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Shinichi's POV:

"Shiho, that baka!" I clenched my hands into fists. "Why did she go alone?" The sound of our feet pounding on the concrete floor echoed throughout the dimly lit hallway. We soon came to another door.

"We'll go check it out, and you stay here ok?" said Jodie in a commanding tone. She and Akai entered the room, leaving me alone.

"Kudo-kun!" Jodie yelled. I rushed in, and there, on the floor, was Ran. She was rubbing her head with a dazed expression.

"W-what? Where am I?" Ran muttered. I rushed to her.

"Ran! What happened?"

"I don't know! I wanted to follow you guys! With all that whispering and secrecy between you and Miyano-san, I felt left out! So I followed you with your tracking glasses, and when I got in here someone suddenly struck me from behind!" She cried.

"Why, Ran? Don't you know it's dangerous? Jodie, can you get her out of here? I'll go ahead." I got up and started to walk out, but Akai put his hand on my shoulder.

"It's too dangerous. Stay here."

Damn! I can't just stay here and wait! I thought, What if Shiho's in danger right now?

"I'm going ahead!" I shouted, and ran as fast as I could, ignoring Jodie's yells that it was too dangerous. The light started flickering and crackling, and suddenly the lights went out, and everything went pitch black. I blinked a few times, and my eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness. I could make out a shadow in front of me.

"Shiho?" I called, "is that you?" It was clearly her, but her back was turned towards me. I put my arms around her. She was shaking. "It's fine… Everything's ok. You shouldn't have run away! We were all so worri-" I let out a cry of pain. My arm was throbbing with pain, and blood trickled down my wrist. Shiho forcefully pushed me away and turned around. Suddenly the lights flickered and turned back on. With a blood-stained knife in her hand, she was chuckling to herself. Her usually soft and kind eyes were filled with hatred and violence.

"So we finally meet… Silver Bullet…" she sneered.

"Shi-iho.." I stammered. "Why?..."

"Seems like you don't know yet. After all those hints? I thought you were a famous detective?" she laughed.

"What do you mean?"

"The relationship between me and Shiho Miyano, of course. I am not the Shiho Miyano you're used to being with."

"What are you talking about?" I was utterly confused.

"At least you know some of her personal history. Dead mother, dead father, dead sister, a whole organization after her, trying to murder her. What do you think happened? Do you think she would be able to bear all that pressure and pain? Do you think anyone would be able to?"

I was speechless. I had never thought of her past before. All I cared about was that she would bring me back to my normal self. "Then what happened?" My voice was barely a whisper.

"Schizophrenia. And I am her other self. I was the one who sent the card to her. I was the one who killed her dear professor. I was the one who sent the message for you all to come here. And I… will be the one to KILL YOU!" She lunged at me, and I was knocked down on the floor. I was defenseless… I was a failed detective… stunned speechless by reality. And I could only watch as she raised the knife above my head, ready to strike. I squeezed my eyes shut, waiting for the blade to come down upon me. But it never did. I opened my eyes. She was shaking, but she was back to normal.

"Ku-udo-kun… Hurry up.. . and… and… kill me… before… I …" She was breathing hard, her two sides fighting each other in her brain.

"I can't kill you! You're asking the impossible!" I cried.

"Then die!" She slashed at me again, her eyes glowing with fury, leaving a bleeding gash in my arm. I ran towards the nearest door, went in, and slammed the door behind me. Inside was a assortment of all sorts of computers. And there, lying on the floor, was a small handgun. I picked it up.

"My my. Looks like you found the murder weapon. And guess who the culprit was?" Shiho emerged from a dark corner of the room. I backed up against the wall.

"What do you mean?"

"You're standing in the same room that I killed my parents in, 15 years ago."

"What? You killed your parents?" I cried.

"It was an order from Gin-sama. I was the organization's secret weapon, Shiho Miyano's dark side, Bloody Sherry." She gave me a malicious smile, and started walking towards me.

"Stay away!" I shakily pointed the gun at her.

"Shoot me. If I die, she will die too." She backed me up into a corner, and I raised my gun up in protection. Suddenly she started to shake again, and went down on her knees.

"Are you ok? Shiho!" I knelt down before her shaking figure. She reached out and pulled the muzzle of my gun towards her body.

"Shoot me!" she pleaded. "Next time I might kill you!"

"No," I said. "I would never kill a friend.

"D-do it…" She was crying, tears were streaming down her cheeks. "Please…"

Maybe it was my sense of self-protection, or maybe it was her pleading and teary voice that made me subconsciously move my finger towards the trigger and pull it back. The bang that resounded off the walls brought me back to my senses at once. My bloodstained hands held her limp figure on my lap. The small red drops on the floor slowly became a puddle. Her face was contorted with pain.

"No…no… NO!" I screamed, gently shaking her. My eyes grew wide as I gradually realized what I had done.

"I'm not dead yet…" Shiho whispered in a weak voice, and a faint smile was on her face.

"Don't die… Shiho… Don't leave me!" I pulled her into a hug. She gently caressed my tearstained face.

"Thank you…" she said.

"Why? I was the one who killed you!" I cried.

"You brought me happiness, Kudo-kun. Something I hadn't experienced before I met you." Her breathing grew labored, and she slowly closed her eyes.

"No! Don't die!" I sobbed.

"Thank you… Shinichi…" she whispered.

"You can't die Shiho! What would I do without you?" I asked her.

But I was only talking to myself… She had passed on… Ai Haibara… Shiho Miyano…

My friend. My companion.

My love.


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