hi this is my first story so i want a lot of feedback on it if you have any suggestions please leave them and enjoy

Rose and Dawn were twin sisters. Rose the older sister was fair with hair so blond it almost looked white and eyes as deep in color as any ocean. Dawn whose porcelain skin could rival even the best of women had hair that was het black and eyes an incomprehensible green. Although they didn't know it yet they had powers that neither one of them would be able to comprehend.

They grew up in foster care not really having anybody to trust but themselves. No matter what the obstacle they were always together until finally at the age of thirteen they decided to run away. They were tired of always having to worry about being separated so one day they hatched a plan to escape. They had enough money that they could rent a hotel and be able to live for a few weeks without worry.

With luck and the night on their side they escaped from that insufferable place and never looked back.

4 years later

Now seventeen things were looking up for the twins. Although they were still young with Rose's amazing fashion designing skills and Dawn's athletic ability they were able to become the youngest billionaires in the world even though nobody knew about it. They had worked hard in school and had graduated college without even going to high school. With that success they were living in a mansion bigger than any other and it practically had everything you could think of from a movie theater to a gym with a court, a swimming pool inside and out, and about 50 rooms not including the bathrooms. But because they worked hard they had passed through life so fast that they didn't even get a chance to enjoy it to the fullest so they had a plan. They would go to high school for senior year to see what they had been missing out on all this time.