A/N - You might notice part of this is 'borrowed and adapted' from an NCIS ep.


"Current contact info. Current next of kin info. Current certifications info. Current assignment info. Current hours worked info. Current pensions info."
Tony is muttering to himself as he spreads paperwork across his desk.
"Tell me again why I'm doing this?"
"As I told you before" a plainly exasperated McGee replies "NCIS regulations require human resources to update all employee information on a regular basis."
"All of it?"
"Yes, Tony all of it."
"Regulation 409C.6. I know."
The other two stare at him in amazement that he knows the actual number.
"You're making that up."
Tony swivels in his chair to challenge him. "Am I probie? Am I?"
"Would not this go faster if you actually did it instead of just complaining about it?" Ziva interrupts.
"Yeah. Yeah." He swivels back and sighs while looking over the piles of paper on his desk. "This is going to take forever. Just shoot me now." He picks up a pen.
"In which arm?"
The pen is dropped back on the desk. "What was that Officer David?"
She smiles. "Which arm would you like me to shoot you in?" She looks around the office. "Perhaps it is best we go outside."
Tony and McGee exchange puzzled glances before DiNozzo asks "Ah, Ziva. What are you talking about?"
"You really do not wish to do this paperwork, right?"
"Yeeesss." He responds uncertain with where she is taking this.
"And if you are injured you will not have to and that is why you requested someone to shoot you. I was merely asking which arm you prefer to be shot in. I guess your writing arm would be best, yes?"
Her colleagues are looking at her with horrified expressions as she observes them with a serious look for a few moments before breaking into laughter. "Oh, if you could see your faces. I was joking." Her smile widens as the other two uncertainly join in with her laughter.
"Good one Zee-vah." Tony deliberately stretches out her name in the way he already knows annoys her.
She snorts. "As if I could ever shoot a colleague."
"That's good to know." McGee responds.
"Unless he annoyed me." She looks across at DiNozzo and with that she and Tim get back to work.
There really are some things scarier than paperwork Tony thinks as he glances across the bullpen at his newest co-worker.