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Sometimes, every hole in the house has a reason... ;)

The Walls Have Eyes

"Rise and shine dear, it's morning already!" a loud and obviously happy voice broke the silence. Sasuke groaned as he heard his mother open the curtains from his window, allowing the warm sun rays into his dimly lit room. "Mama... it's still early... it's Saturday... I don't have any work... and I don't even have a mission... can't I sleep some more?" he whined groggily. He heard his mother laugh softly. "Sasuke-dear, Your father and I will go out of town to visit check on the lot that he is planning to buy. Itachi will be out, I think he has a mission..." she trailed off. Sasuke knew that his mother was wanting him to do something for her.

Sasuke took a deep breath and rolled out of bed. The blanket that wrapped his pale body fell down as he got up and stretched. He was just in his boxers and he didn't feel a bit ashamed infront of his mother. He opened his eyes and looked at the smiling face of his beautiful mother. She was already dressed. He leaned over and kissed his mother's hair. "What is it that you want me to do mama?" he asked as he smirked. Mikoto's smile grew even wider "You really know me too well son..." she said. Sasuke smiled as his mother stood in tiptoes as she shuffled his already mess of a hair.

"Well... I was supposed to ask your father to do it but since we are leaving and Itachi isn't here..." she trailed as she picked Sasuke's blanket and began folding it. "I would like you to fill up the holes on the walls..." she said. Sasuke rubbed his right eye "The holes? There are holes around here?" he asked surprised. He never noticed that. Mikoto nodded "Yes dear... some are in the kitchen... and I found a few in Itachi's room... I haven't checked yours and ours..." she continued as she smoothed the bedcover. Sasuke nodded and yawned "I'll get to it mama... is there anything else?" he asked and his mother shook her head.

"Miko-chan... let's go..." Fugaku's voice was heard from downstairs. "Well... we better get going Sasuke... there's breakfast at the table... Itachi already left... the wood glue is in the stockroom. I think your father also set aside a bag of sawdust beside it." she said as she walked out of Sasuke's room and the raven followed. Sasuke saw his father waiting for his mother with a traveling bag in hand. "Sasuke... if you need to leave the house lock it..." his father said. Sasuke nodded "Yes, papa... I got it..." he said as he rolled his eyes. "We will be back on Monday..." Fugaku added as he eyed his half naked son with disapproval.

Mikoto noticed the eye movement of Fugaku and gently slapped his arm "Fugaku... just let Sasuke be...he is at home fro Kami's sake..." she scolded her husband. Fugaku rolled his eyes and muttered something uncomprehensively. Mikoto winked at Sasuke "Let your father grumble... he just wished he can walk around the house in his underwear like you and Itachi do..." she giggled. Sasuke smiled. "Take care dear and don't forget to eat on time..." his mother said as she waved. Sasuke stood by the door and waved. He stared on the pathway and remained unmoving. He was still adjusting his sleepy mind.

He came back to reality as he heard a couple of giggles and sighs. He looked up and saw a group of young kunoichis passing by their house. He knew they were looking at his exposed form for they were blushing. Sasuke shook his head and decided to get away from those perverted eyes. He knew he looked good, but he despised being the subject of their wild fantasies. He went directly to the kitchen and peered over. His mother left him a plate with tomato and spring onion omelet, wheat bread and some cured beef strips. There was also some green tea in the pot. He poured himself a cup and sat before his meal.

As soon as he finished, he quickly washed his plate and cup and decided to get on with the favor his mother asked of him. He went to the attic that served as their stockroom. He found the glue and sawdust. He looked for a container to mix his concoction. Minutes later, Sasuke was mixing glue and sawdust to create a wood filler. He was already fully awake and went in from room to room and inspected every hole possible. He went to his parents' room and started there. There were indeed holes, Sasuke suspected termites but found none to back up his suspicion on the culprit.

He could have created a clone to finish the task in half the time, but he enjoyed manual work. It was rare for an ANBU to do manual work anymore. They usually rely everything to jutsus and chakra reserves. Sometimes it felt nice to be close to normal. He continued to work, clearing his mind on everything except the task to fill the holes around their house. He finished his parents' room. He went to the kitchen. His parents' room were downstairs and his and Itachi's were on the second floor. The kitchen had a few holes but he fixed those quickly. He headed towards his room to start his work.

But as soon as he began scanning around, he heard Naruto calling for him. He grabbed a pair of shorts and headed towards the door. Naruto greeted him with his usual loud voice. The blonde was asking if he would like to join them for a stroll. "Who's coming?" he asked. Naruto started naming a few names... Sasuke decided he can take a walk for a few hours, his task was about to be done... and his parents' won't be coming home until Monday. He only had his and Itachi's room undone. He nodded and went upstairs to grab a shirt and locked the house. It was a nice time to relax a bit.

Sasuke was an ANBU Captain and for the past few months, he was busy with missions given by the Hokage. This was his first mission free weekend. Naruto and a few friends were going fishing and have a few drinks. It was still early and the it's been a long time since Sasuke socialized. Mikoto have always asked Sasuke to just apply as an instructor at the academy but Sasuke hesitated. Itachi was an ANBU Captain before but left the position to be a jounin and an instructor as well. He didn't want any form of competition with his brother. They had a civil level of relationship. He looked up to his brother but he didn't want to be compared.

Shikamaru and Chouji was already by the river. Shikamaru had the line tied to his toe as he was stretched on the grass. A few minutes later, Lee and Neji arrived. Lee was carrying a large container and Sasuke knew it was their drink. Kiba arrived a few minutes later, carrying a pack of marinated pork meat which Chouji offered graciously to cook. They sat in a circle formation and started passing the cup. They talked about things in life... reality and fantasy... just like the good old days. As the hours flew by, they were now laughing over the silliest things. The power of sake was taking over.

Sasuke, who wasn't really fond of drinking more than he can handle decided to go home and finish his chore. He was feeling a wee-bit dizzy from the amount of spirits he accumulated within the last hour. He got up... wobbled a bit, but got his balance. Naruto looked up "Are you going?" he asked. Sasuke nodded "I still have something to do..." he said. He bade farewell and left the tipsy group. He still had a clear head and he thought about the holes again. He wondered how they appeared with his mother's notorious house cleaning... it seemed impossible. He sighed and shoved the thoughts off his mind.

Itachi arrived home. His mission finished much earlier than expected. He noticed that the house was locked. maybe Sasuke left for work. He knew his parents weren't around. He didn't bother to open the main door. He didn't bring his keys anyway. So he walked around the house and jumped up to his room. He got in easily and placed his head protector on the dark mahogany desk beside his bed. He closed his eyes and took a sniff... the house smelled like glue and something like sawdust. He then remembered his mother telling him to fix the walls... maybe she asked Sasuke to do it for her.

He made sure that his room was locked. He was planning on taking a bath before he will take a nap. Suna was really dusty for his taste. He sat on his bed ans slowly removed his sandals off, stretching his feet in the process. He was stretching his limbs... he had been running for the past few hours and he didn't want to cramp himself up. His alert senses heard the door unlock... so Sasuke was already home. That meant that his little brother didn't have any mission for today. Maybe he can get Sasuke to cook for their dinner. He can see to it that he does that later.

Sasuke arrived home... he was feeling very warm.. obviously, he haven't taken a bath yet and he'd gone drinking as well. It was around 1 in the afternoon and the sun's rays were at it's most painful glare. He decided to finish covering the holes before taking a bath. He quickly headed for his room, taking two steps at a time on the stairway. He was releived that the glue concoction he made haven't turned too hard. It was his fault that he left it and went with Naruto. He gave the container a couple of swirls, making the sticky paste more malleable. He then inspected the walls in his room again... soon he finally found a hole to cover.

As he stooped over to fill it, he thought he saw something... or someone. He blinked a couple of times and took a peek into the hole. The stick he used to mix the container with fell from his hands. He stopped breathing for couple of seconds. He moved away from the hole... and took a couple of quick breaths. He did not see that... he told himself. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Itachi couldn't be there... he was somewhere out there in a mission. He took a deep breath and peeked again, wanting to convince himself that he was just hallucinating... but he was dead wrong!

Itachi was really there and heavens, Sasuke never expected to see this. He became breathless as he conitnued to stare. He was sure he will get eyestrain after this, but he didn't care. What Itachi was doing right now was attracting him like magnet. He never expected to see this side of Itachi... He never realized that his brother... all silent and stoic...could be this... sensual. Sasuke tried to swallow the hard lump that clogged his throat. A bead of sweat rolled off his forehead. He felt his breathing go shallow and his mouth grew dry. But the most confusing thing was he felt himself getting hard.

Itachi lazily removed his jacket off and revealed a black shirt that hugged the contours of his frame. He took the shirt of and absent-mindedly ran his palm over his chest. He removed the stretchable band that held his hair and his luscious locks cascaded on his back like a dark waterfall against the pale skin of his back. He carelessly tousled his hair, enjoying the feel of release. He heard a gasp. He didn't move. He knew it was Sasuke. So Sasuke discovered the hole. He smirked... it was about time his little brother became aware of that hole. He didn't make that with no purpose.

Itachi's sensitive ears caught Sasuke's erratic breathing. He always imagined of seducing Sasuke. He always wanted his brother... physically. It was an obsession that he kept for years... under the prying eyes of his parents. It was scandalous if it came out... no one would ever believe the he, Itachi Uchiha had a thing going on for his younger brother. He wasn't gay... he was sure of that... a bi, well maybe... he did have a couple of girlfriends before and the only person of the same gender that ever caught his eyes was Sasuke. No one else ever boiled his blood to lustful heights like Sasuke did. His brother was special.

Well, if Sasuke continued to watch... he will get the show of his life...Itachi thought naughtily. He was now shirtless and barefoot. He lied down, his head was facing the hole. The wall was at least 2 meters away from his bed, so everything would be crystal clear to any peeping tom that would dare to watch. He heard another gulp, and it excited him even more. He have never done this... this were all in the realm of his deepest darkest fantasies. Itachi closed his eyes and began touching his exposed torso, lingering his slender, calloused fingers on his sensitive spots and gasping at the sensation.

Sasuke felt his knees trembling and almost giving way... this was too much... he knew he needed to back off... his mind told him to stop... but his heart ordered him to stay. Itachi was enjoying an intimate moment... and he dared to continue witnessing it until the very end. Itachi's hair was spread out against the burgundy sheets of his bed... that bed where he slept before for countless times... when he was upset... or when there was thunder bothering him when he was younger. Sasuke opened his mouth to breathe...he was sweating badly and he felt cold chills on his spine... all the sake he had in his body left along with his perspiration.

Itachi wasn't satisfied with just touching his body... he slowly made way for his shaft. Sasuke dropped the glue mixture and it fell with a thud on the floor. He was foolish... but he didn't care. He closed his mouth with his hand to prevent him from gasping out some more as he continued to look. Itachi unbuttoned his pants and seductively pulled the zipper down. He then removed his pants and like always, he was wearing briefs. Itachi disliked boxers... even when they were younger... and Sasuke knew that by heart. He stared at the creamy firm thighs... and felt his own cock twitch in anticipation.

Itachi threw his pants on the floor. Sasuke watched eagerly as Itachi bit his lower lip... despite the distance and the wall, he can hear Itachi's heavy breathing. He looked on... Itachi's hands moved and began rubbing his hot palms over his angered member. The prominent bulge was proof enough of how aroused his brother was as of the moment. Sasuke swallowed again... he wanted to see Itachi... everything he had to offer. Kami, this was insane! He was a man... but... but... seeing this sweet part of his perfect brother made it sinfully good. Itachi was still human... the personification of perfection.

Sasuke dared his eyes not to blink... he can't miss any of this... not even a precious second. Itachi led his hands on the garter of his black brief... and gently pulled it off... Sasuke wanted to remove the thought that sprouted in his mind... but it was really possible... that Itachi was really teasing him. He was not innocent about this act... he had experienced pleasuring himself a couple of times... but it wasn't like this... the erotic striptease his brother was doing right now was telling his conscious mind that his brother, Itachi was aware that he was being watched. Sasuke was smart enough to decipher that.

Sasuke took a deep breath and by doing that he closed his eyes at the sensation. His shaft was throbbing...the painfully delicious pulse threatening to explode any moment soon. The tight knot that formed in his loins... he needed release as well. Sasuke realized that he left the scene. He opened his eyes and looked into the hole... he held his breath in surprise. Itachi wasn't there. He blinked and stared back... the bed was empty. Sasuke frowned as he tried to catch his breath. He took one last look and almost fell back with surprise. Itachi was staring back at him... their lust coated onyx eyes collided.

Sasuke felt blood drain off his face. He was caught... shame on him. He had all the time to get away earlier but he stayed like the fool he was. He back off, bewildered. His heel hit the foot stool that cause him to fall down. Though he was at the point where he wished that the ground he stood upon would just swallow him whole and save him from facing Itachi, he was still lucky that his bed caught him when he fell down. He covered his face with his hands... shame on him... he wanted to crumble and die. "Sasuke..." he heard Itachi's deep baritone call out to him. He trembled. Itachi sounded so near to him that he was afraid to look.

"Sasuke..." Itachi called again. Sasuke gulped... he must face this like a man... he was 21 for Kami's sake. He removed his hands from his face and slowly opened his eyes. He found Itachi looking at him with a satisfied smirk on his handsome face. His hair was still spread out but he was wearing robe of some sort that was loosely tied. "What a naughty boy you are, otouto..." he purred. Sasuke opened his mouth to protest "Nii-san... it wasn't... I was..." he stammered. Itachi gave a soft laugh. He got on top of Sasuke and pushed him back as the young raven tried to get up. "Would you care to continue where I left off?" he asked as his dark eyes twinkled with delight.


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