I Wish I Was the Moon

Chapter 2

I stand there basking in its glory and enjoying the feel as new knowledge and power enrich me, unaware that someone has joined me in the forest. It takes the light sound of a snapping twig to bring me back to the present.

My eyes make out a figure in the shadow of the trees. A man, muscular built. He's wearing a dark coat but that's all I see. I can't make out his face.

He seems unphased that he's just interrupted what was obviously a private moment and ponders me with a slight cock of his head.

Instantly a feeling of dread fills me and I get the instinct to take a step back from this menacing stranger. Sending an annoyed glare towards my intruder, I try to motion my leg to move behind me. But to my shock it's rooted in place. I test the other one and get the same result.

As if under a mind of its own my body tenses up, so I can barely feel anything below my neck. Now I'm seriously scared.

My intruder seems amused but remains in the shadows. "Who are you?" I yell. "What do you want from me?"

There's a silence, then someone emerges.

I'm sure if it weren't busy hanging open the word that my mouth would form would be impossible.

Because standing in front of me, completely conscious and healed, wearing the most daunting grin on his face- is Derek's uncle the catatonic burn victim.

I struggle against the inertia, desperate to escape, but my panic only seems to amuse him further. "Relax Scott," he says ever coming closer, "You can't fight it. Just relax." That's when I see it. His eyes, which are slightly similar to Derek's, begin to glow a dark purple and as they glow my body tenses even more.

"When you're the Alpha certain things are under your control." He says glancing at the moon and then those amaranthine eyes appraise me. "I've been waiting for you Scott. My nephew Derek has been trying for years to find out the truth. I've watched him struggle with this gift and struggle even more with protecting you. And now he's gone searching for a way to break it so you can be free." His eyes grow impossibly darker as he inches closer to me. "It's too bad you're already mine."

His impressive height and physique, his words and the confusion of this moment send a jolt of fear down my spine. It can't be true. He can't be the Alpha. I try to protest when he beckons me to follow him, but my legs surrender all too willingly.

He leads us deeper into the forest, speaking in that commanding yet polite voice of his that sets my teeth on edge. "You see Scott. Your, curse, as my nephew puts it, is reversible. You can be cured and can resume living your mundane life as if all of this had never happened." We delve deeper into the unfamiliar labyrinth of trees but my legs trudge forward anyways, like they're completely sure of the path. "I can't let you be normal again. Not when I need your help to destroy these pathetic humans."

Before my brain can register that awful comment, we stop. Mounted before us is a quaint little cottage. Nothing like the Hale's house. This cottage is untarnished and seems way too homey to belong to someone like Peter in the deepest part of the forest.

He admires the abode before glancing at my bewildered expression, amused even more he leads me into the cottage.

"You know Scott, I'm really not such a bad guy." The room is brightly lit but the homey feel is gone as I realize I'm trapped here, in the deepest neck of the woods, with the Alpha who can manipulate the moon's power, and no one to call for help. "All I want is revenge."

I'm confused for a second and then Allison's family flashes through my brain. Of course he'd want revenge. After what they did.

"I know you'd never hurt her." He says understandingly. "But as a wolf you do what you must to survive."

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To Come: We find out what Peter has planned for Scott, where Derek is, what Stiles is thinking and find out whether or not the human race is doomed. Plus there will be blood.

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