"Maybe McGee is right." Tony looks up from his desk to find Ziva gazing thoughtfully at him across the bullpen.
"Only on techie stuff. What are you talking about?"
"About it being time for you know."
"I know?"
"Yes, you know."
"I know what?"
"That it is time."
"Ziva! Time for what?"
"For you to start dating again. To move on from Jeanne."
"Though I am not sure he's right about the puppy. You've changed since being with her. I'm sure you'll do fine just being yourself."
"I think that is the nicest thing you've ever said to me."
"Do not get used to it." She grins at him. "You really do need to get back on the game."
Tony bursts out laughing. "It's actually...that should say..." He's laughing too hard to complete the sentence.
"What!" She picks up a box of paper clips and taps them threateningly on her desk.
Recognizing the glint in her eyes as an indication she's about to lose her temper DiNozzo rapidly stops laughing and explains. "I think what you are attempting to say Ziva is that I should get back in the game; back into the dating scene right?"
"That is what I said."
"No, what you said was on the game and saying that means that the person you are referring to is a prostitute."
"Oh, sorry."
"That's okay and Ziva..."
"I'm not ready yet."
"Well when you are I'm here for you and I'm sure McGee and Abby will be too. We could all go out together or just you and me. I could be your strong man."
"Wing man. It's wing man." He mutters under his breath but fortunately for him she's returned her concentration to her computer. After all she does still have that box of paper clips on her desk.