I know that this is not the update that you guys wanted or deserved, but to be honest I felt incredibly guilty leaving you hanging when I just had absolutely no idea how I was going to finish this.

To be absolutely honest I haven't watched a lot of Bones all year, and as a result, feared that if I came back to this story many would be upset that I was no longer true to what the characters have become in the show - and I absolutely didn't want that to happen to this story, where I have endeavoured to embrace these characters with their personalities in tact. This fiction has very obviously been on the biggest of all hiatuses, and this year has just been a roller-coaster for me so I can't determine when I'll properly finish it off for you all with the Epilogue, as I'd originally intended.

For now, though, I would just like to thank so much, every single one of you for following this story, and being there for me - it was my first fiction, and it's surreal that I basically started this story three years ago. It has been a wonderful writing foothold and learning curve for me - and I cannot thank enough all those who contributed to that - all readers, my followers, favourites, and, of course, dedicated reviewers.

I suppose the greatest struggle about the epilogue, is finding the right way to end it - so please, if you do have any prompts, and if time and my muse permits, I would be thrilled to hear suggestions. This story is purely for you now, because I know that you all love the show so, so much - and therefore this tale should end the way, I suppose, you see fit.

I really hope that this author's note has offered you some form of closure and explanation as to why I haven't updated, and while the Epilogue for this story sits half-written on my computer, I promise that whenever I encounter that final of moment of inspiration to write it, it will be up here for you all.

All my sincerest apologies and thanks,

G [Porginess]