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The Walls Have Eyes

Previously :

Sasuke smiled, his dark eyes glittering with desire. "Then take me Itachi..." he whispered as he gently licked Itachi's shaft. He felt Itachi tremble with his touch. He coated Itachi's thick erection with his saliva, gently sucking on the skin in the process. Itachi wanted nothing more than to ram his member in Sasuke's delicious looking ass but he was sure he couldn't walk for the next few days and was sure someone would notice. He needed to be gentle so that he can be sure there will be a second time. Because now that he have tasted how sweet his brother was, he can't get enough of him.

Itachi looked at Sasuke, his dark eyes burning with desire. His sweet, not-so-innocent brother was willing to do the deed with him. He wanted Sasuke to devour his length, but the need to put his throbbing erection into Sasuke's love hole was more powerful. He reached for Sauske's hands and stopped him from teasing his almost bursting shaft. Itachi caught the glint of disappointment in his brother's eyes. "Was I not pleasing you enough, brother?" he asked worriedly. Itachi shook his head and gave his otouto an assuring smile "You please me more than anyone can Sasuke..." he said as he planted a soft kiss on his brother's lips.

Itachi got up. "Where are you going? I thought that you would take me... I thought..." he called out but stopped as soon as the words spilled. It was quiet embarrassing that he sounded so eager to be marked. But what can he do? His arousal was again awakened and the wanton need to be taken was slowly filling his sanity. Itachi looked back and smiled again "Patience otouto... we will get there..." Itachi murmured as he vanished into thin air. Sasuke scowled. Where was his brother going? He shamefully came quickly as his brother pleasured him with his mouth earlier. What the hell was he going to do with his growing erection?

Before he could exhale, he felt Itachi's strong arms wrap around his chest from behind "Did you miss me?" the elder raven asked huskily into his ear. Itachi showed Sasuke what he went out to get. Sasuke eyed the bottle and his eyes grew large "Tha-attt's..." he stammered. Itachi chuckled "Yes, it's mother's bath oil." Itachi said. "You see... as much as I want to claim you right now, we need to make things perfect. This is your first time isn't it?" Itachi asked. Sasuke nodded as pleasure circulated through his veins. "Are you sure you want this?" Itachi asked. Sasuke nodded "Hai! More than anything!" he confirmed.

Itachi smiled and began dropping butterfly kisses on Sasuke's shoulders as his hands moved to uncap the bottle and poured the sweet smelling oil on his palms. Sasuke grew delirious as the sweet smell of lavender flowers filled his nostrils. He watched through his droopy lids as Itachi coated his hands with the oil. Sasuke rested his back on Itachi, while he tried to calm himself. He was damn excited. He bit his lower lip as he felt Itachi's warm hands wrap around his weeping shaft. Itachi's hands were too slippery and even the slightest movement brought tremors of pleasure to him.

Sasuke threw his head over Itachi's shoulder, exposing a lot of his creamy neck. Itachi hungrily licked and sucked unto the warm skin as he continued to play with Sasuke's rock-hard pride. "Uhmn... Itachi-nii..." Sasuke whimpered as Itachi ran his index finger on the sensitive slit. He loved the way Sasuke whimpered. The delicious sounds Sasuke was doing was driving him insane. He can't hold on to it much longer. He bit through Sasuke's skin and sucked it, showing the young raven how much he wanted him. He heard Sasuke growl "That will bruise, you know..." he breathed out. Itachi just smiled.

"Go on all fours, otouto..." Itachi demanded. It sounded sinfully delicious and goosebumps started to decorate Sasuke's arms. He dropped on all fours and his naked ass was now exposed to Itachi. "Beautiful..." he heard Itachi comment. He looked back and frowned "Baka!" he growled. Itachi got the bottle again and poured an ample amount on Sasuke's buttocks. Sasuke gasped as he felt the warm oil flow down to his thighs. Their mother would not be that thrilled to find out that her favorite bath oil was all gone, but he cared none of that. He cared only to be marked by Itachi and that was all the matters.

Itachi caught the sliding oil with his index finger and spread it all over, making sure to fully coat his brother's twitching entrance. "Hah... Itachi-nii.. Umph.. Have you... have you.. ever done this before?" Sasuke asked, cutting off each word as he gasped for air. Itachi felt his mouth water and his member twitch "That's not important now..." he responded. Sasuke whimpered "It is for me..." he whispered. Itachi stood on his knees and leaned over, hugging Sasuke from behind. His long hair curtained over. He whispered directly into Sasuke's ear "I haven't wanted a man before... only you otouto..." he said and Sasuke heard what he wanted to know.

Itachi slowly inserted a finger into Sasuke. Sasuke gritted and whimpered. "Don't fight it... relax..." Itachi cooed. Sasuke tried to relax, the sensation was both pain and pleasure. He felt Itachi pull out and inserted a follow-up digit and then another. "Haahh..." he wailed. Itachi began to move his hand slowly at first, waiting for Sasuke's tensed muscles to relax. His cock was painfully burning with desire. He knew he had to wait for a few more minutes. He didn't want Sasuke to feel any pain, but if it will take longer than that he knew he could die. Itachi slowly finger-fucked Sasuke and soon heard moans of pleasure from his submissive lover.

Itachi could bear no more. He pulled his fingers out and heard Sasuke hiss with disappointment. He quickly poured more oil on his own throbbing erection and coated it, biting his lower lip to prevent himself from moaning. He adjusted himself behind his brother. "Nii-san..." Sasuke whispered. "This might hurt a bit..." Itachi warned Sasuke. He slowly placed the head of his shaft on Sasuke's entrance and slowly made his invasion. "Fuck! Itachi! That hurts! Pull out!" Sasuke screamed. Itachi wanted to continue, but the thought of hurting Sasuke stopped him. "Please relax... Sasuke... please..." Itachi pleaded.

Sasuke began taking deep breaths, as he concentrated on relaxing. It was very uncomfortable and Itachi was.. so to say, very huge. With all the love and patience he can muster, Itachi began to slowly invade Sasuke again. Sasuke tried his best not to scream. After all, he wanted this and he gave Itachi permission to do this to him. As Itachi slowly penetrated him, the elder raven continued touching him here and there. Soon Sasuke's attention was diverted to his own weeping cock and Itachi successfully penetrated him. The ripping pain was too much, but bearable. Sasuke took a couple of deep breaths, he felt sweat roll off his forehead down to his face.

Itachi didn't move, the pulsing of his shaft increased the moment he felt the warm delicious pressure wrap around his engorged erection. The feeling was utterly glorious. The best thing he ever tasted in his years of existence. No woman gave him this euphoric ecstasy. "Nii-san..." his thoughts were awakened as he heard Sasuke call out to him. "Please...move..." the younger asked. Itachi held on to Sasuke's legs and began moving, thrusting into the clenching muscles that was squeezing his cock to pleasurable heights. Sasuke gently rocked along with Itachi's rhythmn. It was a special dance made only for both of them.

"Itachi-nii..." Sasuke whimpered as Itachi added a bit more pressure with his thrusts. Sasuke have fully adjusted to him and he knew he can take harder and deeper thrusts. After a few more thrusts Sasuke screamed, not with pain but with pure pleasure. "Ahhh..." his brother's seductive screams echoed and tickled Itachi's ears. Itachi knew he hit Sasuke's pleasure point. It took him a good couple of minutes to locate it. Sasuke was ready and he can't stop... not anymore... Itachi needed release. He held Sasuke's hips tightly and rammed his entire length in and out of his brother's entrance.

Sasuke's body jerked with pleasure "Ohhh-Fuck! Itachi...aaahhh... shit!" Sasuke screamed as Itachi hit his prostrate over and over. Itachi leaned over and his sweat covered body collided with Sasuke's equally wet back. He reached for Sasuke's erection and began pumping it. His hands felt the shaft tremble and pulsate. He felt Sasuke's balls tighten. He was falling into the ecstatic pleasure as his body moved on it's own. He loved the feel of Sasuke's tight ass clenching his cock, the inexplainable pleasure of having his erection sucked by the delcious heat... a feeling he had no words to describe.

He felt the knot in the pit of his stomach grow numb. He increased his thrusts... in and out, pulling Sasuke's hips against him... meetng his thrusts as his other hand played with Sasuke rock-hard erection. Screams of lust and sexy moans filled the four corners of Sasuke's room. Itachi was sure that his brother's screams can be heard outside the house. He didn't care, their house was situated at the end of street and at the opening of Konoha's forest. No one would be there to listen and witness the deed they were engaged in. Itachi finally had his fill... "Fuck, Sasuke!" he screamed as he released his seed into Sasuke upon reaching his climax.

Sasuke came as again and Itachi's hand was coated with his love juice. Itachi took a few seconds of rest on Sauske's back to regain his breath. The young raven collapsed on the bed, tired and panting but fully satiated. Itachi removed his now growing limp member out of Sasuke and rolled off. As he was trying to calm down he heard Sasuke talk. "Nii-san... you were never fair to me." he mumbled. Itachi directed his eyes from the ceiling to Sasuke's lovely face "Whatever do you mean?" he asked as he reached forth and removed the stray lock of hair away from Sasuke's forehead.

Sasuke smiled. Though he looked tired, Itachi knew Sasuke was up to something. He was willing to bet his life that he saw a glint of naughtiness shine in Sasuke's dark orbs. Sasuke moved and rolled on top of Itachi. This time the young raven was the one pinning the other down. He leaned and kissed Itachi on the lips, releasing it only to gasp and breath. Itachi was loving every moment of it. Whatever Sasuke was doing to him felt incredibly arousing. Though it was just a few minutes after he came, he realized that he was growing hard again. Sasuke was taking his turn now, after all... Itachi never broke nor forget a promise.

Sasuke slowly slipped down and was now facing Itachi's member, bringing the not-so-limp shaft back to it's thrust-able state earlier. Itachi gritted his teeth as he felt Sasuke touch him. "Are you sure you've never done this?" he asked as he closed his eyes and gurgled a moan. Sasuke chuckled "I am sure..." he responded. "If you keep doing that, I might... oh, fuck!" Itachi cursed as he felt Sasuke take one of his balls into his warm mouth. "Sasuke...haahh..." Itachi moaned as Sasuke roamed his tongue over the base of Itachi's shaft and balls. Sasuke was pleased with the sounds Itachi was creating.

Sasuke got the bottle that was standing solely and uncapped on his bedside table. It was almost empty, but it still had enough content to achieve his goal. He was determined to make Itachi scream like he shamefully did earlier. He grinned wickedly as he reached for it and poured the oil on his hands. He then raised Itachi's legs and placed his calves on his shoulders. Sasuke was facing Itachi and he adjusted Itachi's distance until his cock touched Itachi's buttocks. Itachi looked at Sasuke and frowned "Otouto, I haven't... go slow..." he whispered. It was different when Itachi asked for something, it still sounded deliciously demanding.

Sasuke was glad that Itachi was keeping his promise, no force needed. He gently circled Itachi's entrance with his oily index finger and inserted it without warning. He saw Itachi cringe, but the elder raven didn't say a word. He added another digit, not as slowly as Itachi was with him earlier. He heard Itachi growl, but he was sure it wasn't displeasure. it sounded impatience. "Sasuke stop playing... please..." Itachi pleaded. The sexy pleading voice was enough to make Sasuke's cock weep double time. He can't believe how easily Itachi can turn him on... from the slightest touch to softest moan. He reacted to all of it.

He directed his rock-hard shaft on Itachi's entrance, hoping that he coated it properly. It was nice to dominate Itachi one in a while, but it was never his intention to hurt his aniki. He respected his brother. Sasuke, though inexperienced as he was remembered how gentle his brother was to him earlier. He was smart enough to identify that his brother needed to be stretched. Sasuke started to slide his fingers in and out of Itachi until his brother was cooing with pleasure. "Hmnnn... Sasuke..." Itachi moaned as he licked his sudden-dry lips from the pleasure he was getting and soon enough, his shaft's tip was crowned with pre-cum.

Sasuke felt Itachi getting impatient. He felt his brother's ass squeezing his fingers with every moan and sigh. He was hard, his throbbing erection was trying to find relief. He removed his fingers and got the same reaction he gave out earlier... an angry hiss of disappointment. He placed the tip of his erection on Itachi's entrance. He was already lubricated from earlier. He looked at Itachi and saw a nod, his brother was ready and so was he. He held Itachi's legs and slowly pushed himself in. He saw Itachi squint his eyes shut. "Fuck, Sasuke!" he spat. Sasuke closed his eyes as well. The sensation was undefined.

Itachi had all the rights to be proud that Sasuke was his brother. He was well-endowed as well. Both had a hard time but their lust for each other didn't stop them. Sasuke filled Itachi half-way, causing the elder rave to panth for air. "Sasuke, what the hell are you waiting for? Move, dammit!" Itachi gritted in between clenched teeth. Obediently, Sasuke did as he was told. He pushed his entire length in and Itachi gave yelp. "Hah! Oh, fuck... that feels so good!" Itachi quivered with delight as he held on the bed's side for support. Sasuke's single bed suddenly became two small for both of them.

"Itachi-nii... you are... so... tight... oh, shit!" Sasuke said as he slid in and out of Itachi's warm ass. He trembled from the delicious sensations he was getting from fucking Itachi. "Sasuke... harder... you're too slow... haahh..." Itachi complained. 'So Itachi wants it rough' Sasuke thought. He held on Itachi's legs and increased his pace, pulling Itachi harder against himself on every thrust. Itachi began screaming with pleasure. Sasuke supported his thrusts with his right hand on Itachi's leg while his left hand grabbed Itachi's shaft and gave it a good squeeze. Obscenities started leaving Itachi's lips, turning Sasuke on even more.

Sasuke released Itachi's cock and went back to push and pull his brother against him with both hands. Itachi was almost there. He grabbed his own erection and pumped it in time with Sauske's thrusts. Sasuke have never been this sexually aroused in his entire life. Looking at the way Itachi pumped himself and feeling his brother's tight, delicious ass was enough reason to make him cum for the third time. He breathed with his mouth as Itachi's groans and choice of words rang over him like the greatest piece of music ever written. He increased his speed, not aware of the heavy creaking the bed's wooden legs were making.

"Faster Sasuke... fuck me, harder... haahh... that's... it... harder..." Itachi demanded as his brother met his thrusts. He felt a wave of pleasure burst in him for the third time. He opened his eyes and saw that Itachi came hard with him. His brother's seed coated his hands ans abdomen. Itachi looked at Sasuke and his satisfied face made Sasuke realize that his brother was fully aware of what exactly happened between the two of them today. Sasuke searched his mind and then his heart... no regrets. Just a question of 'What now?'. He removed his cock from Itachi's ass. He dropped beside Itachi and tried to regain his breath.

They remained silent. No one dared to say a word. The only sound heard was the cricket's song in the forest. Sasuke looked at Itachi and his brother had his eyes closed. Sasuke felt a sudden uerge to touch Itachi and cuddle up to him. Sasuke was lost in trance. Whatever happened to them was beautiful and glorious. He was fully aware that this incident will change everything for both of them. He will look at Itachi in a different light now. This marks a new chapter of their lives. He never expected that he could fall for his brother like this so easily. It was a new feeling and he liked the feel of it.

"Nii-san..." he whispered and he heard Itachi's soft 'hn'. "What now?" he asked, hoping deep inside that his brother will not be offended with his blunt questioning. "What would you like to happen Sasuke? Are you having any regrets?" Itachi asked. Sasuke searched his heart, not even the slightest trace of guilt nor regret can be found. But it took him a few minutes to answer. "I don't regret it at all..." he responded. He felt Itachi move. He looked at his brother and saw that he was already standing. Itachi slowly picked his robe and slowly walked towards the door. Sasuke felt a suddrn lump form in his throat.

He got up and quickly caught up with Itachi. He buried his face on Itachi's back and wrapped his arms around his brother. "Don't go..." he murmured against the soft skin of his brother's back. Itachi smiled though Sasuke can't see it. "Why?" he asked, his voice in it's daily monotone. "Because... because..." Sasuke stammered. Itachi faced him and tilted his chin up a bit so their eyes would meet. Itachi was still a few inches taller than Sasuke. "Why should I stay?" he asked again. "Because I want you to stay..." was all Sasuke could muster, but it was enough reason for Itachi.

Itachi held Sasuke in his arms. They stayed that way. No exchange of words. They were just enjoying the newly found warmth... the long-lost feeling of comfort that was long gone came rushing back in. "I missed you..." Sasuke said, finally breaking the silence. Itachi ran his fingers on Sasuke's hair. "I missed you as well otouto..." Itachi confessed. They looked at each others eyes again. Their dark orbs did the talking the tongue dared not to say. Itachi cupped Sasuke's face and kissed him, no demands this time... just pure feeling. Sasuke gave soft sigh and kissed his brother back.

No awkward moments anymore. They both understood what the heart needed. This will not end today. This just marked everything anew. Sasuke looked at Itachi "Is this possible?" he asked. Itachi nodded "Of course otouto, we will make it possible." he replied. Sasuke smiled, for the first time he felt contented, light and free. He took Itachi's hand and wrapped it with his own. "So... what would you like for dinner?" Sasuke asked. Itachi chuckled "I haven't even had lunch yet." he said as he wandered off to the bathroom. "Dinner can wait... will you join me?" he asked with a smile.

Sasuke smirked at his brother. He looked back before joining Itachi. He frowned at what he saw. Itachi looked where Sasuke was looking at. "Well, it seems like you will be joining me in my room for a while..." Itachi commented. In the middle of the room lay Sasuke's broken bed. "I must fix it... before father and mother arrives. Mother will not be happy about this. First her oil and now a broken bed." he said as Itachi tugged him into the bathroom.

He heard Itachi laugh. "Don't fix it... leave it be." he whispered as he led Sasuke under the gush of water from the shower. "Mother will ask for an explanation..." he reasoned. "Sshhh... don't tire your pretty head, otouto. We will look for an alibi... we will lie..." he huskily whispered into his ear. Itachi's warm breath made Sasuke shiver. "And what would you tell her, hmmn?" he asked as he felt Itachi touch him. "Well, I will take blame on the oil... but for the bed... I think I will tell them that we sparred." he grinned wickedly. Sasuke smiled. They still have till Monday to spar and spar they will!


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