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"Hey Axel? What is…love?" the young blonde asked his friend. Axel turned, his fiery red spikes swaying.

"Why do you ask, Roxas?" he asked. His emerald eyes were trained on the younger boy. Roxas shrugged.

"On one of my missions I saw one of the kids in Twilight Town telling another one he loved her. I was wondering what he meant." he replied. Axel frowned, scratching his head.

"Well, love is…love is when you really like someone." he said. Roxas frowned.

"Like friends?" he asked. Axel shook his head.

"Not exactly. Love is…more than friends. Much more. Love is when you care about someone very much, when you feel like they are a part of you. It's…something straight from the heart." he said, not exactly sure how to explain properly. Roxas nodded.

"So…when you love someone…it means that they're more than your friend. Someone who…means a lot to you?" he asked. Axel nodded.

"Yeah, I guess that's right." he said. Roxas must be talking about Xion. The two had gotten really close, and Roxas was probably starting to feel something for the girl.

"So...what do you do? To express your love to someone?" Roxas asked. Axel frowned again.

"Well, hugging and kissing, to start. There's more stuff, but that's after you've been with someone for a while." he said. He couldn't believe he was saying this. It was like explaining to a child.

"What do-" Roxas began again. Axel jumped up.

"Sorry, Rox, but I have to go. If I skip another mission, Saix will make sure my life is hell." he said, running off before Roxas could ask anything else. He couldn't take it.

Axel sighed silently, walking slowly down the hall towards his room. The mission had been horrible, and made even more difficult because of the constant thought of Roxas. He had been distracted, and he almost got a haircut from a particularly nasty Heartless.

Stepping into his room, he was surprised to see Roxas sitting on his bed. Immediately, horrible thoughts flooded his mind, and he pushed them down.

"Roxas…what's wrong?" he asked. The blonde stood up and walked over to Axel, who stood completely still.

"Axel. I…I need to tell you something." he said. Axel nodded.

"Yeah…what's-" he began, but Roxas cut him off with a kiss. It completely shocked Axel, but he quickly regained his composure and kissed the blonde back. This was what he had been dreaming about since Roxas had joined the Organization.

When Roxas finally pulled back he had his eyes closed, and Axel stared at him, waiting for a reaction.

"Roxas?" he asked. The blonde's eyes snapped open and he stared at Axel.

"I love you." he blurted out. Axel was shocked to hear the words he had longed to hear for months.

"Rox…I love you too." he said. He smiled, and kissed Roxas again, with the blonde happily returning the kiss. Axel lifted Roxas and brought him over to the bed, laying him down and kissing him again, trailing down the younger blonde's neck.

Axel fell down next to Roxas, panting heavily.

"And that, my dear Roxie, is the other thing people do when they love each other." he said, kissing his new boyfriend on the forehead.

"I love you, Ax." Roxas said, drifting into sleep. Axel smiled.

"Love you too, Rox." he said.

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