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After they finished their shower, had breakfast, and got dressed, Naruto and Hinata returned to the academy one final time, where their squad assignments would be decided. On their way, they found that they weren't the only ones going to the academy as a couple;

"Sakura? And Ino?" Hinata blinked, seeing the once rivals now arm and arm.

"It's a long story." Ino shrugged.

"A long, beautiful story." Sakura sighed, rubbing her cheek against Ino's affectionately.

Across the street, Shino was chatting pleasantly with Ami, who was giggling at something Shino was telling her about, Shikamaru was grinning as he and Minako exchanged thoughts on the possible squad assortments, hoping that they would get one together, and Chouji was giving Yakuko a piggyback ride, much to her delight.

"I wonder." Naruto mused. "Do you think anyone would be together like this without Anko-sensei?"

"No." Hinata shook her head, though not wanting to think of the past year without her close interaction with Naruto. "She really is an amazing woman, isn't she?"

"Yeah..." Naruto grinned. He remembered being scared of her previously in the year, thinking the erotic things she did with him were sick and wrong. Now, she was probably his second favorite woman in Konoha, after Hinata, of course.

And Hinata, of course, was powerfully influenced by Anko Mitarashi as well over the year, once timid, subdued, and almost immediately fainted from anything to do with sexuality, not to mention her fear of being a lesbian. Now, she wondered how she could ever question Anko's thoughts on the feeling of heterosexual intercourse, and was beginning to open up to others, especially Naruto, to whom she discarded all modesties towards.

As the couple took a seat together in the classroom where Iruka was ready to give their orientation, they wondered just what life would have in store for them. They only hoped beyond hope that they would be in the same squad as one another.

"As of today, you are all ninja of the Leaf Village." Iruka spoke to the class. "But this is only the beginning. You are only Genin, rookie ninja who have only taken their first steps into a much larger world. The hard part of your journeys has only just begun. Soon, you will be assigned duties by the Leaf Village. Today, you will be paired into 3-man squads. Each squad will be led by a Jounin, elite ninja. These Jounin sensei will train you from here on out, as well as lead you on your missions to instruct and ensure your safety."

"Three-man squads..." Sasuke groaned internally. "Just more people to slow me down."

"I really hope I get to be with Hinata!" Naruto thought, freaking out as Iruka continued his speech. "I don't care, as long as it's not with Sasuke!" He glared at the silent boy, who even now being cast admiring looks by loving fangirls.

"Each squad was chosen to be balanced by its members' strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities." Iruka concluded. "I will now announce the squads!" On that cue, the door to the classroom slid open, and several Jounin filed inside, turning and standing in an official-looking pose as they faced the class.

"Wow, so these are Jounin..." Hinata blinked, somehow feeling suddenly smaller, despite sitting next to Naruto in the top-most row. These elites all wore the uniform dark blue jumpsuits and green flak jackets, and each had something about them that made Hinata, as well as several other students, feel weak and inferior in comparison.

"Anko-sensei!" Emi's eyes found her favorite sensei without a problem, almost not recognizing her at first in uniform attire. "I hope I get you!" She as she scanned the row of powerful shinobi, she also noticed her partner in her second virginity ritual, Nikia Zaraki, easily noticeable, as she towered at least three feet above everyone else in the room.

For the next couple of minutes, Iruka announced Team numbers, followed by the teams' Jounin leaders, who would step forward and recite the names of his or her squad mates.

"Next, Squad 3." Iruka continued down his list. "Led by Nikia Zaraki." The tall dark-skinned woman stepped forward, stating,

"Squad 3 will comprise of Tsuki Inuzuka," Some people, including Kiba blinked confusedly at this last name, turning to see a feral-looking older girl with dark-tanned skin, wildly messy hair, and the red fang marks of the Inuzuka Clan.

"Tsuki?" Kiba stared wildly at his relative. "I've never met her before..."

"Nodoka Akabane," Nikia continued, another older girl with long golden-red hair giving her new sensei her attention. "And Emi Shiawase." Nikia gave a little wink at Emi, who felt as if her hopes and dreams had just shattered. She liked Nikia, but she loved Anko...

"Next Squad 4..." Iruka continued.

"No..." Emi sighed, dropping her head onto the desk in depression and disappointment. "I really thought that I would be with Anko-sensei!"

"Aw, poor Emi..." Sakura whispered, seeing her classmate's disappointment. "She really did deserve to be with Anko-sensei."

"Yeah." Ino nodded. "Who do you think will get her? Anko-sensei, I mean?"

"Who knows?" Sakura shrugged. "Wouldn't it be great if we were put together on a team with her?"

"Sure would." Ino smiled, blushing at the mere prospect after their fourway the previous night.

"Next, Squad 7," Iruka announced. "Led by Kakashi Hatake." A silence washed over the classroom as no Jounin spoke up, or stepped forward. "Um... has anyone seen Kakashi?" He whispered to the other Jounin, who simply either shrugged or shook their heads.

"Uh, it seems Kakashi will be a bit late to this orientation..." said Iruka awkwardly.

"What kind of Jounin would be so irresponsible?" Sasuke wondered, hoping he wouldn't be assigned under someone as foolish as this Kakashi Hatake.

"But, uh, anyway, Squad 7 will be led by Kakashi Hatake, as I've said," Iruka went on. "And will comprise of Ino Yamanaka, Sakura Haruno,"

The new lesbians fought back a powerful urge to squeal with excitement. They would be TOGETHER! On the same team! Neither one even cared who their third member was. That is until...

"And Sasuke Uchiha."

"W-WHAT?" Both girls gasped. Just a few days ago, they would have killed to be grouped up with the top student of the class, but now...

"An irresponsible Jounin AND those two?" Sasuke sighed. "A team simply impossible to work with."

"Squad 8," Iruka pressed on. "Led by Kurenai Yuhi." A woman with ash black hair, bright crimson eyes, and lipstick that matched her brilliantly-colored eyes stepped forward.

"Squad 8 will comprise of Setsuya Yujosashi, Kiba Inuzuka," Kiba smirked as he looked at a girl in the row in front of him with long brown hair and a frown on her face. Though she seemed hostile, he could tell that her body was very nicely built, and that she would be loads of fun in the sack. Noticing the 'fuck-eyes' that Kiba was giving her, Setsuya turned around and gave the dog boy a very noticeable middle finger, which was unfortunately seen by Iruka.

"Hey! Do that again, and I'll tie your fingers together!" He shouted, cutting off Kurenai before she could list the third squad member. "Sorry, Kurenai, please continue."

"Right... As I said, Squad 8's members are Kiba Inuzuka, Setsuya Yujosashi, and Shino Aburame." Kurenai concluded.

"I'm literally in a squad of animals." Setsuya sighed. "There's dog-face behind be, and a human beehive in front of me. I wouldn't be surprised if my new sensei turned out to actually be a cat or something in disguise."

"Wait a second! Lord Hokage said that Ino was originally going to be in my group." Chouji realized. "That means...! Yes! That means Yakuko is on a team with me...! Right?" Then again, now that he thought of it, he didn't recall the Third ever actually stating that he would insert Yakuko into the same team as him, just saying that there 'might be another girl in his squad.' He only hoped that he was wrong in his fears.

"Squad 10, led by Asuma Sarutobi." Iruka proceeded. "Excuse me, Asuma, but we don't allow smoking in this building."

"Oh, sorry about that." said a man smoking a cigarette. He snuffed it out on the underside of his shoe before stepping forward. He had short black hair, brown eyes, a beard, and a vest that was much darker than that of the standard issue attire. He also wore a white sash that bore the kanji for fire. "Anyway, Squad 10 will consist of Yakuko Kadota,"

"Here it comes..." Chouji gripped his hands tightly, wishing he brought more chips so that he could relieve some of the stress building up from his hopeful tension. Yakuko too seemed scared as she awaited the rest of her team mates' names.

"Shikamaru Nara," Asuma continued. "And Chouji Akimichi." Chouji slumped against the back of his seat, giving a sigh of immense relief. His face reddened as Yakuko giggled delightedly, hugging him.

"I'm so happy." She smiled, Chouji hugging back. "We'll be on the same team together."

"And... hm?" Iruka blinked at the squad assortment schedule. There was one more team listed than he was told there would be. "Finally we have... Squad 11?" He said, a note of confusion in his voice. He was told there would only be ten squads. Anko Mitarashi stepped forward.

"Squad 11 will consist of myself, Hinata Hyuuga, and Naruto Uzumaki." She stated.

"Huh?" Naruto and Hinata said together.

"After a lunch break, you will all meet with your new teachers." Iruka concluded. "Until then, you're all dismissed."

Everyone began to break away in to their teams, old friends happy to be one teams together; new friends introducing themselves.

Though, one was a little unhappy, and decided to chase Anko.

"Anko-sensei! Wait up!" Emi called as she chased after her favorite teacher.

"What's up?" Anko blinked, noticing that something was eating at one of her greatest admirers.

"I want to be teamed with you, Anko-sensei." said Emi, hands together, pleading with her. "Please!"

"Sorry, but there's nothing I can do about that." Anko apologized.

"But there are only two people on your team." Emi reasoned. "I want to join you too."

"I'm sorry you didn't get grouped with me." said Anko, putting a hand on the young girls shoulder. "But you were paired with Nikia and the rest of her squad for a reason."

"Anko-sensei, you don't understand." Emi objected, her eyes starting to fill with tears. "I love you, Anko-sensei! I haven't shown you gratitude for all you've done for me."

"What, like dressing up just like me wasn't enough show of gratitude?" Anko laughed. "I get it, Emi. I really do, but don't think of it like this. You act like you're never going to see me again. Nuh-uh, you're gonna be able to see me anytime you need me."

"But... I mean it, Anko-sensei. I really do love you..." Emi flushed.

"I know you do, and I wouldn't have it any other way, but do you remember you virginity ritual? The real one you had with me?" said Anko. "You're an adult now, and it's time to move on. You have a new sensei now, and you may find that she's every bit as good of a teacher as I am, maybe even more fit for you than me."

"I don't think..." Emi muttered.

"Do you not like Nikia?" Anko raised an eyebrow.

"No, I like Nikia-sensei," Emi shook her head. "But I love you, Anko-sensei."

"So, why should being assigned to Nikia change that?" Anko reasoned. "You can love me all you want, and if you have some free time, you can come over to my place and make love with me all you want. Just because your active life has changed completely doesn't mean that your free life should have to change."

"Fair point." Emi grinned weakly. "I just... I'm just a little afraid that I might end up falling in love with Nikia-sensei." Anko blinked, but then smiled.

"And what's so wrong with that?" Anko retorted. "There are tons of people I love, both platonically and sexually. You don't have to settle on just one woman, you know. You can have love for me AND Nikia, and you'll be just as happy, hell even more so."

"I… guess so. Thanks, Anko-sensei." Emi smiled, though there was something somewhat artificial about it.

"I know, it can be a difficult adjustment." Anko sighed. She then took a moment to think. "Come on." She eventually said, and began to lead Emi up the stairs of one of the hallways.

"Where are we going?" Emi asked.

"I just want to check in with my squad first." Anko explained, confusing Emi a bit more. They came out to the school roof, where Naruto and Hinata were enjoying lunch together.

"Hey, would you mind waiting up here a little while?" She said to them. "I just have something I need to take care of real quickly."

"Okay." They answered, knowing exactly what Anko was up to.

Next, Anko found Nikia's other two students, telling them that their teacher would be an hour or so late.

"Now where are we going?" Emi asked again. "And why did you tell my team that Nikia-sensei would be late?"

"You'll see." Anko smirked, as she led her young friend away.

Eventually, Anko and Emi tracked down the tall, dark lesbian, and Anko whispered a few words to her, making her grin."Right, we're ready to go." Anko said.

"Go? Go where?" Emi blinked, curious.

But Anko just smiled, and winked to Nikia, who gave a giggling blush.

Eventually, they arrived outside a large wooden building, set almost like a mock up of a temple. Though the sign made it clear it wasn't.

"A bathhouse?" Emi blinked as they finished their walk.

"Yup." Anko grinned, leading them inside. "Jagua Del Toro, the best women-only bathhouse in the Land of Fire. Favorited by our very own Kiki."

"Trust me, you'll love it here." said Nikia, lifting her shirt, and making Emi blush, and even feel aroused, as the Amazonian's huge breasts bounced freely.

"R-really?" Emi blushed, her eyes drifting to the other women either stripping down to enter the hot springs or getting dressed to leave. Almost everyone woman's body in this place was very well-developed; womanly curves, big round butts, and large bouncy boobs were everywhere, making Emi feel inferior and out of place, as her body was still underdeveloped.

"Come on, get naked." Anko sighed, pulling off her coat and yanking her bodysuit and skirt down together. "No vagina, nudity, no service. Those are the rules." She indicated a sign on the wall that indeed read 'no vagina, no nudity, no service.'

"Come on now, don't be shy." Nikia giggled, taking Emi's hand and leading her out into the hot springs, past a wooden cut-out of a nude tomboyish woman in a sexy pose with dark red eyes and short black hair saying 'you must be at least this naked to enter.'

Emi covered her miniscule chest with her hands, hardly feeling any breast at all. The inside of the bathhouse had even more well-endowed women, giving Emi a greater sense of inadequacy, making Nikia cast Anko a questioning look.

"She's alright. She just feels a bit inadequate because of all the lovely babes around here." Anko answered, Emi turning bright red with embarrassment.

"I see..." Nikia muttered. She smiled and kneeled down behind Emi, groping her chest. "Oh, don't feel so bad, Emi." She giggled, rubbing her tiny mounds. "You're actually coming along quite nicely. Just eat well and drink plenty of milk, and you'll be as big as any of these women here."

"Re-really?" Emi blushed, letting a small moan escape her mouth as Nikia played with her breasts.
Emi felt a little encouraged, but not as much as she could have been, due to the fact that Nikia's breasts, which individually were the size of Emi's head, were pressed against her back.

"Of course." Anko grinned. "And that thing you took before the rituals will help you grow for sure." She let herself sink into the steaming waters, a look of relaxation plastered across her face. "Come on in."

"Oooh...!" Emi breathed as she got in after Anko and Nikia, the water perfectly warm.

"I knew you'd love it." said Anko, as Emi leaned against the edge of the bath, letting her body relax as it soaked in the steaming hot water.

"So, why did you bring me here, Anko-sensei?" Emi asked softly, indulging in her comfort.

"I just thought you'd like it here. That, it'd be the perfect place for you to bond with your new teacher." Anko answered simply.

"Bond...?" Emi repeated, her face turning warm.

"Oh, dear." Nikia thought, recognizing that face from the ritual. After soaking for a moment, it seemed clear that, despite whatever objections she could make, Emi's body was having a powerful urge for sex, one which couldn't just be ignored, especially not when she sat between two very alluring women.

"I'm feeling a little... dizzy Anko-sensei..." Emi breathed, feeling incredibly light-headed. Eventually, she lost consciousness, her head falling right into Nikia's boobs, which acted as a pillow as she snoozed softly.

"Mind if we...?" Nikia offered.

"That's what I was counting on." Anko smiled. They got out of the bath just as they too started to feel light-headed, Nikia carrying Emi, who was still rested in her bosom.

"Ngh...? Wha... where am I? What happened?" Emi groaned dizzily a short while later as she opened her eyes, her vision slightly obscured.

"Spent a bit too much time in the hot spring." The voice that answered her sounded somewhat familiar.


"Did you have a nice nap, Emi?" Nikia's voice giggled pleasantly.

Emi sat up in bed, shaking her head vigorously, trying to clear her cloudy mind. Looking around, she noticed three things; first, she was in some sort of small hotel room as opposed to the hot spring she had fainted in earlier; second, she was in the warmest and most comfortable bed she had ever slept in; and third, she was still naked.

"I think I want to... sleep a few more minutes..." Emi yawned, still a bit drowsy. As she placed her head on the pillow, however, she realized that it wasn't exactly a bed she was laying on, and not exactly a pillow that her head was resting on.

"You really like my boobs, don't you?" Nikia giggled.

"Uh?" Emi flinched, blushing as she slipped off Nikia's body, falling onto the floor.

"You feel okay enough to have a little 'fun' with your senseis?" asked Anko seductively, helping Emi up, whose face was red with embarrassment as she felt her naked body against Anko's.

"W-what?" Emi blurted, her delirium clearing. "You mean... now?"

"Of course." Nikia smiled. "I just want you to know that I'll be the best sensei you could ask for." She planted a soft, affectionate kiss on Emi's mouth. Emi blushed, feeling a soft stroke across her cheek.

"O-okay..." Emi stuttered, in a post kiss daze. "Do with me… what you wish." She said as she blushed, and sat on the back of the bed with her legs opened.
She thought she was okay with showing her naked body, but that only seemed to be with Anko now, as she had a hard time maintaining eye contact when Nikia looked upon her.

"Why don't you go first." Nikia suggested. "Just because you're my student doesn't mean you have to put yourself down on my account."

"O-okay..." Emi blushed, nodding her head, before she moved, and with her thumbs, opened the folds of her new sensei's pussy, leaning in, with her tongue out, before she began licking her deep inside as her old sensei watched, rubbing her own pussy with arousal.

"Mm-mmmm!" Nikia moaned softly. "You're really good at this, Emi. Why don't you join us, Anko?"

"Been waiting for someone to ask me that." Anko grinned, taking her place over top of the tall woman in a 69 position, where Nikia began to eat her out. Anko then pulled Emi away from her oral work to kiss her on the lips, her mouth tasting of Nikia's pussy.

"Mm." She grinned provocatively. "Turn around, I wanna know what you taste like."

Emi turned around as requested, and found, as she wasthenbeing eaten out by Anko, that her face was inches away from Nikia's crotch. Emi stared at it as she moaned out; watching as juice began to rise, and trickle out of the delicious looking sex, tantalizing Emi, turning her on as she saw it quiver a little in excitement.

"Nikia-sensei's really tall." She thought, before she could no longer resist partaking, diving back down into her new sensei's pussy, moaning into it as Anko did the same to her cunt.

Mouth to pussy, the three lesbians ate the other out in a circle. Each tongue working their lovers' cunt as skillfully as they could, lapping up the juices that came forth, and taking it down their throats, savoring each drop like it was a fine wine. Moans erupted from all three as they were continuously pleasured in their ring of sex, the threesome getting more intense, speeding up, and tongues probing deeper as they were driven, and drove each other to their limits.

After a long moment of three-way cuntdiving, the three women each ejaculated in a clockwise fashion, Emi appreciating the sweet treat that spurt from Nikia, licking her even after she and Anko had stopped.

"Emi, you know you can stop now." Anko grinned.

"I... know..." Emi said through a mouthful of pussy.

"Kiki, hope you don't mind, but I got a squad to get to." said Anko.

"Not at all." Nikia smiled, uttering a few soft moans as Emi continued to lick up her sweet honey, once the door closed behind Anko. A few moments of silence passed, the only sound being that of Emi's eating out of Nikia, and the soft moans she gave off from it. But soon…

"Okay, girls. You can come out now." Nikia grinned, knocking lightly on the headboard behind her.

Emi stopped what she was doing, gasped, and covered her naked body as two other girls sprung from their hiding spots; Tsuki Inuzuka from under the bed, and Nodoka Akabane from the apartment closet, who was hastily pulling her pants on as though caught masturbating.

"Emi, don't hide yourself around these two. They're your teammates." Nikia said in a half disciplinary, half amused voice. "Tsuki, Nodoka, would you two please undress as well?"

"...Why?" Tsuki asked in a somewhat sharp tone.

Nodoka simply blushed, her face turning as red as her hair as she looked away from her naked sensei and younger teammate.

"I want us all to be open and honest about ourselves in mind and body." Nikia answered. "Now please, remove your clothes." Tsuki sighed, rolling her eyes as she undressed, Emi trying as hard as she could not to peek at her as she revealed a physique not unlike that of Nikia's. If she didn't have the Inuzuka fang marks on her cheeks, Emi could swear the two were related. Nodoka, on the other hand, had a much harder time undressing, hiding behind the bed as she undid her sash.

"Nodoka, we'll all see you sooner or later." Nikia smiled. "Come on out."

Nodoka reluctantly stood up, though her back still turned to her squad mates and sensei as she let her top fall to the floor. Her face was red, and she trembled nervously. Nikia looked her up and down, despite it was just her back, and smiled. Emi didn't know what to do; why was her sensei doing this? It was obvious from the hesitation of her teammates, that they had both no idea this was going to happen, nor, that they were lesbians. Or perhaps, if they were, it was her smaller body. Despite that Emi couldn't see the front of Nodoka, she already knew her chest stuck out, and Nodoka, who seemed at least more at ease, had bigger breasts too; meaning Emi was the smallest of the squad.

"Turn around, Nodoka." Nikia said, and with a few moments pause, followed with a sigh, Nodoka turned to face her squad.

"Her tits are bigger than mine..." Tsuki grumbled under her breath, pressing her hands against her medium breasts as she looked at Nodoka's noticeably larger ones.

"Hm?" Nikia blinked.

"I'm naked now!" Tsuki barked irritably, a tinge of red visible in her dark face. "Happy now?"

"Quite." Nikia giggled. "Nodoka?" Though Nodoka had finished stripping, her long red hair draped over her breasts, seemingly with the intention to hide them. "None of that, now." She smiled, brushing the strands of hair aside, revealing a pair of large, plump boobs, whose nipples were a bright pink. "Nuh-uh-uh." Nikia said in a motherly tone to Nodoka as she covered herself with her hands. "I told you, I want us all to be honest in body and mind."

"This teach is crazy." Tsuki grumbled.

"Now then, let's introduce ourselves." Nikia continued, once she was sure everyone was uncovered.

"Huh?" Nodoka blinked.

"Tell me a little about yourself." Nikia repeated. "What do you like, dislike, what are the goals you wish to achieve as a ninja, that sort of thing."

"Oh... okay." Nodoka blushed; still attempting to cover herself, yet, getting looks from her sensei to tell her not to. She looked fidgety as she fought the urges to cover up with her hands."Um, I'm Nodoka Akabane; I like to meet new people, but I don't like being naked in front of other people." It almost seemed obvious that she was, since she didn't appear to be the type who would otherwise mention that sort of thing. "And as a ninja, I hope to uh... to... t-to... I... I don't know what..." Nikia pulled the flustering timid girl in for a deep kiss, surprising her as her body was embraced affectionately against her sensei's.

"Don't be shy now." Nikia smiled warmly. "We're sisters now, and so you have no reason to be so shy around me or the others. 'Kay?"

"Um... 'kay." Nodoka blushed, her mind still in daze at the kiss she had just received.

"Oh, geez." Tsuki rolled her eyes, somewhat sickened by the sweetness of the scene before her.

"And how about you, Tsuki?" Nikia turned to the younger dark-skinned girl. "Tell us a little about you."

"Whatever." Tsuki sighed. "I'm Tsuki Inuzuka. I like to fight, and exercise to get stronger. I hate cute and sweet crap like what you were just doing earlier, and I just want to prove that I'm better than some of those cowardly pussies who call themselves Jounin." She looked away as everyone gave her their attention. "Anyway, I also hate people who are weak, so if I don't really cooperate with you, tough."

"Now, Tsuki." Nikia said a bit more firmly this time. "Don't be like that. The reason you've been teamed up like this is so that you can learn to work as a team with others, no matter how weak they might look to you. If you want to be accepted this time, you should learn to work together with anyone, instead of just people who are strong."

"This time?" Emi blinked.

"Yes. Both of your squad mates have been sent back to the academy the previous year, due to being unable to meet their prior sensei's standards." Nikia explained. "Maybe he didn't tell you why he didn't accept you, but I will; It's because you two lacked teamwork."

"It's because I was too scared to..." Nodoka gulped awkwardly.

"It's because I was just given a pair of total weaklings for teammates." Tsuki grumbled.

"Well, we're not going to have any of that here, now are we?" Nikia smiled. "Now, Tsuki, Nodoka, I'm curious to know if you two had your virginity rituals in the past few days?"

"No." Tsuki grumbled, clearly feeling put out. "Since we technically graduated, I was exempt."

"Me too." Nodoka muttered, also seeming disappointed.

"Well, that's no good." Nikia shook her head. "So then, I want you two to have your first times with each other."

"Wha...!" Nodoka gasped, going beet red in an instant as she looked over to her 'scary' looking teammate.

"No way. I got standards." Tsuki scoffed. "I don't do total wimps."

"I told you two, none of that." Nikia said firmly. She got off the bed, and instructed Emi to do the same. "Now, Tsuki, you lay down here." She instructed.

Tsuki stood in place, crossing her arms, defiant to her teacher. Nikia frowned for once, and gave her a stern look, one she only used when facing an enemy, and after a few moments Tsuki looked down, and moved to the bed without a word, not admitting defeat, though it was obvious Nikia had just intimidated her in to smiled as Tsuki lay down, who was obviously feeling demeaned at having to be in such a vulnerable position. "Now spread your legs nice and wide for us." Nikia Tsuki didn't obey right away, again, Nikia pushed them open for her. "Now, Nodoka, do you know how to scissor?"

"Y-yes." She said, immediately gasping, and covering her mouth, embarrassed. "I… I mean I've read about it, but... n-never did it before..." Nodoka explained.

"Then you know what to do." Nikia winked.

Nodoka climbed into bed opposite of Tsuki, and crossed legs with hers, slowly drawing her moistened pussy closer to Tsuki's, until they touched, making them both give a small breath of surprise. Tsuki, wanting to finish this as soon as possible, grabbed Nodoka's leg, and started rubbing her pussy vigorously against Nodoka's, shaking the shy girl uncontrollably, her larger tits flailing wildly, and making her cry out, but not in pleasure, but from discomfort, which didn't please Nikia.

"Easy, easy!" Nikia called out correcting her; making Tsuki stop. "You two have to move in a more synergistic pattern together if you really want it to feel good. Tsuki, you have to move slower and much softer, and Nodoka, you have to take just as much of a lead as she does. Yes, you have to." She added to Tsuki's irked expression.

Nodoka looked a little ready to cry, making Nikia sigh. Emi looked a little sad for Nodoka, so, biting her lip, she moved up, and from behind, hugged the shy girl.

"It'll… be fine." She muttered, shyly. "It's not normally so… forced."

Nodoka blushed at being held by the naked girl, but took a deep breath and carefully made the first move, slowly grinding her pussy against Tsuki's as she followed the same slow pattern. Nikia smiled as Emi pulled away, and pated Emi on the shoulder.

Though the Inuzuka thought this would be boring and uninteresting, she soon found her arousals being surprisingly satisfied as she cooperated with the shy red-head. Tsuki was trying and failing to hold back a series of loud ecstatic moans, despite the shocks that ran through her body, making her tingle, and was urging her to let out a vocal acceptance. All the while Nodoka's body was giving out every few seconds, before regaining its shape long enough to press on; her back arching deeply, her head tossed back, her long red hair flowing over the edge of the bed, as he hips gyrated against her female companions, and soft moans escaping the mouth of her red face.

"Good. Very good. Keep that up, you two." Nikia nodded approvingly at their bedroom teamwork.

She then noticed Emi touching herself at the sight of the grown, developed young women scissoring. "Oh, I'm sorry, Emi. I didn't mean to leave you out." She smiled, giving her a kiss before she moved, retrieving a pair of strap-ons and a double-ended dildo from under the bed.

Tsuki and Nodoka were moving faster, together; their bodies heated from the activity, and finally, after holding back the entire time, biting her lip, and breathing heavily, trying with all her might to hold it back, Tsuki finally let out a moan; a very vocal moan. They both moved faster, getting closer to orgasm, dropping their reservations as they scissored with passion, rather than just doing it because they were told to, and as the two girls finally came across each other, Emi and Nikia put their false dicks on, and parted the lesbians from their intercourse.

"Dildos?" Tsuki sighed. "Lesbians shouldn't need those." Nikia giggled, Tsuki sounded like another certain lesbian.

"No, but they are fun to use." she said, mounting Nodoka. Emi, who was now back to back with Nikia, mounted Tsuki. Nikia then pushed the heads of the double-ended dildo into her and Emi's assholes,making them both moan out. "Ready to welcome adulthood?" the sensei smirked.

"Uh...?" Nodoka started as Nikia lubricated the false cock with her vaginal juices before carefully inserted it into her pussy, making her scream out as her virgin barrier was broken open. Emi, too convinced that Tsuki was tough enough for it, pushed in hard, and recoiled as she shrieked from the sudden painful shock, her cherry obviously having more coverage than Nodoka's, as her entrance started bleeding.

"Ah! I'm so sorry!" Emi gasped. "I didn't mean t..!"

"Don't stop!" Tsuki snapped, between irritation and longing, surprising Emi that her look of pain almost seemed… pleasurable. Was Tsuki a masochist? Emi did as she was told, and thrust into Tsuki once more, the tough girl now expressing submissiveness from lust as the rubber cock was pushed in and out of her body.

As Emi and Nikia fucked their teammates individually, the dildo behind them slid in and out of their assholes in sync with each other.

"I take back what I-ah!-What I said." Tsuki panted. "There is some creative use for those things." Emi was resisting all she could to take her hands off of Tsuki's hips to finger herself, as the cloth of the strap-on riding against her crotch was more teasing than enticing, but the synchronization she created with Nikia behind her had been too perfected for her to stop or change anything she had been doing.

Their moans loudly echoed through the room as their heated bodies began to release beads of sweat, and their juices lubricated the strap-on dildos further, making them slip faster and deeper in, making the two girls being fucked arch their backs in orgasmic pleasure, as they drew closer to the limit.

Emi and Nikia felt the dildo in their asses go deeper too, which drove them faster o their own limits. Emi bit her lip, she had never cum from just anal before; it had always been accompanied with vaginal penetration; though, the strap-on, rubbing and teasing her clit was obviously a factor to her building to an orgasm, she couldn't say it wasn't the anal, that was getting her off!

Moments before ejaculation, Nodoka sat up slightly, the overstimulation slowing her movement, and, too short to meet Nikia face to face, kissed her nipple as she cuddled her face into her sensei's ample chest. She didn't mean to do that, but there was just something so soft and comfortable about her sensei's chest, that made her unable to resist doing so! She uttered a cry like a newborn child as she, along with the other members of her squad, came, soaking the bed in female juices, as the room filled with loud, orgasmic moans.

After they collapsed, the dildo either being pulled out, or simply falling out. All four lesbians lay on the bed, panting, though more so than the more experienced Nikia.

"You know, Emi. You're alright." Tsuki grinned, giving her new teammate a kiss on the cheek. "I guess I can work with you." She then moved to lay next to Nodoka, pressing their boobs together as she pinned the shy girl down, with an evil smirk.

Nodoka gulped, not sure what the Inuzuka was going to do to her. She struggled against her, getting little scared before she finally pushed her up, and rolled her over, pinning her arms down instead, straddling her. Though, as she looked down, she blushed, Tsuki looked more turned on than angry.

"And you're pretty cool too, Nodoka. You can be on top of me any day." Nodoka blinked, and blushed, having no idea what was going on with Tsuki, but smiled.

"Th-thanks..." she smiled, knowing this meant something from someone obsessed with strength. The two girls then embraced, hugging, before the hug began to turn in to a peck on the cheek, and then staring, before pecking again, and again, before their lips met for a moment, making the two blush, before kissing again, softly for a moment, as if testing the water followed by a long, deep passionate kiss; their tongues dancing around each other.

As the two older girls invited Emi into their embrace, each giving her a kiss, making the youngest of the team blush bright red.

"You pass." Nikia smiled. At these words, though, all three stopped what they were doing and looked up at their Amazonian sensei.

"What?" They said in unison.

"You pass." Nikia repeated. "I know it may seem silly, or even unimportant, but all three of you now understand the value and importance of cooperation."

"But... we just did something in the bedroom..." Nodoka blinked, thinking that whatever test Nikia would give them would be on the training field, like her last teacher.

"It doesn't matter where or how." Nikia explained. "In fact, I find it better for you to discover your teamwork by familiarizing yourselves with each other than to put you on the spot on the field of battle." She smiled, sitting closer to them. "Whatever the place or the method, you've come together as a team, and for that, you are all full members of Squad 3."

"Thank you, Nikia-sensei." Emi grinned brightly, hugging her sensei, head nestled in her bosom.

"From now on, though," Nikia continued. "Whenever we're in the bedroom together, I want you to call me 'Kiki.' Okay?"

"Yes, Kiki-sensei." said Emi.

"Kiki-sensei." Nikia giggled. "How adorable." Tsuki and Nodoka giggled with her.

"What?" Emi blushed, confused.


"The 44th training ground..." said Naruto as he and Hinata approached a very long, tall fence coveredwith warning signs. Inside, all that could be seen was a thick mass of trees and some dangerous looking wildlife.

"Anko-sensei wants us to test... here?" Hinata blinked, knowing that it would definitely not be as fun as the test she imagined, which involved the two of them with their new sensei in her basement. She also felt a slight sense of embarrassment being without her jacket, knowing that the true size of her breasts was abundantly clear now, and fidgeted, trying to cover her chest with her arms, which only made them move, and Naruto take notice.

"I know you two are more than capable of being ninjas," Anko had told them the previous day. "But rules are rules. You need to be tested, or else you have to be sent back to the academy."

"What would we need to do?" Naruto asked.

"I'll fill you in later." Anko answered. "Meet me tomorrow at 1:00 at the 44th training ground. Bring your ninja gear. Oh, and don't wear your jackets. It can get pretty hot there."

"You kids ready?" said Anko, waiting in front of one of the gates for them. "Hinata, you look good without that baggy tent on." She remarked, Hinata blushing and holding her hands over herself.

"Um, w-what's our test?" She asked.

"All you two have to do is take all my clothes off." Anko answered, giving a naughty little turn of her hips.

"W-what?" Her students blurted together, both very red-faced at this prospect.

"That's right." Anko smirked provocatively. "Just strip me of my clothes once it's time to start. I promise, though, I won't make it easy." She unlocked the gate, threw it open, and gestured for them to follow. "Don't think that I'm only trying to mess with you two, though." She continued, leading them into the forest. "This is part combat test, to see how much damage you can do to your opponent without getting damaged yourself,"

"Damaged?" Naruto repeated nervously.

"Oh, yes. I'll be aiming to take your guys' clothes off too," Anko smirked back at them. "And if you're both stripped naked, you'll fail."

"Eep!" Hinata squeaked, gripping her sides nervously.

"Anyway," Anko continued, the forest getting thicker as they walked on, making it hard to believe this was only a training ground. "This is also a sort of loose survival test. There's going to be more to worry about than just me in this forest, and I'm not just going to be standing in one place the whole time waiting for you two to strip me."

"Don't say it like that..." Hinata muttered.

"And here we are." Anko concluded, stopping in a small open clearing. "You'll have until sundown to get me bare-ass naked. Ready?"

"Until sundown?" Naruto thought. "I get the feeling she plans to go all-out on us..."

"GO!" At this command, Naruto and Hinata ducked back into the trees out of sight, where they quickly evaluated their situation.

"I hate to say it, but we should probably split up, give her multiple targets." Hinata whispered, stealing a quick glance to the side to ensure they were safely alone.

"That makes sense." Naruto nodded. "But how are we going to get even her coat off without getting stripped ourselves?"

"That's a good question..." Hinata blushed, knowing that their sexual deviant sensei could easily get them naked in a heartbeat. "We should probably worry more about defending ourselves first, though."

"Right." Naruto agreed. He heard a soft rustle behind them. "There she is!" They went in separate directions, Hinata diving into a thicket, Naruto jumping up onto a tree branch.

"Well, they know how to conceal themselves well enough." Anko thought, her eyes scanning the area. If she weren't an experienced Jounin and Naruto didn't wear bright orange, she wouldn't have known they were even in the area. As she turned to 'search' for them, Naruto carefully slipped down from his hiding spot, tip-toeing slowly behind Anko, hands raised to snatch off her coat.

"Naruto... Don't do it...!" Hinata cringed, knowing Anko wouldn't be stupid enough to let this plan work.

Sure enough, when Naruto was just inches away, ready to make the snatch, Anko whirled around, hitting him in the face. When she did, however, it was to see this Naruto vanish in a puff of smoke.

"GOTCHA!" The real Naruto cried, dropping from far above, successfully yanking Anko's trench coat off of her back. However, once he did so, she was right up in his face, and without effort, she removed his shirt.

"Maybe you could have gotten away with your shirt if you didn't announce your little surprise attack." She smirked; she reached around the front of Naruto, and stroked his bare chest, as she licked his neck a little. "Remember never to announce your presence in a fight. And Hinata, if you're going to sneak up on someone, try to still your nervous breath. Even a small noise can give your location away."

Knowing there was no point in backing out now, Hinata made another shot at Anko's clothes, going for her shirt this time, but only ended up taking her sandals, at the expense of her own shirt, her boobs bouncing within their sports bra,as her top was pulled up over her head.

Naruto watched; he inwardly cursed that his sensei had to turn everything into something perverse.

It was hard enough to go against such a high leveled kunoichi, but he had to do it with a rising boner; forcing him to focus more, in order to ignore his own arousal.

Though, inwardly, Anko knew this was a positive 'side-effect' as an increase in focus would help sharpen Naruto's skills.

"Not bad." The snake sensei grinned, tossing Hinata's shirt aside. "Maybe you didn't take off the most revealing part of my attire, but at least you got something. Now,to step things up a notch;" She vanished into the woods.

"Step things up a notch?" Hinata repeated, worry in her voice.

"As if things weren't difficult, already?" Naruto agreed, sighing.

"I'll defend you." Hinata offered.

"But..." Naruto was ready to object.

"I have more clothing than you do." said Hinata, giving her bra a little tug, making her bosom jiggle. Naruto wishing to bury his head in them before he re-focused. "We'll sustain less chance of being disqualified."

"Fair point;" Naruto conceded. "Let's go."

"It doesn't matter how many times I see it, it always makes me feel tingly just seeing Naruto's chest." Hinata thought, her eyes on Naruto's bare torso as they searched for Anko. She could swear he had gotten a bit more muscular since last she saw it. Naruto, meanwhile, was still getting distracted by his lover's body.

"It doesn't matter how many times I see it, it always gets me horny just looking at Hinata's boobs, even if they aren't fully exposed." He thought, wishing that they were in bed again so that he could take the rest of her pesky clothes off. It was then she noticed she was staring, as he was.

"Naruto!" Hinata whispered sharply, Naruto snapping back into reality.

"What?" He blinked.

"We're getting distracted by... by each other's bodies." Hinata blushed, trying not to stare at Naruto's exposed chest. "That's what Anko-sensei wants." She turned Naruto's head up so that his gaze wasn't directed at her cleavage. "She has the advantage like this."

"Well, she has to have some disadvantage too though, right?" Naruto reasoned.

"I'm not sure..." Hinata sighed. She formed a hand sign, and veins appeared around her eyes. "Byakugan!"

"What is that?" Naruto blinked, having never seeing the Hyuuga Kekkei Genkai before.

"It's an ability only known by the Hyuuga bloodline, the Byakugan." Hinata explained. "It allows me to see everything up to 50 meters away with three hundred and sixty degrees of vision."

"That's incredible." Naruto marveled, never knowing Hinata to possess such ability. "Okay, if we're going to beat Anko-sensei, I think we should share all the abilities we know with each other."

"Not so much as a shadow between us." Hinata agreed. "And Anko-sensei is nowhere close enough to overhear us, so now would be the time..."

A half an hour passed as they conversed, letting their combat abilities be explicitly clear to each other.

"…and from that scroll Mizuki tricked me into stealing," Naruto finished. "I learned the Mass Shadow Clone Jutsu, and the..." But he was interrupted by a sharp, startling hiss.
His first impression was Anko, as she had commonly made a sound similar to silence a class, but he soon found that it was a large snake slithering up to Hinata. He pushed her aside, whipped out a kunai, and just as the snake struck at him, he stabbed it in the mouth, causing the serpent to flail in pain for a moment before going limp, dead.

"Thank you." Hinata breathed, terrified by the sudden encounter.

"No problem." Naruto replied, pushing the dead snake off of the blade, wiping it of blood. "Say... do you get the feeling that was no ordinary snake?" He said, eyeing the snake suspiciously.

"That it was connected to Anko-sensei somehow?" Hinata confirmed, knowing just what he was thinking. "Yes."

"Damn, those kids are good." Anko grumbled, upon learning that her spying serpent had been killed. "Well then, let the games begin..."

As her students passed, she jumped from a high tree top down onto Hinata, snatching off her bra, her boobs spilling out into the open, Naruto jumping in to guard her in the vulnerable moment in which she covered herself from Anko, squealing from embarrassment.

"Mass Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Anko had a moment of déjà vu as every inch of her sight was crowded with several hundred Naruto's,many of which transformed in to Hinata.

"Don't think I'm a pushover like Mizuki was." She smirked, flexing her hands as several clones charged onto her. "You should know that I'm an expert at crowd control!" Snakes lashed from under her sleeves, spiraling around their master, striking with blinding speed and precision at their opponents, which one by one vanished in a puff of smoke.

When her vision was too clouded to see where the attacks were coming from and she felt touching from every angle at her skirt, she fired several snakes to latch onto many of the surrounding trees, and unleashed a powerful fire jutsu that blew the rest of the attackers away;

"Fire Element: Dragon Fire Jutsu!" Towering dragons made of flame roared to life, charging down the snakes used as conduits for the technique, leaving only the real Naruto and Hinata standing before her, both holding something orange in their hands. She then looked down to see that she had only her mesh bodysuit on now.

"Not bad." She marveled. "A little training in just the wrong ways and these two would be the best in the adult entertainment district." She thought with a smirk, nary a clue as to how either of them could have gotten past her to get the skirt.

"How do we get her bodysuit now?" Naruto wondered, knowing this would have to be the hardest to take off.

"No idea." Hinata whispered, careful not to show weakness in the face of battle, and especially careful not to let Anko overhear them.

"I'll take her back, you take the front." Naruto proposed.

Knowing what he had in mind, Hinata nodded, and building chakra into each hand, she met Anko in hand-to-hand combat, able to read and counter each of her sensei's punches thanks to her enhanced vision, but was still waiting anxiously for Naruto to follow up his end of the plan. Creating two clones for back-up, Naruto jumped Anko from behind, grabbing the neck of her bodysuit, trying to pull it off with the assistance of the clones. Anko brushed Hinata off with a quick kick and wrestled with the three Naruto's, who had gotten her fishnet down to her shoulders.

She made the two clones dissipate, however, the real Naruto refused to let up, not even when his pants were removed, leaving him in only his boxers, which were also ready to be taken off, before Hinata charged in, pulling Anko's suit down past her tits, which bounced out of the revealing mesh.

Now it was Hinata's turn to grapple with Anko, as she threw Naruto off, leaving him in a temporary daze.
As she got Anko's mesh down to her waist, Hinata was wrestled to the ground, her pants being pulled down and off, leaving only one pair of panties left on her body.

"I have to admit, you kids are giving me a run for my money." Anko panted, throwing aside Hinata's pants. "But you're both down to your last shred of clothing, so these last few minutes will be the deciding factor." Hinata stood back up, exhausted but determined, as Naruto too stood opposite her.

"It's time I used THAT jutsu." Naruto whispered, not caring whether or not Anko overheard.

"Right." Hinata nodded, both standing ready.

"What've they got planned?" Anko wondered, raising an eyebrow. He must have had some technique that her snake didn't catch wind of before it was killed. Although it initially seemed as though the nearly naked lovers were charging blindly at their target, Anko knew they both knew exactly what they were doing as Naruto leapt at her, and Hinata went in low, hands ready to strip her sensei nude.

To her shock though, rather than using some sort of attack, Naruto kissed Anko full on the lips. Though, as her body began to slow down and turn numb, Anko knew this was no ordinary kiss as shefelt heat rising from his lips.

"Damn, he's a good kisser!"she thought, guiltily taking some pleasure from it, her focus never wavered from her task; thank god for multi-tasking. Though, in this case, it was a pointless skill, as she realized the warmth coming from his lips was something more than just a good muscles were seizing, disobeying her mind's commands to move. Was this was a paralysis jutsu!

And not just any, she recognized it, but where...? And when did he learn such a difficult and potentially dangerous technique? If he had done this wrong, he could kill immediately began to put a counter jutsu in place. As soon as his lipsseparated, she would be able to use her chakra to counter it. Thankfully, he was not an expert, so it would hopefully not be too powerful this time!

She barely even felt it as Hinata yanked her fishnet right off of her. Naruto released his kiss, and recoiled as he and Hinata basked in triumph for a short moment of glory, before Anko stripped off both his boxers and her panties.

"You lose." She smirked.

"What?" her students blurted, outraged as they covered their nudity.

"But we won!" Naruto objected, indicating the bodysuit now in his and Hinata's possession.

"Not yet." Anko smirked, giving a teasing tug at the snake fang necklace around her neck. "Just one piece left, and you would have got it." She saw frowns on both of her students' faces. Not frowns of disappointment at their own failures, but frowns that suggested that she, Anko, pulled a really dirty trick on them.

"Alright, I'll give you both one last chance." She said; ready to offer back their underwear. "BUT, you do have the option not to take this last chance if you so desire."

"Why wouldn't we take that last chance!" Naruto demanded, hoping his sensei was only joking.

"Because, if you do, then just know that the task you face will be next to impossible." Anko stated. "The whole time you've been fighting me, I've only been using half of my power, despite my claims that I stopped holding back. "So, if you take advantage of this final chance, we'll all be equally vulnerable, with only one shred of clothing each, but I will have an unfair advantage over both of you, thanks to my skill and experience. Additionally, if you can't take my necklace before I take your underwear again, not only will you fail, but you will be dropped from the program permanently, and will never have the chance to be ninjas again." A brick dropped into both Naruto's and Hinata's stomachs. Could she do that?

"I won't blame you, however, if you choose to give up and go back to the academy. At least then, you can have another chance to try to take me again next year..."

"Like HELL we'll give up!" Naruto shouted, startling several animals around them. "Even if we do get dropped what do we care! Even if we don't become ninjas, why should that stop us?"

"No ninja means no Hokage." Anko reminded him, amused by his outburst.

"So what!" Naruto retorted. "'Hokage' is just a name. Even if I don't become the Hokage, I'll still be a legend; someone who people will look up to!"

"Naruto..." Hinata smiled admiringly. THIS was why she loved and admired him so much. "He's right!" She spoke up, standing proudly next to him. "We vowed never to let so much as a shadow come between us for any reason, and we won't let so much as a shadow between us and our goals, no matter what you, or anyone else says!"

A long, empty, quite pause followed this bravado. Finally, the silence was broken as Anko clapped at her students' answer.

"Congratulations, you both pass." She said proudly, taking off her necklace.

"Huh?" Naruto and Hinata blinked, exchanging bewildered looks.

"Neither of you could win against me, either individually, nor as a team; you both knew it, yet you were both perfectly ready to go along and face me anyway." Anko smiled. "You'll always be presented with this option in the real world; to take on a task you know you can't accomplish, or to turn away from it and give up. You two have made the right choice, and I know you would gladly make it over and over again. So for that, consider yourselves official members of Squad 11."

Overjoyed, Hinata and Naruto exchanged a double high-five, accompanied by a deep, passionate victory kiss.

"And to celebrate, I'll treat you two to a night you'll never forget." Anko licked her lips lustfully, giving a devious wink. "Head on down to my place and wait for me. I got a meeting to get to first." She led them out of the massive forest. "Save yourselves for me!" She called, walking off.

"What about our clothes?" Hinata shouted, embarrassed.

"You won't need them." Anko replied, turning back and giving a provocative grin,

"Are all squad leaders present?" The Hokage clarified as the Jounin lined up in front of him. When everyone confirmed, each leader reported their squads overall evaluation.

"Nikia Zaraki, leader of Squad 3." Nikia stepped forward when it was her turn. "Emi Shiawase, Tsuki Inuzuka, and Nodoka Akabane are my students. I presented them with a test of trust and cooperation, and while this proved difficult at first, all three students understood the lesson, and passed. I confirm nomination of these three students for promotion to Genin."

Though as with the squad selection, Kakashi Hatake was absent, he was given enough time with the next three evaluations before he showed up surprisingly on cue.

"Kakashi Hatake, leader of Squad 7, comprising of Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, and Ino Yamanaka." The masked man said casually. "Nominees were presented with advanced cooperative combat training, and although I initially planned to drop them completely, they ultimately pulled together. I nominate all three for promotion to Genin." Everyone turned their heads at this sentence. Never before had these words been uttered by Kakashi, who had never once had an official squad, due to his high standards. Everyone was still too busy gawking at Kakashi to notice that Kurenai had given her evaluation.

"Asuma Sarutobi, leader of Squad 10." Asuma spoke once everyone's attention had been returned to the matter at hand. "Comprising of Yakuko Kadota, Chouji Akimichi, and Shikamaru Nara. Group was presented with theoretical mission scenarios and situations. Despite the poor physical health of Yakuko, all three members succeeded almost flawlessly. I nominate all three for promotion to Genin." This left only one squad leader remaining;

"Anko Mitarashi, leader of Squad 11, comprising of Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuuga." She spoke. Everyone could tell by the glow in her voice what her verdict was. "Members were presented with a practical advanced combative mission scenario, and aced it. I nominate both for promotion to Genin."

"Certainly a greater number of successful candidates this year." The Hokage marveled. "Normally there are nine or less that make the cut. All nominated candidates will officially be Genin starting tomorrow."

"Thank you, Lord Hokage." Anko whispered as the new senseis began planning their celebration party.

"Of course." The Third nodded politely. "Aren't you going to join in their party?" He added as Anko left the office.

"Nah, I already have a celebration party of my own planned." She grinned.

Meanwhile, her students awaited her, sitting on the heart-shaped bed and feeling very antsy.

"Can't...!" Naruto grunted as he fidgeted on the bed, trying to hold back his sexual urges as he and Hinata waited for Anko to return.

"I know..." Hinata sighed, trying to keep her hands away from her nether regions. Her body was feeling hot and laboured, as though the clothes she and Naruto recovered from the training ground were weighing her down too much. Was there something in the air? She never felt like this in Anko's basement before; at least, not just by being there.

Naruto looked around the room, not having been down here as many times as Hinata, trying to find something to defuse the tension; a movie? No; he knew Anko well enough to know that every movie in those cabinets was pornographic, and would only tempt the young couple even further. A temptation that was never too far from his mind, and Naruto glanced to Hinata, peeking, and blushing when she glanced to him, just as wanting of him.

They both wanted the other, their bodies nudging them, keeping the thoughts of desire in their heads, and keeping them glancing to the other as they tried to fight the urges to simply jump the other and give in to their carnal passions.

"She sure is taking a while." Naruto said, his breathing getting heavier as his body began to heat up. He was surprised to see Hinata with a shy, yet desperate appearance. Did he have the same, desperate look on his face?

They stared at each other, and soon couldn't help themselves, they were both just too aroused to hold back, and they leapt in to each other's arms, their lips pressing hard against the others, their tongues dancing rapidly with each other's mouths, saliva running down their chins from the sloppiness of the embrace; their arousal growing more intense. Naruto began to pull at her shirt, Hinata flinching, and pulling back.

"N-Naruto, w-we should w-wait until A-Anko-s-sen…" he words stopped by Naruto closing his lips back against hers. Hinata gasped as she felt Naruto push her down on the bed, and lay on top of her; this was getting out of hand, and while both wanted to stop and calm down, neither had the willpower to override their urges.

He held her down with one hand, and the wrist, which were above her head. As he kissed her, he moved down, kissing her neck as he used one hand to pull up her top until her breasts bounced free, and to her collarbone, and then straight to her breasts, licking her nipples, making them harden before he suckled on tried to move, but Naruto's grip was too firm.

"N-Naruto~!" she moaned out, yelling more as he gave a slight nibble to her tit. He eventually released her hands so he could trail his tongue further down, to her pants, and pulling them down to her knee's before he buried his tongue in to her folds, and making Hinata scream out, he body writhing in pleasure from his was being completely dominated by his lust and skill, and it felt too good."N-Naruto!" she moaned out as his tongue flicked her clit, making her shiver, before penetrating her folds and exploring deeply. Hinata was already wet, and moaned out as her core heated up further. "N-Naruto… s-stop!" she cried out. But he didn't want to. "I… I…" she bit her lip before loudly announcing "I WANT TO SUCK YOUR COCK!"

This snapped Naruto out of his lust as Hinata slapped a hand to her mouth, not meaning to say this so loudly and upfront. He smirked and soon, he was laying by her, both on their sides, Naruto resuming to lick her out, as Hinata undid his pants button and zip, hastily desperate for the treat within. She bit her lip as she began pulling out his dick, andstroking it to get it a little more stiff. She opened her mouth a little, sticking her tongue out, and beginning to lick on it, starting at the tip, circling the head, before running it down his length, up and down.

"I can't take it anymore." She said, sounding more desperate, and plunging his cock into her mouth, deep-throating him in an instant, gagging but enjoying it as her head bobbed back and forth, rapidly, moaning on to his shaft as Naruto ate her out.

She wished that she could stop! She was feeling as though she was losing herself in passion and debauched sexual pleasure, but the heat rising in her body was too unbearable for her to sit still and wait for Anko anymore. Releasing his cock for a moment, she pulled off her shirt fully, the heat unbearable, and her skin already shining from sweat.

Naruto also took this time to get out of his shirt. When they were both topless, Hinata turned so she was lay on top, despite her pants and panties were still around her knee's, and wrapped her boobs around his cock, and leaning in, sucked off the tip in her mouth, while her boobs undulating around the rest of the shaft.

While Naruto was feeling incredibly good, probably the best he felt all day, Hinata was only finding her sexual desires mounting higher than before. While she did feel satisfaction as she worked Naruto's cock, the stimulation of her breasts enveloping his hardened rod, as well as the feel of his length in her mouth, and his tongue pleasuring her, it still felt like it was hardly enough for her.

Even after a few minutes, and Naruto filled her mouth with a thick and heavy load of cum that she swallowed hungrily like she hadn't eaten in days, and came herself, she still felt the urge, driving her on. Naruto was feeling no different. Had they just waited too long to give in, fighting it back that now it was released it was more than it was originally? They didn't know, they just wanted more!

Indeed, Hinata lost the ability to keep her hands away from her crotch, which was growing hot and moist with lust again. She plunged her hands down into her pants, groping and fingering desperately at her pussy, stroking the wet folds over and over, making them more moist before slipping first one finger in to herself, and then a second, before ending with three fingers desperately penetrating her at once, spreading out once inside, to give more thrill.

Desperate and confused, she pulledaway, and in a hasty action, threw her pants and panties off together before yanking off Naruto's, which shocked him at her desperation, but then again, he was feeling the same, as he had been jerking off, watching her.

"Fuck me, Naruto!" She demanded uncharacteristically, as she sat on his lap, straddling him before dropping down onto Naruto's cock; though, in her haste, she failed to notice that his cock slipped and positioned, not below her pussy, but below her tight, inexperienced asshole; she gave a scream of pain as the long, thick length of Naruto's cock had immersed itself all the way into her anus.

Hinata sat still, her head thrown back, so Naruto couldn't see the expression on her face; a mix of pain and pleasure. Hinata had to admit that having a cock inside of her asshole felt as great as having it inside her pussy.

Their horny bodies soon began to move as they began to have Anal, full on, for the first time, despite the experience of a previous time was not the best.

Naruto moaned out as his cock fit tightly in to her inexperience ass, but he moved her up and down, her head still back as she felt waves of pleasure and pain strike her with every push in to her anus. She began to salivate and moan out as the pain began to lessen, her anus still tight, but loosening up from being stretched."Ohhhh... Naruto~" she moaned out, finally looking forward, a gaze of elation on her face. But it still wasn't enough!Naruto was getting turned on more, and as his dick started to lubricate, making it able to go in and out of her more easily, his thrusts eventually becoming faster and more intimate, and though Hinata knew that she preferred vaginal, she knew she was being driven to an orgasm as Naruto continued to pound her insides, which loosened up slightly to his company. Hinata dropped a hand to her free pussy, and started fingering herself once again,as Naruto's thrusts sped up, even more, to the point that he may as well have been giving her vaginal.

She pulled up one of his hands and began to suck on three of his fingers, almost feeling whorish, like she was giving him a blow job; and at the same time, she was rapidly fingering her gushing pussy with three fingers. She felt like she was getting violated in all three orifices! And it was orgasmic.

Naruto couldn't take much more, and soon cried out "I'm… g-gonna cum!" it was then as she was on the peak of an orgasm too that Hinata remembered something important.

"Don't cum inside." She panted, remembering a lesson on Anal Safety that Anko gave, which said that ejaculation into the rectum would lead to certain... 'Plumbing problems,' as she put it.

Naruto pumped into her ass, trying not to cum, but finding it hard as her ass tightened around him, making it feel so good, and urging him to go faster, until he was already on the verge of cumming.

He pulled out just in time to spurt across Hinata's back, as she dropped onto her breasts, her rear end in the air as she worked at her pussy, now with both hands; desperate to finish, she turned, suddenly pushing Naruto on to his back as she straddled him, before working her vagina against the side of Naruto's dick, sliding it up across his length until, at last, she squirted and fell across his chest, laying on top of him, their faces inches apart as they smiled contently that their tensions had finally been released, and no longer feeling that frenzy they had just fallen into.

"I thought I told you to wait for me before the fun began." Anko smirked, standing over them with an amused expression; Naruto and Hinata covered their privates as they looked up at her, scared that they had done something they really shouldn't have. "Chill out, I'm not mad." Anko laughed. "Actually, I guess it is my fault anyway, since I was away a bit too long. So, sorry 'bout that; but since you're both all warmed up..." She grabbed Hinata's hand and pulled her off the bed, up onto her feet, her free hand still crossed over her breasts.

"I'll get to you in a little bit, Naruto. But for right now, just sit back and watch." She smirked, giving the blonde a wink.

"Hm?" Naruto blinked.

"Wh-what are you...?" Hinata blushedas she was held by Anko.

"First, I want you to stop covering yourself in front of me." Anko stated, moving Hinata's arms, so that she was no longer covering herself, and making Hinata shy and nervous. "You're on my squad now, so I expect for you to lose your modesty. Second, I want to test something."

"T-test?" Hinata blinked, giving her a feeling of dread.

"For a lot of the past year, you've been scared of losing your love for Naruto because you've felt sexual desires for women, right?" Anko reminded her. "And in these past few days since your night in the cave, you've really come to understand what I told you about how a man feels inside of you."

"Y-yes?" Hinata nodded, having an idea of where this was going.

"So, I want to know how you stand in your feelings towards women now." Anko concluded.

"S-so you want me to... to do it with..."

"To screw me, yeah." Anko finished for Hinata. "If you're not into it, I'll let you quit; but just because you're uncomfortable doesn't mean your body's not aroused." She took off her coat and sat down on the edge of the bed, crossing her legs in a provocative manner.

Hinata looked over Anko's shoulder at Naruto, as though wondering if it was alright with him if she did it with someone else. He gave a nod of confirmation, and her heart began to pound as she drew slowly closer to Anko, nervously. Anko smirked, grabbed her and pulled her into an embrace that pressed their large boobs together, Hinata's face reddening with pleasure, as she gasped at the mere feel of her nipples against Anko's.

The feeling of her skin against Anko's was strange, though not necessarily a bad one; it was all the joy of bare skin against bare skin, though there was also a potential rise of arousal from the fact that Anko was still technically clothed.

With reluctance, Hinata kissed her sensei on the lips, before Anko used her tongue to open Hinata's mouth, and slipped her tongue inside of Hinata, their tongues soon meeting, and beginning to slip around one another, Hinata's tongue moving naturally without her giving effort.

Hinata's hands slowly ran down the sides of Anko's technically clothed sides, unfastening her miniskirt and removing it before Anko pulled Hinata back onto the bed, Naruto getting off to give them room to go all-out.

Hinata was so surprised at how natural this was feeling, and how natural she was moving to undress, and make out with her bisexual sensei, though, she had to admit, she could feel Naruto's eyes on her, watching, and this gave rise to a guilty perversion deep within her, that helped.

Still locked in a deep lesbian kiss, Anko grabbed Hinata's hand, and placed it to her vagina, moving her hand around to get herself off. Hinata meanwhile felt wrong for feeling pleasure as her hand was involuntarily rubbing across her sensei's pussy.

"Don't be such a prude." Anko broke the kiss. "You like it, don't you?"

"Well..." Hinata didn't want to admit it. It just seemed like cheating on Naruto or something.

"Don't you?" Anko prodded. She was reminded of the other night, in which she had to drag an ever stubborn Sakura out of the closet. She kissed Hinata on the lips again. "Don't you like how a woman's lips feel, pressed against yours?" She slowly pulled her mesh suit down to her waist, moving her body slowly and sensually like a stripper at the Cozy Condom. "Don't you like the soft, jiggly goodness of a woman's breasts?" Anko pressed Hinata's hand to one of her breasts, which she also pressed against Hinata's, holding it on until Hinata held it herself.

Anko held Hinata against herself with one hand, while the other stripped off her fishnet completely. Totally nude, she rolled Hinata on to her back and mounted her, before taking one of her students hand and moving them down, making her grip her thigh and rub it, before moving up to grip a cheek of her ass. "Don't you like the touch of a woman's soft skin, and how round and firm a woman's ass is?" She then moved the hand around to the front, to feel her pubic area. "Don't you like that a woman is flat here where a man isn't?" Her hand was thenmoved between her sensei's legs, once more feeling the moist folds of Anko's pussy. "Doesn't the feel of a woman's vagina tempt you?"

"N-no..." Hinata squeaked, and looked away, her face glowed a bright crimson.

"No lying." Anko gave a small pout. "I know you love how a woman looks. How a woman feels..." Anko embraced her body to Hinata's once more, making Hinata flush more as their naked breasts pressed against each other, their hardening nipples rubbing together.

"So don't let something that feels good hurt you. I know you like women as much as you love men... or, at least one man in particular..." She looked over her shoulder at Naruto, who was subtly jerking off as he watched the girl-on-girl action before him.

"B-but it wouldn't be right..." Hinata blushed. "Naruto and I, we promised each other, not so much as a shadow between us..."

"I like that." Anko smiled, genuinely impressed by such a devoted relationship, such a mature promise. "But being dishonest about your love for women is breaking that promise." She added, before explaining. "By lying to yourself, you also end up lying to Naruto; and I know you don't like lying to Naruto. So, you should always be open and honest about your feelings, no matter how embarrassing."

"But still..." Hinata fidgeted her fingers nervously.

"You think that you're cheating on Naruto because you're bisexual?" Anko concluded, making Hinata gasp, look up at her sensei, before looking away, without a word; Anko hadhit the nail right on the head.

"Yes." Hinata eventually nodded, steam emanating from her as her body warmed with embarrassment; sometimes, Anko was just too right about some things. Just then, the sex goddess got a brilliant idea.

"Hey, Naruto." She called back. "Quit your pipe cleaning for a moment. You're on."

She stood up, walked over to Narutoand whispered something into his ear that made him turn almost as red as Hinata. He gave her a 'you sure?' type of look, to which she nodded.

"Not sure if he's shown you yet, Hinata, but Naruto's got a fun little trick that he can do you're gonna like." Anko smirked, as she turned back to face Hinata. "Show her, Naruto."

"Transform!" Naruto called, making the transformation jutsu hand sign and exchanging his Y for an X.

She had heard Naruto mention it earlier today when he was sharing all of the abilities he knew, but never thought a mere transformation would be so... intoxicating.

She stared in awe at what used to be a man;Naruto now had large, perky tits on par with her own, where there was once flat skin; a flat, smooth area where a penis used to be, womanly curves in place of manly muscle, and long blonde pigtails in place of short spikes.

"That's no ordinary transformation." Anko grinned, noticing Hinata's sudden change in demeanor and her new enticement towards her lover's new form. "I don't know how the hell he did it, but he's all woman now; can make babies and everything." Naruto looked to her and blinked, not exactly wanting to have a baby himself! "Think bein' bi is cheating now?" She gave a nod to Naruto as if telling him to 'go ahead.'

"Are you sure you want to do this, Hinata?" Naruto muttered awkwardly. Naruto had had lesbian sex once before, with Yuko, the two of them scissoring in X-Ranked Mission, andsure, 'she' was eaten out quite thoroughly by Anko several nights ago before the graduation exam, but being a male, it still felt weird to think of making love with a girl when he himself was a girl.

"I… I guess so." Hinata replied, only having been teased by Yuko and Onnasuki, never once consenting to lesbian sex. "I mean how do I... you know...?" She wondered, looking down at Naruto's and her own crotch, now possessing the same genitals as her partner. "Without a... you know...?"

"Something Onnasuki always says; 'men only have their dicks, while women have their whole bodies.'" said Anko, trying to break the ice. Hinata, having only done general, heteral intercourse with Naruto, wasn't sure how to make love without him having his genitals. Though, she had seen a few lesbian movies in Anko's basement.

They both simply looked at each other, until Naruto had an idea. 'She' moved up to 'her' lover, and lay on top of her, and beganFrench kissing Hinata, while pressing their bodies together, Hinata gave a moan as her nipples made contact with Naruto's, it was drowned out by an even bigger moan from Naruto, who, being unnaturally female, had a body far more sensitive.

A strange idea coming to 'her' mind, Naruto pressed 'her' boobs together, trailing them down Hinata's body as 'her' lips kissed a trail closely following behind. As 'she' reached Hinata's nether regions, Naruto touched 'her' boobs to her pussy, sliding 'her' super sensitive nipples across Hinata's clit, Hinata unable to restrain herself from gasping out in ecstasy.

"A lesbian boob-job?" Anko smirked interestedly. "Now that's an interesting idea." With her own pussy moistening, she tried hard not to touch herself too much. "Once 'Naruko's' done with you, it's my turn, Hinata." She smirked as Hinata, tired of being teased by Naruto's boob-job, reached down and pulled 'her' head into her crotch.

Naruto instantly began to use his tongue on Hinata's wet pussy, sliding it up and down her folds, flicking her clit a little to make Hinata moan out louder. Naruto then pushed 'her' tongue in to Hinata's hole, licking her out deeply and rapidly, making her body convulse as she held Naruto's head firmly in place. Anko smiled, as she felt a trail of wetness run down her inner thigh. After a few loud moans, Hinata was finally feeling an orgasm build as she was being eaten out.

As she slowly started to find acceptance with the fact that she being pleasured by another girl, Hinata felt a growing urge to take charge. Ignoring the fact that she had an orgasm pending, she pulled 'Naruko's' head from her crotch, their breasts once again pushing together and rubbing as Hinata kissed 'her' on the mouth, the taste of her own pussy still fresh on Naruto'slips, and only making her randier to the point that she shoved Naruto onto 'her' back and mounted her in a 69 position, burying her mouth deeply into her gender-bent lover's cunt, causing Naruto to scream out in surprised ecstasy before she delved back into Hinata's vagina as 'she' in turn ate her out.

Hinata wheeled herself and Naruto over so that she lay on the bottom, groping and feeling Naruto's ass as her tongue explored 'her' new vagina, interested to know how 'she' would react to pleasuring of her G-spot.

"AH!" Naruto cried as 'she' felt Hinata's tongue reach slightly deeper inside.

It was only a touch, but 'her' already strong sexual sensitivity was making it hard for her to continue to work Hinata's pussy as the newly out-of-the-closet bisexual was suckling 'her' sweet spot, and gave a deep moan. Naruto's eyes then went wide,'her' back arching as Hinata then pushed a thumb into 'her' anus; which slowly slid back and forth inside of 'her' as her other hand stroked 'her' ass.

Naruto felt a little uncomfortable, having never had ANYTHING in 'her' ass before, let alone thrusting in and out of it. It made 'her' shiver, and Anko smirked as she saw the mix of embarrassment, discomfort, and pleasure on Naruto's face, making her wonder, and think about it more to herself, giving her lip a lick. All the while, Hinata's lustful mouth ate hungrily at Naruto's pussy, which throbbed with overloaded pleasure unfamiliar to 'her' male psyche.

WithNaruto's body unable to take anymore, 'her' pussy sprayed its juices onto Hinata's face and into her mouth; though she had once tasted female ejaculant before, it was somehow much more enticing now than it was when she screwed Anko with a strap-on many months ago. Maybe it was because it was that of a 'woman' she loved? Or maybe, simply because she had come to terms with her love of the same sex!

"Sorry, but you two are getting me too horny to just sit here." said Anko, finally unable to control her urges, and getting up onto the bed. She sat Naruto up and kissed 'her' as she lifts Hinata's leg, and locking her own legs with Hinata's; pressing their pussies together.

Moving so that their clits rubbed against each other, Anko grinned as Hinata simply cried out in ecstasy, accepting the sexual love she was given by her sensei, regardless of the fact that it was from another woman.

Anko grinded her wet pussy against Hinata's, as Hinata resumed eating out Naruto's wet cunt, all three of them giving out moans of pleasure, their bodies warmed up and beginning to give off sweat, Hinata's hips beginning to grind back in to Anko's, as she got in to the sexual pleasure.

Teasing, Anko stopped, detaching from her position, Hinata looking clearly disappointed that she stopped scissoring.

"It feels good, doesn't it?" Anko smirked, wanting to hear Hinata say the words.

"Y-yes." Hinata muttered, despite she was horny and desperate for more, she was still too shy to admit it.

"Sorry, I didn't catch that." Anko teased. Hinata blushed, stopping her licking of Naruto's cunt, while she looked away, but, glancing to Naruto's pussy, made her think, and reconsider her feelings, before finally…

"I-I love it! Please, more! Make me cum!" She blurted, discarding her modesty, submitting to her lust. "I am a bisexual, and I need the love of a woman as much as I do a man!"

"Very good." Anko grinned, pulling Hinata into a deep kiss, Naruto moving out of the way for this; Anko tasting a trace of Naruto's pussy on her mouth. A long string of saliva formed between their mouths as they parted; as their bodies linked by their genitalia, Anko began to once again scissor her pussy against Hinata's.

Naruto pouted, not wanting to be left out of the loop, andreached 'her' mouth closer to the place where Hinata's and Anko's pussies met, and licked at the actively clashing genitals; both women's stimulation rising considerably, Hinata, already warmed up from 69ing with the gender-bending blonde earlier, spurting against Anko during their intercourse, the juices increasing their friction and further pumping the snake Jounin's ejaculant to the surface.

"C'mere." Anko moaned, not breaking her thrusts as she lay down and grabbed Naruto's leg, turning 'her' around so that 'she' was mounting Anko in 69, lay on their sides, allowing her to continue to enjoy both pussies while Anko began to kiss 'her' vagina as well, which was already soaking with its own fluid the moment it touched Anko's lips.

Moans and wet sounds of licking filled the room, as they all pleasured each other. Hinata's mind was spinning, everything felt so good, and she was getting more and more in to the feel of Anko's pussy mashing against hers. All of her thoughts concerning her worries returned to her, with new outcomes, she recalled Onnasuki, and Yuko, and was wondering if sex with them felt as good. She felt guilty and so naughty thinking such a thing, but, it made her hornier. Naruto couldn't decide what felt better, getting sucked off, or licked out, but 'she' definitely liked both.

For several moments, all three women pressed on with their lesbian threesome, the room filled with more, louder moans and cries of pleasure from all three of them, before Anko and Hinata ejaculated, covering their crotches, and Naruto's face; and Naruto in Anko's face before slumping out of 'her' mount, and returning to his male form, panting with a hormonal overload as he tried to wrap his head around the still unfamiliar pleasures of a woman that he had experienced, which only confused him more now that he returned to his natural state.

Naruto crawled down the heart-shaped bed to Hinata, pulling his arm around her shoulder, and whispering to her as they exchanged affectionate kisses. When they finished their private talk, they turned to face Anko, who noticed that any sign of embarrassment, insecurity, or otherwise shame, was completely absent from their expressions.

"Anko-sensei," Naruto spoke. "For all that you've done for both of us, Hinata and I have decided that we need to extend the promise we've given each other to you."

"From now on, Anko-sensei, let us not so much as a shadow between all three of us." Hinata stated. Anko simply smiled at them as they looked determinedly into her eyes.

"So, does this mean that the three of us are all lovers now?" She teased, ready to laugh at the embarrassed expressions they would no doubt show at this joke, but was thrown off guard when instead;

"Yes." Naruto and Hinata said together.

"Sometimes, these kids really amaze me." Anko grinned. Even though she had watched over these two the entire year, even though she knew they had grown quite a bit since she first stepped into their classroom, she couldn't help but marvel at how much they had matured, not just sexually, but as people, as shinobi, as adults.

"Well, all the better, then." Anko grinned. "Because from this night on, you two will be living here with me. And since there's only two beds in this house, and I'd hate to just give you two the couch." Hinata gave a cringe as she remembered the shuriken holes in the sofa upstairs. "This will be where you two sleep." Anko concluded, patting the big red heart.

"Seriously?" Naruto and Hinata said together.

"Yup." Anko nodded. "So tonight, we're not student and teacher. We're just three consenting adults. So go ahead and fuck 'til you just can't fuck no more!"

Naruto and Hinata nodded as they each looked to each other, knowing what the other was thinking.

Hinata grinned, and moved over to her sensei, kissing her on the lips, before trailing her tongue down her neck, to her breasts, and then over her stomach to her crotch, and proceeding to eat out Anko's pussy, much to her satisfaction. Naruto, meanwhile, moved up, and got behind Anko, lifting his sensei up and lowering her ass on to his cock, Anko moaning with delight as her students pleasured her nether regions.

Hinata lowered a hand to her crotch as she licked her sensei's pussy, fingering her own as she could feel Naruto close to her, stopping for moments, to glance past Anko's pussy at the anal penetrating cock. She couldn't help but get turned on, but continued to finger Anko's Pussy, as well as her own.

"Naruto..." Hinata whispered as she noticed that Naruto had ejaculated into her ass, blushing as she wished it had been her.

When he pulled out, she leant between Anko's legs, and pulled Naruto's cock in to her mouth, Naruto slowly falling down onto his back as Hinata moved up, Anko moving out of the way, and soon replaced her mouth with her pussy, thrusting him in and out of herself; Naruto, wanting to try something with one of his new jutsu, formed a hand sign, creating two copies of himself; one turning Hinata on her side for a moment, as he entered her from behind and proceeded to slide in, and fuck her in the ass, before rolling her back, so she was sandwiched between the real Naruto, still in her pussy, and the clone, under her; the other moved up and straddled her midsection, placing his hard shaft between her glorious valley, before she grabbed her own tits, squeezing them together, as she pleasured his cock with her boobs stroking her tits up and down his shaft, licking the tip as she moved.

The first two Naruto's began to synchronize their movements as they fucked both of her holes together; one pushing in, as the other pulled out, overloading Hinata with ecstasy, her cries of pleasure too overwhelming for her to continue to lick the third Naruto off properly, so, instead sitting up more, and plugging her mouth with his cock as she sucked him off.

"Damn, kid's making me jealous!" Anko thought as she watched her students get it on without her, feeling amused yet sexually frustrated that Hinata stole Naruto from her. She slowly reached down, her fingers running across her wet folds, rubbing them. "I gotta get him to do that to me!" She smirked, her own desires beginning to increase, masturbating to the sight before her, jealous that Hinata was getting more cock than her young body could currently handle.

They continued to fuck, getting more and more intense in their sexual activity, the moans grew louder, though, the inexperienced genin were beginning to reach their limits, and in one synergistic unit, all three Naruto's pulled out of their respective holes, each one spraying Hinata's body with cum; one covering her face, while the other two drenching her ass, pussy and inner thighs, the clones dissipating after their releases, their energy too low to sustain such an intensity.

Though she was worn down, exhausted from more sexual stimulation than her young body could handle, the warm feeling of three Naruto's worth of cum got Hinata's blood seething; making her desperately want more!

Though, Naruto started to feel odd, as if he felt more exhaustion after the first clones had disappeared, than after he had cum, he felt almost like he had already cum three times; maybe it was just his imagination... Despite that, Naruto nodded, and acknowledged her desire, created two more clones, to replace the lost ones.

"Hey, Naruto. Think you can spare me a few of those clones?" Anko laughed with excitement; getting bored of just touching herself. She hadn't had a proper gang-bang in a long time, and this was really getting her turned on, and in need of blinked, and looked down at Hinata, as if asking if it was ok.

"Go ahead." Hinata smiled, giving Naruto a brief kiss. "I only need one Naruto to make me happy." Naruto nodded, returned the kiss.

Naruto sat up and created an additional four clones, all six of which crowded around Anko.

The perverse sensei looked on hungrily as they moved around her; one laying underneath her, giving her anal as another gave her vaginal; one mounting her midsection, giving himself a boob-job as both of Anko's hands were occupied by the two other cocks, and the final clone kneeling right next to her head with his dick ready, which she gladly took into her mouth.

"Anko-sensei really is one hell of a woman." The real Naruto blinked, as he watched his own clones gang-bang his sensei.

"M-hm." Hinata agreed. Three Naruto's was more than she could handle, but Anko was taking six, twice as many as Hinata, and still seemed as though she was begging for more, hungry and insatiable. And it was getting both new genin more aroused just watching her.

They turn to each other, staring, deeply in to each other's eyes, before Naruto and Hinata shared a deep, passionate kiss that for a few beautiful moments blocked everything else, even Anko's one-man gang bang, falling in to their own world of passion and sex.

They embraced their naked bodies together, Naruto's cut physique sliding across her warm, moistening skin, making Hinata wetter, as her large breasts, stroking across his chest started making Naruto harder.

As Hinata tightened her inner vaginal muscles, Naruto thrust into her, his cock sliding easily in and out, he still felt like he had gone several rounds this session, despite this was just the second time in so many minutes, but despite that, he wasn't feeling as weary as he had done, during sexual encounters! Perhaps his stamina was finally growing?He deepened the kiss further, pumping harder and more passionately, driving his hard shaft in to his lover repeatedly, Hinata crying out with joy.

She recalled her first ever time with Naruto; though it was only a few days ago, it seemed like no time had passed them by since then, and though her imperforate hymen had been broken since that fateful night, right here and now felt like the best of her very first time all over again. It was as though they had never left the Cave of Taiyou; as if they were still having their first time together, and it lifted her higher in to the heavenly sensations of pleasure.

As Naruto came inside of her, Hinata began to realize her pussy had begun to feel sore; having had more sex in one night than she could take; and yet, still she yearned for more. She feared she was turning into some sexual deviant, that people would begin to talk, to call her a slut, or a whore, and it frightened her, but, as she looked in the sweat pleasured face of Naruto, who smiled to her, she knew, "If it is for Naruto, I will act that way, he gives me pleasure, he is mine, as I am his."And she lay, holding him.

At the same time, Naruto's clones continuously ploughed Anko as hard as they could, her insatiable sex drive begging for more than they could give, pounding in to her as hard and as fast as she demanded, her own body moving with them as she seemed to be in control of all six, despite the fact that she was surrounded; the mark of a true expert mistress of pleasure and debauchery, that she could guide them so expertly, with little visible effort.

Naruto and Hinata had resumed, but not in the usual manner they had been, they had taken a turn from romance to pure sexual lust. Hinata had wrapped her legs around Naruto's waist, holding him tight, and helping him thrust harder and faster in to her, as they kissed deeply and hungrily, her hands around his head, holding him in place, as Naruto groped her breasts, playing with them, as their hips slapped together furiously, as he felt a new surge of energy from somewhere.

Anko caught sight of this when the clone in her mouth slipped out, letting her breath for a moment, as the intensity was almost choking her, not that she never liked it, and inwardly smiled, liking how quickly the two were falling in to each other.

The clone would reinsert his cock, but, it wasn't long before they were all reaching their peak, each one ejaculated together across and inside of her; The clones surprisingly didn't disappear, this time, and the cum -filled and -drenched Anko smiled, happy they didn't as she took a moment to clean herself a little by eating the cum.

And, though they stopped, panting during their break, the unrelenting Anko demanded one more serving of cum, pushing the already tired boys; asking Naruto to create yet another clone, ordering him to insert in to her pussy, along with the Naruto already stationed there. The clones were unsure, but pushed on anyway, making Anko arch her back, and groan as she felt her pussy stretch further as it was double penetrated.

"Ohhhh…. Fuuuuuck…. Aaaahhh….!" She moaned out, a little drool escaping her lips and rolling had been so long since she had felt two cocks in her pussy that she almost came from it, the pleasurable discomfort soaring through her body, before all seven Naruto's began to move like before, though now more intensely.

The room filled with the stench of sweat and cum as it warmed up from the sexual activity of the group, their sweaty bodies' sliding across the other's, glowing in the lights of the room.

Over and over they fucked, if a clone vanished, Naruto would force another out, despite getting exhausted, before he resumed fucking Hinata like he had never fucked before.

Having already ejaculating two more times into her, and knowing her body only wanted more, he strained his body, thrusting into her harder and harder, as they continuously kissed, and groped each other, rolling around, until they accidently rolled off the bed and onto the floor, but neither of them cared.

When Naruto came once more, Hinata rolled over with Naruto, and as she dropped fearlessly onto his cock, she moaned louder than even she expected, his cock somehow bigger than she had expected.

Ignoring this surprise, and relishing it instead, she bounced on his enlarged cock, which reached even further within her, pleasuring her more, her breasts bouncing up and down to her movements. While she thrust atop of him, Naruto reached up, grabbing her boobs and tweaking her nipples, augmenting her pleasure further, as she moaned out more from the painful pleasure.

She bounced faster and faster, his cock pounding against her insides; as if he was tapping her womb, and she couldn't help it, something inside of her was giving in to the pleasure, and forgetting herself, as she wildly rode her lover like nothing else mattered but the pleasure that was building inside of her, and making her feel like her head and body were going to explode.

Feeling this powerful charge within her, Hinata couldn't hold it anymore, and suddenly stopped their wild moment of intercourse as Naruto came inside her one last time, Causing her entire body to tense up, and her head to shoot back, and her back arch as she released an extremely powerful discharge across him, built up over many repressed orgasms, and her mind to go white as she felt nothing but the pleasurable release, before eventually returning to reality.

Tuckered out, she collapsed on top of Naruto, breathing heavily as they rested, before eventually kissing him as their faces were only inches apart. Tears of joy filling her eyes, she embraced him affectionately.

Few minutes later, Naruto's shadow clones too were exhausted keeping up with Anko's demands, wearily falling down on top of her before they vanished, at the same time, making Naruto shudder.

"Are you ok?" Hinata asked.

"Y-yeah." He panted. "Sometimes I get these weird feelings of exhaustion, like I just came several times."

Hinata blinked. "Maybe we should stop." She suggested, holding him, concerned.

"Just one more and we can call it a night." Anko smiled down at them. The two looking up at Anko as she got up and led her students back into bed for one final round of sex.

"Sensei, I think we should stop, Naruto is getting odd waves of exhaustion." Hinata said.

"Hey, kid, think you can go one more round?" Anko asked, stroking Naruto cheek.

"I dunno, I'm kinda…" he started to say, before Anko moved in and kissed him, grabbing his hand, and placing it on Hinata's breast. He blinked, and almost instantly, his exhausted cock began to grow harder.

When she pulled away, Anko smirked. "I knew you had one more in you."

Naruto sighed, cursing how easily he got aroused; Anko, rubbing his cock.

"Hinata… eat me out." She grinned, spreading her legs wide. Hinata nodded, and moved over, doing as her sensei ordered, licking out the pussy before her, tasting a trace of Naruto's cum, and Anko's juices.

Naruto moved up behind the Hyuuga, and began fucking her doggy-style, her moans giving power to her mouth as it pleasured her sensei's pussy. While Anko pulled Naruto in to a kiss, a deep passionate kiss, using her tongue expertly with his, making his face go bright red as his eyes slowly closed, kissing her back.

With each thrust Naruto plunged into Hinata's pussy, Hinata pushed herself more into Anko's vagina, transferring the pleasure she felt in her own pussy into Anko, and with each transfer of ecstasy thrust into her pussy, Anko kissed Naruto deeper, returning the same feeling that was being given to the her in this chain of sexual contact.

As everyone's bodies began to lose all energy, Anko ejaculated into Hinata's face and mouth, Hinata pleased to drink her discharge as Naruto ejaculated into her pussy once again, Hinata orgasming upon the touch of his release inside of her pussy, the kiss finally breaking between Naruto and Anko.

"You feeling okay, Naruto?" Anko asked as Naruto collapsed onto the bed, all sexed out.

"Y-yeah..." Naruto panted. "I'm good..."

"Okay then. I'll leave you two be for the night." Anko grinned. "I was going to have you two pack your things from your places and have you officially move in, but that can wait till tomorrow. For now, sweet dreams." She gave Hinata and Naruto a little kiss on the forehead before leaving up the stairs.

"Do you really feel alright, Naruto?" Hinata asked with great concern, knowing that Anko's final request for the night had really taken it out of him.

"I'm fine." Naruto insisted. "I'm just... just tired."

"I understand." Hinata smiled, snuggling up next to Naruto and pulling a velvety blanket over them. Though normally she would have gotten a post-sex shower, she was too worn out to even want to leave the comfortable bounds of the blanket, or her lover, so she simply relaxed where she lay, and fell asleep.


"Yes, Naruto?"

"Thanks for tonight." Naruto smiled, affectionately rubbing his cheek against Hinata's. "I'm sorry if I pushed you beyond what you could handle."

"You didn't." Hinata held him closer. "But I know you're too exhausted for anything more. I wanted to have one last time with you after Anko-sensei left, but..."

"I can still go one more." Naruto insisted. This was a total lie, but he didn't want to disappoint Hinata.

"It's fine, Naruto." Hinata giggled, reaching down and feeling his hardened cock. "Your dick may be able to handle more, but the rest of your body can't." She gave him a kiss.

"Besides, just being alone with you is more than enough for me right now. Just relax, please."

"Alright." Naruto smiled, returning Hinata's kiss as she reached up and slid the dimmer switch down until the lights in the basement went out completely.

"Good night, Naruto. I love you."

"Good night. I love you too, Hinata."

Just minutes later, Hinata grabbed Naruto's head, shaking him out of his drowsiness, and plunging him right into her boobs. Naruto simply turned over so that she lay on her back, and his head on its side, using her beautiful mounds as comfortable pillows, and exhausted from the love made tonight, drifted off into a deep sleep in a matter of seconds.

Meanwhile upstairs, Anko grabbed herself a jar of sake and walked outside onto the balcony, the cool breeze gliding gracefully against her nude form, breathing in the fresh night air as she took a sip of booze.

She smiled as she looked up to the starry sky, reminiscing about all the times she had this year, both the good and the bad, from introducing her students to a side of life they had never been permitted to imagine, to opening Ino and Sakura out of the closet. From lying to Naruto about the reasons for his strife, to finding out that Hinata had been taken captive by Daimao's Den.

All in all, Anko Mitarashi couldn't say that life would be nearly the same had she refused Iruka when he told her to teach at the academy. She knew, and sure her students knew, neither of them would have become half the person they were right now if her life had continued as it did before teaching sex education. Both teacher and students knew that not all times could be as peaceful as they were at this very moment, especially not when their lives had only truly begun, but all and all, the last year had been a lot of fun, and everyone, particularly the young boy and girl downstairs, left the Ninja Academy with a lot of good memories.

But in the end of it all, there was really no other way for Anko to describe these times except:

"It's been one hell of a year, hasn't it?"

[The End]

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