Lady didn't believe in premonitions. Yet here she stood in front of this abandoned looking building. "This is crazy. What do you hope to find here?" She chastised herself.

This damn building had plagued her dreams for weeks now. So had he. It was really starting to piss her off. Her dreams were so vivid, so life like. She felt like she could reach out and touch him. When she woke, hot tears would stream down her cheeks out of sheer frustration from wanting to hold him. Or strangle him for leaving her in the first place.

Looking around Lady pushed the rusty door open. Vacant, just like in her dreams. She kept to the edges of the structure. Searching it over she let out a frustrated sigh. "Ok, think. What are you missing." She closed her eyes to envision her dream. The office in the back. There was a wall where a door should be.

Lady made her way to the decrepit office. Looking at it closely she could tell that there was drywall that had been hastily erected. Busting apart a wooden chair, she grabbed one of the legs and began beating it against the wall. Slowly but surely she had torn enough of it away to reveal the hidden door. Ahh, the glitch in the matrix.

She cautiously opened the door. It was evident that no one had used this entrance in a long while, judging by the cobwebs. The corridor was long and dark; she pulled out a small flashlight. At the end of the hall was a set of steep stairs. She could see a faint glowing at the bottom. Oh Lady, what are you doing? This is a bad idea. This is right out of a bad sci-fi movie. Cursing her curiosity for getting the better of her, she couldn't turn back now even if she wanted too.

Arriving at the bottom of the steps, Lady quickly scanned the room. She couldn't see around the corner, but from what she could tell, it looked like a small science lab. A rather new one at that. Slowly stepping around the corner she noticed a long elegant sword in a thin tube, hovering over a platform. It couldn't be. She reached out to touch the cylinder. She could feel the raw power radiating from the sword.

"Yamato." Lady whispered. The last time she had seen it, it was attached to its owner's hip. The katana hummed in recognition. Lady had held Yamato many times, mostly just to clean it. He had tried to show her how to use the sword, but she preferred to stick with her guns. Looking at the panel under the majestic weapon, she tried to find the button that would release it. Then something else caught her attention out of the corner of her eye.

Lady slowly walked over to a much larger stasis tube. Her eyes grew wide with disbelief. She covered her mouth with her hand as she came to stand in front of it. "Oh my God." He wore the same battle dress clothing he always wore, minus the gloves and the jacket. Dark purple veins streaked across his gray skin. "What happened to you?" his eyes were closed and his head was slightly bowed. He was alive according to the monitors, although he was the color of death. She touched the case that held him. "Vergil."

The dark slayers heart rate began to increase slightly. Lady looked at the monitor then back up at him. "Vergil, can you hear me?" His fingers twitched. "How do I get you out of here?"

"…Lady." She looked up at the sound of his voice. It was harsh and metallic. His eyes moved rapidly under closed lids. Suddenly, they flew open and glowed a bright red. He stared straight ahead, slowly shifting his gaze down to her.

Red. They're not supposed to be red. She looked on with concern. Vergil focused on her and spoke her name again. His eyes began to change back to their icy blue until there was only a hint of red around the pupils.

Lady frantically started looking for the lever, knob, button, whatever, that would release him. She found the one that freed the sword. She ran over and grabbed it off the platform.

"Impressive." Lady whipped around.

"Who's there?" her grip tightened around Yamato.

"In all the time he's been here, I have never gotten a reaction out of him. And you managed to do it in a matter of minutes." A black figure hissed from the shadows. It loomed a good seven feet tall. Its yellow eyes blinked sideways at her. The sound from the monitor behind her increased rapidly.

"Perhaps I should keep you here as well." The demon lunged at her. Lady backed into the console and scrambled to the side. This creature was fast; she couldn't even get to her gun. She swiped at the beast with the sword in her hand continuing to dodge its attempts to capture her. She backed peddled into something solid. The creature let out a loud hiss. Before she knew what had happened, an X appeared on the demon and she was sliding the sword back into its sheath. No, not her. Him. The resounding 'click' of the sword sliding home sent the beast to its end.

They stood in their embrace for what seemed like forever before Vergil let go of her hands. Lady turned in his arms. She looked in his eyes, which had turned red again. He held no expression on his cold face. Bringing her hand to his face she hesitated before touching him. She ran her fingers over the dark lines that marred his once alabaster skin. "Do they hurt?"

"I feel nothing." He replied, voice still harsh and metallic. Blinking a couple of times, his eyes returned to normal. "You have grown." Vergil stated as he looked her over. He faltered as he stepped back.

"Hey." She grabbed his arm. "I've got you. Lets get out of here." Lady put one arm around his waist and his over her shoulder. "Oh, here." She handed over Yamato. He held on to his trusted companion tightly. Hours later they made their way to a hotel where they would rest for the night. Lady insisted that Vergil shower, while she ordered them something to eat.

The dark slayer started the shower and undressed. He caught his reflection in the mirror on the back of the door and it started him. He hadn't seen his own image in many years. No wonder she asked if they hurt. He touched the lines on his face. I was so incredibly foolish. He ran his hands down his torso, over the numerous scars. Leaning in a little closer to examine his eyes, he saw his pupils were rimmed with red. Sighing, he stepped in the shower.

After he was done, he donned the white robe Lady had set on the sink and stepped back into the main room. She was setting food on the little table in the room. Looking up she said, "How do you feel?"

His brows came together. He should feel something. Gratitude for her coming to his aid, relieve that he was no longer trapped in hell, joy at a second chance at life. Yet he felt nothing. Vergil sighed heavily, "I..I feel nothing." It perplexed him.

Lady gestured at the chair. "It's ok. It will probably take some time. I ordered you some Chinese. I remembered you use to like it."

They ate in silence. When they were finished, Vergil asked her how long he had been away. Eight years. I have missed so much. Lady proceeded to touch on what he had missed.

"Come on, we can play catch up over the next few days. You need some rest." Lady told him when he stared at her with his head in his hand, looking more confused than she had ever seen him. She set a bag of clothes on the dresser. "I took the liberty of picking you up a few things. Sorry, I had to burn your clothes."

Vergil gave her a small lopsided grin. "You did not have to do that."

"Yes I did. They stank. I put them on Dante's card anyway."

Dante. Vergil's small smile disappeared. "How is Dante?"

She shrugged. "Dante is Dante. He's still annoying, still lazy, still only eats pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner." He looked at her imploringly. Lady sighed. "If you were asking if he is alright emotionally, it depends. He mourned your death, we both did. It took him years to get over it. He blames himself for not being able to save you."

"You cannot save someone who does not want to be saved." He said softly.

Lady crouched down in front of him and put her hands on his knees. "Look, Dante's come to grip with the past. He's in a much better place than he use to be."

"And you?" He searched her eyes.

Lady stoop and began to unload another bag. "I'm ok. You know, it took a long time for me to realize that my love for you would never have been enough to keep you from following through with your inane plan. I use to think maybe if I loved you harder that you would have stayed. It hurt, but I'm ok now." She shot him a sincere smile.

"Now tell me how you really feel." Vergil said dryly.

Lady set the bag down and turned to look at him. He always knew when she was hiding her feelings from him. He ought to, he was the master at it. "You are the most self-centered, arrogant, pig-headed, narrow-minded, selfish, bastard I have ever met. I cried for you until I couldn't cry anymore. You made me doubt my self-worth when you left me for your father's power. Do you know how that made me feel? That I wasn't good enough to keep you here. That I wasn't enough to make you happy. We had a good thing Vergil and you just threw it away. And for what? So you can become a stronger man? Well how did that work out for you?" She slapped her hand to her mouth in shock at the last statement.

They stared silently at each other.

"It didn't." He bowed his head. "Lady, I have made many grievous mistakes in my past. I have paid dearly for them, and deserved most if not all that was dealt me. I cannot nor will I ask for your forgiveness. I have not earned that right. I have wronged you and my brother in more ways than one and for that I am sorry." Vergil took a deep breath. "I am not the same person I was before. If anything, my appearance gives that away. I have been conditioned to feel and give nothing except for pain. I would like to try to be a better person, but with all that I have experienced and the way that I am now, I just don't know if that is possible."

Lady sat in the chair across from him. "Baby steps Vergil. The fact that you've admitted to being an ass and that you want to change is a good start. You've only been conscious in the human world for about nine hours. Why don't you get some rest."

He looked at the bed with apprehension. She rolled her eyes. "Yes, I know there is only one bed. We've slept in the same bed before. Just stay on your side."

They crawled in the king size bed. Vergil stayed as far away from Lady as possible. Lady shook her head and turned out the light. Vergil sighed deeply. "The irony is not lost on me. I tried so hard to mask my emotions from everyone. And now, I would give anything to feel something."

"Baby steps Vergil, baby steps."