Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't updated in so long. I have hardly found the time to even eat and sleep lately. But here's the new chapter. I had a really hard time writing this while still trying to keep within the musical's timeframe. It didn't really turn out the way I wanted it to, but I hope you still like it.

"P-pen…Billy…What's going on?"


"That's enough! You're so stupid! 'What's going on? What's this? What's that?' Don't you get? I'm here for REVENGE! Now stop talking! I don't want to hear your wretched voice anymore! I only want to hear your screams. Your screams of mercy, for forgiveness. It's a good thing you came back here actually."

Stacey reaches out to grab Penny, but I quickly stand in between them.

"Don't touch her!"

Stacey smirks at me.

"Why? Is it because you loooovve her?"

I feel my shoulders tense as Penny's eyes move up to my face from hearing Stacey's words.

"Go on, tell her. Tell her how much you day dream about her, how many stupid songs you sing about her, how much yo…"

"This isn't about that!"

My voice comes out a little shaky. Penny's eyes look like they'll fall out of her head any second from the shock of seeing two Hammers, her twin sister, and now finding out my true feelings, all within two minutes. She starts to stumble a little, holding her hands to her head.


I quickly grab onto her before she can fall. She looks up at my face, which is only a few inches away from hers and I see a light blush covering her cheeks. I quickly pull away. I look at Stacey, who rolls her eyes.

"What a drama queen! Give me a barf bag!"

"Hey Stacey!"

We turn to see Hammer who's chilling on a beanie bag that's on the floor.

"Want to get this done any time soon?"

"With pleasure."

Stacey tilts her head towards me and Hammer gets up as quick as lightening and grabs me, putting his filthy hand over my mouth. Penny gasps, covering her mouth with both hands. Stacey picks up the time machine she had dropped.

"W-will someone please tell me what's going on? How can Captain Hammer be here and on stage at the same time? And you…how are you…?"

"Oh, don't worry, I'll tell you everything."

Stacey moves towards Penny and grabs her face, squishing her cheeks, digging her long nails into them. Penny puts her hands on Stacey's arm to try to break free, but Stacey doesn't budge. I try to struggle, but Hammer has a tight hold on me and I'm still weak.

"You see sweetheart, I didn't really like what you did to me. You stole everything I had. Because of you I lost everyone I loved. Everything I loved. You even took my name! You locked me up in that place and I decided that I would make you lose everything, too. Starting with this little boy here."

Stacey takes out a gun and points it at my forehead.

"Penny! What are you doing!"

"What does it look like I'm doing. I'm taking away your little boyfriend."

"Bo…Penny, what are you talking about. I'm with Captain Hammer, not Billy!"

"Oh, stop with the acting. I saw how you blushed when I told you he was in LaLaLand over you. Captain Hammer doesn't mean anything to you."

"Hey! That's not true! She was totally into me!"

"Oh shut up Hammer! Well, say good-bye."

Stacey tightens her trigger on the gun. I see the time machine laying on the floor right at my feet. If only I could get it back. What Hammer and Stacey don't know is that I have a switch on it to freeze time, except for those who are touching it. If I was able to use it, I would have the upper hand. But that was no help now. I clench my eyes shut.


"What now?"

"If you're so mad, then kill me! Why are you bringing him into this?"

"I didn't come all the way here so that you could die that easily again! I want you to go through what I did! But he may be useful to us, so I'll spare him…for now."

I open my eyes and see Stacey put her gun away and Penny breathe a sigh of relief. We suddenly start hearing people chanting along with Hammer.

"Stace, that's my cue. We really gotta hurry it up back here. Dr. Horrible will be there with his death ray any minute."

"Alright, just leave the dummy and go do your thing then. I've got Stacey."

Hammer lets go of me. Big mistake. As soon as he lets go, I shove him into a wall and turn around to run and pick up the time machine. I flip on the switch. Everyone around me freezes.

I slowly raise myself up. I breathe slowly. My joints and head suddenly start stinging with pain. I put a palm to my forehead and scan the room. I hear nothing. Nothing but my own breathing and beating heart. Hammer is halfway in the air, with his fist ready. Stacey still has a hold of Penny. I rush over to them and rip Penny's arm out of Stacey's grip. I drag her still body away from the she-devil. I feel so strange, being this close to Penny again. It's like a dream. Like an illusion. I wish I would stare into her face forever. She's so beautiful. So perfect. Both on the inside and outside. So why is Stacey so full of hatred for her? I look over to Stacey. Frozen, with a fierce look of anger on her face. They look so alike. Exactly the same. Their hair. Their face. Their nose. Their eyes…their eyes. Both of their eyes are so full of pain. What happened between them? I look back to Penny and gently make her sit down on the edge of a stair. What am I supposed to do now? Just leave? Go back to my time? Take Hammer and Stacey with me? And let what is meant to happen play out? The longer we stay, the more damage we cause. But how can I just leave, knowing what is going to happen. I stare at Penny. She didn't deserve to die. I can't let it happen again. I walk up to her and take her hand in mine. Her touch tingles. I place her hand on the time machine. She suddenly jerks. She turns her face to me, her face full of tension, fear, grief. No Penny. Don't look at me like that. I only want to see you smiling.


"Penny. Are you ok?"

"…I-I think so. But what happened? Where's Pen…"

Penny turns and looks at Stacey, frozen in place, with her arms awkwardly reaching out to nothing. She quickly tries to stand up, but I still have a grip on her hand. She looks towards me in confusion. She looks down at our hands and blushes. I bite lip.

"…I-it's ok, Penny. Everything will be ok."

She slightly furrows her eyebrows, trying to understand what on earth is going on, but how can she? I help her stand up, but don't let go of her hand, keeping it placed on the time machine.

"Penny, there's a lot of things I need to fix, but first I need to get you out of here."

She just nods at me and we walk towards the exit, the world still frozen around us. She looks around at her sister and at Hammer. She puts her free hand through her hair. We're just about to the door, when Penny's foot gets caught in one of the cords running along the floor. We both go down to the ground. The time machine falls out of my hands. So how can I still move? I look up to see the switch out of place.

"You twerp! How'd you get over there!"

I turn around to see Hammer looming over me. He picks me up from my collars and punches me straight in the nose. Penny screams. I feel the blood dripping down and my vision blurs.

We suddenly hear a chain of gasps followed by a maniacal laugh. My maniacal laugh. Followed by an eerie song.

"Oh shoot! The idiots already here! It doesn't matter. I still have some time."

Hammer tries to dash off again, but I regain my posture and pull him back, only to have Stacey kick me in my shins, causing me to fall back to the ground, but I don't let go of my hold on Hammer. Captain Hammer pulls his arm back for a punch again, but out of nowhere someone comes in between me and the blow. Penny falls down onto me. I finally let go of Hammer and he shamelessly turns to run, but stops when we hear a thud. We all freeze, knowing what's coming next. This is the moment. That moment. Within a few seconds, Penny's time of death would come. But I won't let her die this time. Not when she's this close to me. This close to being safe. I don't care what happens. It may destroy everything, but I couldn't see her dying. Not again. I lift Penny up from her shoulders. Her eyes are closed in pain. I lift her chin with one hand and she looks up. Our eyes meet. It will not be for the last time.

I quickly pull my hand back but pull her in closer, too, so she can hear me.

"Run Penny! Run away! You can't be here right now."

She looks at me for a while, confused, but seeing my expression, she nods and turns to run. I see Hammer running off, too. This needs to end here. I pick up a metal rod that was lying on the ground. Stacey tries to grab it from my hands, but I push her out of my way and swing the rod at Hammer's head. He stops in his tracks and grabs his head. His legs stumble, he turns around. I wait for him to hit back, but his eyes roll and he falls to the ground. Then I hear another loud crash. I turn my head and quickly run through the curtains. I see myself lying on the ground. It was done. It was over. I take a sigh of relief. Then I turn to see the spot where Penny should have died, knowing she wouldn't be there. She is. My mouth falls open in shock. No. NO! I tangle my fingers into my hair seeing her lying there all over again. She's lifelessly sitting against the wall like last time. How could this happen!

"This is all your fault! Because of you she got away from me!"

Stacey spins me around and holds me by the collars. My simply stare at her, not having the power to think anything. She clenches her teeth, but something catches her eyes. She lets go and runs and picks up the time machine.

"No matter, with this baby, I can just go back again."

I come back to reality and realize she'll just keep doing this until she gets it right. I quickly lunge at her and we have a quick tug of war, but tear it out of her hands and flip on the switch again. Once again, I'm alone. I realize I've been holding my breath and let it out, but they come out in sobs. I turn around and shakingly make myself over to Penny's body…again. I see her lying there. Shards of the death ray piercing her…again. She had run as I had told her to, but ended up in the same spot as last time when the death ray exploded. I had killed her…again. I lean down and gently take her delicate hand and place it on the orb. She starts to move. She eyes slowly move and meet mine. She eyes are glazed, but she smiles.


"Don't worry Penny. It'll be ok."

I wait for her to say that Captain Hammer will come and save her.

"I know. You'll save me right?"

I look up at her in surprise.

"Billy. Can you do me a favor?"

I nod my head.

"Please can you take this to my sister?"

She weakly hands me her clutch. I look at it and then I hesitantly grab it. She slowly mouths a thank you. Her smile disappears and her hand falls. I close my eyes in agony and tears start to form at the brim. I pick up her hand and kiss her fingers.

"Good-bye Penny. I love you."

So I gave you a pretty long chapter. Hope it was worth the read. And those of you who are upset about me killing Penny, sorry, but I never planned on keeping her alive in the first place. It just wouldn't work out, because Billy made the machine to keep her from dying and if she didn't die, he wouldn't have a reason to make the machine in the first place. They kind of cancel each other out.

The reason I brought her back was because I think Penny deserved to know Billy's true feelings and that Billy deserved a real 'moment' with her before she died instead of just losing her to Hammer. There's still a bit more to come and I think you'll enjoy it. And don't worry, I explain the whole name exchange later.

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