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IUAD : Chapter 9


(Seme X Seke X Uke)

This one shot is for Miko Vampire


Ichigo flinched, glancing over his shoulders just as Ggio tackled him to the ground in the middle of the halls. The orangette scowled with a blush on his face as he stared up at the ravenette above him, ''Yes Ggio?'' the Cero Espada asked as Ggio busied himself by snuggling into his chest.

''I knew it was you Ichigo-sama! I knew you were ok, that bastard didn't touch you did he?'' Ggio asked with worry as he stared down at his superior. It's been over 24 hours since he's seen Ggio, after the incident with Tesla and Nnoitora walking in on them. He stared at them once then grinned like a maniac, saying he wanted a turn too. That's where Ichigo drew the line and made a run for it, there was no way he wanted Nnoitora to tear him a new one. After once again hiding out in Starrk's place for another night, nothing sexual, the Primera actually knew how to keep his hands to himself and just sleep normally, he decided to finally go for a walk. The sun would be out again today and it's one of those few days you can see Hueco Mundo during the day, he was on his way but it seems Ggio caught him all ready.

''No...Ggio, I'm fine'' Ichigo muttered back, figuring out that 'he' must mean Nnoitora, he mentally chuckled at how the tiger arrancar was over protective of him, always worrying and fretting, it was so out of character for him, compared to how he was when he was serving under Barragan. Ggio busied himself by sniffing Ichigo's uniform, trying to figure out what other scents were clinging to him, he gave the orangette a shocked expression afterward.

''And...and what about Tesla and Starrk!'' Ichigo blinked at him in surprise, this one never ceases to amaze him, he's just like-

''Hey Ichi!'' Ichigo tensed, recognizing the voice and then the approaching footsteps, he looked down the hall Ggio came from and spotted blue locks that stuck out against the white hall ways. Grimmjow, but his fraccion weren't with him this time, probably off being useful somewhere else. Ggio immediately growled lowly in irritation as he changed his attention to Grimmjow, the blunette noticed the action and gave the younger arrancar an annoyed gaze. Ichigo's brows furrowed, he could already feel the tension getting heavier by the second.

''Uh, hey Grimm'' Ichigo said sheepishly as he stared up at the Sexta Espada, who didn't seem at all happy at the moment. On the other hand Grimm has been trying to find Ichigo since they day before, wondering where the hell he is. And when he finally find him he also has to find this little brat, Ggio, on top of 'his' Ichigo.

Grimmjow growled, showing off his bad demeanor at the moment, but it was toward Ggio, not Ichigo, who seems to have been caught in the cross fire. ''The fuck you think yer, doin'?'' Grimmjow asked bluntly down toward the lower ranking arrancar. Ggio's golden eyes narrowed and he turned the other cheek to ignore Grimmjow.

''I'm embracing my dear Ichigo-sama, what else do you think I'm doing? I am his lover after all'' the younger feline said simply before burying his face in Ichigo's chest, the orangette stiffening when he feels Ggio latch on to one of his nipples through his clothes. Ichiog didn't see anyone in particular as his lover, but many wanted to be of course, he just didn't want to be forced to choose between anyone. He bit back a moan, sitting back on one of his elbows while his free hand is near his mouth, biting on his knuckles as the ravenette sucked teasingly. Ichigo's face blushed lightly at the unexpected action, he already had half the mind to kick the crap out of the other for doing such a thing, but that flew out the window when Ggio used one of his hand to squeeze his other nipple.

''Ggio...what..the hell!'' Ichigo manages to bite out, ''Your ruining my uniform, we're in the middle of the hallways and Grimm is right there!'' the said blunette was seething with anger. Ggio, shrugging a little, released Ichigo, but captured his lips in stead.

''I don't care if anyone watches'' he husked in Ichigo's ears, he had been waiting so long for this, and he wasn't going to let Grimmjow or anyone else get in his way. Ichigo on the other and was mentally kicking himself for not fighting to get away better. Damnit, he wanted to go for a walk this morning, not be cornered by two of his fellow arrancars in the middle of a hall way.

Ggio used his hands to slip under Ichigo's uniform so he could grope the male's perked nipples, his mouth capturing Ichigo's in a deep kiss, the male not being able to resist kissed back almost eagerly. Ggio purred with satisfaction as he devoured Ichigo, leaning away enough to look over the male's flustered face. Unfortunately before he could attack again, he felt his raven black pony tail being yanked, he winced in pain, glaring up at Grimmjow who was hovering over them from the side.

''That's enough runt'' he growled lowly, his face expression seemed indifferent, but in his cyan eyes he portrayed frustration, annoyance and dark lust. Ggio opened his mouth, ready to let loose a string of curses, ''You two, my bed room now'' his voice was filled with dominance as he spoke those words. Ichigo was a bit surprised, Ggio shocked, ''Well move your ass!'' Grimmjow snarled and Ggio blinked out of his stupor, a smirk playing on his lips before he quickly scooped Ichigo into his arms.

Ichigo clung to the other male as he carried him bridal style, Grimmjow leading the way out of the halls toward his bedroom, a large room with a gothic black number '6' etched into it. No one stopped them on their way, in fact the halls seemed quite empty at the moment. Ichigo could feel his heart beat quicken as Grimmjow opened the door, stepping inside, Ggio followed, just as the large doors closed behind him.

The room was larger on the inside, plain white, but some things were out of place, sense Grimm couldn't stand tidiness, the lower ranking arrancar would just straighten his room up again when he leaves for a meeting anyways. In the center of the room was a large bed, with white sheets and and several pillows. Ichigo and Ggio absorbed the inside of the room, this being Ggio's first time inside the Sexta's domain, Ichigo's second, the first time however he didn't get a good look before Grimmjow bent him over in the shower...the day he lost his virginity...

Before the two could say anything, Ggio gasped sharply as he was pushed into the mattress, landing on on top of Ichigo into the plush soft bed. Ggio glared over his shoulder at the sneak attack from Grimmjow who was grinning like a cat that got the canary. He then slipped his vest off and discarded it on the floor, ''Alright, let's get one thing straight, I hate your guts Ggio, but I will admit that little display between you and my little strawberry in the halls turned me on, and that's a problem. One way or another you two are gonna fix that problem'' he said bluntly.

Ggio was glaring sharply at the other, while Ichigo was still trying to wrap his mind around what Grimmjow just said, he can't be serious right? But judging from his expression he wasn't kidding.

''Uh...I don't want to do this...'' Ichigo mumbled before he could realize he was speaking, both his suitors suddenly stared at him, their eyes piercing into his skin, like predators locking in on prey.

''Tch, I won't let you get away again Ichigo-sama, even if it means I have to share with this bastard'' he pointed back at Grimmjow with his thumb, who in return snared slightly with his arms crossed over his ripped chest. Ichigo swallowed audibly, he was pretty damn scared right now, but for some reason very turned on as well. He had to listen to his better judgment and escape these two before he's bed ridden for the next week!

''Wait-I'm serious!'' Ichigo panicked, his face flaring up in embarrassment as Ggio took the liberty to try and remove Ichigo's clothing, the orangette not trying to make it easy for him either.

''We're serious too!'' the other two said at the same time, without realizing it, Ichigo stared at them with a stunned expression. Ggio taking the opportunity to discarding the strawberry's clothing. Ichigo looked away, trying to hide his blushing cheeks, Ggio holding his hands on the bed at either side of his head. He was panting with the effort to escape, his body was magnificent in their eyes. And that tantalizing sun kissed skin...

Ggio unconsciously licked his lips and Ichigo shuddered at the preparatory gaze in both the male's eyes. Grimmjow was getting rid of Ggio's clothing while he held down Ichigo, the blunette himself was already nude, his member standing erect and beading pre-cum already. ''No wait...'' Ichigo's voice trembled his amber eyes wide as he looked at the male pleadingly. He was scared but at the same time he wanted this, why! This was his time ever with two other men!(Probably the reason why...)

Grimmjow raised a brow in appreciation when they were all finally bare as the day they were created by Aizen, the blunette moving away for a moment to obtain the lube on his side dresser. Ggio glanced over at him as he did, not wanting to waste time, he moved his hips a little. Ichigo gasped sharply under him, his head whipping to the other side of the pillow. Ggio smirked then repeated the action, their members rubbing against each other, creating an electrifying pleasure that ran through out their bodies. ''Ahhh...'' Ichigo moaned weakly, his brows furrowed from the effort he used to try and keep the moan from escaping his mouth in the first place.

''So cute'' Ggio groaned lustfully as he began move his hips again, Ichigo whimpered as he tried his best to keep himself from releasing his pleasurable filled voice. The moving stopped when he felt the bed dip, behind Ggio, Grimmjow was watching them with a smirk plastered on his face, his eyes darkened as they rove over they're nude bodies, his cock twitching in anticipation.

''You two look good down there'' he chuckled, Ggio glared at him the best he could while Ichigo scowled a little, his cheeks reddening. Ggio growled, ''Shut your-Ahhhh~! What the hell!'' the tiger yowled in surprise as Grimmjow poured lubrication his ass along, the gooey substance dripped down between his globes. Ichigo's breath hitched as an ample amount dripped between his legs and along his entrance. ''So cold...'' he mumbled.

''Don't worry it'll heat up in a sec'' Grimmjow assured the orangette, Ggio snorted when he realized the scent, strawberries, how unoriginal when it came to Ichigo.

''Tch, what ever'' Ggio sucked his teeth as he leaned down to capture Ichigo's lips, the orangette moaned into the male's mouth as, Ggio enjoying the contact thoroughly. Not one to be ignore Grimmjow slathered up his cock with a generous amount of lube then moved closer so he his manhood was rubbing between Ggio's ass cheeks. The ravenette flinched and glared at Grimmjow with a flustered expression, ''What, what the hell do you think your doing!'' he demanded as Grimmjow's cock prodded at his unprepared entrance.

''improvising'' he said in a board tone as he pushed into the male's untouched entrance, ''Gahhh~!'' Ggio cried out but snapped his jaws closed as he tried not to show weakness, ''That fucking-hurt!'' he yelled at the blunette who simply shrugged his shoulders.

''Your pretty damn tight, must be a virgin in these parts'' he said with a slight smirk, Ggio frowned deeply at him then forced himself to look down at Ichigo. The orangette seemed like he was caught in a daze, having watched Ggio's expression when Grimmjow practically took his ass-virginity. He squirmed impatiently under the other male, ''Ggio...Ggio me too'' Ggio stared at him, a bit surprise at Ichigo's sudden willing mood. Although he wasn't complaining either.

After Grimmjow deemed Ggio adjusted enough he moved his hips away, his hand gripping the younger feline's hips as he snapped forward again. Ggio hissed between his teeth in pain, one of his eyes winced closed as he continued to stare at his beloved superior. ''Yes, Ichigo-sama'' the arrancar stroked himself off between their bodies, using the lube that slide between his legs to cover his fingers. He was at least going to give Ichigo the satisfaction of pleasure. His fingers found Ichigo's entrance, one prodding at the hole before pushing past the ring of resistance before slipping inside the orangette.

''Ahhhh~'' Ichigo moaned loudly as the finger pumped inside him, Grimmjow taking the moment to slam into Ggio again. The ravenette was in pain, but he would ignore it for Ichigo, he wanted to give the male pleasure the best his could. Ichigo writhed under him as he pumped the digit inside his body, the orangette breathing heavier as a second finger slipped inside him. ''Mmmmfff~~'' Ichigo gave a muffled moan as Ggio sealed his lips over his once more. Slicking his tongue inside Ichigo's wet cavern, enjoying the light deluxe taste of the strawberry, addictive and mesmerizing. Ichigo's back arched when white clouded his vision for a moment, as Ggio's fingers found his prostate, ''Haaa...G...Ggio...Inside...please...I want you inside me...'' Ichigo begged, moving his hips on emphasis as Ggio's fingers brushed his sweetspot repeatedly.

Ggio quickly retreated his finger, positioning his already slick cock at Ichigo's entrance, Ichigo's fingers clenched into the sheets under him as Ggio's dick pushed into his prepared entrance, Ichigo let loose a string of curses as he gasped to catch his breath. ''Of fuck, oh fuck Ggio~!'' the orangette moaned with a trembling voice. Grimmjow suddenly gave a sharp thrust, making Ggio loose his breath. He panted heavily over Ichigo, Grimmjow was getting a bit jealous but didn't make any move to get rid of Ggio.

''Oi, I'm still here too'' Grimmjow growled as he took hold of Ggio's pony tail and yanked it, the tiger cursed in pain and but it was ignore over for the pleasure he as receiving from Ichigo's moist insides clenching around him so tightly. ''Fuck, ahh shit!'' he manage to blabber out as he twitched around Grimmjow's cock, the blunette seemed pleased but didn't release his hair. He began to move his hips again, thrusting into the ravenette, the force causing Ggio to impale himself deeply into Ichigo body. ''Ahhhh~~So good, Ggio...Grimmjow...so good-Ahh~hahhh!'' Ichigo whined as he raised his hips to gain more of Ggio.

Ggio seemed in a daze of pleasure, those golden eyes drowning in lust and sensuality bursting all over his skin, the feeling was over whelming, his body heat skyrocketing as his hips moved on it's own. Mostly it was thanks to Grimmjow though, the ruthless Sexta was dominating the both of them with great ease, not that either of them minded anyways, well maybe Ggio later.

''Shit, I wanna fuck Ichi too'' Grimmjow grumbled as the head of his dick abused Ggio's prostate, the ravenette was busy eating Ichigo's face with another kiss. One of his hands jerking the orangette off while the other held his chin in place. Ichigo's eyes were glazed over, half lidded as he made eye contact with Ggio the whole time. They were getting so close, their cocks pulsing for release until it finally came. Ggio first, the ravenette gasping just as his body shuddered and released his seed into Ichigo. The orangette groaned in pleasure as he felt the hot essence fill him up, his own cock twitching twice before spewing his load between their bodies. Ggio stared a Ichigo expression with awe and lust, fascination, as he came, his face was so beautiful.

The sight made him hard again, tightening and sucking Grimmjow's cock deeper inside him, the panther panted huskily as he slammed into Ggio's spasming body. ''Fuck...'' he said simply as he came down from his high, their bodies were cover in a sheen of sweat as the room filled with panting and slight small moans. ''I'm still hard...'' Grimmjow growled in annoyance as he ran his fingers through his hair, before pulling out of Ggio with a 'pop'. The ravenette blushed deeply as he winced in slight pain, feeling Grimmjow's cum escape down his leg onto Ichigo and the bed.

''I am too...'' Ggio admitted, but both their eyes were drawn to Ichigo as Ggio sat back while on top of him, the little strawberry was sucking one of his fingers as Ggio moved off him, the orangette staring back with amber eyes and a small playful smile on his lips. ''Well I'm...still in the mood'' he said wantonly, his legs spreading in a 'come hither' way. Ggio swallowed from where he was near Grimmjow, the two staring at the erotic position of a cream cover berry awaiting them again.

Grimmjow was first to move this time, he grinned widely, showing off his canines as he got back onto the bed and moved behind Ichigo. He pulled the Cero arrancar into his lap, his hand brushing over Ichigo's naval gothic tattoo, making him shudder in anticipation. Ggio crawled onto the bed, facing Ichigo while sitting between his legs. He leaned over and cupped Ichigo's face with both hand, his thumb rubbing on the red marking on Ichigo's right cheek, they reminded him of two curved cat claw markings. But Ichigo told them they were the remnants of his hollow form.

''Mmmm I wanna try some double stacking'' Grimmjow purred near Ichigo, his tongue flicking out to lick the shell of his ear. Ggio pouted his bottom lip at the other's words, ''What the hell is that?'' he asked as his hands moved to play with Ichigo's caramel nipples, for some reason he couldn't help but keep messing with them. Like some weird fetish, he was pretty sure Grimmjow already figured it out as well.

''It mean we're both gonna fuck him'' Grimmjow said like it was nothing, Ichigo stiffened somewhat but relaxed the best he could when Ggio kissed up his neck line. ''Don't worry Ichi'' Grimm spoke again, his voice rumbling in his chest, and vibrating against Ichigo's back. ''I've done it before, it's easy'' he tried to reassure him. Ggio and Ichigo both blinked in surprise at that, glancing up at the blunette with curiosity.

''With...who?'' Ggio asked before Ichigo could, they didn't feel jealous, just interested to know is all.

''Szayel and Ilfort'' he said simply and Ichigo's brows furrowed slightly, the orangette, last time he checked, the Grantz brothers despised each other and they were brothers! But it seems it didn't make much of a difference to Grimmjow either way. ''Before you ask anything else, I'm always toppin' I don't end for anyone'' he growled dangerously and Ichigo smiled with half lidded eyes. Ggio rolled his golden eyes and decided to steal Ichigo's attention away by moving lower between his legs.

''Haaa~!'' Ichigo exhaled in surprise when he felt a hot warm wet feeling engulf his member, his amber eyes gazing down at Ggio who was working his mouth on his cock. ''Oh hell~~Next time warn me Ggio, ahh...ha...ahhhh~'' he moaned down onto his chest. Grimmjow's teeth attacking his neck in the mean while, the blunette's arms hooking under Ichigo's legs and spreading him like an eagle for Ggio. The ravenette licked his lips as one of his hands pumped Ichigo's erection. His hands rubbing the inside of the berry's sensitive thighs, causing Ichigo to shiver in pleasure and delight as his mouth returned to his cock once more. Ggio's head bobbing with enthusiasm to please his superior and the one he sees as his lover as well.

He pulled off Ichigo's cock with a wet 'pop', a string of saliva and more pre-cum connected to his lips, he flicked his tongue to break the strand, his golden gaze burning on Ichigo as the orangette looked back just as heatedly.

He continued to jerk Ichigo off as his fingers found the Cero's hole again, he slipped in two finger easily then a third, Ichigo was too busy panting happily from the hand job to notice, while Grimmjow licked and nipped at his neck affectionately. Ggio panted lightly to himself as he slipped in a fourth finger, Ichigo winced slightly but didn't protest, moaning lightly as he adjusted to the stretch. Ggio continued to finger fuck the male until Ichigo cried out in pleasure when one of Ggio's finger brushed his prostate. Ggio smirked and pressed down on the bundle of nerves causing the orangette wot twitch and tighten around him in pleasure, ''Oh shit-gonna cum! Gonna cum-Ahhhh~!'' Ichigo screamed out as he lifted his hips, his cock spilling his seed a second time and coating Ggio's other hand.

Ggio released Ichigo's spent cock then brought his painted fingers to his lips, his tongue flicking out and tasting Ichigo's sweet seed, ''Delicious'' he purred and Ichigo member twitched with interest at the display. Grimmjow was grinning from ear to ear, ''Ya got some pretty damn talented fingers there'' he complimented, half teasing as he shifted Ichigo in his lap so his cock was in front of the male from where he was behind him. His cock seem to pulse as Ggio took hold off it and jerked it a bit, covering the organ in Ichigo's cum before he position it at Ichigo's entrance. The blunette hissed in pleasure as he entered Ichigo smoothly, despite his size, Ichigo whimpered a bit. His hips squirming at the sudden large intrusion, the feeling of euphoria was poisoning him again.

''More.. I need more'' he begged, his arms reaching out for Ggio, who came to embrace Ichigo's open arms. His cock lining up at the orangette prepared entrance before pushing inside along with Grimmjow, Ggio and Ichigo moaned at the wonderful feeling. Grimmjow panted against the back of Ichigo's neck, his warm breath against the male's skin making Ichigo arch his back a little. His hands wrapped around Ggio's neck and shoulders, his hand digging into the lower ranking male's back. ''M-move!''

On command Grimmjow pulled out half way first before slamming back inside, Ggio doing the opposite and pulling out when Grimmjow re-sheaths himself within Ichigo, slamming back into the Cero Espada when Grimmjow's cock retreats half way. The two keep the pace even, leaving Ichigo in a screaming mess, the orangette gasping and moaning in ecstasy as the two males pounded into him.

''Oh fuck Ichi, ya feel so amazing'' Grimmjow breathed heavily, Ggio's eyes were closed as he focused on the tempo pace they were going at. ''Fuck, I want ya to take in all of or cum'' Ichigo moaned loudly, his voice withering as Grimmjow spoke. ''We're gonna fill you up so much, it's gonna run down your legs and spill all over ya'' he husked.

Ggio, who was also being affected by Grimmjow's words, quickened the pace, their dick's driving into Ichigo's wet tight hole, trying to near completion.

''Ahh...Grimm...Ggio...Ahhh~Haaa-haaa-so close!'' Ichigo said between moans.

''Fuck yeah-!'' Grimmjow encouraged as he fucked the berry over, Ichigo's head going back so it was resting on Grimmjow's shoulder, he was letting out another string of curses, the Espada's face red as his namesake.

''Ichigo-sama...''Ggio panted against his lips, leaning forward to steal a kiss, then licking up the side of Ichigo's cheek while Grimm captured Ichigo's lips from behind. As they parted his cyan eyes flickered to Ggio, without thinking, the blunette smashed their lips together, Ichigo moaning at the display. The kiss was coy and unsure at first then it became deep and breathless, a clash of tongue and fangs. They parted, panting against each other's lips as they sped up their thrust together.

''Ahhhh~AHHH~I-I'M COMMMING~~~!'' Ichigo screamed, spasming and tightening around both the cock as he spilled himself for the third time that night. His body felt hot and over heated, his skin sticky with sweat as he rode out his euphoric high. Ggio clenched his teeth, suddenly gasping as he came inside Ichigo, painting the male's insides with thick cum.

Grimmjow lasted longer, while Ggio enjoyed his orgasm Ichigo manages to kiss the other in his lust dazed state, tongues lashed at each other as Grimmjow's hips continued to thrust a good three more times before finally coming to a stop. The male grunted loudly before his seed released inside Ichigo, the white cream dripping out Ichigo's entrance and onto the bed.

The three of them took a breather, trying to catch their breathes, before Grimmjow pulled out of Ichigo first, while Ggio remained inside and collapsed to his side with Ichigo, on to the bed. Grimmjow's hand jerked around his large girth one last time, his renaming seed spurting out onto the two under him, as he wore a satisfied smirk on his face.

''Damn, that...was fucking amazing...'' the blunette said through his raspy low voice after flopping down next to the other two, opposite side of Ggio next to Ichigo. He propped his head up on his fist, lying on his side and looking down at the two. Ichigo's breathing was finally back to normal, same for Ggio, the younger feline was dozing off in to sleep already. While Ichigo held his head close to his chest, his fingers running through black locks of his loosened braid, in an affectionate way.

''I agree...'' the orangette smiled softly, even though he was against it at first, because he wasn't mentally prepared, in the end he ended up enjoying the treatment from both Ggio and Grimmjow. ''But I don't think I want to do it again any time soon...''

''Hmm? Why not?'' Grimmjow mumbled in response as he kissed the back of Ichigo's neck, taking in the mix scent of sex, strawberries, lavender, and his own scent. It was nice to mark his own territory, even if the other two were very unaware of it.

''Because, I don't think my body will be able to tolerate it again...'' he sighed and looked over his shoulder at Grimmjow, mentally hoping he and Ggio would get along better now, hopefully. ''I need a vacation...''


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