Chapter One

The sun had set and Renee was cleaning up the dishes from dinner. Her mother had gone to check on Renee's baby brother and her father was off checking the cemetery. Her father was the grounds keeper, and they lived in a small house on the outskirts of the cemetery. Renee was often teased about living there, but she loved it. It allowed her to get closer to nature, it was often silent and she could hear the birds and bats and bugs all night and day.

It was getting late and Renee was looking outside the window and didn't see her father. He was usually back by now. She got up and went upstairs to the nursery where her mother was rocking her baby brother, Jules, to sleep.

"Hey mum, I'm going to go look for dad. He hasn't come back yet," she said and her mother looked up at her.

"Okay, be careful, take the large torch with you. Don't need you tripping over tree roots again," replied her mother as she looked down at her son again. Renee nodded and headed back downstairs. She threw her black cloak on and put the hood up because it was cold out and grabbed the large torch.

She made her way through the cemetery, looking around to see if her father was anywhere but she didn't see anyone.

She was now in the heart of the cemetery and saw a light up ahead. She had her way to it and saw a guy in all black standing over a hole with some weird metal mechanism in it and her father was hooked into it, hanging there, and it looked very much like he was dead.

"What is going on here?" she asked rushing over, "what have you done to my father?" She noticed two puncture wounds in her father's neck and gasped.

"I'm afraid your cemetery is infested with vampires," said the guy unhooking her father and laying him on the ground, Renee immediately kneeled next to her father.

"What? I've heard of you, you're that crazy guy who goes around claiming you're a vampire hunter. What have you done to my father?" she asked.

"He is my confirmation," he replied and took down his contraption and loading it into his truck then picking her father up.

"Confirmation for what? He needs to go to a hospital!" she said standing up and holding onto her father.

"He is far beyond the help of the hospital, now let go," he said pulling a drawer out and trying to slide her father's body into it.

"No, he's my father, and he needs medical treatment."

"Get off!" he shoved her and she fell back and down the hole. She fell and landed on a stone floor at the bottom. She looked up at the hole and saw the Vampire Hunter peer down before hearing his truck drive away. She groaned and moved her arms to push herself up to a sitting position.

"Ow, ow, ow ,ow, ouch!" she hissed as she started moving then dropped back down, "my back." Her back really hurt from landing on the stone ground and now she was stuck. She noticed she was in a tunnel and was about to call for help when a bright light all of a sudden turned on and screams erupted from down the tunnel. Renee waited for the screams to die down and it did when the light was turned off. She heard murmuring but couldn't make out how many voices there were, it was only when she heard footsteps that she decided to yell for help.

"Help!" she said for lack of a better expression. The footsteps paused before they rushed down the hall and were getting louder. Then she saw three boys appear, two looked to be related, probably brothers, where the third was blonde and the shortest.

"Who are you?" asked the blonde boy.

"Renee, my father is the cemetery guard and I fear that supposed vampire hunter killed him. I tried to save my father but he pushed me down here and I can't move, it's my back," she explained in a rush.

"Rookery didn't kill your father," said the eldest boy on the verge of laughing, "Rookery couldn't kill anyone."

"Then what happened to my father?" she snapped at him. Her father's life was not a laughing matter.

"Not right now, we need to get you up," said the other boy who had been silent up till now he leaned down with the blonde haired boy, "Gregory help us," said the boy and the eldest boy, who had now been identified as Gregory, rolled his eyes and walked over.

"Move aside," he said, they listened and he leaned down and picked her up supporting her knees and back with his hands.

"Ouch!" shouted Renee then glaring at Gregory, "that hurt, the point was not to further injure me."

"No one told me," he said as they walked back down the tunnel.

"Who is this?" asked a woman who was supporting a man with the help of a young girl.

"Daughter of the cemetery's guard," explained Gregory.

"Her name is Renee," said his brother.

"Oh dear, I am so sorry," said the woman, "and on behalf of my son I am sorry." She said staring down her eldest son.

"Why, what did he do?" she asked looking Gregory.

"Can we just take her home?" he asked bored.

"I suppose, where do you live, dear?" asked the woman.

"In a house on the outskirts," she explained wincing as Gregory shifted her weight.

"That's the direction we need to go to get to the barn," said the little blonde boy.

"Then we will drop her off before following Tony," said the mother and they all left the tunnels. Renee instructed them where to go and soon she was dropped off and she carefully made her way inside.

"Darling, where's your father, and why were you out so long?" asked her mum who was pouring herself some tea in the kitchen.

"I think you should sit down," she said going over to stand next her mother. She couldn't sit down so she stood and began to explain everything that happened.

"So this…this crazy buffoon took my husband?" she asked in tears.

"I tried to get him back mother, to get him medical treatment, but I couldn't," she said.

"Yes, you tried your best. I will call the bobbies and get this settled, you go take a nice hot shower and see if it helps your back. Take it easy darling," she said. Renee nodded and carefully made her way upstairs.

She was going to make Rookery pay for what he had done to her father. No one needs to be mixed up in his insanity. She quickly took a hot shower which really didn't help then laid face down on her bed as she tried to go to sleep.

It didn't work out well. She just kept thinking about that family that was there in the tunnels. No one is allowed in after the sun goes down, yet there they were, there they all were-

But now wasn't the time to worry about a strange family living in the tunnels under the cemetery! Her father was in trouble! He could be badly hurt and currently, as far as she knew, was not receiving medical treatment. But what could they do? She had a hurt back, her mum was pregnant, and her brother was not nearly old enough.

Quickly getting up she realized what she had to do. She made her way downstairs with a torch in hand to light her way. She took a bunch of ice packs from the freezer and placed on her bed and laid down on them so her back could cool. If her back wasn't better in the morning she would take a lot of pain killers and then go hunt down that little blonde boy, Tony Thompson. They said they would be at his house and she knew they would know something about what happened to her father and where he might be.

The next morning Renee got down to business. She made sure her family was okay, mainly her mum, and explained that she going to get dad back at all costs.

"But dear, shouldn't we let the bobbies handle this? I called them last night and they said they were on it," worried her mum as she tried to feed her son.

"The bobbies aren't going to care about a missing cemetery guard. No one comes here anyway, except for that family and I have to find them. Mum, please just take care of yourself and of Jules. I'll be back with dad before you know it," said Renee as she just finished loading her bag with some food, a map, her torch, a scarf, a blanket, and a first aid kit. She zipped her bag up, and her coat.

"Fine, I don't like it, but please be careful. I can't lose you as well," replied her mum.

"I know, I will," said Renee as she put her bag on then hugged her mum.

"I love you."

"Love you too. Bye Jules." Renee rubbed her brother's head before going out the front door.

Renee got on her bike and headed into town. There was only one main street that got everyone everywhere, and it was down that stretch of road that she was travelling to get to town. The cemetery was on the outskirts of town so it took a while to get to town which was smack dab in the middle. She parked her bike alongside the local pub where it would be safe and headed over to the market and found the vegetable man, who was friends with everyone.

"Hey Renee, what are you doing here so early?" he asked as he was cleaning some lettuce.

"I'm kind of on a mission. Do you know where the Thompson's live?" she asked looking at the selection of vegetable before looking at him.

"That's the new family that just moved in. Saw the mum around here sometimes, can't say where they live though. There were a few places bought around the same time, people always seem to leaving and coming, the Kingsleigh place over there on the corner just went up for sale," he said nodding to the giant yellow house behind them.

"Do you know anyone who would know where they live?" she asked, "it's kind of urgent."

"Try McAshton. The pop works for him I believe," he said.

"McAshton, right. Thanks Frank!" she said rushing back to her bike.

"No problem Renee. Good luck!" Renee nodded to him and took off on her bike. McAshton knew pretty much everyone in town, so of course he would know where the Thompson's lived.

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