Chapter Twenty

No one likes spring cleaning even the ones claiming it needs to be done. But in the case of a family that has lived for over three hundred years, they realized it really was needed.

"We have to go through all of this stuff?" asked Rudolph as they looked at their cellar that was packed. Their clan had been hoarding their possession while they were living in the tunnels and looking for the stone. The clan wasn't looking much and lived in abandon buildings so they were able to keep all their things but over time it added up.

"Yes, we must, it takes up too much room," said Freda with the same look of shock as the rest of her family.

"Would you like help, or should us McAllister's just focus on our stuff?" asked Renee's father glancing at Freda.

Fredrick sighed and turned to him, "you better sort out your things so you're ready to move into your new house, then you can come help us. We could use it."

"Sounds good. Have fun Gregory," said Renee patting Gregory's shoulder before leaving the cellar.

"If it's any consolation, we don't have a lot of things so we'll be done soon," said Renee's mother who was holding a squirming Gordon.

"Of course," said Freda. Renee's parents then left the cellar as well to sort out their belongings.

The town had finished building the house and Renee's parents already got a grand tour of the place while she was at school. They are all excited to move out of the Sackville-Baggs because it was really was quite crowded. It was a decent sized house that the Sackville-Bagg's lived in but with two families of five living inside it, some instances were a little tight.

So today the McAllister's were packing up the things they needed and donating the things they didn't, and the Sackville-bagg's were spring cleaning and going through all their things to hopefully use their cellar for something other than just storage.

Anna was sent upstairs to help the McAllister's pack because there was a lot of heavy lifting going on downstairs, also she didn't like the cellar too much. Currently she was helping Renee sort out her things.

"If there is anything of mine that I am donating that you want, go ahead and take it. I'm not sure your parents will be happy about it since they seem set of getting rid of a lot of things, but I'll stay quiet if you do," said Renee placing some folded clothes into her 'keep' pile.

"Sounds perfect," said Anna smiling, "I'm sure I'll have a lot more room once you leave, and I mean that in the nicest way."

"I know, you can use all of the dresser now, and no more cot in the middle of the room. I'm so happy that I don't have to call that my bed anymore."

"It does look very uncomfortable."

Renee nodded like crazy as she tossed a few things into the donate pile. They were silent for a short while before Anna brought up what she had been wanting to discuss.

"So, how is it going to be not living under the same roof as Gregory?" she asked, while smiling and pulling out some more of Renee's clothes from the dresser.

"Probably better for our relationship because we keep fighting about stupid things," said Renee going through the clothes that Anna was pulling out.

"Oh no, that's just pretty much any relationship that someone has with Gregory. I just meant, aren't you going to be upset that you can't sleep in his bed at random times at night or sneak off together?"

"I still can, there might a few more obstacles, but if there is a will, there's a way," said Renee with a cheeky smile before moving some clothes. They continued to pack with idle conversation here and there until they began to move her stuff into the moving van. Rudolph came up to help at that point but there was no sign of Gregory.

"Well that's all my stuff ready to go. I should think my parents can handle their things so why don't I go help your family, eh?" suggested Renee wiping her hands on her pants, which were covered in dirt and dust.

"Sure," said Anna and she led the way down to the cellar and Renee moved off to an untouched corner of the room where she found some unopened boxes. After coughing a bit from the dust that flew up she folded back the flaps of the box and smiled at what she saw inside. Without a second thought Renee closed the box and wrote a giant 'keep' across the top and picked it up. She had a feeling that they weren't going to want to keep these because they were quite old and worn and god knows they needed a good wash, but she should kept them.

Renee placed the box into their moving van and with a small smile on her face continued back towards the cellar. She was about to go down the stairs when someone grabbed her and pulled her into the kitchen before pushing her up against the cabinets in there.

"Well hello there," she said shifting a bit against the cabinets.

"Must you leave?" Gregory asked staring into her eyes.

"I'll only be down the street, it's not like I'm moving to another country," laughed Renee wrapping her arms around Gregory's neck and pulling him into a hug.

"I know, but still. You'll be leaving me with Rudolph and Anna and you know how annoying they can be," he groaned and placed his forehead on her shoulder.

"Actually they were never annoying to me so I have no clue what you are talking about," she said and he just looked up at her.

"Then how about we trade places. Jules loves me and I'm sure Gordon will too eventually."

"Sure that would work splendidly. Now if you're done moping there is some organizing we have to do," she said. She gave a quick kiss on the lips before manuvering her way from under his arms and back down the cellar.

The rest of the day went by fast and by the end of it the Sackville-bagg's cellar was clear of all old and unneeded stuff and the McAllister's were all packed into the moving van. Both families were now headed to the new cemetery house and after they were to meet up with the Thompsons for dinner in town.

The moving van was already in front of the house by the time the two cars drove up and Renee couldn't believe her eyes. It was a brand new house and a lot bigger than the old one, but it looked like it had been there for years. It looked almost like a quaint little cottage, except for the size. Both families got out of the cars and looked at the house.

Everyone started pointing out their favourite things about it.

"It is very fitting," said Anna smiling.

"And you have room to garden," said Freda.

"They even planted ivy along the walls so overtime it will hopefully cover the house," said Renee's father.

"Can we go inside?" asked Rudolph who was somewhat peaking through the window.

"Sure," said Renee's mother and they headed inside. It was empty but the walls were painted nice and soothing colours through out the living room and kitchen areas. Slowly they made their way upstairs and could tell who got which bedroom.

The nursery was a robin's egg blue colour with clouds painted on the ceiling and it was the smallest bedroom. Jules' room was green walls with a dark blue ceiling and glow in the dark stars were stickered to the top. Even if it wasn't his room, he immediately claimed it as his own once they walked in. Renee's room was a light yellow with a giant window covered in a large bright white curtain with beading along it. And finally the mast bedroom was an off white colour with a brick wall along the main wall. Everyone was taking in the bedrooms when they heard the honk of a truck.

"That must be the furniture truck, let's get started shall we." Said Renee's father.

By the time dinner with the Thompson's was finished everyone was completely exhausted. They had been packing and unpacking and moving large objects around all day and all everyone wanted to do was go home and sleep. Except for Gregory.

"I'm going to go to the McAllister's to help they unpack. I'm not really tired," said Gregory. His parents looked at him strangely.

"Right, 'unpack'," commented Tony to Rudolph. They were still standing outside the restaurant having just said good bye to each other.

"If you are sure," said Freda with a knowing smile.

"Well then," said Renee's father and placed Jules in Gregory's arms, "thanks again. Night."

They all got into the cars and drove to their homes, whether old or new, and most everyone went to sleep, even Jules when to sleep fast in his new room with the stars above him. Renee and Gregory though were still up and unpacking boxes of books and clothes.

"Didn't we just do this for you?" asked Renee as she placed some books on her new bookshelves.

"Yeah, so?" he asked as he placed some of her clothes into the dress and began to take down the box.

"Just saying it's like déjà vu," she said with a shrug glancing over at him to see what he was putting where. He tossed the box on top of the others and went to close the full drawers.

"A little, only then we weren't unpacking stuff that was so girly," he said and holding up one of her bras. Renee just rolled her eyes.

"Put the bra down Gregory," she said as she placed the last of the books on her shelf and moved to take the box down. Gregory put the bra back in the drawer and closed it before opening up the next box.

"Why do you have these?" he asked.

"Have what?" asked Renee dumping her box on the pile and walking over to Gregory and looking in his box. "Oh right," she said, "I didn't want your parents to get rid of them because to be honest I like them. Speaking of which, would you mind…possibly putting it on again?"


"Because I think you look crazy hot in it," she said. He gave her a look before pulling out the clothes and walking out to the bathroom down the hall. Renee opened another box and was putting some clothes in her bottom drawer when she heard someone clear their throat. Glancing up, she smiled at Gregory wearing his vampire clothes once more.

"Everything you remembered?" he asked holding his arms out.

"Yep," she responded looking from his trousers to his yellow and black striped vest, his grey trench coat and the fingerless gloves. She stood up and messed his hair up a bit so it was sticking up slightly and grinning. "So sexy."

"Thanks, they kind of stink though," he said sniffing his coat and making a weird face.

"Don't care," she said while wrapping her arms around his waist, "it helps remind me how we met."

"I bit your father. You kind of guilt tripped me into helping you," he said, reaching up and taking her hair out of its clip.

"Yep, that's how we met, and this is what you wearing during that encounter although I do remember a straight jacket and muzzle being involved as well."



"No. I know how your mind works, no."

"Not even if it could be sexy?"

"Don't care."

"Fine, I think those were tossed anyway."

"Good," he said before shrugging off his jacket and tossing it back into the box, "smells so bad."

"Smells likes something died in it," she said with a smirk before turning back to her box of clothes.

"Not funny," he added before going to another box and opening it up.

There were only a few boxes left by the time the two decided to call it quits. Slowly through the course of unpacking Gregory had unbuttoned his vest and shirt in an attempt to make the scent not so bad. Renee laughed when she saw that.

"You could have just changed," she said.

"But I now know you liked the outfit and this will be the last time you see me in it before it gets washed, which will take lord knows how long."

"Well then thank you," she said pecking his cheek before pulling out her pyjamas and walking down the hallway and into the bathroom to change. When she came back into her room she saw that Gregory was once again fully dressed in his vampire outfit and looking at himself in the mirror.

"I didn't look that bad though, did I?" he asked with a smirk. Renee smiled and walked over to him.

"No, not bad at all," she said tossing her dirty clothes into her hamper before he pulled her into his arms and looked at them together in the mirror.

"We make a weird looking couple," he commented after a while. Renee rolled her eyes.

"Well yeah, when you're dressed like that," she said.

"Fine then," he said and quickly stripped off the coat, vest, and shirt so he was only in the trousers and replaced his arms around Renee and looked in the mirror.

"Hmm," said Renee.

"No we still look weird. I don't care," he said and picked up his discarded clothes off the ground and tossed them into the box. He then stripped off the bottoms, leaving him in only his boxers and Renee turned the light off before climbing into her brand new bed. Gregory climbed in afterwards and pulled her into his arms once more.

"Thanks for that, though, I really like that image in my head," she said softly.

"Anytime," he said then paused, "after they are washed." Renee chuckled. "You know, this is a new bed, in a new house, should we-"

"Stop right there lover boy, we aren't there in our relationship quite yet."

"Fine," he grumbled. She then shift in his arms and reached a hand up to pull his head down towards hers.

"But making out will do quite nicely," she said. He smirked and leaned down into a passionate kiss.

Finally all the families were comfortably settled into their own homes and were ready to go about their normal lives without vampires, their hunters, and other mythical interferances. Things were as they should be, no matter how loud that might be.

"Mum, Tony and Rudolph stole me book!" shouted Anna chasing after them through the cemetery.

"It's not like you don't have each of the poems in it memorized," commented Rudolph while he and Tony ran by before taking off into the woods.

"Rudolph give your sister her book back," said Fredrick.

"Don't run too far Tony!" shouted Bob.

"I think it's time for Gordon's changing," said Dottie handing the baby back to his mother.

"Come here little one, dear, it's your turn," she said giving Gordon to his father and taking Jules from him.

"He goes way too much," muttered father McAllister.

"We'll be back later," shouted Renee as she grabbed her bike helmet and put it on.

"Where are you going?" asked her father when they went past him.

"Just in town," said Gregory putting his helmet on and getting on the scooter. Renee got on behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist.

"Don't be gone for too long. I'll be making dinner soon," said Freda. Gregory and Renee seemingly ignored her as he gave her a peck before speeding off down the road and into town.

"Those two," said Anna shaking her head before returning to her quest.

The end.

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