, and her butt. She moved her hips down as if to push her cunt on to his cock, but before he could panic, her as was pressed against the pole, and clasped Naruto's dick between her butt cheeks, and moaned loudly as she worked his cock up and down between her buttocks, as though they were breasts.

"I mean why do you do dirty things like these when you keep calling me your 'little brother?'" Naruto clarified, placing his hands on her ass, helping her move faster. He moaned out, it would have been so easy to move a little, and enter her pussy or ass, losing his virginity to his 'sister', but that was for Hinata. But still, the way she moved, it was tempting to just fuck her. Especially with the hungrily lustful face she was giving him; it made him wonder what had gotten her so worked up this morning.

"Cause I'm just naughty like that." Naruko teased, poking her tongue out as she turned her head to face him. As Naruto gave signs that he was about to cum, leaning back, his hips trembling, and moving more on their own, Naruko pressed the head of his cock carefully against her asshole, the tip in enough to be held in place, but shallow enough to not take his virginity. After reaching around and jerking him hard and fast, she felt a spurt of cum shooting into her ass.

"Ooooh! The girls were right, that does feel incredible!" she moaned out. Naruto's cock didn't stay in place though, as it was not inside her ass, and after the initial squirt, it sprayed cum all over her ass.

"Why are you here?" Naruto asked, knowing that whenever Naruko showed up, it was for more than just to suck him off.

"I heard my little bro's about to graduate soon." Naruko grinned. "And I just wanted to wish him luck."

"Well, graduation isn't until tomorrow." Naruto shrugged. "But yeah, I'm really hoping I get it this time."

"I know you will." Naruko smiled, giving her bro a kiss on the cheek. "I'll have a special treat for you when you pass."

"Thanks, big sis." Naruto laughed.

"And so after the defeat of Madara Uchiha at the Valley of the End, Hashirama Senju..." Iruka droned on with his history lesson. "First Hokage..." The words Iruka spoke, hell everything that happened in the classroom, seemed to slow down for Naruto.

"I know I promised myself I'd do the best I could," He thought, his prank drive kicking in. "But I just can't stand this history lesson anymore! It's so boring! I don't give a crap what Sasuke's ancestor did hundreds of years ago!" And the fresh air that filtered through the open window right next to him did nothing but tempt him further. "Screw it." He decided. "I'm outta here." He hopped right out the window, laughing as mischievous ideas ran through his head. It had been far too long since the last time he pulled a huge prank, and now his desire for mischief was taking control of him.

"Naruto?" Iruka blinked, looking up from his teacher's book. "He just jumped out the window, didn't he?" He sighed.

"Boring old goat." Naruto grumbled as he unzipped his jacket, tying it around his waist before slathered paint all over the great stone face of the First Hokage. He knew it was immature not to mention disrespectful, but all work and no play made Naruto a dull Jinchuriki! And today, he was feeling more energetic and mischievous than usual.

"Hey! Who's defacing the Hokage monuments!" An enraged Jounin shouted. He squinted at the little orange dot painting swirly marks on the cheeks of the Fourth Hokage's stone face. "Naruto!" About four leaf shinobi chased the orange-clad troublemaker, who simply jumped from the stone monument into the streets below, laughing his ass off as he sprinted through the streets, a paint bucket and brush still in his hands.

"Naruto! Get back here!" One of the ninja screamed angrily at him. "When I get my hands on you...!"

"You crossed the line this time, Naruto!" Another yelled as the

"Give it up!" Naruto laughed. "You're just bent cause you don't have the guts to do what I do! Do ya? Losers! Wannabes! You'll never catch me! Hahahahaha!"

"Lord Hokage! It's an emergency!" a few ninja burst in on the elderly leader of Konoha as he was painting a scroll.

"I hope you're not bothering me with some trivia." He sighed. "And don't tell me it's Naruto again."

"It IS Naruto, sir. He climbed up onto the great stone monument! He put graffiti all over the Hokage!" The Third simply gave a weary sigh, blowing a jet of smoke from his pipe.

The ninjas pursued Naruto across the leaf village, bouncing off buildings and stirring up even more mayhem, as Naruto led them into obstacles such as clothes lines, billboards, and even disturbing Anko's meal, knocking her sake out of her hands, tipping the rest of the jug next to her.

"You assholes!" She shouted, running after them and entangling them in snakes that sprung from her sleeves. "See this?" She held up the broken sake jug. "THIS was my sake before you fuckers smashed it!"

"It's not our fault!" one Chunin pleaded, fearing for his life. "We were just chasing after Naruto, and...!"

"Naruto?" Anko repeated.

"Yeah, he painted graffiti all over the Hokage's faces!" A Jounin nodded.

"Hm. I thought something seemed livelier about those guys." Anko smirked with amusement at the immature scrawling on the national monument. "Hang on, I'll get 'im." The snakes receded as Anko chased after her favorite student.

"...Am I the only one who thought she was going to kill us?" the Chunin blinked, to which the others shuddered.

"Ah ha ha ha!" Naruto guffawed, dropping his camouflage jutsu. "That was too easy!"

"Gotcha, kid!" Anko said with amusement, tapping him on the shoulder. Naruto jumped about four feet into the air before landing flat on his butt.

"What're you doing here, Anko-sensei?" He asked.

"No, what are YOU doing here, Naruto?" Iruka demanded. "You're supposed to be in class." Naruto cast a hopeful look at Anko, who just shrugged.

"Sorry, kid." She laughed.

"I'm at the end of my rope, Naruto." Iruka sighed exasperatedly as he dragged Naruto into the classroom. "You failed the graduation test last time and the time before that. Tomorrow you've got another chance, and you're messing up again!" Naruto simply scoffed. He was more than confident that he could pass this time, thanks to his favorite sexy sensei's help. He didn't need Iruka chewing him out for getting academy style cabin fever.

"Fine!" Iruka decided to get militant. "Because you missed it, EVERYONE will review the transformation jutsu!" Everyone in the class groaned at this proclamation.

"It was enough of a drag reviewing it an hour ago." Shikamaru sighed irritably.

"That annoying little idiot!" Sakura growled, but she suppressed her rage for the class clown as she stood at the front of the line and readied herself to perform the jutsu again. "Sakura here. Transform!" And in a burst of smoke, she made a perfect replication of Iruka, who nodded approvingly, saying,

"Very good." And checking Sakura on his clipboard.

"Did you see, Sasuke?" Sakura asked excitedly to the bored, quiet boy who was next in line.

"Next. Sasuke Uchiha." Without saying a word or even making the hand sign, Sasuke turned into Iruka flawlessly. "Uh, good. Next. Naruto Uzumaki."

"This is such a waste of time, Naruto." Shikamaru sighed.

"We're always paying for your screw-ups!" Ino reprimanded.

"Like I care." Naruto rolled his eyes.

"Naruto, do your best." Hinata smiled, twiddling her fingers as her boyfriend stepped up to perform the jutsu.

"Transform!" But rather than Iruka, Naruto turned into his 'big sis,' Naruko, whose naked body was only covered by the thin smoke that was fading away. Hinata's face turned scarlet as she saw Naruto's naughty transformation, and Emi covered her face as she got a nosebleed, along with several other boys, but no one's nosebleed was as large as Iruka's which shot him onto his back.

"Ha ha, gotcha!" Naruto laughed, returning to his normal form. "That was my sexy jutsu!"

"CUT THE STUPID TRICKS!" Iruka shouted, his face more comical than frightening. "THIS IS YOUR LAST WARNING!"

"Well, everyone. Here we are." Anko grinned to her entire class, boys and girls. "This is our last day together. Tomorrow, you'll all be proud graduates of the ninja academy. I would say that I've saved the best possible lesson for last, but... that would be lying. I've already taught you all everything you could need to know in the bedroom, at least everything on the academy student level."

"So... there's nothing new you have to teach us?" Emi blinked, disappointed.

"'Fraid not." Anko shrugged apologetically. "Sorry, but everything else I have to teach will require some further training and experience before you're ready to learn it." Many of the boys were awaiting an ultimate sexy finale to their year with Anko Mitarashi, so they were disappointed that what started with a bang ended with a pop.

"Oh, don't feel bad." Anko smiled, trying to raise morale. "This just means you're ready for whatever the world has to throw at you, be it on the battlefield, or in the bedroom. What? Were you boys hoping to have sex with me by the last day of class?" Judging from the awkward mumbles from several boys, that's exactly what they were hoping for. "Okay, let's play one more little game. The boy winner gets me for the virginity ritual." She gave a little wink that made a bulge in the boys' pants grow. "And the girl winner gets Sasuke for theirs." Now all the girls were into this contest.

"Though you all might like that. Okay, here we go, Question #1; What lettered spot gives women powerful sexual arousal during intercourse?"

"The G-Spot!" Ino shouted, remembering missing this question in Anko's strip jeopardy.

"Correct!" Anko called, pointing to Ino. "Question #2; true or false, ejaculation fluid is expelled from the body through the vagina."

"False." Sakura spoke up. "A common misconception, female ejaculation happens through the U-Spot, a pair of glands between the vulva and the bladder."

"Very good." Anko grinned admiringly. Obviously, despite her prudish acts, Sakura had been exploring her body every bit as much as Ino and the other girls in her class. And her explorations clearly exceeded looking at her pussy in a mirror. "Question #3; Where does the word 'Kunoichi' come from?" Anko took satisfaction in how stumped everyone was at this question.

"The characters 'ku,' 'no,' and 'ichi' can be combined to form the character 'onna' (woman)." said Shikamaru. "Additionally, it can translate roughly to 'Nine and one,' referring to the number of orifices on the human female body; the male has nine orifices, the nostrils, the mouth, the eyes, the ears, the sweat glands, the nipples, the naval, the urethra, and anus. The human female, of course, has one more, being,"

"The vaginal opening." Anko finished, giving Shikamaru an admiring clap at his knowledge. "Very nice. Question #4; is it true or false that men can be ero ninja?"

"True." Sakura answered, remembering this question too from the strip jeopardy game. Emi knew the answer of course, she was the one whom this was given, but being a lesbian uninterested in Sasuke, she opted out of the contest.

"Question #5; what is an Ero ninja?"

"An Ero ninja is a shinobi whose adept at sexually-based ninjutu." Kiba answered, knowing because his sister was one. "Originated from prostitution as a masquerade for assassinations."

"You got it." Anko smirked. Remembering the anal she shared with Kiba, she knew his sex drive was begging for more of her. "Question #6; where is the most sensitive area for sexual arousal on the male body?" Naruto looked ready to answer, as he had been given more than enough blowjobs from Naruko to know, but recalled his pact with Hinata, and stayed quiet.

"It's on the head of the penis, isn't it?" said Kiba.

"Intent on doin' the nasty with me again, are we?" Anko muttered in an undertone. "Correct. #7; at what age is the earliest that breasts begin to develop?" Hinata looked ready to answer, as she remembered Anko telling her early in the year, but after a brief glance at Naruto, remained quiet.

"The most typical early age is 8 ½ to 9 years old." Sakura stated.

"#8; true or false, foreplay in general can lead to a premature ejaculation for the male."

"If the female first severs the head of the male, than false." Shino answers.

"That's only correct if you're a praying mantis." Anko cringed, along with many of the other girls at the thought of this. "Anyone else?"

"False. In fact, if done properly, it can prevent premature ejaculation." Ino answered.

"You got it. #9; true or false, breasts can lose their shape if not properly supported..."

"True." Ino interjected, remembering Anko's talk with her during her evaluation. "Alright, we're 3 for 3 now. If I get this last one, Sasuke's all mine!"

"I got that pig beaten hands down." Sakura thought confidently. "I can already feel Sasuke's warm embrace."

"The 10th and final question; Under normal circumstances, what is the common percentage of female ejaculations during normal vaginal intercourse?"

"Uhhh..." Ino and Sakura spoke in unison. Both wanted to make the tie breaker, but neither really knew the answer. It was right on the tips of both of their tongues, but neither could get the number out.

"Um... is it 69%?" Hinata spoke. She knew she was clear, so it was alright for her to answer.

"Correct." Anko nodded. "And Kiba's the lucky boy who gets me. And the lucky girl who gets Sasuke..." Both Ino and Sakura sat up in their seats, eagerly awaiting their teacher's answer. "Is both Ino and Sakura. Congratulations, Sasuke, you got yourself a threesome!"

Sasuke simply gave a grunt before stepping out of the classroom.

"And just because I know you boys want it," Anko went on, performing a little strip show, turning her back to the class as she unzipped her jounin vest in a slow movement, the zip inching down as the two halves separated, and then let it slip slowly down one of her shoulders, before she shrugged it off, letting it slip down her arms, and drop past her hands, and to the floor.

"She isn't really...?" Kiba blinked, as he, just like the other boys of the class staring at their teacher, curiously, and getting excited at the prospect, having been teased by her for so long. And knowing who she was, it was almost certain she would do something like they were imagining. And almost like a confirmation, Anko pulled her arms provocatively from their long sleeves, a smirk on her face, as the boys sat up straight, and faces turning slight shades.

"Oh, yeah!" Kiba grinned, and began recalling the time, early in the year where he had gone to her apartment, and seen her naked before having wild Anal sex with her. Anko pulled her arms out from the blue jumpsuit, carefully leaving her breasts covered, which bounced tantalizingly from the snap the sudden departure of her arms made, covered.

She played with her breasts, underneath, her breathing becoming uniform and controlled, as she teased herself; the boys all eyes on her, waiting for more; Emi, watching with a smile and a blush, watching more intently than the boys, slight wiggles that told Anko, Emi was getting aroused already, which tickled Anko a little; the girls were with mixed expressions. Some were being prudish and looking away, not wishing to see another girls naked form, let alone pleasure herself; Though Anko smirked when one of two of the so called 'pure heteral' girls would glance, curiously with a faint blush; It was always a start.

Other girls blushed, turning away, but always turning back to obviously watch more. A few of the girls, like Sakura, were even taking notes, obviously trying to put in mind a strip routine to use with a 'certain' boy. The rest of the girls never took their eyes off of Anko, with looks of shame that their curiosity was causing them to stare at a stripping woman.

Anko smirked on as she continued to tease her breasts under her shirt, her nipples now hard from the work she had done on them. She had to admit, doing this in front of her students was making her a little wet, their stares burning in to her, warming her core further.

A hand moved from her breast, slipping down slowly, the boys on the edges of their seats, watching, wondering, eager, sending mental signals for her to move on, to go that step further. The anticipation rose in them, including some of the girls who blushed deeper as they bit their lips, feeling wrong for wanting her to proceed onwards; Emi's face red as she wanted desperately to watch her sensei do it.

As the expectation grew to boiling point, Anko could feel it, her heart pounded at the thought, her wetness growing with the heat of her crotch. She then smirked as her hand slipped across the fabric between her legs.

Those expecting it, stood up slightly, leaning in, their butts hovering above the seats as they stared at her as Anko blushed, slight moans now coming from her lips, and her eyes looking across her students with a seductive, and pleasured gaze.

The boys were all getting excited, their crotches growing steadily tighter as they watched the show.
Naruto glanced over to Hinata, feeling guilty that he was getting turned on by Anko, while Hinata was right there. Despite his experiences with Anko, it seemed weird for something like this to happen in front of the Hyuuga. He glanced to Hinata, and with a blush she smiled, pulling him back down to sit. Naruto smiled to her, blushing, as the two resumed watching Anko. Naruto figured she was fine with it, since it was Anko.

As she continued to rub herself firmly, Anko leant against her desk to keep balance. Anko pulled the left part of her jumpsuit down with her thumb, the left breast springing free and which bounced tantalizingly from the snap of its sudden freedom, no longer restrained. She then caressed the exposed boob with a teasing look on her face, before making the other tit bounce free as the rest of her suit was pulled down to the waist; moaning a little louder as she slipped her hand down in to the suit for a more direct contact to her drenched pussy. She then proceeded to rock her booty up and down in a hypnotic shake, her hips gyrating against her hand, as she breathed out more.

The students all watched as pleasure began to cover her face, even the more prudish girls had their curiosity peaked, her moans and her movements, hypnotizing them all in erotic wonder.

"I wonder if Naruko's ever done something like that...?" Naruto mused, unable to take his eyes off of Anko's ass.

Boys and girls alike were beginning to get more aroused from the noises and visual. Emi's fingers were slowly stroking her knees, and with everyone's gazes forward, her fingers gently and slowly moved to her inner thigh, embarrassment of where she was doing this heating her body as her actions, covered by her coat, in case of someone glancing over, moved under her skirt, and bit her lip as she began to touch herself, eyes fixed on her sexy teacher.

If it wasn't for the fact the boys were too engrossed in the show, they too would be tempted to do the same. But afterwards, Anko was sure, there would be a dash to the boy's room after this was over.

As she continued to rock her caboose, the snake jounin's crack became more and more prominent, her pants slowly descending on its own. As she began gyrating her hips in a fluid wave, Anko turned her head over her shoulder and gave her class another seductive gaze, giving Emi the second nosebleed today. Her mouth opened a little as she let out a louder moan.

Finally, she ended the tease, and yanked the rest of her suit off, discarding it, and her panties to the floor, before resuming her masturbation, her entire body exposed for every soon to be graduating student, male and female to see, while she did.

"Like what you see, boys?" Anko smirked, sticking her tongue out playfully, amongst some moans. Kiba pulled a bill from his pocket and offered it to the sex ed teacher, waving it in the air.

"Save it for the ritual, kid." She laughed, before her moans proceeded to take her voice. She played with her breast, and stroked her pussy, fingering her wet hole with new fervor, as she was drawn closer.
The boy's crotches, now so tight it was painful, and a growing desperation for release began rising; more so for Emi, who was still secretly masturbating at her desk.

Ino watched on too, her body tingling, and her panty-free crotch heating up, she was getting horny so easily lately; she watched on, as Anko sat on her desk, and spread her legs wide for a full showing, turning the heat of the room up even more.

Sakura had long stopped taking notes; trying to not look at another woman touching themself, but a curiosity kept her glancing, and growing more aroused. Just like the other girls, watching Anko, and hearing her moans grow louder, made them all blush deeper, and recount their own masturbation experiences and one by one the girls were lulled in to their own hesitant touching. Anko smirked; it seemed this year was going to end with the girls freeing themselves of restriction in class. This experience would be good for them.

The boys soon noticed, as did Emi. Emi Felt elated, as she not only watched Anko masturbating, but girls around her, her young lesbian mind thinking back to video she watched of group lesbian sex, and her mind began creating erotic fantasies of her and the girls of class all and it excited her all the more, driving her closer to an orgasm in class.

The boys just turned to a girl near them, and watched, glancing between her and Anko, one or two girls had several girls staring at them, and began to show off, not caring that moment; and girls who sat next to each other leant against one another, making it almost appear lesbian. Kiba continued to just focus on Anko, watching her, intently, while others had divided attention.

Anko was close, and was partly glad. If this had gone on much longer, the boys may have been driven to masturbating too, and the mess would have been a little too much to explain to parents and teachers alike, and she didn't want to end the year trying to explain how it appeared they had an end of year orgy! Though the thought of an all-class orgy was enough to get her to suddenly climax and moan out loudly.

She took a few moments to rest before looking around and breathing heavily, beads of sweat all over her body. Once her moans had stopped, the girls either came, or lost their enthusiasm for such a public display, blushing profusely at their actions in front of the whole class. Though the ones who finished up, seemed to enjoy the attention, though were also embarrassed they did.

Once everyone had calmed down, and returned to their seats, Anko smiled to them all, and their red faces, and the boys painfully horny looks.

"Well, I hope this was the bang you hoped this class would go out with. Good luck tomorrow on your graduation exams! Naruto, hang on a moment." She added as the class filed out of the classroom for the final time. "There's something you need to take care of before you head home today."

"Oh, crap." Naruto sighed, knowing she meant the graffiti on the Hokage Monument.

"Sorry about this, kid," Anko called down to Naruto as she picnicked atop the head of the First Hokage, complete with dango, tea, and sake. "But I can't let you go anywhere until you clean off every drop of paint."

"Whatever. It's not like I have anyone at home waiting for me." Naruto sighed, scrubbing off a little tic-tack-toe game he played on the Second's forehead as his stomach gave an audible growl.

"Hey." Anko smiled. "When you're done, you wanna get some ramen? My treat." Naruto's face was almost blindingly brightened.

"Now that's some serious motivation! Sure thing, Anko-sensei!" He said enthusiastically, almost slipping from the scaffolding as he rushed to finish off his cleaning. Anko simply gave a little chuckle as she supervised him. Sometimes, the simplest tricks just worked the best.

"Thanks for the ramen, Anko-sensei!" Naruto chirped delightedly, pulling off his goggles and promptly chowing down.

"Naruto?" said Anko, Naruto giving a muffled 'hm?' through a mouthful of noodles. "Why would you do that to the Hokage faces? I mean, you do know who the Hokage are, right?"

"'Course I do." Said Naruto before drinking down what remained in his bowl. "Everyone knows. They were the greatest shinobi of their time, right? The best of the best? Undefeated ninja champs. And the Fourth was the one who saved the village from the Nine-Tailed Fox. He was the most amazing!"

"Right. But then why would you...?"

"Because I was getting bored, alright?" Naruto sighed. "And because I'm going to be greater than any of them! Me, Naruto! The next Hokage! A Ninja Legend! Then everyone'll stop disrespecting me, and look up to me! Believe it!"

(BTW, this'll be the one and only time I'll actually have Naruto say 'believe it' :P)

Anko simply looked blankly down at the blonde boy, not sure how to respond to this bravado. Should she be concerned that he would disrespect the Hokage before claiming he would become one? Should she express amusement at such a high goal? Or was this something that she just shouldn't take seriously at all?

"By the way, sensei, could I ask a favor of you?" Naruto added in, a little more awkwardly.

"Is this a sexual thing?" Anko teased. "Or do you just want another bowl?" Naruto shook his head.

"I just... wanted to know if I could try on your headband." Anko burst out laughing.

"No way, kiddo! You gotta be a full-fledged shinobi if you wanna wear one of these! Not a second before!" She said, inching her own headband up slightly. "You have to pass the graduation test first!"

"Not fair!" Naruto pouted.

"Is that why you took off your goggles?" Anko teased. "Or do you always wear those things to fill in for a headband?"

"Shut up! I want another bowl!" Naruto snapped, Anko laughing.

"Morning, little bro." Naruko slipped in through Naruto's bedroom window again, to see him on the floor doing sit-ups.

"Morning." Naruto replied.

"You're pretty energetic this morning." Naruko grinned. "Stoked for your exam today?"

"You bet!" said Naruto enthusiastically, taking a breather. "I'm gonna pass it for sure this time!"

"Want one of my special blowjobs for luck?" Naruko offered.

"Ah, no thanks." Said Naruto. "Maybe after I come home, if I pass the test..."

"No." Naruko cut him off sternly. "WHEN you pass the test."

"R-right." Naruto smiled weakly. "Alright, I'm off."

"Wait." Naruko gripped the scruff of his jacket. "Did you have breakfast this morning?"

"No, but..."

"No buts, little bro." Naruko corrected him. "A growing boy ALWAYS needs to eat his breakfast, especially before a big day like today."

"Uh, right." Naruto chuckled.

"Here you are!" Naruko smiled, placing a metal case on Naruto's desk and opening it to reveal a still steaming bowl of ramen.

"Did you get this from Ichiraku?" Naruto gasped delightedly.

"Sure did." Naruko smiled. "You didn't think I came here just to say 'good luck,' did you? Now, eat up."

"Thanks, sis." Naruto said, giving Naruko a hug after finishing his meal. "See you later!"

"Good luck, little bro!" Naruko called after him as he rushed out the door.

"We will now start the final exam." Iruka stated once all the students of Naruto's year handed in their written tests. "When your name is called, please proceed to the testing room. The final test will be on the Clone Jutsu."

"Argh! Not this again!" Naruto grumbled. "No, just relax. You've done this perfectly before with Anko-sensei, you can do this!" He waited for almost an hour as other students' names were called. Though he had shaken off his anxiety from the written test, he couldn't help but feel really weak and nervous when his name was called,

"Naruto Uzumaki." He stood and walked just down the hall to the assigned testing room as instructed, where he passed by Hinata, who gave him a quick kiss on the mouth and an assuring smile as she left the testing room, a leaf headband tied loosely around her neck.

"Hi, Mizuki-sensei." Naruto said dully as he was greeted by the white-haired teacher just outside.

"Don't be down on yourself, Naruto." Mizuki told him confidently. "You may have failed twice before, but you've only grown from those experiences. You'll pass for sure this time, I promise you." He gave Naruto a firm yet assuring pat on the back.

"Thanks, Mizuki-sensei." Naruto grinned, a little reassured by his teacher's kind words as he proceeded inside. Before Mizuki could follow him in though, Anko, who had been watching, gave him a suspicious glare.

"What were you doing just now, Mizuki?" She demanded in a low voice.

"I was just giving Naruto some words of encouragement." Said Mizuki innocently.

"That's just what I mean. You hate the kid. What the hell's wrong with you today?"

"I'm not sure I know what you mean." Mizuki shrugged pleasantly, closing the door to the testing room behind him before Anko could say another word. "Alright, Naruto." He said, taking his seat next to Iruka at the instructor's desk. "All you need to do is show us a basic competency of the Clone Jutsu. Please make at least three proper clones, and you pass." Naruto gave a confirming nod.

"Alright, Naruto! Get it together. You can do this!" He told himself. He formed the appropriate hand signs and, ready to make eight clones, shouted, "Clone Jutsu!" blue surges of chakra swirled around him, and a burst of smoke formed around him. But when it lifted, Naruto was confused and thunderstruck to find only a single, pale clone at his side, lying on its belly on the floor with its tongue lolling stupidly.

"YOU FAIL!" Iruka screamed, hoping beyond hope that this was just some crappy joke.

"Iruka, he's off, but his moves weren't bad, and he did hang in there and replicate." Mizuki reasoned. "This is his third try, so you know he's very serious about wanting to become a ninja. We could cut him a break, and pass him." Naruto's spirits lifted at these words. He had no idea what the hell just happened, but Mizuki obviously seemed to understand.

"Mizuki." Iruka stated. "The other students created at least three effective replications. But Naruto could only create one. And look at it, it's pitiful. I can't pass him." Frustrated and despaired, Naruto threw the door open and left before either Iruka or Mizuki could say anything more to him.

"Naruto? How did it...?" Hinata asked smiling, but her smile faded when Naruto brushed passed her without even noticing her, no headband to be seen on him. He pulled off his goggles and threw them on the ground. "Naruto?" She breathed, concerned. She didn't know whether to give him time alone, or to go cheer him up now.

"Check it out! I passed with flying colors!"

"They called ME first!" The graduating children said gleefully to their parents, older siblings, and families. Naruto wanted to cry as he sat on the swing in front of the academy, no headband, no family, no graduation. And now, no Hinata, no virginity ritual, no future. Naruto's entire world was falling apart around him, and the contemptuous talks about him didn't help;

"There, see him? It's that boy. I heard he's the only one who failed."

"Hmph. Serves him right."

Just imagine what would happen if that boy became a ninja. I mean, he's the boy who..."

"Sh! We're not allowed to talk about that!" Naruto got up and left, wondering why he chose that swing of all places to be.

By the time Naruto had reached the Hokage Monument, his rage had subsided, and had been replaced with sadness, shame, and despair.

"What now?" He asked himself hopelessly. "I've lost everything, even Hinata now." His eyes filled with tears.

"That's not true, little bro." Naruko said, deciding now was the time to talk to him. "Hinata will always love you, no matter what."

"Yeah, but... She's too far ahead for me to catch up now." said Naruto, not bothering to move or look around at Naruko. "She'll have her first time with someone else, and I'm still the failure I was the last two times I failed."

"Don't say that, little bro. You'll come back from this, I know you will." Naruko tried. She really didn't know what to say, so she changed the subject. "Do you usually come here?"

"Whenever I'm feeling crappy, yeah..." Naruto answered, fighting back tears. "Ever since I was little, I would... Something about this place that helps..."

"It is a really nice view of the village." Naruko smiled.

"I remember the first time I went here..." Naruto said. "I was just entering the academy, I think. I was being bullied by a bunch of people, and then, this one person, I don't have any idea who, chased them off."

"Really?" Naruko blinked.

"She said she had been watching me for some time," Naruto continued. "And led me here."


"I don't know. I can't remember. I just... I just remember how cold it was. It was snowing that day, and I was waiting really hopefully for something. Even when that person suggested to go inside, I refused. I don't remember what I was waiting for, but I must have wanted it bad, because I wouldn't let myself leave this spot. And then... I guess I fell asleep, and that was the first day I had lived in that apartment I live in now." Naruto couldn't fight back his tears any longer, and for a few minutes, Naruko simply let him cry.

"I remember that day too." She said finally. "I was that girl you were talking about. I know what it means to not have parents. Mine both died when the nine-tailed fox attacked. I can't even remember who they were, what they looked like, anything about them. And seeing you, I just felt like I had to help you. So..."

"Hey, are you okay, little bro?"

"Uuh? Who're you?" Naruto asked through sobs.

"I'm your big sis." Naruko smiled.

"I don't have any siblings, or family..." Naruto sniffed.

"Yeah, you do! Everyone has parents!" Naruko said upliftingly. "Come on." She grabbed Naruto's hand, and walked away with him.

"Where are we going?" Naruto asked.

"You'll see." She led him to the peak of the Hokage Mountain, the highest point in the village.

"W-why did you t-t-take me here?" Naruto shivered. It was very cold, and snow was beginning to fall.

"If we're patient, we could meet our parents here." Naruko told him. "So, let's just wait here together." She held him in a warm, comforting hug.

"Our parents?" Naruto repeated. "Did we ever...?"

"No." Naruko shook her head glumly. "I'm sorry that I lied. But... I wanted to give you hope, I wanted my little brother not to feel so alone in this world." Naruto finally turned around, and stared at Naruko. For the time that he knew her, he thought the only thing that kept her glued to him was her sex drive, so to hear that she cared this much for him was simply astounding to him.

"And that apartment...?" He asked.

"That was originally mine." said Naruko. "I lived there with my parents since I was born. But, seeing you living in the streets, being shunned, and bullied, and abused at your age... you needed it more than me. So I moved out what little I owned, and gave it to you. And when bullies showed up to beat you up without grown-ups to see, I got rid of them, and when you were feeling down, I did what I could to help you."

"Then..." Naruto's eyes widened with amazement. He remembered only two years ago, returning home on his 10th birthday, to see a delicious birthday cake with ten pre-lit candles waiting for him. "Then you've always...? Even before I met you at the club?" Naruko nodded. Overwhelmed with emotion, Naruto broke down into sobs.

"Just let it out, little bro. Your big sister is here for you." Naruko smiled soothingly, hugging him with care. Naruto was unable to say or think of anything besides the emotional overload he was experiencing, the third failure at the academy, the recent revelation about his big sister, it was all too much for him to take in at once, so for many hours, all he could do was cry as Naruko held him.

"Do you want to go inside, little bro?" Naruko asked, when Naruto began to settle down.

"No, not yet." Naruto sighed. "I just... want to stay like this a little more." Naruko giggled.

"You didn't want to move back then, either. Just rooted yourself to where you stood, and wouldn't leave until you got what you wanted."

"Yeah..." Naruto muttered.

"Sorry, am I interrupting something?" Naruto looked up to see Mizuki.

"Mizuki-sensei? No, not really. Is something wrong?"

"No, I just had something I wanted to talk to you about, Naruto." said Mizuki, smiling.

"Alright..." Naruto looked to Naruko, who nodded. "What about?"

"Come with me."

"Hm? What's this thing?" Naruko blinked curiously, looking at a strange paper she inadvertently pulled from the back of Naruto's jacket.

"Iruka's tough, but he's not against you." Mizuki told him as they sat on the balcony by his apartment.

"I know," Naruto had understood and accepted that in the time he was with Naruko. "But why only me?"

"He wants you to be strong, with all his heart. But that will never happen if he goes easy on you." said Mizuki, very adult-like. "He's like you, you know? No parents, no family."

"But, this time, I really wanted to graduate." Naruto sighed. "I did everything I could, and I still couldn't do it."

"Then I guess I'll have to tell you." Mizuki chuckled. "It's a secret, but I'm gonna let you in on it."

"How the hell did he fail?" Anko asked herself, frustrated as she pounded Yahiko like a drum.

"I don't know. He showed every single sign of being able to graduate and then some." Yahiko shrugged. "And the other teachers seemed to agree. Hell, I was with Mizuki when he suggested to cut him a break."

"Yeah, but..." Their 'romantic night' was interrupted by a knock at the door. Anko pulled on her fishnet suit and answered it. "What do you want now, Mizuki?"

"It's Naruto!" the white-haired Chunin panted urgently. "He's stolen the sacred scroll!"

"What?" Anko and Yahiko burst out in unison. "The Scroll of Sealing?"

"He's really crossed the line this time!" several Jounin were saying as they gathered at the Hokage residence.

"That scroll contains forbidden secrets known only by our village! Secrets sealed by the First Hokage!"

"If that scroll falls into the wrong hands, it could threaten our very way of life!"

"Why would he do this?" Anko wondered. "I can understand a prank but...!"

"This was no prank, it's a serious crime!" One Jounin barked.

"Alright. Bring Naruto and the Scroll here at once." The Hokage ordered.

"SIR!" Every shinobi gathered confirmed in unison, immediately spreading out across the village.

"Let's see..." Naruto opened the massive scroll he had recently stolen. He chose to read it in the woods so as to not be disturbed. "The first one is the... Mass Shadow Clone Jutsu... AGH! Not this again! That's my worst jutsu!"

"Naruto!" Anko called, bursting in through his door.

"Little bro's not here right now." Naruko addressed her. "I decided to wait for him until he came back. Wait, Anko." She added hastily as the sex ed teacher made to leave. "What's this?" She showed Anko the paper she took off Naruto.

"That's a chakra suppressor..." Anko blinked at it. "Why would Naruto...?" Her eyes widened with alarm. "Oh, SHIT!"

"What?" Naruko blinked. Anko charged out the door.

"Now that I've told everybody what Naruto did, I can eliminate him!" Mizuki thought sinisterly as he rushed through the streets. They'll be glad he's gone, and course, I get the scroll for myself!"

"Whew!" Naruto panted, having completed the ability he had been studying for the last few hours.

"Naruto!" He jumped and back defensively as Anko stood over him.

"Hehehe! You got me already." Naruto chuckled sheepishly. "You're good, Anko-sensei! I only had time to learn two techniques."

"He's been practicing?" Anko blinked. Naruto's clothes had been scuffed up a little bit, and before she surprised him, he looked exhausted. "He's really been going at it..."

"That's how it works, right? Anyone who learns a jutsu from this scroll passes! And I learned two, so they HAVE to graduate me for sure!" Naruto said enthusiastically.

"Who told you THAT?" Anko asked, stuck between confusion and amusement.

"Mizuki-sensei." Naruto answered. "He told me all about where to find this scroll, and this place, and..." He broke off. "Uh, Anko-sensei?"

"Mizuki..." Anko gasped. "He's the one who...! Naruto! Get down!" She shoveed Naruto aside and evaded a barrage of kunai and shuriken, though a few grazed her, and one even caught her in the side.

"I see you found our little hideaway." Mizuki sneered from atop a tree limb. "Naruto, hand me the scroll."

"I should have known!" Anko growled. "Naruto, don't let him have it! Mizuki used you to get it for himself. He even made it so you'd fail the exam! But what I don't get is why. You're capable enough to steal it on your own, why use Naruto?"

"Simple." Mizuki sneered. "Everyone knows by now that Naruto stole it, so if I eliminate the little beast, not only can I claim the scroll and the power it contains for myself, but I'll be rewarded and praised for eliminating the little pest!"

"And the scroll? What use could someone like you have for it?" Anko demanded.

"Who says it's for me alone?" Mizuki retorted.

"What...?" Anko blinked, pulling the kunai out of her side. Then, a revelation hit her. "Daimao's Den! You're with them, aren't you?"

"With them!" Mizuki repeated mockingly, laughing. "I LEAD them! And that scroll will give me the power I need to revive my criminal empire, so that I can dominate the Land of Fire, fuck, the entire world if I want!"

"Beast?" Naruto blinked. How could the teacher who just hours ago encouraged him have called him such a thing? How can such an encouraging man be the same man behind the syndicate that abducted Hinata?

"That's right, you don't know, do you?" Mizuki laughed. "Everyone but you knows."

"Knows what?"

"Haven't you ever noticed how everyone treats you? Like shit!" Mizuki sneered.

"Shut your mouth, Mizuki!" Anko barked.

"That's right, your beloved sensei would do anything to shut me up. Know why?" Mizuki taunted. "Because 12 years ago, the Third Hokage declared it forbidden for anyone to tell you what you really are."

"What?" Naruto's heart was pounding now, frightened of what Mizuki might say.

"Don't tell him!" Anko screamed, but with a snap of Mizuki's fingers, her body was frozen stiff, so that she couldn't even speak.

"After the Fourth Hokage gave his life to seal the Demon Fox within you, the Third instated that anyone who even whispered about the Fox's true fate would be punished severely!" Naruto gasped, frozen every bit as much as Anko. "That's right! The fox has taken over YOUR body! You ARE The Nine-Tailed Fox!"

"So then..." Naruto dropped to his knees. "All this time..." He remembered how the villagers shunned him mere hours ago. It all made sense now. It was because he, Naruto, was some kind of demon.

"That's right. And now," Mizuki unclipped a giant shuriken from his back. "It's over!" After building a spinning momentum in the shuriken, he hurled it at Naruto, who was too slow to evade something at that speed.

"Naruto!" Anko cried. "God damn it!" She forced herself free from Mizuki's restraints. Naruto, knowing the end was near, closed his eyes, bracing for the inevitable impact. But the hit didn't come. He opened his eyes, which shot wide open as he saw Anko on hands and knees over top of him, Mizuki's shuriken in her back.

"Anko-sensei!" Naruto gasped, blood rolling down his sensei's sides onto him. "But... why?"

"You don't think I'd take an oversized shuriken for you after all we've been through?" Anko laughed weakly. "We're the same, Naruto. I was abandoned by my sensei, and I was seen as every bit as much of a monster as he was. I had nobody. Everyone I had considered a friend was gone, whoever wasn't dead feared and hated me for what they believed me to be. I was attacked, and shunned. I did crazy things." It was here that Naruto was shocked to actually see tears in Anko's eyes."I took up alcohol, sold my body, I even tried to kill myself at times. I know how much it hurts. And... I could have been there for you more. And I'm sorry."

"Don't make me laugh!" Mizuki barked. "Anko's never wanted anything more than to use you! You're just a plaything to her! Because she's every bit as much a beast as you!" Confused, upset, overwhelmed, Naruto just ran away as fast as he possible could.

"Naruto!" Anko shouted, hindered by the weapon in her back.

"heh." Mizuki smirked, hopping down from the tree. "Maybe when I get the scroll back, I'll make you my slave. You'd probably fetch a better price than that little Hyuuga bitch, but I don't think I'd be interested in sharing you with anyone."

"FUCK YOU!" Anko snarled, ripping the shuriken from her back and flinging it at Mizuki, who evaded the weapon, but only barely, as it formed a large cut on his arm. "I should have killed you the moment you started bugging me!"

"Too late now." Mizuki sneered. "You just stay put, whore. I'll be back for you." And with that he chased after Naruto.

"Shit." Anko panted, staggering to remain standing upright. "That fucker nearly hit my spine." She collapsed at the base of a tree. "Shit. I know I really shouldn't, but right now..." A horrid burn broke out across her body, and flame-like markings spread down her back, sealing the wound and repairing the damage caused by Mizuki's shuriken. When the wound healed, she fought back as hard as she could against the intruding chakra. "Come on!" She growled. A wave of relief passed over her as the markings receded. "Okay, now to kick that jack's ass!"

"Naruto!" The confused child turned his head as he ran to see his sensei chasing after him. "Everything Mizuki said was a lie! He was just trying to manipulate you into giving him the scroll! Give it to me! I'll keep it safe from..." But before he finished, Naruto stopped, turned around and punched Anko square in the face, knocking her into a tree, the transformation jutsu fading to reveal Mizuki.

"You know, you always did suck at subtlety." Naruto smirked, his own jutsu dissipating to reveal the real Anko carrying a log.

"But, how...!" Mizuki blinked. "You were too crippled to...!"

"You'd be surprised what a real shinobi can do." Anko taunted.

"Why do you keep protecting that little freak! When you know what he is!"

"I don't care what he is. No way in hell you're getting your hands on the scroll."

"But don't you get it?" Mizuki smirked. "Naruto is just like me."

"How the hell do you work that out?" Anko was almost tempted to laugh at this claim.

"He wants the scroll for his own power and his own vengeance." said Mizuki. "He'll pour all his power into it and destroy everything. That's how beasts are."

"That's right," said Anko.

"Then... he was right?" Naruto gasped, hiding from the sight of the two adult ninja. "Anko does just want to use me. She really does think I'm some kind of... beast!"

"But that's not how Naruto is." The snake jounin grinned. "He's dedicated, and selfless, and he never lets failure be his downfall. His suffering only serves to make him stronger. So you're wrong, he's nothing like the Nine-Tailed Fox, and nothing at ALL like you. He's Naruto Uzumaki! The next Hokage! A future Ninja Legend!" From his hiding spot, Naruto had broken into a comically joyful fit of tears. His sensei believed in him after all!

"You believe that?" Mizuki sneered, unclipping the second giant shuriken. "I was going to enslave you for myself, but now I think I'll enjoy killing you more!" Just as he was ready to throw the shuriken, Naruto charged out from his hiding spot, pounding Mizuki to the ground, his weapon hurtling off, chopping a distant branch.

"Lay one hand on my sensei, and I'll kill you!" Naruto growled.

"Strong words from a little beast! I could destroy you in an instant." Mizuki stated arrogantly.

"You're the only beast here. Not me, not Anko-sensei..."

"Beast?" Mizuki laughed. "No, I'm a demon! The Demon King!"

"Gimme your best shot then, I'll give it right back to you a million-fold!" Naruto challenged, making a hand sign.

"Let's see you try!" Mizuki scoffed arrogantly. "Show me what you can do, Nine-Tailed Fox!" And both Mizuki's and Anko's minds were blown as Naruto shouted,

"Mass Shadow Clone Jutsu!" and in an instant, the clearing was crowded by about a million Narutos, each one taunting Mizuki and prepping to attack.

"Those aren't just illusions, they're solid, flesh-and-blood clones!" Anko marveled. "Kid just mastered an incredibly advanced jutsu. And I can imagine about a hundred ways to use it in the bedroom!"

"What's wrong? Too scared to fight me now?" One clone taunted. "Then we're gonna bring the fight to you!" Mizuki collapsed under his own cowardice, and gave a blood curdling scream as every single clone charged upon him and bashed out his brains, until the sun was just starting to peak above the horizon, by which time Mizuki was laying in a big pool of blood, several teeth knocked out.

"Oops." Naruto chuckled as the last of his clones dissipated. "Guess I got a little carried away there..."

"No, I don't think so." Anko shrugged. "In fact..." She pulled out a kunai, concentrated her chakra so that it held as though magnetically to the underside of her shoe, and delivered a powerful kick into Mizuki's crotch, forcing an almost deafening scream from him as his reproductive organs were every bit as mutilated as the rest of his body. "That was for abducting Hinata and that shitty fake accent!"

"Hey, Naruto? Come over here a sec. I have something for you." Anko grinned warmly.

"What is it?" Naruto blinked.

"Just close your eyes." Naruto, though unsure, did as he was told. Once Anko was sure his eyes were closed, she punched him in the face. "That was for falling for Mizuki's stupid trick!" She said in a disciplinary tone. "Okay, now that I got that out of the way..." Naruto felt Anko take off his goggles, before, tightening something else onto his forehead in their place. "Okay, you can look now."

Naruto opened his eyes to see Anko smiling brightly at him, his goggles in her hand, but her headband was missing. Stunned, he reached up and felt a metal plating on his forehead.

"Congratulations, Naruto Uzumaki, for graduating the ninja academy!" She told him. For a moment, all Naruto could do was stare blankly at Anko Mitarashi. Finally, he let gave a delighted cheer.

"Yeah! Thank you so much, Anko-sensei! Finally! I'm a ninja! Ninja! Ninja!" he glomped her powerfully, not even caring that his face was right in her boobs. "I can't wait to tell Hinata about this!"

Naruto, this is only the beginning. You say that you aspire to surpass the Hokages, and right now, I'm starting to think that you just might do it! But don't think for a second that the path ahead will be easy. You're only going to face greater and greater hardships from here. But I guess if I told you now, it'd only ruin the moment. I guess I'll tell you later. Maybe after you get laid...

To be continued...

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