My name is Samantha Anne Ludwig.

I have bright, long and wavy red hair, greyish-green eyes and some freckles on my nose and cheeks. I'm 5'6, and 103 pounds.

My parents are Samuel and Hannah Ludwig, famous writers.

I have a brother named Robert, he's just eleven months younger than me, but he looks like three years older than me, I look like a fourteen-year-old girl and he like a seventeen-year-old guy, and it doesn't help he's taller, he's 6'1.

My family is pureblood and really wealthy. We are good friends with the Malfoys, Blacks, Parkinsons, and Flints.

I'm currently seventeen years old and studying my last year at Hogwarts.

I still remember my very first day at Hogwarts. I couldn't find any of my friends on the train, so I asked a boy and a girl, who looked around my age, if I could sit with them. They introduced themselves as Severus Snape and Lily Evans. We became friends right away. Severus and I were sorted into Slytherin, while Lily, into Gryffindor.

Since my first day, I had always been really popular, I knew lots of older students because their parents and mine were friends. When I didn't hang out with Severus or Lily I was most of the time with Narcissa Black, a Slytherin five years older than me, or Andromeda, Narcissa's older sister, who was in her seventh year and in Slytherin too. I also liked to spend time with Sirius Black, Cissy's cousin, who was my age.

In second year I managed to get in the Slytherin Quidditch team as seeker.

In fifth grade I became a prefect and the captain of the quidditch team. Sev and Lily were really proud. Later that year I got O's 'Outstanding' (highest grade), in all my O.W.L.s, except in potions, I got an A 'Acceptable', but I managed to pass them all.

This year I became Head Girl, and James Potter the Head Boy. He also became Gryffindor's Captain.

On the train he went looking for me to brag about being both Head Boy and the captain. I smirked to myself and told him I was Head Girl too and remembered him I had been captain of my own team since fifth year. Just seeing his face of defeat made my whole year.

But not every thing had been good this year. James and his friends had been bulling Severus even more. During the last of these, Lily stood up for him, and Severus called her a mud-blood. Thus, ending their friendship.

You see, Severus had had a crush on Lily since forever, James had too. And I'm Sev's and Lily's best friend, which makes it complicated since they hadn't spoken to each other since it happened. And I also kind of had a crush on Sev, which makes it all even more complicated.

I guess I should be happy they don't talk anymore, right? It's my chance with him, but they both are my best friends and I hate to see them like this. And I can't choose a side, can I?

Besides, I would never be able to date him, his father is a muggle and my family believes in blood purity and all that crap. I used to believe in that too, but then I found out in second year that Lily was a muggle-born and Sev was a half-blood, and I just couldn't imagine my life without my two best friends, and didn't really care about their blood and all that.

My parents still hope I'm in a secret relationship with Sirius and that the both of us to get married as soon as the school year ends. And it really doesn't matter if I am dating him or not, we are in an arranged marriage since the day I was born, when my parents found out I was actually a girl and not a boy.

Oh, did I mention Sirius had had a crush on me since fourth year? Well, he had.

Everything is really messed up, Sirius likes me, I like Severus, he likes Lily, James likes her too, and she likes Remus Lupin, who won't date anyone because of his monthly "problem", and Peter Pettigrew apparently likes Sirius, or that's just a rumour.

"I still can't believe Lily is not talking to me." Severus said sadly a Saturday morning. It was early march.

"I know." I whispered. I had talked to Lily several times, but she refused to forgive Sev every time I asked her to do it. She even had the nerve to start dating James Potter on Valentine's day.

"I'm sorry about what I said, I'm truly am." he went on ranting. "I've apologized."

I was going to say something to him, but I had to rush to the bathroom to puke. Severus stopped ranting right away, and followed me. He hold my hair to keep it away from my face and with the other hand he stroked my back. When I was done, he took me to the Hospital Wing.

Madame Pomfrey examined me and made some tests, but found nothing wrong.

"Miss Ludwig is the fifth time in less than a month that someone has to bring you here and is the fifth time I've found nothing." she said looking sternly at me. "Are you sure you are not faking it?"

"Of course not." I said a bit offended. "I would never do that when I have a quidditch match in less than four hours."

She knew that was true, she would ask me to stay at least eight hours most of the times. And I wouldn't "fake" something and risk not playing a match.

Severus had gotten concerned too, even Lily had, while I just shrugged it off, telling them it was not a big deal. They were just nauseas, weren't they?

"Are you really going to play?" Sev asked me three hours later when he saw me fully dressed in my quidditch uniform and with broom in hand.

"Of course, why wouldn't I?"

"Uhm, I don't know, maybe because last time you blacked out and almost fell off you broom." He said with sarcasm.

"Thanks for reminding me that." I said annoyed. I only felt dizzy a couple of seconds, while chasing the snitch, and yeah, lost my balance a bit, but the worst part was that because of that the other seeker caught the snitch and Hufflepuff won the match.

Today's match was against Ravenclaw, even after losing the last match we had more points than all of the other houses.