Ichigo Uke Arrancar Diary

Summary: Ichigo Kurosaki, also known as Espada Zero. A series of oneshots with Ichigo interacting with the other Arrancars. Going through his usual every day life in Las Noches.

WARNING! This will contain material not appropriate for underage readers. Rated MA for 18+

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Ichigo X Arrancar Male Harem

IUAD : Chapter 1


Ichigo POV

It wasn't much, but it happened anyways, but it was bound to happen. It happened when I was just a kid, I was walking home with my mother in the rain. But there she was. A girl, she looked sad as she stood near the river, without thinking I ran to her, my mother tried to stop me though.

I couldn't remember much after that, everything was dark for a while. But when I opened my eyes I was staring at me and my mother's body, in a puddle of our blood. We died that day, and for a while roamed around as ghost.

Then a shinigami came for us, he said we should move on but I refused, and we tried to flee. My mother hid me somewhere and eventually got caught by the shinigami. And I watched as she disappeared in a strange blue light. From my hiding place I felt a wave of fear, and was all alone now. I didn't want to stop watching over Karin and Yuzu, and goat face too. I didn't want mother to leave me.

Every night I searched for my mother, through the streets of the town. On the fifth night I ran into a creature...which I now know as a hollow. It said it was going to devour me and I kept saying I wasn't afraid of it, but I could feel my stomach clenching in fear. After that it attacked me, its tail ensnarled me and dragged me through some sort of portal. On the other side was a dessert of white sand, several other hollows were waiting for us. When I was released I tried to run and they let me then toyed around with me, enjoying the way I screamed in pain as they devoured me. My eye sight faded and I thought I was going to disappear for good. The images when I was still alive ran through my mind, my family, my friends, all my memories...were fading...

But I wasn't dead...I was reborn, reborn as a hollow. A mask covered my face and my body was covered in some type of armor. I was hungry...very hungry...

So I gorged myself...I ate and ate, devoured other hollows including the ones that made me what I've become.

Many hollows became a part of me, and my body changed over time, eventually I became a Gillian. But I just ended up eating other mindless, stupid compared to me, Gillians. I kept evolving even more, to the point of becoming an Adjuchas, but I didn't stop there. My hunger was never sated, as I traveled the dessert. I was small compared to other Adjuchas, but that didn't make a difference.

More, more and more...I did what I needed to do to survive.

Most of my body was covered in armor, along with claws and tail, and my mask became a part of my face, the armor it self was like skin to me.

I became quite known; even Barragan summoned me so I would have the proposition to join him. But I quickly refused, giving little thought on it.

But then he came, Sosuke Aizen, I hated the bastard as soon as he laid his eyes on me. He approached me with two others in tow, but I deemed their existence unimportant. I hated them all together, they were shinigami, I could tell with just one look. I hated shinigami, after they took my mother from me.

I growl threateningly at them but they were unfazed by this so I prepared to attack. But I never got the chance to; I was quickly subdued by a kido spell. I struggled of course as Aizen approached me. He pressed a finger to my forehead and suddenly I fell unconscious.

While in that state I was brought back to Las Noches, where I became an Arrancar thanks to Aizen. But I was different, I was still some what a kid, and I didn't have any piece of my mask that stayed behind. Only two red claws like marks on my right cheek that used to be on my mask before. And did I mention I don't have a hollow hole either, well for some reason it's no where on my body. Aizen apparently took great interest in this; he even assigned me as the 0 Espada. The tattoo is located on my naval, a wicked looking zero with a line in the middle. Even though Arrancar don't age I seemed to grow, but not exactly age, it's complicating.

Today I have the body of a teenager, and mysterious I haven't changed any more, my theory is that my body no longer saw it fit to change my figure and looks. My hair is quite long, it can reach just shy above my rear, long and silky, but my bangs were still messy spikes. I tried to cut it but Gin keeps whining about it until I changed my mind and dropped the idea. My both my eyes are still brown but once in a while they flicker golden and I managed to catch a glimpse of it happening before. I wasn't sure what it meant at first and I had no desire to tell Aizen either, so I made sure no one noticed. My uniform is white, of course. It's a two piece, so it reveals my stomach and my tattoo. The sleeves are a little past my fingers and the bottom pants are loose a little with a cloth that covers the front but not in the back, why, I'll never know.

But I could careless, anyways that's just about it, well what else do you expect me to write in here on the first day I got it. Well there will be other things that might happen from here on in, but I'll just write about it. And let you see what I see, and have to deal with every day….


So this is just a short introduction and a recap of how Ichigo got where he is now. From this point on I will write stories of Ichigo's days in Las Noches as Espada 0, pairing him with other Arrancars! And not every chapter will be smut, at least 96% though. On other occasions we'll have some attempted humor as Ichigo learns a new lesson time to time. Meaning lots of fun things will happen. Please Review and make pairing request if you like! = O w O =