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Emily sat awkwardly in a chair identical to her wife's, as she shifted and stared at the stereotypical looking therapist who sat across from them, leaning his elbow on the arm of his chair, his head in his hand, he stared back with a blank supposedly non-judgemental expression.

Rubbing her hands together Emily sat forward slightly and broke the silence. "K, I'll go first…um, let me say, uh, we don't really need to be here. See we've been married five years."

"Six" JJ interjected who had been sitting silently next to her, she was also looking straight at the therapist who glanced back and forth at the couple as they spoke.

Emily pursed her lips momentarily before continuing "Five, six years. Annnd, this is like a check up for us. A chance to poke around the engine, maybe change the oil, replace a seal or two."

The therapist smirked slightly at the analogy "Very well, let's pop the hood." He paused attempting to smile encouragingly at the couple. "On a scale of 1 to 10 how happy are you as a couple?"

"Eight" JJ answered immediately. Emily quickly interrupted "Wait… 10 being perfectly happy and 1 being totally miserable? Or…?" JJ glanced over at her and sighed impatiently "Just answer instinctively" he answered back.

She leaned back in her chair and nodded her head, taking a glance over at JJ "OK…ready?" JJ nodded back in response. "Eight" they chorused.

"How often do you have sex?"

After a slight pause, JJ was the first to speak again "I don't understand the question"

Emily squinted thoughtfully in response as she spoke "yeh, I'm lost, is this a 1 to 10 thing?"

After a pause and an exchange of expression JJ began to explain "Is 1 very little or is 1 nothing, you know because tech…technically speaking then, zero would be nothing."

The therapist couldn't help but raise a brow at the witty remark. Nonetheless he kept his composure making a mental note. Glancing at his notes he quickly recovered "Describe how you first met" he made a move to take a sip from his glass of water.

A smile spread over JJ's expression, she seemed to reminisce as she replied "ah, it was in Columbia" Emily also seemed slightly engaged in a memory as she interrupted "Bogota, five years ago"

"Six" JJ corrected non-chalantly.

Emily quickly corrected herself "right, five-six years ago"


Five or Six Years Ago.


Sirens blared on the nearby street as Emily took a sip of tequila at a bar ground floor of the hotel she was staying at. She was engulfed with the latest newspaper clipping about the latest assassination.

The sudden interrupting sound of a police squad entering the main entrance caused her to glance over her shoulder at the commotion.

Emily motioned to the bartender, "hey…Qué pasa?"

"Someone shot the barracuda. Police are looking for tourists traveling alone" he replied in return.

She glances behind her to catch eyes with one of the police officers. She confidently turns towards him, but doesn't look at him and hopes to go unnoticed. She wasn't that lucky, he meekly approached her.

"Are you alone ma'am?" the officer asked. She decided to feign ignorance and pretended that she didn't hear what he said, as she thought quickly of what to say.

"ARE YOU ALONE?" he repeated a little more abruptly.

Just then Emily watches as a woman with blonde hair in a white dress enters the establishment, another policeman following closely behind. "Miss, your passport please…"

JJ stops and looks right at Emily. There is a moment of silent communication between the two women. "Miss, Your Papers?" the policeman asked again as another approached her "Are you alone?"

She shakes her head. "N…No"

Emily steps forward a few steps and holds out a hand to the lady "No no no no esta bien, she's with me."

Emily led the way to her room, JJ closed the door behind them and leaned against it, both women breathed a sigh of relief. "I'm JJ" she whispered, "Emily" the brunette responded back. JJ smiled "Nice to meet you."

They spent the rest of the day getting to know each other, eating at a diner across the way. "To dodging bullets" JJ toasted as she held up a shot of vodka, "to dodging bullets" Emily cheered back as they downed their shot. It wasn't unlikely that the two would find the other attractive, as they spent the night in care free relaxation and drinking, neither seemed to care that it led them back to Emily's bed at the hotel, where they found more than comfort with each other even if it might be for only one night.

The next morning.

JJ awoke the next day to the bright sunlight that cascaded over her blanket draped body. She slowly lifted her head and scanned the room for Emily, half expecting to find her. Admittedly disappointed she sat up and wrapped the blanket tighter around her naked body, and allowed herself to fully wake before thinking of what to do next. Suddenly the door opened and JJ couldn't explain the feeling of relief and happiness that suddenly overwhelmed her as she saw Emily enter the room, she was holding two cups of coffee on a tray and a paper.

"Hiya stranger" Emily smiled at JJ her eyes scanned over her beauty as she walked over towards the bed. "Hiya back, the room service fled, I did what I could" JJ giddily eyed the coffee as Emily gently placed the tray on the bed, grabbing the remaining cup for herself. JJ reached for the paper and as she did a flower fell into her lap. She smiled innocently at it, picking it up and placing it behind her ear and looked up at Emily who wore a smug look in return.

JJ stood from the bed and leaned opposite from Emily by the balcony frame. This made Emily smile sheepishly in silence, her hand reaching out to caress JJ's cheek as moved towards her and kissed her tenderly, purposely dropping the coffee on the floor only so she could reach around her waist in a gentle embrace.

A few weeks later.

JJ and Emily walked arm in arm around a festival downtown New York. The puppy love couple stopped to kiss in the middle of a crowd, completely oblivious to their surroundings, when a festival worker running a target shooting booth called out to JJ. "How about you little lady? Wanna try your luck? Win a prize". The taller women looked down at the blonde who agreed right before giving Emily a peck on the lips. "Yeh, I wanna try" JJ slipped out of the embrace, grabbing Emily's hand and pulled her over to the booth.

The brunette reached for her wallet in her pocket as she got tugged along. "Two" she exclaimed as she handed the worker a bill.

Emily cockily leaned against the front of the booth as JJ reached for one of the BB guns. "You know how to hold it?" JJ shyly smirked back as she held it loosely in her arms, "Yeah, like that" Emily half-heartedly agreed with JJ's stance. "Yeah?" JJ cleared her throat and glanced at Emily who focused her attention at the scene of moving targets.

JJ playfully shot at the booth, completely missing the targets. "You gotta aim" Emily chuckled. JJ laughed back "I am…don't laugh I'll kill you" Emily continued to chuckle as JJ missed every shot.

Emily skillfully pressed the next guns butt against her shoulder and took aim down the sight. With five shots she was able to take out 6 targets, having taken 2 out with one shot, she missed the last one though.

JJ eyed the brunette suspiciously at the accuracy she was displaying, she wondered where Emily had learned to become such a good shot. A slight tinge of competitiveness arose in her towards the end. "Oh come on!" Emily exclaimed after she had missed the last shot, she sighed "Do we still get something?" she noticed the look JJ was giving her "Beginner's luck" she answered back.

The vendor handed Emily a gawdy little teddy bear.

With determination JJ picked up the reloaded gun she had shot prior. "I wanna go again" Emily smirked "We're going again" she said as she handed the vendor more money.

JJ focused this time, wanting to show off how good of a shooter she was. Her whole demeanor changed this time around, she held the rifle up like a pro and began shooting before Emily had refocused her attention. She watched speechless as JJ took out at least 2 targets with every shot, taking out 3 with the last. When Emily had realized what had happened she looked down to see JJ smirking back at her. Before she could say anything the vendor handed one of the largest bears on the wall.

"Where'd you learn to shoot like that?" Emily asked as they walked away with their prizes. "Beginner's luck" JJ replied back with a smile.

Another couple of weeks later.

At a Manhattan boxing gym

"Stop. Stop. You've only known the girl for six weeks" Kevin exclaimed at Emily as she danced around the boxing ring with her workout partner Derek. No one would really say that Kevin Lynch really ever held a successful relationship, hence Emily kind of just ignored his heed of warning and you wouldn't call him Emily's best friend but he was the closest longest friend that she has had from the type of business she has worked in.

As Derek grappled Emily around the neck she replied back between hits "I'm in love. She's smart, sexy. She's uninhibited, spontaneous, complicated. She's the sweetest thing I've ever seen!"

Kevin attempted to argue back. "I knew Gladys for two and a half years before I asked her to marry me. You have to have a foundation of friendship. The other stuff fades."

A few miles away on a track and field.

JJ ran a pretty even pace with co-worker Jordan Todd around the track. "So, you don't think this is all happening a little fast?" Jordan said between breathes at JJ. "You know me. I never do anything without thinking it through" JJ replied between strides. "What does she do?" Jordan asked. She's in construction, a big time contractor."

Emily struggled to speak through gritted teeth as Derek held her head down against the floor of the boxing ring "A server goes down on Wall Street, she's there anytime, day or night" she grunted as tried to snake her arm around the back of Derek's head. Derek rolled over, pinching Emily between his calves "she's like Batman for computers"

"She's gone as much as I am, so…it's perfect" JJ breathed out, she started to feel the burn in her lungs as they started to wind down from the 3000 metre run.

"I give the whole thing six months tops" Kevin said vindictively. "Kevin,…I asked her to marry me" Derek flipped Emily over on her back and began throwing punches "What?" Emily held both her arms up protectively barely smoldering the blows "I'm getting married" "What? I can't hear ya" "I'm getting married" she repeated between strikes "I can't hear her. Can you stop hittin' her I think she said something crazy." "I'M GETTING MARRIED" she exclaimed in return.

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