Disclaimer: I do not own Dr. Horrible. If I did, Penny wouldn't have died :(

"Hi everyone. Time for another blog! Sorry I haven't been keeping in touch for so long, it's hard to find time now that I'm in the Evil League of Evil and Bad Horse has really taken me under his wing, or hoove, I guess. He thinks I really have what it takes. If this keeps up, I may even become his right hand man! Ok time for the first fan letter."

'Hi Horrible Doctor. Congrats on getting into the League. Have you done any new schemes yet? And how's the evil laugh going? Signed 'I am your father'.'

"Well to start, it's Dr. Horrible, not Horrible Doctor. And second, thank you for congratulating me. It means a lot. Third, yes I have done many new schemes, but Bad Horse thinks I shouldn't tell my schemes on my blog anymore. So I can't share them. Sorry. And my evil laugh isn't going too well actually. In fact I've lost my motivation to laugh ever since… (Stares into space). Ehem. Well, thanks for your letter 'I am your father'. Next fan letter."

'Hey Doc. So any news of what happened to Captain Hammer? Signed 'Don'tWannaSayMyName'.'

"Well, 'Don'tWannaSayMyName'. I heard he just recently got released from rehab. Guess he finally got his head straightened out. Personally, I don't really care. He can just go fall in a ditch. Moving on."

'Hi Dr. Horrible. How are your little blue people doing? Signed 'Smurf Fan'.'

"Ok, why do people keep asking me about these blue people? I don't know what you're talking about! Maybe there's some other guy who has my dashing good looks who likes raising little blue people as pets, but I don't. 'Smurf Fan', I'm sorry to say this, but you've got the wrong guy. Next Letter!"

'Hi Loser. How can you live with yourself after you got yourself into the Evil League of Evil by killing an innocent woman? Signed 'Disgusted at Dr. Horrible Guy'.'

"Ehem. Well, 'Disgusted at Dr. Horrible Guy'. You see I…oh forget it!" (Turns off blog).

Ever since Penny died, I don't feel like doing anything anymore. I don't practice my evil laugh, I don't sing, I just spend all my days doing whatever Bad Horse tells me to do. I feel nothing.

"Hey Doc, long time no see!"

"Hey! There's my evil moisture buddy! High Five!...Ewww, on second thought never mind."

"So how are things going at the Evil League of Evil?"

"They're going ok I guess. We've done a few robberies. A few beatings. All that good stuff."

"Any more assassinations?"

"Moooiiissssstt! I told you to never say that word in front of me!"

"Oh, sorry. It's just. Bad Horse is definitely going to tell you to do another one sooner or later."

"Well, when that time comes I'll figure something out…I just don't think I can ever even think about murder again after what happened to…"(Stares into space again).

"Hey Doc, snap out of it!"

"Oh sorry. I…I think I'm going to go out for a walk."

"Evil scientists don't 'go out for a walk'."

"Well, this one does!"

Dr. Horrible walks out the door and into town. He passes by the alley he first spoke to Penny in. The frozen yogurt shop he used to "accidently" buy two yogurts at. The laundromat where they used to sit and eat them at. And the homeless shelter, where she died. He stands there for a while.

"This was all that Captain Hammer's fault. All his fault!...No. It was my fault. I killed you Penny. I killed you."

He sadly turns to leave and then he sees her.


It's been a loooonng time since I saw Dr. Horrible, so I probably got a lot of the character's way of talking wrong. Just let me know if you notice any mistakes and I'll try to fix it for future chapters. And let me know what you think of this so far! And if you want Dr. Horrible to answer any questions in his blog, then you can send him fan messages, too! :)