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The hidden chamber was perfect. So close yet so far away….

His eyes wandered across the still figure tied up before him. Her hands were restrained above her head from a single rope secured along the rafter. It bit fiercely into her skin, burning red raw marks into her wrists. Her eyes were sharp but murky around the charcoal orbs; a twisted dance of fear and rage which drew a smile of amusement to his lips.

He knew Peter would come through, delivering on his promise as he had lived up to his part of the deal. And now she was there, unable to fight back like she had done so before.

He stepped towards her reaching out with a chilled fan of fingers. She jerked away from his touch earning her a hard smack across her face. His captive refused to show any pain which only infuriated him. He dug his fingers in her chin, letting the nails slip from their hiding place. The pressure upon her bone drew the blood to the surface creating purplish blue ovals beneath them.

"You will not do that again," he flashed liquid amber through the dim lighting. Still she said nothing as he jerked his hand away to see the bruises in its wake.

She was such a beautiful creature. It was no wonder Derek had marked her as his own.

But Derek wouldn't find her.

"What are you going to do to me?" Her voice cracked as her heart sunk.

Jackson spun around with a devious grin. He returned to her side and deeply inhaled her scent finding the rich intoxicating blend of honey, amber, and sandalwood invigorating to his senses. With a gentler grip he tilted Brooklyn's head up to see the despair cracking through. Jackson leaned into her ear, feeling her shudder as his lips brushed across her ear.

"I'm going to break you."

Brooklyn jerked against the restraints while only incited a cruel laughter from Jackson. He was going to enjoy this; every single second of it. Jackson wanted to watch her bleed; wanted to break her wild spirit into submission.

Fear paralyzed the hunter, preventing her from moving as Jackson circled around to stand behind her. His hands were curled into claws as they shredded the back of the snug cotton tee. Brooklyn gasped and arched forward as the deep grey material fluttered to the floor in tatters.

"I always wanted to know what it was like…."

He shifted on the navy blue bra, tearing it with unabated savagery. The damp chill in the air made the half naked hunter shiver where she stood. Jackson stroked her toned smooth sides, picking up the faint ripples that moved like tiny waves beneath his touch. He ran the tip of his tongue down her spine and back up again, feeding off the human's fear, empowering him further, emboldening the young werewolf to continue.

"So much time," he sighed dreamily, "So much pain."

Peter had been most generous indeed.

He was building his new pack and Jackson was only more than willing to sign up like an eager recruit. It was easy really. One simple bite to the wrist was all it took to bind the blonde to him. He was well aware of the obsession that was Brooklyn, knowing his nephew had marked her as his mate. Well that was difference between them and wolves: They harbored human thoughts and decisions and didn't have to rely on instinct to guide their actions.

The Alpha turned and walked away to let his protégé carry on undisturbed.

Jackson mouthed the flush crescent marks, sucking hard until a hideous bruise began to surface. His hands continued exploring her body, letting all the delicious thoughts dance through his mind. Lydia never let him touch her like that; never allowing any rough physical contact. It was why he dropped her like a stone, telling her he needed to get rid of some of the dead weight in his life.

Now he had everything he wanted: A stronger body, faster reflexes, sharper hearing and smelling, and most importantly the hunter.

She had been the object of his obsession and desires since the first time he laid eyes on her in the high school parking lot. Jackson wasn't sure what drew him to her but maybe he didn't want to know. His hearing honed in on the rapid hammering of the hunter's heart; delighted she was subconsciously frightened of his presence.

"This is going to hurt you more than it's going to hurt me," he ran a finger over her lips, taking in the softness of her mouth. Jackson could only imagine what that delicious set could do for him. He leaned in to taste what he had been given.

Brooklyn snapped back and to the side then spat in his face. Jackson crudely wiped away the smear then backhanded Brooklyn. Her head was violently swung to the right against the superhuman force of the strike.

"You will never do that again!"

His hand trembled as he retracted it back.

"You're just a scared little bitch," she challenged. Jackson felt the rage bleeding into him as he suppressed the wolf within. He wanted to be human for what he was about to do.

The belt around his waist would be perfect for the task.

Jackson gripped the belt tight in his hand, letting the buckle dangle beside him. She had to be punished for her misdeed.

Brooklyn wailed and tensed her back at the first rip across her back. Her agonizing cries were sweet music to Jackson's ears encouraging him to continue. The short snap of leather crackled through the air shortly followed by another tortured scream. Brooklyn gasped for air between the choking sobs and tears.

Jackson continued without pause striking Brooklyn repeatedly. The thick ribbons tore open wider with each new assault, fueling Jackson's craze to new dangerous heights. He wanted to tear her apart, split her open log a log then do it all over again.

Brooklyn's throat was hoarse from the shrill screams that rushed through her lips, turning it raw and red until she could wail no more. Jackson let the belt rest along his leg and admired his handiwork.

"I amaze even myself," he chuckled. Brooklyn closed her eyes and hung her head, unable to stave off her pain. Jackson quickly forced her head back up refusing to allow a single second of solace for the hunter.

"That was just a taste of what's to come," he dipped down and left an invisible trail along her abs. His fingers tore at the button and hastily jerked the zipper down. When Brooklyn showed the slightest hint of resistance to this, Jackson responded with the back of his hand.

"Every time you fight back that is what will happen."

With his eyes locked on hers, Jackson fisted the top of the boy shorts and felt them give way against his will. Brooklyn was naked and bound; helpless against her tormentor. Jackson turned his attention to her back, eyeing the rich crimson strands that crisscrossed her back. He licked his lips and started lapping up the drying lines. Brooklyn felt the wetness along her back and silently hoped Derek would find her soon.

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