The young would-be kunoichi of the Leaf Village sat in awe, looking around the sex ed classroom of Anko Mitarashi. The windows were covered by shades, blocking out most light, rather than hard wooden desks, the girls sat on soft, heart-shaped pouffs, a pleasant smell lingered in the air from scented candles placed here and there, and several flower pedals littered the floor. Their teacher, Anko, was sitting on top of the teacher's desk in a playful way, donned only a fishnet bodysuit that did nothing at all to conceal herself.

"Welcome girls. Now, are you ready for your first lesson?" She asked pleasantly. An awkward silence proceeded. None of the girls quite knew the answer to that question.

"Um, what happened to the classroom?" A shy girl with short dark indigo hair asked awkwardly.

"I made some special modifications to it." Anko grinned. "For today, this is not a classroom. It's a special flower garden where you girls may bloom. So before we can begin today's lesson, are there any lesbians in this room?" Everyone was quiet. "Come, on be honest! Don't feel shy." Still nothing. "Does anyone in this room know what a lesbian is?" A general murmur of 'no' spread across the room.

"Aren't they people from somewhere called Lesbia? I heard my dad talking about it with some of his friends." One girl spoke up, making Anko laugh her head off, everyone else giving her questioning looks.

"Kid, if there were such a place, I would be living there." She laughed. Once regaining her composure, she gave a serious breath and continued, "No. A lesbian is another word for a female homosexual." The students exchanged curious looks with one another. "Seriously? How sheltered are these kids?" Anko thought.

"Okay, who here likes boys?" She asked aloud. Unsurprisingly, this time many of the girls shot their hands in the air. "Okay. Who here LOVES boys?" She asked, with a naughty little emphasis on 'loves.' Almost every girl in the class was standing on their toes waving their hands in the sky. "Okay then. So who here liked girls?" The euphoria that spread at the mention of boys was almost immediately silenced, everyone taking their seats again and putting their hands down. Way down. "Be honest here, who loves girls the way most other girls love boys?" Anko insisted, believing hard that there had to be at least one who was at least a little curious about love in the same locker room. "No one? Really? It's nothing to be ashamed of."

"Why are you asking us this, Anko-sensei?" someone asked.

"Simply put, I'm interested to know." said Anko. "Thing have changed since my days at the academy, and I was hoping to see at least one proud lesbian in my class. But no? That's cool, I guess." One incredibly timid girl with neck-length silky black hair and green eyes looked ready to raise her hand, but, as it shook violently without even raising it halfway to her head, she dropped it right away. Anko took notice, and winked at the frightened girl, though no one else seemed to notice.

"Why would any girls WANT to like another girl?" A blonde with a very long ponytail asked.

"Well, it's complicated," Anko explained. "But some people are just different like that. Some people have different tastes in who they love, and boy or girl, there's nothing wrong with it."

"My mom tells me people like that are sick and evil." One girl spoke up.

"Your mom's the sick and evil one if she really thinks that way." Anko retorted, ignoring the girl's outraged shouting. "At any rate, I myself am a bisexual, meaning I like both men AND women….

"You're a sick teacher, and you will NOT insult my parents like that and…!" The girl yelled furiously, but Anko cut her off as she swooped in on her with lightning speed, kunai in hand.

"Listen to me…" Anko hissed dangerously, checking her student roster for the angry girl's name. "Kurai, this is my class, and you will NOT speak to me like that. If you have a problem with my views, go bitch to someone who cares, because there's no one in this room who does. Now stay quiet, and unless you can teach the class better, shut up, sit down, and let me do things MY way. Got it?" Kurai nodded very nervously, coated with sweat. Anko returned to where she stood by the teacher's desk and continued as though there hadn't been any interruption,

"At any rate, despite what some people, like religious nut jobs and zealots may say, homosexuality, the love of a member of the same sex, or gender, is not something evil, and it's not an illness or condition of any sorts, and therefore, cannot be cured. Now, I've seen some cruelty towards homosexuals and bisexuals in my time, and I find that to be intolerable, so if I find out about any bullying or badmouthing of homosexuality in this class, fuck in this school, I'm using your ass as target practice! With real kunai and shuriken!" many girls cringed.

"Um… why is homosexuality so hated in the world?" The timid green-eyed girl asked.

"Good question… Emi." Said Anko, checking her roster again. "Religion has a great part of it, but other than that, I myself am not entirely sure why. I will tell you though, there are some countries and villages out there that are brutal towards it, hell I've heard there's a village that gives the death penalty, death by strangulation, for being gay."

"Gay?" Another girl repeated.

"Just a shorter and easier way of saying homosexual." Anko answered simply. "Anyway, there've been some places, like the Star Village, that have a powerful tolerance and acceptance towards gay people, and I say that's real progress! As I've said, there's nothing wrong or shameful about being gay, and don't let anyone convince you otherwise." She said Kurai ready to burst at the contradiction to her beliefs Anko was giving, to which she responded. "Don't believe me? If you really think homosexuality is such an 'immoral' thing, why? WHY is it such a terrible thing? What does it hurt?

To this, everyone was silent, totally unable to think of a reasonable explanation. Even Kurai could do nothing but shake with fury.

"That's what I thought." Anko sneered at the religious girl. "At any rate, I was hoping there would be at least one lesbian in this class who would have the vulva to stand up with me, but... yes, uh, Sakura?" She said, giving a girl with long pink hair the floor.

"I've heard that in some countries, lesbians are assassinated by shinobi. Is that true?" Sakura asked.

"Actually, you got it backwards." Anko grinned. "The place you're thinking of is the Mist Village, and it's the lesbians doing the assassination."She was keen to elaborate on Sakura's question, but she didn't want to throw off her teaching plans too far. "Anyway, since there aren't any girl-loving girls in this room, I'm going to give you all a simple assignment: write a paper about the person you think you love most and why, and hand it in when you're finished." She kicked back at her desk, reading Make-out Paradise as the class wrote their papers.

"Um… Anko-sensei?" Emi raised her hand nervously, and Anko looked up from her book.

"What's up?" She asked.

"What if we don't know who we love? Or what if we don't feel comfortable with saying who that person is?" Emi asked, sounding very careful about what she said.

"If you don't know, then be honest, and say what kind of person you would love." Anko answered. "And if you don't feel comfortable sharing, tough shit. This class is meant to take you all out of your comfort zone, even if only a little. Go one, be a little bold. Don't worry about what other people may say. Oh, and no, we won't be reading these out loud." There were some sounds of relief at these words. Obviously, there were those who were embarrassed as hell about sharing.

The classroom returned to the sound of scratching pencils and occasional erasing, Anko still reading her dirty novel with interest. As the last 10 minutes of the class came by, many placed their papers face-down on the teacher's desk and took their seats again. Once every last one had turned in their paper, Anko looked up from her book, scanned the room for anyone still writing, then said,

"Well, that does it for today. You're all free to go." Everyone packed up and left in more or less silence. Anko was just packing up herself when she saw shy little Emi standing in front of the desk, her knees shaking. "Emi, class is over. You can go home now." Anko told her, as though speaking to a very little child.

"Um, Ms. Mitarashi-sensei…" Emi mumbled nervously.

"It's 'Anko,' or 'Anko-sensei.'" Anko corrected her.

"Sorry!" Emi squeaked. "But um," She looked around to make sure they were the only two people in the room. "I'm sorry, Anko-sensei…"

"About what? Calling me the wrong name by mistake? Don't worry about it." Said Anko, keeping her tone casual and uplifting.

"No, not that. I… I wasn't honest today like you said." Said Emi, her head slumped with guilt.

"What do you mean?"

"When you asked if any of us liked girls… I didn't…" Emi broke off, looking really embarrassed and reluctant to talk any further.

"I figured you did." Anko smiled. "Maybe it was just the way you looked tempted to raise your hand earlier, but I figured you had a soft spot for people with soft spots." Emi blinked at her, not really understanding what her teacher meant. "Don't worry about it kid, it's cool. At least you had the guts to tell me sooner or later. Just be honest with me from now on, can you do that?" Emi nodded. "And for god's sake, smile a little more! Your name's Emi for a reason!" Emi gave a feeble smile, but then averted her eyes from Anko, blushing furiously. "Now go on, class ended 5 minutes ago."

Anko packed up her things, put on her resized blue jumpsuit, and headed out the door.

"So now, I've noticed a lot of your girls have been rather quiet as they left your class." sneered Suzume as Anko left the classroom. "Did you traumatize them into being so mute? Or have you simply been telling them to 'shut their traps all day?"

"Is your class usually so rowdy or did you just freak out 'cause you got dirt under your nail?" Anko retorted.

"I should inform you that my class is always very well-behaved, and they only reason it wasn't today was due to an injured student." Suzume barked stiffly.

"Really now?" said Anko, stuck between wanting to poke more fun at her rival for letting such a thing happening, and being concerned for said injured student.

"Yes. She got a paper cut from the assignment I had given." Suzume stated. Anko groaned internally. Of course, this was just like Suzume, exaggerating such tiny, stupid things. "And I had to revoke it in order to prevent further injury."

"Oh, a paper cut. Call an ambulance." Anko said very sarcastically.

"I did, but they told me that something so 'minor' was not worth their attention. I mean the nerve!" Suzume growled, pushing her glasses up in her usual snobbish way.

"How awful." Anko rolled her eyes. "I had no such 'injuries' in my class, in fact, I'd say there are a good few who've become really interested in my teachings."

"Have you made them wear that obscene garment that you call underwear yet?" Suzume huffed.

"No, but that's a pretty good idea." Anko laughed. She only said it because she knew it would piss Ms. Prim and Proper off, but now that she thought about it… "Hey, I think I see a grey hair right about there." She added, indicating a spot. Suzume gasped comically, rushing to a nearby bathroom, where she could be heard freaking out trying to remove the non-existent grey hair. Anko laughed to herself as she headed back home.

That night as she lay in bed unclothed, she went over the papers her class had written.

"These girls sure love Sasuke." She said to herself as she looked through one by Sakura Haruno;

"The person I love the most is Sasuke Uchiha. He's so handsome and charming, and I know that under that sad, brooding face is a wonderful person just waiting to show himself."

"Somehow I doubt that." Anko told the paper, remembering the raven-haired boy's stoic expression. As she looked through the papers, almost everyone had written about Sasuke. "Just what do these girls see in that emo boy?" She said with exasperation after so many Sasukes in a row. "And this one's not even close to… ah, here's something fresh! Hinata Hyuuga."

"The one I love is a boy I know who goes to school with me. I don't know his name,"

"Bullshit. I've seen you following him."

"but he's a strong, kind person. He doesn't care how much people say he should quit; he never does, and even though he's bullied and hated by so many people for no reason, he doesn't care. He plays practical jokes all the time, but I know better: he just wants someone to notice him, and care for him. I hope one day I can be that somebody."

Anko smiled as she read Hinata's paper. This girl had a realistic vision, and she had a great deal of respect for her reasoning and motivation. The last few papers were of confusion and unrealistic fantasies about what kind of boy the respective girls wanted to love. But there was one at the very bottom the snake Jounin was eager to read. One by a certain Emi Shiawase:

"I love a different kind of person from most. Though many may laugh at me or even hate me for it, the person I love most is Anko Mitarashi."

Anko nearly fell out of bed and screamed as she read these words. She loves her teacher!

"She's so wonderful in so many ways. I've only known her for two days now, but she's so helpful, and patient, and encourages me to be a better person. I know it's impossible for her to return my feelings, but I love her still."

Anko read this paper over and over. She was shocked. She knew that Emi was a little lesbian, but that she loved her teacher? She never would have guessed. She lay in bed, considering her lesson plan for the boys tomorrow, then after losing her focus, masturbated to dirty thoughts before falling asleep.

The next day, the boys were all held up outside the sex ed classroom, pondering among each other why they were locked out. Then, after a few minutes, the door slid open a small crack and Anko peered out.

"Ah crap!" She muttered. She closed the door again, did some last-second preparations, and let the boys in. Today, the classroom was much the same as it was on the first day, normal except for the blocked windows. Anko was wearing her mandatory blue jumpsuit, but with the top part pulled down, the long sleeves tied together behind her back, her jounin vest the only thing to keep the boys from peeking at her boobs.

"Sorry to keep you boys waiting." Said Anko in a somewhat flirtatious voice. "Now, are you ready for your first lesson?"

To be continued...

That's right! Thanks to popular demand, this fic is being continued by yours truly XD! I hope you enjoy this series, and thank you all for letting your voices be known.