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"Very good job… my dearest… bloody Sherry…" Gin said in a seductive tone. He patted me on the head, then drew close, too close for my liking. I wanted to scream and stab him and kill him. But I could only watch as he gently pressed his lips to mine.

"NOOOOO!" I screamed, jerking awake. I was breathing rapidly, my heart racing. I sat up, and let out a small sigh. I could hear Agasa snoring loudly in the bedroom next to mine. I checked the clock. 6:00 A.M. A stream of light poured in from a slit in the window. I went over and parted the blinds, revealing a spectacular sunrise. It gave me renewed hope just to see the rainbow of colors shining across the sky. It was a dream, I told myself, only a dream.

"Miyano-san? Miyano-san!" the teacher snapped, tapping the blackboard with her piece of chalk. I jerked back from my thoughts. "What's the answer to this equation?" he asked with a stern expression. I glanced at the equation and said, "the square root of 39."

"Correct…" the teacher said, not expecting me to answer after not paying attention.

"Oi, are you ok? This is the third time that you've zoned out today," Kudo asked me.

"I'm fine," I muttered. I resumed the twirling of my pencil, and went back into thought. Bloody Sherry… it sounded vaguely familiar, but I couldn't quite remember when I had heard it. My code name is Sherry but why put the "bloody" before that? And when he kissed me he actually stooped down. Did that mean I wasn't in my eighteen year old body in the dream? It was only a dream, I reminded myself, an insane dream. Yet I just couldn't stop thinking about it.

"Haibara!" Kudo said under his breath, jerking me out of my thoughts, "the last class of the day is over! Come on let's leave!"

"Didn't I tell you to call me Shiho? If you keep calling me Haibara one day somebody will find out about the connection!" I snapped back.

"Those guys in black have been defeated! Nobody's in mortal peril anymore. Besides, I've been calling you Haibara for 3 years. It's not easy to change what you call someone in a matter of days!" he retorted. I sighed. He was right, they were gone. We still didn't tell anyone about them because we were afraid there might be more members that weren't captured, but Kudo really wanted to let the concerned Ran know the truth.

"It's possible to start calling me Shiho if you use your brain!"

"Whatever…" He said, leading me out of the already empty classroom and joining Ran and Sonoko, who were waiting there for us.

"There you are! What took you so long?" Sonoko asked in annoyance.

"We had a little argument," Kudo said, rolling his eyes. I gave him a glare.

"Now now, no need to get so riled up," Ran said nervously. I sighed.

"I agree. Come on let's get out of here," Sonoko said. They made their way out of the school and towards their home.

"Ran. I've been wanting to tell you this for a long time, but…" Kudo sighed, glancing at me before continuing, "I wanted to tell you why I was gone for 3 years. You see, I am actually Co-"

"No!" I said.

"Why? I mean it's over, isn't it?" he said. I closed my eyes. That dream… it was just too unsettling. Ran was looking at Kudo with eagerness.

"Go on, why were you gone?" she asked. Kudo looked at me. I unwillingly gave a slight nod.

"Well you see, I was actually Edowaga Conan," and the story continued on and on about the Black Organization and how we defeated them, and with Sonoko and Ran listening, awestruck.

"EHHHHH?" Sonoko almost screamed.

"So you two are actually Haibara-san and Conan-kun?" Ran asked, bewildered.

"Yes," Kudo said.

The questions continued on for a long time, until finally Ran and Sonoko had left, and Kudo and I were walking in silence towards our homes.

"Finally! No more lies!" he said happily. He chuckled to himself. "Everything's back to normal not. By the way, what was wrong with you today? You looked unsettled since this morning. Did something happen?" he asked me. I debated telling him about my dream, and after a while I decided he would only laugh at me and say I was thinking too much.

"Nothing," I replied.

"That's good. Well, see ya tomorrow!" he said, giving me a small wave. I sighed. I was only overthinking this, wasn't I?

"Ah. Ai-kun, you're back. How was school?" Hakase asked when I had entered.

"Quite enjoyable," I managed, then went down to the basement. I flicked on the lights, turned on the computer, and put in the password for APTX-4896. A complicated diagram of the pill's makeup came into view. I had insisted on continuing the pill, to turn it from something that could kill into something that could give new life. I always clung onto the tiny hope that my sister or parents could be revived or something after I finished the pill. I knew it was impossible, but I could at least repent for my sins of creating such a terrible pill by perfecting it into something that could, as Gin had said, "raise the dead". I took a deep breath, and then started typing into the computer.

I was in a dark room, my throat held tightly by Gin's strong hands. In his other hand was a handgun. I gazed pleadingly at Kudo, but he was already badly bleeding from his wounds and couldn't move. Everyone else had gone off to fight the other members of the organization. Sounds of gunshots resonated off the walls, there was yelling and screaming and shouting. I glanced at Gin's devilish eyes and his evil smirk, then the muzzle of his gun, and closed my eyes. Was this really the end for me? I thought.

BANG. Gin's handgun was knocked from his hand. It landed on the ground, then skidded to a stop near Kudo. Everyone's head turned towards the origin of the shot.

Akai Shuuchi.

"I'm afraid this is the end," he said, pointing his gun at Gin. Kudo had managed to grab hold of the handgun and was shakily pointing in at Gin's head. He sighed, then let go of me. I dropped to the floor, feeling my neck, taking in a deep breath. To my surprise, Gin started to laugh, harder, and harder. He sounded almost maniacal. He stopped, and his lips curved into a grin.

"May the organization live forever!" He yelled at the top of his lungs, before two gunshots sounded. He stumbled, then dropped to the floor. A puddle of blood formed under him, growing larger by the second.

"It's over…" Kudo said, lowering his still smoking handgun to the floor. Footsteps.

"We got rid of all the others," a breathless Jodie managed to say. She turned, and her gaze froze.


I smiled. It was all over. I looked over at Gin's lifeless body. Then I froze. He still had that grin on his face, a grin of victory…

I opened my eyes. I had fallen asleep at the computer, the cursor line still blinking, waiting for me to type in something. Another nightmare, huh? I thought. It actually wasn't a nightmare, just a terrible memory. That was exactly what had happened the day the organization had fallen. A hard drive was found with all the members of the organization and their code names. All the known organization members had been killed by the FBI, and nobody had been seriously injured from our side. But then why had Gin yelled for the organization to live forever? At that time he should have known his side was already losing. And that grin, so unnerving. Had someone from the organization escape in time? Was he a important person to them? Would he turn everything around? I thought I would die with worry. Just stop thinking about it, I told myself. Go to sleep and you will find that everything is fine. I slipped into my bed and drew the covers over me. Sleep overtook me quickly.

He was standing in front of me again, grinning and patting me on the head.

"Very good job. My dearest… Bloody Sherry" I felt a surge of pride as he bent down and kissed me.

"Thank you," I said, smiling, then added with a thought, "Gin-sempai*"

I awoke again, startled. That nightmare! Again! In the dream I had felt so happy. Why? I asked myself over and over. Why? No. I told myself. Having the same dream twice in a row is not a coincidence.

Something was definitely wrong. Very wrong.

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*sempai means superior, or senior in Japanese.