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"Ah... I forgot how good it could feel to sleep in my own bed." Naruto sighed, lying down as the sun started to set.

"Way to go, little bro!" Naruko had popped in through Naruto's window so many times, he didn't even flinch anymore as his self-proclaimed 'big sister' paid him visits. "I heard you finally made love to Hinata for the first time. How'd it feel?"

"Felt great." Naruto grinned. "I wish we lived together now, but Hitomi said to wait for two more days for some reason..."

"I see what she's talkin' about." Naruko grinned deviously.


"Oh... if you haven't figured it out yet, you'll just have to wait and see." Naruko teased, giving a flirtatious wink.

"What're you talking about?" asked Naruto.

"Let's talk about something else." Naruko waved him off. "Could you show me what it was like to have your first time?"

"Huh?" Naruto blinked. Why would Naruko want to know that? She was probably second only to Anko in sexual deviance, after all.

"It's embarrassing for me to admit, but... your big sis is a virgin." Naruko blushed.

"You're kidding." Naruto snorted. "I can't even count the number of times you've sucked me off."

"Just because I whore myself out doesn't mean I've had sex before." Naruko pouted cutely.

"But... isn't that exactly what it means?" Naruto blinked, confused. Naruko giggled, shaking her head.

"Anyway..." She said, her tone more serious and her face reddening. "I know you love Hinata, and she's the one you've promised to be with, but..." She slowly pulled down the zip of her jacket, exposing her cleavage to Naruto, enough to entice him as she knelt next to him, so he could get a good, arousing look. "...But would you please be my first, little bro?" She leant in, getting closer to his face, her mouth open slightly, the tip of her tongue stuck out, as Naruto did the same, the tips touching, and moving together, making Naruto breathe heavier, before she pulled away, and smiled to her 'lil' bro'.

"Alright." Naruto agreed after some hesitation, removing his pants and underwear, his erection springing free of its restraints, right in Naruko's view, making her bite her lip hungrily. He then lay himself on the bed, prepared for Naruko to use.

"No, little bro." She smiled. "I want you to dominate me this time."

Naruto blinked, and got back up. He wasn't sure what to do, as he had always been the one forced in to this sort of thing. He looked to her, and completely unzipped her jacket, before slipping it off of her shoulders to her floor, her breasts fully exposed, as she wore nothing underneath.

He leant in taking one in to his mouth, sucking it, licking it and even giving tiny nibbles, making her squirm. "N-Naughty boy." She blushed, not expecting smiled, and removed her short skirt, then sticking a hand into her panties. Naruko let out a moan as he began stroking her clit, and sticking fingers in to her. She closed her eyes, and wrapped her arms around him, as she moaned out louder; Naruto continuing to use his mouth on her breasts as he fingered her increasingly wet pussy.

"You really lo-love my br-breasts!" she moaned out. "H-How did you g-get so good at f-fingering?"

"Anko thought it would be a good skill, so…" he smirked suddenly doing something that made Naruko throw her head back and gasp for air. "…she gave me a book to read, and then, twice a week, right after class, I would stay behind, she'd lock the door, strip down, lay on the desk, and…" again he made her throw her head back, and gasp, she was so hot she was beginning to sweat a little. "…she got me to get her off with only my hand. I'm no expert yet, but, she gives me top marks for a novice."

"OHHHHH!" She moaned out, getting close. "Damn Anko… I didn't know you were this good! I'm g-gonna cum!"Naruto then pulled out, making her pout. Her horny expression was so unusual. It usually was alluring, and hungry, but, right now, she just looked desperate and almost a little uncomfortable; she was really close to finishing.

"Lil'bro! Don't be mean! Finish me off!" she whined.

Naruto just grinned teasingly.

"You're mean. I give you a little control and this is how you treat your big sister? You get her all horny and desperate and won't make her cum!" She pouted. Though, she understood he was just teasing for all those times she had sneaked into his house and sucked him off, even though then he was very uncomfortable with it.

Naruto grinned a little more, suddenly feeling a little bold,seeing his 'big sister's' vulnerable appearance, which also served to turn him on a little. Maybe he was a naughty boy after all. He grabbed her, and she gave a yelp as she was thrown to the bed, and had her panties yanked off of her.

Naruto took off his shirt and climbed into bed between Naruko's legs. He started by licking at Naruko's pussy, which seemed so experienced, she leaned her head back comfortably, as though being given a comfortable massage,moaning softly. She was so close, but he kept stopping just before she came, letting her cool down before pushing her back to her limit again. After a few minutes of this, Naruko was wriggling, groaning out desperately.

"PLEASE! MAKE ME CUM LITTLE BRO!" she cried out.

Naruto smiled, and resumed, finally letting her cum. She orgasmed hard, her back arching, spraying her juices heavily, her pussy twitching.

When he decided she was lubricated enough, he moved up and got his now very stiff shaft, and opening her legs wider, he prodded the tip of his rod against her pussy, and penetrated her with ease; slipping in to her tight pussy; Naruko crying out in what sounded more like joy than pain as Naruto pumped in and out of her.

"Yes!" Naruko cried, her breasts bounding around freely.

Her body had known almost every form of sexuality except for intercourse. The feeling of Naruto's cock pushing in to her over and over, hard and slowly getting faster was making her mind spin, and moan out louder. Her arms wrapped around him as he thrust on and on.

Only minutes into her first time, she already knew this was her favorite sexual act. "Yes! Fuck me!"

Naruto, too, was moaning out as he moved his hips faster and faster, his sexual skill limited to simple thrusting motions, so he was a little worried he wasn't very good to someone like Naruko. His only comfort being, that she was even less experienced with actual penetrative sex than he was. Her breathing grew heavier, her skin clammy from the growing sweat.

"Ngh! Naruko, I'm going to cum." Naruto informed her, not sure what she wanted. "Inside or out?"

"Out! Out!" Naruko spoke up. Building up all he could, Naruto pulled out of Naruko, just in time to spray her with his cum. Naruko came at the same, breathing heavily.

"Thanks, little bro." Naruko panted slightly, hugging Naruto affectionately.

"Did I do it right?" Naruto asked in a manner he hoped didn't sound lame or feeble.

"Of course." Naruko smiled. "I couldn't have asked for a better first fuck. Now here's your reward!" She pulled his head down into her boobs, knowing he loved the squishy, soft feel of a woman's mammaries.

"T-thanks..." Naruto's voice muffled from within her cleavage.

"Well, sorry to split like this," Naruko said apologetically, picking up her clothes. "But I have to head to work tonight. I hope I can return the favor one day, little bro!"

"Why do you talk about having sex with me while calling me your 'little bro?'" Naruto asked, but unlike other times where he was confused or exasperated, he asked with a more amused tone.

"I'm just a dirty, filthy, naughty girl." Naruko giggled, heading out the window, despite still being naked and covered in cum.

It was here that Naruto reflected on his life this past crazy year. He used to be scared to death of Anko, hate the mere thought of the erotic dreams he had of her and Hinata, and Naruko's interactions with him had always been awkward and embarrassing to even think about. But now, while those dreams had passed months ago, he embraced, Anko was one of his closest friends, Hinata was his girlfriend, and Naruko was always a welcome sight in his bedroom window.

"I sure have come a long way." He grinned, glancing at the nude portrait of himself and Hinata that Shikamaru had made so long ago. Now, those feelings of embarrassment around Hinata when that art was originally drawn were just a distant memory. "But not nearly as much as you, Hinata." He turned over in bed and fell asleep almost instantly.

"Hey, Ino." said Sakura pleasantly, yet somewhat awkwardly as she sat down with her newly reunited friend at the local teahouse the next day.

"Hi, Sakura." Ino replied just as awkwardly. It had been so long since the last time they were friends, it felt nothing short of strange to be having fun with her again. She did want desperately to ignore those years of rivalry, but the scars they cut were too deep to just forget.

"So... the other night..." Sakura spoke, taking a drink to give her some time to think. "Um..."

"I know, you've always been one to express yourself better physically than verbally." Ino shrugged. "I was surprised too, but I know what you meant."

"Well, that wasn't quite what I wanted to say..." said Sakura. "Um... do you still want Sasuke?"

"Of course not." Ino shook her head. "After he snubbed us like he did, we'd be stupid to continue chasing after him!"

"R-right." said Sakura, glad to know that she wasn't alone in her new dislike for the one she once obsessed over.

"So, what'd it feel like? When you stuck his cock into yourself?" Ino asked, suddenly reddening and darting her eyes left and right to make sure no one heard her say that. She forgot that she was in a public place.

"It's not like I hoped it would be." Sakura admitted. "It hurt a lot more than anything. I mean, it felt good, but it hurt too much to notice that much. Was it the same way for you?"

"Probably not as bad as you," Ino replied, remembering how much Sakura's vagina was bleeding after her penetration. "But yeah, I didn't like it much either. Although..." She shook her head vigorously as her thoughts drifted back towards the impulsive sex she had with Sakura.

"You were thinking about the sex we had, right?" Sakura understood. "I know, I don't know what to make of that either..."

"It bothers me." Ino sighed. "I loved it, but it felt kind of... wrong." During her time masturbating the other night, her imagination fell towards her pink-haired friend, and she ended up getting wetter thinking of her.

"I know..." Sakura nodded, her face reddening at the very sight of Ino. "Hey, I was thinking... Maybe we should see Anko-sensei about this."

"That sounds like a sound plan." Ino agreed.

There was no answer, however, when the awkward friends knocked on their sexually knowledgeable sensei's door.

"Anko-sensei?" Sakura called, firmly knocking one last time. She opened the unlocked door and stepped in, a bit surprised at what she saw.

"I expected something a little... different somehow." said Ino, looking around Anko's apartment. Most of the space they stood in was littered with trash and dirty magazines, even some panties were strewn across the floor, the couch was dirty and had several holes in it, some of which had kunai or shuriken sticking out of them, and the dining nook had quite a bit of beer and sake bottles laying around.

"Yeah, same here." Sakura agreed, blushing down at a thong that had caught on her foot. "I thought there'd be a lot of free space to have sex or something..." She blushed some more as she realized what she had said.

Ino had done a bit more exploration, finding Anko's bedroom, where a full king-sized bed sat in the middle, several bras and panties laying at its foot, and the entire room smelled deeply of sexual activity.

"Yeah, this is Anko-sensei's room alright." Sakura chuckled as she laid her eyes upon the bedroom.

What's this?" Ino blinked, looking into a small wastebasket to the right of the bed, which was filled with nothing but strange rubbery items that looked like balloons covered in some sort of gel. "Oh, gross! Gross!" She cried, throwing what she now knew to be a used condom back into the trashcan and backing away from it, and backing right into Sakura, causing the two to tumble onto the bed, and Ino falling right on top of Sakura. Their eyes met, and the two were quiet for a moment, as their cheeks began to slowly crimson.

"Sorry." Ino said awkwardly, only to find her face an inch away from Sakura's. It was only when she noticed Sakura's nervous expression that Ino realized her hand had fallen on to Sakura's chest when they fell, and was now touching her breast.

She knew she should have just gotten right off of Sakura then and there, but somehow, she couldn't stop staring into Sakura's beautiful green eyes, nor let go of her small, yet very firm and well-shaped bosom; her hand had slowly began to caress it, making Sakura blush more, as she let out a tiny breaths.

"Ino..." Sakura whispered, embarrassed and confused, her head spinning from Ino's touch; their bodies wriggling a little from something growing inside of them.

"Sakura..." Ino replied, fighting back her feelings, holding back her desire to have all of the pink-haired girl's body, to caress, kiss, and feel every inch of her.

Neither of them moved, Sakura looking more nervous as she wondered where this was going, if she would get up, or remain there. They had come here to get help in keeping their friendship. She couldn't lose that, not for some confused feelings created by their moment of Ino couldn't help herself as her hand moved up clasping her zipper, and pulling it down slowly as she leant in and kissed her neck.

Sakura blushed, and let out a gasp. She went to grab Ino's hand to stop, but froze instead. She felt bare skin feel the cool air of the room, her pink bra exposed. Ino trailed her kisses down her neck, and to her exposed chest, kissing around her mounds.

Sakura's breathing began to get heavy. She wanted to stop, this was going too far, their friendship was at stake, and this was making her want this. But moreover, this was making her review her sexuality again. Something she had been fighting thinking about since her first experience outside of X-Ranked Mission, more so since her first time with Ino.

Ino herself wasn't sure, yet she felt more at ease doing this to a girl than Sakura. Perhaps these were feelings were feelings she had kept hidden for far longer than she realized, and she simply couldn't hide them away like she had always had now that they had been let 's hand then began to move down, stroking her lover's side as she made her way down to her hips, and then thighs. She moved over to the inner thigh and back up, making Sakura shiver. And as her fingers trailing across the fabric, and under her dress to the crotch of her leggings…

"Hey, if you two wanted a private place to make love, all you had to do was ask." Anko laughed as she walked in on their moment, freezing the two."You didn't have to break into my bedroom."

"Ah! Uh... A-Anko-sensei...!" Ino gasped, jumping off of Sakura right away, sitting beside her; Sakura covering her chest, before zipping herself back up, her face red. "It's... It's not how it looks at all...!"

"How so?" Anko prodded, raising an eyebrow. "It certainly looked like you two were… having fun."

"Well," Sakura explained, sitting up. "See, Ino and I have been having some... complications... with our, uh, relationship." Sakura was nervous. She felt a little relieved, though. Having sex with Ino again would've complicated things even further.

"And so... You tried to solve this complication by having sex on my bed?" Anko blinked. "I don't remember teaching all that much about exhibitionism, but, I'm not going to complain."

"No! That's not it!" Ino blurted. "That was an accident, and we… went a little… Look, sensei, we're scared and confused, Sakura and me! This is going to ruin our friendship if we don't sort this out!"

Anko looked to her scared students. These two were soon to step out in to the world of the ninja, were danger and death would stalk them every mission and every day, a fact that didn't make them blink, yet, at the notion of a ruined friendship frightened not just that, she figured; they were teetering on the edge of a sexual change that would alter them forever, too scared to take that leap and cross that line to becoming lesbians. All year she had seen them put down the same sex, their views being old fashioned, and many times noted that being a lesbian, to them, had been something more perverse than romantic. And now here they were, their views thrown in to chaos.

Anko knew very well how they felt. Her first realization of liking women, when all her friends around her were straight, was scary. Feeling alone, even when she met other lesbians, as she could not resist thinking of men either; and it wasn't until she met others of a like mind, that she eventually settled into her new sexual nature as a bisexual. She knew she had to help them.

"Let's continue this conversation somewhere a bit more… comfortable." Anko offered, leading both girls down to her basement. "Next time you two feel like makin' love, THIS is the bed to do it on." She teased, indicating the red heart-shaped bed.

"We're not like that!" Sakura said exasperatedly. "At least... I don't know. I…I don't think..."

"Chill out, kid. I was joking." Anko said, putting an arm around Sakura to comfort her. She was trembling. Anko realized they were more scared than she first thought. This was a serious problem; If Sakura didn't admit to herself and accept her sexual orientation, Anko worried that she could snap. She looked over to Ino, and put her hand on her shoulder.

She too was trembling, though not quite as badly. She seemed more nervous, and the gazes to Sakura told her the truth about Ino; that inside she knew it was ok to be a lesbian, in some way, perhaps settled on being a bisexual. A good medium to accept until she truly accepted she was a lesbian. But something was holding her back, stopping her from admitting it to herself and acting on just smiled to them both. "Alright, now tell me what's wrong."

"Well, at the Virginity Ritual, Sasuke stormed off on us," Ino explained. "And that left both of us in a rather... broken-hearted state, to say the least."

Anko rolled her eyes. That damn emo! Two sexy girls are throwing themselves at him, knowing they would have sex with him, and he couldn't even do that!

"And I offered to be Ino's friend again," Sakura continued. "And after that we..." She blushed furiously as she got to that embarrassing part, the memory making her tenser.

"Don't skimp on the dirty details." Anko smirked, laying herself on the bed in a provocative pose, Ino blushing, and confirming to Anko that she was right; Ino was ready to admit she liked women, she just needed to take the step and admit it to herself.

"I just lost my mind…" Sakura went on, her face becoming hot as it reddened further. "…a-and kissed Ino. After that, I couldn't stop myself, I just..." Sakura paused, nervous. Every moment she recalled the memory she tensed more, fighting the fact she liked it as it prodded and stabbed at her own sexual identity.

"Yeeeeeessss...?" Anko enunciated, eager to hear their sexual story.

The girls caught on that Anko just wanted the juicy details, so Ino decided she should skip to the point."Anko-sensei, the point is we don't know how our relationship stands." Ino sighed. "We want to be friends again, but we're scared that we can't be because we spent too much time being enemies. And… what we did together at the Ritual only confuses things further."

Anko noticed that Ino looked more hurt than confused. And she understood why Ino was holding back; the girl she liked, her first lesbian crush, was denying her, and until Sakura could accept her, Ino would continue to hide her feelings for the sake of remaining by her side. A sad story she knew all too well that plagued friends who fell in love with friends; a risk of losing the one you love, just by confessing those feelings.

"I see." Anko nodded. "You two are obviously still in the closet."

"What?" Ino and Sakura blurted together. Even though both knew this in some way, it was still shocking for them to hear it out loud, as they had been keeping it to themselves, unsure of how the other would feel to hear it, as well as to themselves.

"You two obviously love each other, but you won't let yourselves admit it." Anko explained. Ino glancing to the side, a little embarrassed, but with a weak smile that showed Anko it was true.

"That's not it at all!" Sakura objected, making Ino blink, surprised at the quick reply. Anko felt like throttling Sakura for doing that in front of Ino. She wouldn't blame Ino for crying at that moment, but was surprised at Ino's strength for not.

"Oh no?" Anko retorted. "I've never heard of non-affectionate make-up sex. Sounds a lot to me like you have a thing for each other."

Silence. Anko had made a good point to them both. Sakura couldn't currently think of how to deny that; sure, she could have said that it was due to being heartbroken, but something told her that it wasn't that.

"You're… right." Ino finally admitted, looking down quietly.

It was Sakura's turn to be surprised. "Ino?" Anko though, seemed proud of Ino's looked to Sakura, then back to Anko. "But we shouldn't, should we? I don't want to be like that with Sakura." Though saying those words seemed forced. Anko could see the strain building.

"Why not?" Anko wondered, speaking more to Ino, but open for Sakura to answer. "What would be so wrong with loving your best friend as something more than just your 'best friend'?"

"Because...!" Sakura answered, though starting to feel uncertain herself. "Because we don't want to lose what made us friends in the first place!" Anko smiled a little at Sakura. She could see her student was beginning to waver in her resolve, and think more reasonably.

"Not necessarily a bad thing." Anko shrugged. "In fact, you may find that being lovers will make both of your lives better than being friends."

"But..." Sakura looked to Ino uncertainly.

"But nothing." Anko interjected, sounding a little stricter, surprising them as they looked to her. Anko smiled. "It felt good when you did the nasty together, didn't it? I've told you before; sex feels good for a good reason. And not just sex, but love, and other things as well. You feel good when you think about each other, don't you?"

"Well, yeah," Sakura admitted. "But..."

"Yeah." said Ino less awkwardly, recalling that she masturbated to the thought of Sakura.

"Then don't let those feelings eat at you." said Anko. "If you feel good with each other, let yourselves feel good. You both enjoyed it when you had sex with each other and you know it. So don't think that's something you should be feeling guilty about. And you already said that you wanted to be friends again. Well, what's keeping you from being friends again? Forget the times you spent fighting each other, they're not important to either of you anymore."

"She's right..." Ino thought. "She's right about all of it." She looked to Sakura, who was looking to her feet.

"Sakura…" Ino said, wanting to reach out and hold her. "I… I…" she was growing nervous. Anko watched, mentally cheering Ino on, urging her to take that step.

"I… Like girls. I… I am… a lesbian."The moment she said that, Ino felt a wave of relief wash over her. She finally admitted it, and it made her smile, and begin to cry in happy liberation; and it gave her the confidence to push forward. "And… I want to be…"

"You can do it Ino." Anko thought, continuing her mental pushes.

"I want to be with you." She finally admitted, her heart beating out of her chest like she had ran a hundred laps of the village without didn't even move, her eyes closed, her fists tensed. Anko frowned, Sakura was just so stubborn as always. Ino's smile began to waver. She felt she had just done what they came here to prevent; she felt she had ruined their frowned,

"Damn it, Sakura!"

She then got an idea; it was an old trick, but it was all she could think of, IF Sakura did in fact love Ino. She needed a push, and Anko hoped this would be stood up, grabbed Ino, and pulled her in to a deep kiss. Ino's eyes went wide, her cheeks deep crimson as she felt Anko force her tongue in to her mouth, and as Ino moved her tongue in to Anko's, her shock subsided, and her eyes half lidded. Anko grabbed the blonde's ass firmly in one hand, and a breast with the other, and Ino went limp in her gasped in shock, going red too. How could Anko do that? Right in front of her! And… why couldn't she stop then stopped, and tossed Ino to the bed.

"S-Sensei? Why are you…?" Ino asked, but stopped when Anko dove between the blonde's legs, and began licking her under her skirt, making Ino cry out, and arch her back as pleasure shot through her body. Anko knew using her top skill was unfair on Ino, as it would easily drive her wild, but this show was for Sakura. Anko reached up and under Ino's top, squeezing her breasts, making Ino moan out even couldn't help but watch. Her sense of arousal was also rising, but, there was something else building too as she listened to Ino loudly moaning out.

"Anko-sensei? Are you down he…?" Came another voice, all three stopping and turning to see Emi walk in, and blinking. She wasn't surprised at all to see Anko with someone else, she knew she had many lovers, and she would never want Anko to deny herself for her sake. What she was surprised to see was Ino and Sakura, and Ino in the position she was in.

"Hey Emi." Anko grinned. "Come join us."Emi smiled and moved over, standing beside Sakura.

"I can't… I can't believe it." She said as Anko resumed pleasuring the still-clothed Ino.

"Believe what?" Sakura asked, not taking her eyes off of Ino.

"That you two are lesbians too." Emi smiled, hugging Sakura's arm.

"W-we're…" She went to say. "I mean, I'm not… I.. err…" Emi blinked at her.

"She's in the closet." Anko said, taking a moment's break to explain, before diving back in, finishing Ino off as she screamed out,

"I'M CUMMMING!" her body tensing as she hit an orgasm hard, but Anko didn't stop.

"Awww, what a shame." Emi said, leaning in and kissing Sakura's neck, making her shiver. "You don't know what you're missing."Emi ran a hand around Sakura's waist, and down her thigh. Sakura blinked, and looked to Emi for a moment, but said nothing, as she looked back to mind was torn. Something about being handled kept being a turn-on for her, yet her mind couldn't… no, wouldn't accept that it felt good.

Emi's hand reached up between Sakura's legs under her dress, and began to rub Sakura's crotch, making her moan out. Why couldn't Sakura stop her? Why couldn't she run away, stop thinking about it, ignore this problem?Emi used her other hand to pull down Sakura's zipper until she could see cleavage, and began to kiss at the exposed skin, just as Ino had.

"…Ino…" Sakura muttered.

"Emi." Emi corrected her.

Sakura blinked, realizing Ino's name had slipped out. Was it just that it had only been Ino up to that point she had consented to? She watched Ino and Anko continue on, Ino's moans filled with pleasure, and screaming out for more. Sakura's hand then moved as she became more aroused under Emi's skirt.

"Ooohhh~" Emi smiled, feeling the touch of Sakura's fingers against her moistening entrance.

Ino looked over, and bit her lip, seeing what Emi was doing to Sakura, and that Sakura was returning the motions."More…" she moaned out. Now she just wanted to forget all her worries, and the sight of Sakura with another. "Give me more! EAT MY PUSSY!"

Anko used a finger, and pressed it in to Ino's ass, making the girl cry out from the sudden gasped. Ino was salivating. She looked so… beautiful in the throes of sexual desire. And that building feeling that came after her arousal shot up, become the more intense feeling, and she recognized it. She had felt it every time she had seen Sasuke even sit next to a girl, and the feelings she had once shot towards Ino, were now on Anko.

"No..." she muttered. Emi blinked, seeing Sakura's expression change from pleasure to the frown she used to see when Ino and she argued. "No…" she growled.

"Sakura...?" Emi blinked, pulling away.

"GET OFF HER, YOU BITCH!" she yelled, making everyone stop and turn to see Sakura seething with rage.

"Ex…Excuse me?" Anko frowned, ready to hit her for shouting that, help or not, she wouldn't let that outburst… though her thoughts were interrupted when she heard Sakura scream;

"She's MINE!"

Then she understood, and gave a slight chuckle, and grin.

"Oh? And what makes you say that? I thought you were just friends?" she teased, trying to see if Sakura would finally admit her feelings.

Sakura flinched, hitting that same mental wall again. Ino looked to her, hearing those words 'she's mine!' elated her, and she felt a tear run down her cheek, trying not to looked down but said nothing, her burst of emotions fading smirked and moved behind Ino. "Take your time." She said.

Sakura drew closer to Ino; inching closer and closer, their eyes locked, Ino and Anko seeing nervousness in the Sakura's face. But as she drew inches from each other, they held up a hand each. They looked as their palms touched, and their fingers locked together, before returning to their deep gaze in to each other's eyes, and leaning in, giving a soft kiss on the lips.

Silence hit the room, but they could swear they could hear each other's hearts beating faster in their chests, and slowly their embrace escalated into full mouth and tongue contact, Sakura's tongue running across the front of Ino's top row of teeth, Ino's massaging Sakura's cheek.

Anko grinned. Sakura was getting closer; she just had to let go of her stubbornness and admit it to herself before she could admit it out loud. Emi stood and smiled, and noticed Anko give a wink to her, making her blush.

As their kiss deepened further, their hands were placed on each other's shoulders, with small strokes across them and soon, moving further down across their arms, before moving to their breasts.

While Sakura's were still quite small, Ino was right to notice that her boobs were very firm and healthily shaped. Sakura couldn't help but feel a small twinge of jealousy as her hands ran across the mounds of the blond, giving a studious exploration to them as she felt Ino's boobs; and just by feel she knew they were at least one cup larger than hers, but held no resentment to her for it.

As they both indulged in the feeling of each other's bosoms, their mouths parted slowly, a thin rope of saliva forming between their mouths before breaking. Sakura continued to look nervous, her mind still torn on her feelings and sexual identity. Ino reached cupped Sakura's cheek with a nervous smile, but certain of her choice.

"You… don't have to." She said. "I can wait for you."

Sakura swallowed, nervous. "Yeah. I know." She nodded.

As they sat on the edge of the heart-shaped bed, Anko still behind her, Ino's fingers slowly slid the zipper of Sakura's dress down from where Emi had left it open, slowly exposing the rest of her body. Ino took a moment to step back and look at the exposed skin of the pink-haired girl.

Sakura looked embarrassed as she tried to hide her chest with her arm, despite she wore a cute pink just smiled before she leant in and resumed their earlier kiss as she pushed her dress off, and unhooked her bra, which Sakura discarded. Ino looked down with some admiration at Sakura's chest as her shirt was removed; her bra seemed to have been concealing her real size, as she looked to be more of a B-cup rather than the previously thought A.

"I think you need a bigger bra, if that one is squashing them down a size." Ino smiled, rubbing Sakura's breasts, and making her close her eyes and tilting her head back as her breathing went a little heavier. Ino blushed, seeing how sensitive Sakura's breasts were.

"B-but, I like that bra!" she said, holding back her growing need to moan just smiled, as Sakura opened up Ino's top, and her mouth opened as Ino's breasts sprang out, free.

"No bra?" Sakura blinked. "That's no good! They'll lose their per…fect shape." Sakura blushed, not meaning to say that; it just came out. Ino giggled that Sakura thought they were perfect.

"Wanna go lingerie shopping after our orientation tomorrow?" Ino grinned.

"I'd love that." Sakura agreed, smiling at last,reaching her hand down Ino's skirt now, only to find nothing to stop her from tantalizing her pussy. "No panties either?" She gasped as all she felt was the wet folds of Ino's aroused vagina. Ino let out a gasp as her cheeks exploded to crimson, feeling Sakura's fingers stroke her pussy lips and tap her clit.

"Aahhh~" she smiled as she stripped her friend's skirt now too, leaving her butt naked. Ino looked to Sakura, a little of their rivalry surfacing, but in fun.

"Let's see what you got under there!" she giggled, reaching out to Sakura's waist, and pulling down her dark green leggings to mid thigh, which was as far as she could go, given their position; Ino sat between Anko's legs on the edge of the bedwhere Sakura stood, and leant in to her. But Emi moved up and pulled them down the rest of the way, before Sakura stepped out of them. Ino repressed a laugh as she saw what lay underneath.

"You actually still have these?" She snickered, causing Sakura to shy away a little in embarrassment.

"I thought you would like them." Sakura blushed; all she wore now was a pair of pink panties with a big red heart on the crotch. "You gave me these shortly before we became rivals, remember?"

"Yeah," Ino smirked amusedly, as she pulled Sakura in closer. "I remember."

Ino's mouth opened as her tongue stuck out a little before she kissed Sakura; her fingers moving, and touching Sakura's pussy through the fabric of her panties; Sakura moaning softly as she quickly became wet; her juices darkening the pink of her panties.

When Ino slipped her fingers into the panties, Emi took the initiative and pulled them down, leaving the soaked vagina beneath and the bald pubic area exposed. "See how wet you got, Sakura?" She showed her fingers, which were drenched in her juices.

"Ino! That's just embarrassing." Sakura blushed.

Ino blushed too, and returned her fingers to Sakura's pussy; quickly getting lost in each other as they began to kiss again, unaware that Anko and Emi had and Anko began stripping, until they too were naked.

"Ok, I think we should give them a good time." Anko grinned. Emi blinked, and blushed when she saw Anko point to something on the wall.

Anko moved back to the bed, resuming her position. Ino then blinked as she was pulled away from Sakura, and made to lay back, on top of frowned, and was about to object, when Anko said,

"Get on top. We've got a surprise for you. And it will be good for Emi to have her first fourway."

"F-FOURWAY?" Sakura and Ino gasped in smirked. Sakura looked nervous, but upon seeing Ino's wet pussy dripping, her arousal increased further, her ability to reason dropping, and she found herself moving in closer. Anko turned, so they were on their sides, so they were lay, Anko behind Ino, front to back, and Sakura and Ino face to face, their breasts pressed against each then shuddered as she felt Emi push a dildo in to her pussy, the other end pushing in to Ino's ass.

"Ahhhh!" Ino gasped, "A-A-Anal?"

"Not just…" Anko said, as Ino felt another one enter her pussy, which then connected to Sakura's pussy.

"OHHH!" Ino and Sakura moaned together, before Sakura felt her ass get filled by the third dildo, already one side in Emi in place behind Sakura, her petite breasts pressing against Sakura's back, they all began to move their hips, and moans beginning to erupt as the bumps and ridges of the fake cocks slid around inside of them.

They held each other tightly as their bodies heated up, Emi and Anko kissing the necks of the girls in front of them, as Ino and Sakura kissed. Their pussies and asses ached, being filled by something so thick, but it still gave them more pleasure, which only built up as the discomfort ebbed.

Getting fucked like this aroused them more than they could admit, but it was being with their lover that really made it feel so incredibly motions began to increase, getting faster and harder, pussy juice gushing out of all four women as they grew louder in their moans, before eventually cumming. They all held each other lovingly. The dildos had fallen out when they came, pushed out by the force of their then turned Ino, and kissed her deeply, before breaking the kiss, and moving to kiss Sakura just as deeply, and finally pulling Emi in for a felt embarrassed, yet… comfortable.

"I… I am…" she mumbled. Anko looking down to her. "… A lesbian. I'm not scared of that anymore."

"Good for you." Anko smiled. She then put her hand on Emi's head, bringing it down to Sakura's, making them kiss deeply, Sakura accepting freely, returning it just as deeply. Anko then moved Emi on to Ino, doing the same, before pulling her to herself, the two kissing, while Sakura and Ino shared a kiss between each other as they lay between the two other Ino and Sakura remained lip locked, their bodies were moved in to a different position. Ino on her hands and knees, as Sakura remained lay down. Ino would break the kiss with a gasp as Anko thrust in to her, using a strap on, and began felt something different though, Emi had opened her legs, and had begun rubbing her pussy against Sakura's as they scissored.

"OHHH… GOD!" Ino and Sakura both screamed as their lovers began to move and pleasure them vigorously.

Ino and Sakura would quickly begin to kiss again, their tongues dancing together as their hot bodies shook from the movements of Anko and Emi. It was sensational.

"OH!" Ino moaned out, when Anko began thrusting against her G-spot. "S-Sakura! You'll seriously have to get one of these!"

Sakura blushed at that. Ino was so presumptuous that there would be more times after this. But Sakura smiled and nodded when she realized one thing; Ino's presumptions were exactly what she wanted to happen.

They kissed deeply once more, their bodies growing hotter and beginning to sweat as they were draw closer to yet another orgasm, each holding the hand of the other, fingers locked as their hearts beat for the other. It wasn't long before Ino, Sakura, Anko, and Emi moaned out loudly and came, all four bodies tensing from the release, before losing all energy, and collapsing in a naked heap on the bed.

"W-wow." The three genin girls smiled, all hugging each smiled as she looked to them. Emi seemed so happy, more so since there were finally two more lesbians her own age. Anko had to admit, she was glad for that. Not to say she was old, no way in hell was she thinking that, but… she was older than Emi.

Anko smiled, and walked around the bed, tapping Emi on the shoulder.

Emi looked to her beloved sensei, who simply gave her a signal to follow. She nodded and got up, grabbing hers and Anko's clothes, giving the two new lesbians some time alone together.

"Emi, can you look after this place for a little while?" Anko requested as her loving pupil redressed.

"Sure. But, why?" asked Emi.

"I just have something I need to take care of while I have the chance." Anko replied. "Jounin stuff, you can't come along, sorry."

"I understand." Emi nodded. "What should I do about Ino and Sakura?"

"Just let them be alone for now." said Anko. "They need that time right now." Emi nodded as her sensei stepped out the door and took off towards the Hokage's residence.

"Anko, I was hoping you would show up!" Iruka greeted the snake Jounin pleasantly.

"Sorry I'm late. I got a little held up. Did I miss anything?" asked Anko, seeing the entire staff accompanied by a group of Jounin gathered in the Hokage's office.

"Not really." Iruka answered. "Mostly, we've been looking for anyone to fill Mizuki's and Suzume's place among the staff.

"Can't say I'm sad to see them gone." Anko smirked. After all, Mizuki turned out to be the head of the villainous criminal organization Daimao's Den, and Suzume had been harassing students who had been traumatized by this very organization, forced to be a student all over herself. "Whatever happened to those two, anyway?"

"Mizuki has been sent to the Strict Incarceration Facility, where he will be subjected to the full extent of the facility's retribution for his crimes." The Hokage answered. "And Suzume, starting next year, will begin her years as a student anew."

"I thought you only put her in that position for the remainder of the year as a sort of joke." Anko smirked. She couldn't complain though, if her moral rival was being forced to return to being a student.

"Even before mistreating her students because of the Daimao's Den incident, Suzume had little understanding of the plights of the students she taught." The Hokage explained. "This is not only punishment, but re-education, so that when she reclaims the rank of Chunin and is permitted to teach here again, she will have a better understanding of what being a teacher, and more importantly, what being a student, means."

"You never cease to amaze me, Lord Hokage." Anko chuckled.

"And what about you?" Tokunosuke asked. "Would you please reprise your role as sex education teacher at our academy?"

"What are you, crazy?" Anko burst out laughing. "This year's been fun, but not THAT fun! Sorry, but I have other plans for the years to come."

"I have to decline, as well." said Yahiko. "I feel there are other things in the world that require my attention, as well as the attention of the rest of my unit."

"If that's how you feel," The Hokage nodded. "Then I will respect your decision."

"Lord Hokage, I know you've already made your decision about the new squad assignments, but I would like to take on a squad of my own." Anko stated, much to the shock of everyone present, from academy staff to Jounin.

"I was not under the impression that this would be something that you would want." The Hokage blinked, also surprised by Anko's decision.

"I would, however, like to negotiate with you the students that be assigned to me." Anko continued.

"That will depend heavily on who those students are, and why you wish to have them specifically assigned to you." The Hokage sighed.

"Fair enough." said Anko.

"Very well, then." He nodded, making a few revisions to the list of candidates and their assigned Jounin. "We will discuss the terms of your squad later, when all the other teachers and students are dismissed."

"Thank you, Lord Hokage." Anko gave a small respectful bow.

"Yakuko, you have a visitor."

"A visitor?" The young girl blinked. "Who?"

"Hey," Chouji smiled. "Sorry I came here so late. My parents held me up all day, I couldn't find the time to come see you."

"That's alright, Chouji." Yakuko grinned brightly. "I didn't expect anyone to see me today."

"What's wrong?" Chouji asked, his hospitalized honey's expression saddening.

"Nothing." Yakuko sighed. "I'm just... nervous about tomorrow."

"You mean about the squad assignments?" said Chouji. Yakuko nodded. "Why?"

"I just... I don't want to get in the team's way." She said gloomily. "I'm not ashamed to show my true self, but I'm scared that I won't be capable enough to even be on missions. I mean, you saw what happened to me at the end of the ritual! They might as well just throw me back into the academy..."

"Don't be like that." said Chouji. "For what it's worth, I'm here for you, and if you made it this far, than you're not useless!"

"Thanks, Chouji, but..." Yakuko sighed. "There's no way I could handle a mission. I mean, it'll be months before I can be discharged from the hospital. And by then... by then..." She started to cry.

"By then, you'll be strong enough to leave any shinobi in the dust." Chouji finished for her. "I don't know what happened to you, but you'll get through it in time."

"You... You don't understand." Yakuko sobbed. "I can barely control my chakra anymore! I'm useless!"

"No, you're not." said Chouji firmly. "Just have faith in yourself. I believe in you, and I know that you can regain all the strength you lost and more when you get better."

"I... I didn't pass the graduation test." Yakuko sobbed. "I tried and tried to produce a proper clone jutsu, I tried everything, but my chakra wouldn't respond to me. I wouldn't have even made it this far if Iruka-sensei wasn't nice enough to let me pass because of my injuries."

"I didn't... didn't know that..." Chouji breathed. He wondered how someone in her position could have graduated. "Listen, you may be weak now, but you can get strong again. Just do your best everyday and never give up."

"I'm... I'm not sure I want to." Yakuko muttered.

"You don't want to be better?" Chouji blinked.

"No, I mean I don't think I want to be strong again." Yakuko corrected. "After all, that's how I got... like this."

"W-what do you mean?" Chouji asked. He knew that she was okay with him knowing the origin of her injuries, but he thought it best not to ask, as he didn't want to upset her by recounting the event.

"My family is known for their powerful and exotic Fire Element Ninjutsu." Yakuko explained. "Several months ago, my parents taught me one of these jutsu, but... something went wrong when I tried to perform one this jutsu... something very wrong." She choked on her tears. "I couldn't control it, and it exploded right in front of me. My parents were thankfully unharmed, but I was left in horrible, searing pain!" She continued to cry, so burdened she couldn't even speak.

"Yakuko..." Chouji's eyes too began to tear up as he hugged her. "I'm sorry, I... I didn't know... But please, don't feel this way."

"Chouji..." Yakuko sobbed, her body becoming limp. Chouji still embraced her caringly.

"I'm sorry, but visiting hours are now over. Yakuko needs her rest." The doctor said to a pair entering Yakuko's room.

"You must be Chouji." Said a man, who shook Chouji's hand. Chouji could feel several calluses and burns on his firm, muscular hand.

"Yakuko has told us a lot about you." Said a woman with a prominent scar down her right eye. "She admires you quite a lot."

"You're her parents?" Chouji clarified.

"That's right." said Yakuko's father as they made their way outside the hospital. "In fact, I want you to do us a little favor."

"What is it?" Chouji blinked.

"When she's discharged, we want you to get her to perform her fire jutsu again." Yakuko's mother stated.

"But, she can't use her chakra very well." Chouji blinked.

"That's a mental problem, not a physical one." Said the mother. "Has she told you about the accident?"

"Yeah." Chouji nodded gloomily.

"Then that will make this easier." Said the father. "Even before the accident, she was scared of fire jutsu, so afterwards, when she was left in such unimaginably terrible pain, she had become terrified of performing any kind of jutsu at all. And this fear paralyzed her chakra network, making even the simplest of jutsu extremely difficult for her to perform."

"That's awful." Chouji cringed, horrified by this revelation.

"And I wouldn't blame her at all if she refused to even consider learning fire jutsu again," The mother agreed. "But you can agree that she can't live in this state of fear forever. So, when she's well enough that she can leave the hospital, I want you to help her get back on her feet. Show her that she doesn't need to fear her own abilities."

"I already planned to do just that." Chouji nodded.

"That's what I like to hear." The father grinned, giving Chouji a firm pat on the shoulder.

As Yakuko's parents left, Chouji ran in the direction of the Hokage's residence. He knew that there would be little negotiation, but he had to have Yakuko in the same squad as him. He felt that if they were separate, there could be no way she could recover, neither from her injuries, nor her fears. Not in the best of shape, he was exhausted only halfway to the massive red building, but disregarded his own weariness, and pressed on.

"...and this isn't just about what I want." Anko continued as she had been discussing her future team. "It's what they need, and..."

The Hokage, took a puff of his pipe and raised a hand. "One moment, Anko." He stopped her. "We seem to have a visitor." Sure enough, moments later, there was a knock on the office door. "Enter."

"Lord Hokage!" Chouji gasped for breath as he stepped into the office.

"Something up?" Anko blinked, knowing that he must have run quite a distance. Chouji nodded as he calmed his breathing a little more.

"Lord Hokage, I know you've already decided your decision for the squad assignments," Chouji panted. "But I have to ask that you allow Yakuko Kadota to be in the same squad as me!"

"I take it there's a very important reason for this bold request?" The Third raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, sir." Chouji nodded. Once he fully caught his breath, he recounted everything he had been told by both Yakuko and her parents, about the accident that crippled her, her fears, her inability to control her chakra properly, and the promise he made to help her back onto her feet.

"So you GOT to assign us together!" Chouji concluded desperately. A moment's pause followed, in which the Hokage took a draft from his pipe, hesitating his decision.

"Well..." He answered at last with a note of amusement as he glanced at Anko. "It would seem that this year's selections are becoming increasingly debated."

"So you'll do it?" said Chouji excitedly.

"I will definitely... 'Consider' your argument." The Hokage answered cryptically. "I had initially assigned Ino Yamanaka to your squad, but... there is a possibility that you could have a different girl assigned to your squad."

This wasn't quite the answer Chouji had hoped for, but it was at least better than a flat-out 'no.'

He took a moment to take it all in, and nodded."Thank you, sir." He bowed politely, before turning around, leaving the office. Once the door closed, Anko and the Hokage turned back to each other, to resume their previous conversation.

"Now, Anko." The Third continued. "This obscure squad selection you've requested... What is your reason for such a selection?"

"It's a bit complicated." Anko explained. "First, I know Daimao's Den is by no means disbanded just because their 'demon king' is behind bars. In fact, now that said leader has been dispatched, they're liable to further their criminal activity."

"I don't quite understand what that has to do with your request?" The Hokage blinked.

"Because I'm certain that Orochimaru has to have some link to them." Anko continued. "And I would normally be inclined to take a leave from the village until I've taken him down, but I owe it to these kids to train them, and no doubt they feel as though they owe me. One of them in particular has even had the most... unpleasant run-in with them, as you no doubt remember..."

"I do." The Hokage muttered.

"They and I have too much unfinished business together, both in the casual sense," Anko continued, a sensual note in these last words. "And in the serious, line of duty sense. And, despite I don't believe in that destiny shit, I feel like they're destined for something more than just the typical line of duty for a shinobi."

"You... make a valid point." The Third said hesitantly, peering through his crystal ball at Naruto, only to blush as he saw him and Hinata performing... intimacies together. "I-indeed, this past year has seen a marked improvement in both their social and shinobi skills. They are more matured than most graduating students, with some... minor fallbacks for one of them." He recalled Naruto's pranks.

"So you'll allow it?" Anko prodded hopefully.

The Hokage sat back, puffing on his pipe, as he seriously considered it, making Anko anxiously wait, and the longer it went on, the more agitated she became, until... "Yes." The Third confirmed.

"Thank you, sir." Anko breathed out, releasing the built up tension, before she bowed gratefully. "Oh, and uh, Lord Hokage?"


"Think I could borrow that crystal ball of yours for tonight?" Anko asked cheekily.

The Hokage puffed on his pipe with a frown, "No." he said firmly, knowing what sort of purposes the snake Jounin would use it for.

"Had to try." Anko laughed, leaving the office.

"Seems I have some revisions to make." The Third sighed wearily, smoke from his pipe billowing from his nostrils as he reached for some files.

"Ah. Last night was just amazing." Naruto sighed delightedly as he awoke naked the next morning, Hinata in bed at his side.

"Mhm!" Hinata yawned, as she sat up and stretched her arms out; Naruto blushing as her boobs gave a small jiggle, enticing him. He sat up and hugged her warmly, Hinata gladly returning it, before she gasped and blushed, feelingone hand on her breast, teasing its nipple.

"Naruto, later." Hinata giggled, knowing what he was thinking. "We have an orientation to be at today."

"Doesn't mean we can't have one morning quickie." Naruto teased, smirking,pinching her nipple and making her squeal from the stimulation.

"Alright, but just one." Hinata smiled, rolling her eyes. She didn't mind he was such a perv, but he was wanting it a lot with her. If only she could say no to him, but to be honest, she liked it herself.

She moved, kissing Naruto as she lay him on his back and, not wanting to pull back the covers and release the pleasant warmth of their combined body heats, she held his warm, hardened cock in her hand, stroking him as she positioned her body over his cock.

Naruto moaned against her mouth as her hand moved up and down, and the kiss broke as he felt her pussy tease his tip. Giving a little gasp as her pussy's entrance touched his dick, she slid his shaft into herself, her back arching as she moaned out with the pleasure of the penetration, her breasts pressing against his chest.

Hinata moved back in, kissing Naruto as her hips began to move at a decent pace, rising and falling under the sheets, the two moaning in to each other's mouths. Naruto's arms wrapped around her at first, but slowly began to separate as his hands slid down, until he was holding her waist.

Suddenly, the kiss broke."So good...!" Hinata panted as she continued to slide him in and out of her body, once or twice accidently letting him out too far, and pushing her clit against his cock, though these slip-ups only stimulated the two even more. "How could I have ever doubted Anko-sensei?" Hinata thought, pushing Naruto's cock into her pussy as far as it could go and stopping for a moment, letting her body register the shape and feel of the shaft that was inside of her body.

Naruto was disappointed that she stopped, but felt good regardless; his cock also registering the properties of the pussy it was inside of, and with the pause, his hands began working their way back up to her chest, squeezing her boobs.

During the moment of rest, Hinata felt Naruto's dick somehow become thicker inside of her, or perhaps it was her pussy that was tightening around him, she couldn't tell. Either way, it was definitely a lot tighter of a fit, though far more of a pleasurable one, as her pussy continued to jack Naruto off, who moaned delightedly, his hands pressed against her boobs, as she braced herself up with her hands on his chest; sitting up, letting the sheet slide down her back, revealing their heated bodies as she thrust him in and out of her as fast as her tightening pussy would allow her, building up to the climax they both craved.

"Cumming! I'm going to...!" Hinata cried out, ecstasy taking her.

"M-me too!" Naruto moaned, forgetting self-moderation as his climax built, forgetting to pull out as his cum burst forth inside of Hinata,letting her feel the warmth of his thick semen. Her thrusts started to weaken as she still continued to bounce on his cock, finally giving out a final ecstatic scream as she too ejaculated, falling over onto her side next to Naruto.

"That's always so... so great!" Naruto grinned, still touching Hinata's breasts. "Think maybe you could use these to...?"

"You promised it would only be one, Naruto." Hinata interrupted as she shook her head; though disappointed she couldn't fulfill his request. "Now let's get ready for orientation."

"Alright." Naruto sighed, with a hint of a pout in his voice; Hinata giggling at his boyish behavior as she rose out of bed, her modesty returning, as she took the sheet with her to keep her body covered, the luke-warm air feeling cold compared to their cuddled warmth under the blanket.

"Would it be any consolation to invite you to join me for a shower?" She winked, looking over her shoulder back at him, letting the sheets behind her fall, revealing her bare back and butt.

"Sure." Naruto grinned, immediately sitting up before leaping out of bed and following her. With no reason to dress, he and Hinata headed straight to the bathroom, where they shared a steaming shower together.

Though Hinata tried not to do anything sexual, after their 'quickie', the combination of the hot water raining down on her naked body, as well as Naruto's presence, began to slowly arouse was beginning to feel like Naruto wasn't the only pervert in their relationship. She bit her lip, and turned to Naruto, who was already soaping his body.

"Naruto?" she said to him, making him turn.

"Yeah?" he bit her lip, and ran her fingers over her wet skin, in an alluring way, feeling her breast and working downwards until she began to start fingering herself right in front of him. She thought she had already washed away her sexual tension with their quickie just minutes ago, so why couldn't she keep her hands off of her privates? Naruto blushed as he washed, his shaft slowly beginning to harden right in front of her, sticking up. He was curious as to why she was suddenly doing this, but he didn't really mind. He moved up closer, his hands with the soap as he stood behind her, lathering soap onto her boobs.

"You really like breasts, don't you?" She giggled, giving a little moan as his fingers ran over her nipples. "Let me wash your back." She offered, turning Naruto around.

"Yeah." Naruto chuckled sheepishly. "Not sure why, though. Maybe it's because Anko gave me a boob-job in my first lesson."

"She did that?" Hinata laughed, pressing her soaped-up boobs against Naruto's back, and rubbed them across him.

"Yeah." He grinned, a hint of embarrassment in his voice. "It was to show the guys how boys cum. It was really freaky and humiliating back then, but now... I wouldn't mind if she did that agai... Uh, I mean... that is…" He amended quickly, knowing that this could be potentially construed.

"I know what you mean." Hinata giggled, lathering more soap into her bosom and turning him back around, wrapping them around his cock, and working them up and down his shaft. "Am I as good as Anko-sensei?" She asked as she pleasured him.

"Better." Naruto moaned, remembering not only the two times Anko had done this, but also the numerous boob-jobs Naruko had given him too. Maybe it was just because it was with someone he loved, but there was something about the way Hinata did this that was somehow better than Anko or Naruko.

"Really?" Hinata blinked, looking up at Naruto and not even noticing that he had cum across her face.

"Yup." Naruto grinned. He took a scrub brush and lathered a washcloth with soap, which he wrapped around the end of the handle. "Now that you've cleaned me, would you mind if I cleaned you?"

"Wha...? Ah!" Hinata gasped as Naruto inserted the handle into her vagina. "Wh-what are you doing?" She twitched, as it went further up into her pussy, and she threw her head back as he began to 'scrub' her insides, moving the handle up and down.

"I just wanted to wash my cum out of you." Naruto answered; Hinata gasping as the handle went a bit too far into her than she felt it should have.

"Ngh! Too deep...!" Hinata whimpered through gritted teeth, her eyes watering.

Naruto stopped pushing it in any deeper, and instead twisted it around, trying to get out whatever needed to get out, though this only made Hinata's soreness mingle with sexual pleasure, making it difficult for her to stand upright.

Naruto, not realizing this, kept going anyway, thrusting and twisting, prodding the rod against sensitive spots inside of her; she felt it, and it felt good getting fucked by the handle of the scrub brush, mentally noting it as a masturbation tool in the shower if she ever got horny alone, though of course, not as roughly or deeply as Naruto was currently using it. Her back arched, and she rose up on her tiptoes as she gritted her teeth, feeling her body reach its limit as the handle thrust in and out faster and faster, eventually making her cum for the second time that morning, the soap on her insides being rinsed out with a shot of her juices, her legs caving in as the brush handle was pulled out of her.

"Sorry about that!" Naruto cringed apologetically, catching her. He didn't realized just how much he had hurt her innards until he saw a red patch on the washcloth he had used inside her. "Are you okay?"

"Yes..." Hinata breathedheavily, resting her body against his. "No more sexuality in the shower now, please."

"Fair enough." Naruto smiled, giving only a small chuckle.

[End of Finale part 1]

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