So, I seem to be writing again. I know, I know, you all hate me for abandoning my last attempts at a story. I am very sorry. I had a very hard time getting everything together and after my laptop crashed, I was very devastated and didn't want to write anymore. But I'm starting to understand that writing will be a part of my life for as long as I'm breathing, even if I'm trying to run from it.

This is a prompt series based on one sentence prompts. They are each exactly one thousand words long, not including the title ^^ They will follow the lives of Alice and Hatter (of course, as though I'd write about anything else) and be in no particular order. And yes, there WILL be M rated content. I am an erotica writer. I can't help it. I have tried in the past few months to write stories that do not include erotica, and I end up having to remove it as deleted scenes. So be warned... LOTS AND LOTS OF LEMONS IN THE NEAR FUTURE!

I'm not sure how quickly I'll update (as usual). I'm starting college in two days and will be getting into the swing of things. I'll try not to upload less than three chapters at a time. And... I'll also try to make shorter author's notes _ Seriously guys, if I'm boring you, don't read this. It's not vital to the story.

Even though my love for Alice in Wonderland remains forever mine, the story itself is not. All rights go to Tim Burton and Disney. :D No suing me, pwease? I'm just a poor college student ;~; I have no monies.

Prompt 1:

When a dog howls through the night, somebody dies.

I was awake from the very moment that the door creaked open.


I sat up quickly. "Alice? Is everything alright? Are you sick?"

She smiled softly. "No Hatter. I'm fine. I just swore that I heard something..."

I pulled the covers back and stood before crossing the distance between us in six large steps. "What kind of something?" I inquired.

Her eyebrows were knit together as she walked over to my balcony and pulled the curtains back. Softly, I followed her. She leaned far over the rail to look into the courtyard below, and I found myself placing a hand on her left hip to steady her. I was well aware the second that I did so that she could very well consider the movement inappropriate, rather than protective, but I didn't care. It wouldn't do at all if she were to fall over the edge and hurt herself. Hurt herself... nay, kill herself. A fall like that wouldn't hurt at all, as one would be dead far before it was even over...

My heart hurt at the thought of something bad happening to Alice. I placed my other hand on the right hip just in case.

"It sounded like a dog... but Bayard and Bielle are asleep, aren't they?"

"I suppose so. They left dinner early to put the puppies to bed... but perhaps they could have stayed awake... I mean, they are married, and I'm sure that married beings have much to converse, or not converse, for I'm sure that at some point, conversing stops in the marriage bed-"


"Yes. I'm fine. Thank you."

And he meant it. There was no telling where exactly I was going on that line of thought. Thoughts of... Alice... and marriage beds... and the end of conversation...

I swallowed hard and she leaned back against me. "I swore I heard it, Hatter. I swore I heard a dog howling, right outside my window!"

"I'm sure you did," I assured her, rubbing her shoulders. "But it couldn't have been Bayard or Bielle, or even one of the puppies. They all have better manners than that... they know better than to wake the entire castle with nonsensical howling."

"I..." She didn't seem quite sure. "I'm sure you're probably right."

"Of course I am," I beamed. "Now come. You're all shaken up... you need some tea."

She covered her mouth as a small happy laugh escaped her lips and slipped through her fingers. "Can't you ever think of anything but tea, Hatter?"

Oh, how I wanted to tell her... how rarely I thought of tea in comparison to her. But it was often a great distraction when I started thinking about Alice in her blue silk nightrobe... Alice in her chemise... Alice in my bedroom... Alice on the floor...

"Tea is very impor-tant," I croaked. It would have sound perfectly normal, had my voice not cracked on the last syllable. No, that wasn't right... I couldn't lose my dignity in front of Alice. The Alice. Champion Alice... Alice of the Aboveland...

"T...e...a..." I said very slowly. "Tea... is... very... i...m...p...o...r...t...a...n...t..."

She shook her head and placed a hand on either side of my face. "Stay with me, Hatter," she instructed.

"Of course," I replied. "I'm fine."

"Perhaps we should skip tea and investigate," she hesitated. "... that is, if you're not too tired and woulnd't mind."

I raised an eyebrow. "Is Champion Alice too afraid to investigate on her own?"

"I am not!" she squeaked. "How dare you, sir? I am perfectly capable of investigating on my own... I just don't want to. It's far easier to investigate with a friend. You can cover more ground that way, you know."

"It has not a thing to do with the fact that it's rather dark down there?" I teased.

She blushed. "I'm not afraid of the dark. I've been in the dark before. It was rather dark in your teapot, if you'll remember correctly."

Oh, I remembered correctly. The knave coming to investigate... coming to take Alice... stuffing Alice in the teapot... singing, and then peeking into the pot only to see a glimpse more of Alice than she would have prefered...

"I remember," I frowned.

She studied my face carefully as though looking for a clue. "You're blushing, Hatter," she grinned. "Why on earth would the thought of me being in a teapot make you blush?"

"N'er yeh mind, lass," I shook my head quickly. "I mean... I do remember you furiously beating your tiny fists against the sides of that teapot, demanding to be let out. So as I see it, you either didn't trust me, or were very much afraid of the dark."

She huffed and looked away sharply. "So are we going to investigate the noise, or not, sir?" she asked. I decided not to point out her quick change of the subject. "Because if you're too chicken, I'll just head on back to bed, and we can meet up in the morning for tea…"

"No," I replied sharply. "I would gladly follow you into battle, my dear. Just lead the way."

We were deathly silent as we tiptoed down the many staircases until we found ourselves in the courtyard. Alice wandered in front of me for a brief while, before a startling sound echoed across the yard, causing her to shriek and fling herself into my arms.

"I've got yeh, lass," I promised, looking around. She peeked from around my arms. "I swear…" she muttered. "That was the sound. A dog howling."

"Let's get you back to bed," I said, petting her hair. "It's not safe for you here."

For once, she didn't protest.

It was a month later that a guard assigned to watch the border of the Outlands appeared to report devastating news to the court of the White Queen. The mangled body of Iracebeth of Crims had been discovered hidden among the trees, and the Knave of Hearts, Ilosovic Stayne was nowhere to be found.

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