Title: The Picture Frame
Rating: M
Summary: Con-men target the art gallery owned by the Hardy brothers, distracting Jeff and Adam from an unexpected turn in their home lives. AU, mpreg
Warnings: Language, smut

A/N: Lucky thirteenth story! This is my first AU (not counting crackfic) and first mpreg, so be gentle, lol. The length of this first chap kinda got away from me. What can I say, i'm Jedam deprived.

Acknowledgments: Thanks to DesertEagle16 & Debwood-1999 for helping me talk out some of the details on twitter, and esp to JoMoFan-spot & Terrahfry, for their constant encouragement, support & inspiration. Luvs mah Ladies.

What were all these fucking people doing on the road? Didn't they have homes to go to? Jeff Hardy smacked the steering wheel as he stopped at yet another red light. First that windbag Lawler had to drag his feet during negotiations for the exhibit, and now this. The fates were conspiring to keep Jeff from his Adds. Traffic wouldn't have been so heavy if Lawler hadn't balked and Jeff had started home when he'd planned. Fucking Lawler. Jeff could paint circles around that visionless hack. Fuck, he could paint squares and fucking decagons around him too, but for some reason Lawler had hit it in the mainstream, and was therefore a big draw for their gallery. Jeff felt like he was selling out, but his brother Matt insisted this would take Galleria Imag-I to the next level. Jeff couldn't deny they needed the exposure, but it still left a bad taste in his mouth.

The light changed and Jeff's car inched forward among the rest of the vehicles. He shoved away all thoughts of work and patted the bulge in his pocket. Tonight none of that mattered. Tonight was all about him and Adam and their anniversary. His first date with Adam Copeland had been three years ago to the day, and Jeff's heart had belonged to Adam ever since. For a long time they'd been happy with an open relationship, but a little over a year ago they'd started having troubles. Jeff found himself irritable and snapping at Adam without good reason. This, of course, made Adam bitchy and they bickered constantly.

One night the two had a huge fight, and Jeff was convinced they would be no more by the night's end. Adam would finally be sick of his shit and everything would be over. In the middle of it Jeff had brought up Adam's date for the next night, Drew, and Adam just stopped. He stood there, silent and staring at Jeff until Jeff shouted "What?" A grin crept over Adam's face.

"You're jealous."

Jeff blinked, frowning. "What? No, I-"

"You are!" Adam's eyes sparkled with sudden mirth. "You're jealous of me going out with other men. Admit it!"

"I'm not the jealous type, you know that," Jeff said, crossing his arms, and Adam got in Jeff's face, dimples flashing.

"You are with me," he said playfully. "Baby, you're so jealous your eyes are green."

"My eyes are always green," Jeff replied with a pout. Damn that Adam, but his smiles were contagious. Long arms slipped around Jeff's neck.

"Is that what this is all about?" Adam asked seriously, and Jeff sighed, his palms automatically finding their way to Adam's hips.

"It just... it drives me nuts when I think about their hands on you," he confessed, staring at their feet. "I start wondering if I'm not enough for you, if you really need me. I go out with some guy and all I can think about is how much more fun I'd have with you, and you don't think about me. I don't want to feel that way, I feel like an asshole, but I can't help it and it sucks."

Adam lifted Jeff's chin with a finger, making sure to look him straight in the eyes before he spoke. "I love you, Jeff. You want me, you got me. Completely." Jeff shook his head.

"No. I don't wanna tie you down, tell you what to do, who you can fuck."

"You're not. This is my choice," Adam assured him. "I'd have always chosen you. Now I'm gonna prove it." Adam leaned in and kissed Jeff, a long, sweet kiss that left his lover convinced and smiling. "I still get to flirt, though."

Driving home now, Jeff smiled again at the memory. Adam was such a nasty tease, and always kept his man on his toes. And since then Jeff had been content to be his man. They'd moved in together a few months later, and today they were more in love than ever. Now, after over a year of monogamy, they were taking another step.

Adam was vigilant about his sexual health and always had been. Obsession with sexual health seemed to run in the family, considering Adam's twin brother, Jay, was an OB/GYN. Whatever the reason, Adam insisted he and Jeff use condoms religiously and get tested every three months like clockwork. Jeff himself hadn't always been so careful, especially in the heady – and admittedly hazy – days of his youth, and things could lie dormant for a long time. When the last round came back negative yet again, Adam had shyly suggested that, for their anniversary, they try making love bareback.

For Adam this was akin to losing his virginity, and a huge leap of trust. Jeff took it as the honor it was meant and determined to make this night special. Plus, he couldn't wait to feel his beloved tight and hot around him, not dulled by barriers of latex. Jeff felt like a kid looking forward to the end of prom.

After what seemed like hours Jeff pulled into their long driveway. The house was dark, but he could see dim light from the window of the master bedroom. Adam loved his picture window and preferred the curtains open, and since they'd built their house on a secluded, wooded hillside they didn't have to worry about voyeurs. Jeff fed the dogs as he did every evening before going upstairs. At the foot of the staircase he found the champagne bucket on its stand, a bottle chilling in the ice and two flutes hung on the side. He grabbed the bottle and glasses and took the stairs two at a time.

The double doors to the bedroom opened to reveal candles lit on every flat surface. Jeff smiled. He knew his baby would go all out tonight. Adam may psych some people out with his tall, muscular build and leather-wearing rockstar persona, but anyone who actually knew the blonde knew he was a big gooey-hearted romantic underneath. The rockstar himself sat at the vanity, brushing his blond locks until they gleamed over his shoulders. He saw Jeff in the mirror and turned with a smile.

"Hi. I was starting to get worried about you. Oh good, you brought the champagne," Adam said, getting up to take the flutes from Jeff. He wore a long silk robe, ivory in color, wrapped close and tightly belted. His normally whiskered chin was clean-shaven, making Jeff wonder if he was just as smooth everywhere. And his feet were white.

"Oooh, stockings?" Jeff asked with a lecherous grin. "What else you got under there?"

"You'll find out," Adam said, a teasing gleam in his hazel eyes. "First, let's have a toast."

Jeff popped the cork and poured. Once the glasses were full of pale, bubbly liquid Adam raised his. "To three years of putting up with your ass."

"And many more of fucking yours," Jeff replied, and they clinked glasses with a laugh. After a drink, Jeff couldn't wait anymore. "I got you a present."

Adam's eyebrow quirked. "I thought we weren't going to exchange gifts."

"You don't call this a gift?" Jeff asked, gesturing to Adam's body, and Adam rolled his eyes.

"So, what did you get me?" he asked, not even trying to hide his eagerness.

"Now, I'm not asking anything of you. This is just a token," Jeff said as he pulled the small box out of his pocket. He flipped it open and Adam gaped. "I thought you might like something physical to show everyone how much I love you."

Adam looked at the ring, reaching up to touch the velvet of the little box, looking for words. "Jeff... it's beautiful. Did you design it?"

Jeff nodded. Vines and leaves in Black Hills gold twisted to form the band, bevels catching the light. The symbolism of life and growth in plants captured Jeff, as evidenced by the tattooed roots that wound from behind his right ear all the way down to his fingertips. If Jeff felt himself the strong, complex system that absorbed life and energy from all around him, then Adam was the flora. Beautiful and reaching to the sun, and if someone cut him down he came right back, thriving and stronger than before. "You're life to me, Adam."

Adam blinked a few times and gave Jeff a watery smile. He raised his left hand. "You put it on me?" Jeff smiled and took the ring, tossing the box aside, and slipped it on Adam's slender ring finger. Lace peeked out from under the sleeve of his robe and anchored around his middle finger, and Jeff was suddenly dying to know what was under there. Adam gazed at the ring gleaming on his hand. If Jeff knew Adam – and he did – Adam was now planning a ring to give Jeff in the same spirit, and Jeff would wear it proudly.

"It's amazing," Adam breathed. "You're amazing." He grabbed Jeff by his tie and pulled him in for a searing kiss. Jeff caught the fragrance that their friend Trish had made for Adam, flowery and airy, with thicker tones of fresh leaves and honey underneath, and just a hint of something musky. Jeff was sure she'd added pheromones, too. She'd mixed it specially just to drive Jeff crazy, and it worked. When Adam broke the kiss it was with a wicked grin. "It's time for your present."

Adam stepped back a few paces, still grinning and gave a cocky little head-wobble. He turned away, messing with the belt before dropping the robe in a flutter of silk, and Jeff's breath caught. Adam wore what could only be considered bridal lingerie. His panties were white lace, cut high in the back to frame the perfect globes of his ass and tucking snugly between his cheeks. At the top of his crack the lace made a little opening, held at the top with a bow. A crystal dangled from the bow, a tantalizing little glitter in the candlelight, twinkling against his skin. A strapless white corset was laced around his lean torso, riding just high enough to tease those shallow dimples just above Adam's pantyline. Its garters hooked to white stockings that encased his long legs. The stockings shimmered with a soft iridescence, reflected in the embroidery on the corset. As he turned the light caught an occasional glint of crystal and seed pearls, not enough to be gaudy, rather giving him the gleam of something ethereal, an angel come to earth. Adam even wore white lace elbow gloves, too elegant to be called arm socks. They covered a few of the red and black tattoos that patterned his arms, reminding that this angel had a devilish side. All the white glowed against the bronzed tone of his skin, bringing out the highlights in his hair. Now that he was exposed his little show of cockiness was long gone, but his smile met his hazel eyes, beatific and lovely. "You like?"

"You're a vision," Jeff said in awe. A pink blush crept to Adam's cheeks and Jeff felt dizzy. "I feel like a jerk in my rumpled shirt and tie."

"Take them off," Adam said in a sultry voice, stepping closer. Jeff closed the distance and trailed a finger down the laces on the front of the corset as Adam pulled his tie loose.

"You look so pure. Holy." Jeff spoke in a low drawl that he knew sent tingles down Adam's spine. He took Adam's shoulders and turned him, guiding him to the full-length mirror by the closet. Jeff stood behind his doll, running his fingers down the sides of the corset. His darker tan and tattooed fingers with their chipped nail polish looked tainted against its purity. Jeff had his own brand of beauty, carnal and sinful, suggested by the arch of his brows, the sharp cut of his cheekbones, the fullness of his lips. He was a dark demon of desire looming behind an angel in white. "You are a deity. I'm worthy only to worship at your feet. My lust for you is dirty. Sacrilege," he hissed, nuzzling his face into Adam's silky locks as he spoke, inhaling his green, sweet scent. He put his lips to Adam's ear and growled, "Tonight, I'm going to corrupt you."

The blonde closed his eyes and shuddered under Jeff's hands. He loved it when Jeff spoke to him like this, and the evidence strained the lace of his panties. Jeff ran a teasing palm over the hard ridge and Adam arched, gasping. A nipple peeked over the top of the corset and Jeff used his other hand to tease the fabric down, just enough to roll the hard nub between his fingertips, and Adam writhed in his arms. As he did, Jeff looked over the corset in the mirror, then kissed his lover's neck and stepped back to run his hands down Adam's spine and sides. No zipper. It was just like the little tease to make Jeff work for it.

"There's no zipper," Adam said, echoing Jeff's thoughts with a gleam in his eye. "You have to unwrap your present properly."

"Just for that, I'm going to take my time," Jeff said with a smirk, noting the cute little pout that appeared on his baby's lips. He reached around and untied the bow at the bottom of the garment, then traced over his hips and down the garters. Oh, how he loved when Adam wore stockings, those shapely legs covered in soft, sheer silk. The tramp knew it, too. He unhooked the garters and the stockings stayed in place, as Jeff knew they would. Adam used double-sided tape when he wore stockings, just because he knew Jeff would want him to leave them on.

Jeff kissed Adam's shoulder, and the blonde swept his hair aside to expose his neck for nibbling. Jeff complied, feeling more than hearing Adam's hum of pleasure. He turned to Jeff and lifted his chin to take his lips, sweeping his tongue into Jeff's mouth as painted nails plucked at his laces. In return, Adam yanked at the buttons on Jeff's shirt as he nibbled at his darker lover's lips, then moved to cover Jeff's jaw and ear in sloppy, tongued kisses. Fuck, his Adds was in an oral mood tonight. There was a twitch in Jeff's pants as he realized he was in for more than just a blow job.

As soon as Adam was done opening Jeff's shirt, only popping a few buttons, he started helping with the laces of his corset. He pulled the sides apart and tugged on the strings until finally it was loose. He raised his arms and stopped mouthing Jeff's skin long enough to let him slip the evil contraption over his head and away. Jeff trailed hands down muscled arms, broad chest and washboard belly. He looked in the mirror over Adam's shoulder and saw himself slip his hands around to caress the curve of his lower back. He flicked the little crystal on the back of the panties before squeezing handfuls of firm, round cheeks, then tucked his fingers under the lace and tugged up.

Adam whimpered, his hands everywhere as he continued to create hickeys on Jeff's neck and collarbone. Fingertips made trails through the light hair on Jeff's chest, exploring the lines of his body and slipping down the back of his slacks. Jeff suppressed the shiver that ran down his spine and got to his knees, biting at a nipple on the way down. He kissed around the dip of Adam's navel, giving it a darting lick and making Adam jump. But as fun as it was toying with Adam's sweet belly button, there was another bit he wanted to pay attention to. He tongued Adam's erection through the lace, sucking and soaking the fabric with his mouth, tasting skin between the silk threading. Adam sifted Jeff's jaw-length black and pink hair through his fingers, almost purring as he watched Jeff worship him.

Jeff laid soft bites on the bare skin of Adam's inner thighs, rubbing up and down his stockinged legs. He nibbled at Adam's panties and looked up. "These are awfully pretty, but they're in my way."

"Then take them off," Adam said in a husky voice.

"Is taking off clothes your answer for everything?" Jeff asked, getting up and sweeping his boyfriend into his arms. Adam giggled in surprise, kicking his feet a little and cuddling into Jeff's shoulder.

"Around you? Yep," he told him. Jeff smirked and carried him towards the bed. About half way there, he hefted Adam's weight and grunted.

"Damn son, you're getting heavy."

Adam turned indignant. "I am not! You just need to come to the gym with me more."

Jeff laid him on the sheets, crawling over top of him to gaze at him. Even in full pout mode his baby was lovely, his golden tresses spread over the pillow to halo his beautiful face. "Did you just call me a weakling? I'd give you a spanking if I didn't think you'd like it. You're lucky I love you."

Adam's lips curled into a smile. "That makes me the luckiest man alive." He sat up for kisses, trailing his lips down the stripes of beard on Jeff's chin, then moving to his chest to suck at his nipple.

"You're hungry tonight," Jeff observed aloud, cradling the back of Adam's head.

"You taste good," he mumbled against the erect bud, scraping it with his teeth.

"So do you." Jeff took his face and pulled him up for a kiss, guiding him to lie back again. He moved down Adam's body at an agonizingly slow pace, loving on every inch of him with mouth and hands until Adam was a groaning mess, arching his hips and tossing his head. Jeff hooked the panties with his fingers and slid them down the endless length of Adam's legs, licking his lips when he saw that hard cock freed. The perfume of his arousal, pure concentrated Adam, mixed with the intoxicating fragrance he wore, hit Jeff's senses and made his mouth water. "Uhm, you are all smooth for me. I should check to see if you did a good job."

Jeff ran the width of his tongue around Adam's groin, not touching his leaking cock as he grazed his teeth over over soft, supple skin. He had to hold the blonde's hips down as he tried to grind against Jeff's mouth, whimpering. Adam tasted as good as he smelled, and Jeff reveled in it as he dragged his tongue over his ballsack. He took him into his mouth, slowly increasing the suction on his balls until Adam hissed. He let go with a pop, caressing the reddened, hairless skin with his lips. A sharp tug on his hair caused him to look up and see Adam glaring down at him.

"Touch me, Jeff." Adam closed his eyes and leaned his head back on the pillow, body writhing. "If you don't touch my fucking dick I'll do it myself."

Jeff's lips curled into a wry grin. "You do and I'll handcuff you."

Adam whined. "Please, dammit. I need you, Jeffy."

Jeff smiled, thinking of Adam cuffed to the bed, needy and pleading for his cock. Adam pet Jeff's hair and gave him his best puppy-dog eyes. "Aw, my poor baby. Is this what you want?" Jeff asked, then licked up his shaft. "Hm? You taste so sweet, so big and hard for Jeffy. Does it hurt, baby? You need my mouth on your cock?" He sharpened his tongue and probed the slit, scooping up drops of precum and relishing Adam's flavor.

"Yes," Adam panted. "Yes Jeff... please suck me. Oh yes..." He groaned as Jeff engulfed him. "Just like that. Oh fuck, Jeff... yes, suck it... harder..." Adam spread his legs and raised a knee, thrusting into Jeff's mouth, one hand tweaking his nipple as the other tightened in his lover's hair. Jeff let him, gagging himself around the head. Adam cursed and Jeff reached under him to massage his fingertip against his entrance. He'd barely touched the hot pucker when Adam made a fist in Jeff's hair, tensing and sipping shallow breaths before shouting his name, shuddering and filling Jeff's throat with his hot flood. Jeff drank him, savoring his essence and making sure to lick up every drop. When Adam was spent, Jeff looked up at his panting lover and grinned, then crawled up his body.

"Love you," Adam murmured, his eyelids heavy.

"I'm not even done with you yet," Jeff told him. "You still need corrupting." He laid soft kisses on Adam's eyelids and nose, and his baby giggled.

"Mmm, I look forward to it," he said, then rolled to put Jeff on his back. "But this is our anniversary. I want to draw this out as long as possible. Before this night is over I want to taste every bit of your beautiful body."

"I thought I needed to go to the gym?" Jeff smirked as Adam nibbled on his ribcage.

"No. You're perfect. And how are you still wearing pants?" Adam unbuckled his belt as Jeff shrugged. Adam opened his fly and revealed his underwear-covered erection, new lust lighting his eyes. He nuzzled the underwear with his face, and a low rumble sounded in Jeff's chest. He lifted his hips to let Adam pull his clothes off, and Adam took advantage of the movement to squeeze his exposed buttocks meaningfully. "I want to taste you."

Jeff smirked. "I'll make you a deal." He got up, kissing his boyfriend's lips as he did, and went to the closet. He made a point to bend and let Adam get a good look at his ass as he reached in, bringing out two pairs of handcuffs and holding them up. "I get what I want, then you can nom to your heart's content."

Adam's lips puckered. "You are so mean to me," he said, but Jeff could see the consent in his eyes, and he advanced. Soon he sat back on the bed to survey his work. Adam wore only his stockings and gloves, sitting with his back against the headboard, arms spread and cuffed to the bedposts. His head was lowered submissively, a lock of gold trailing over his shoulder and down his chest. Usually Jeff would tease the beauty again until he was insane with desire and struggling against the cuffs, but now... Now the vision was too lovely, the taste of seed too fresh on his tongue, his cock too hard.

Adam grinned coyly and lifted one stockinged foot to rub against Jeff's shaft and balls, long toes curling and wiggling against him through the silky gauze. "Fuck, you slut..." Jeff grabbed Adam's ankle and thrust against his foot once, then shoved it away. He moved to straddle Adam's hips, shoving his groin in the blonde's face. "Suck, slut," he growled, smearing precum onto his lips. The chained deity, submissive only to him, kissed and mouthed his aching cock, swirling his tongue around the shaft before obeying and sucking hard.

Jeff rocked his hips gently, eyes closing and hands petting soft golden hair. Adam released him and Jeff looked down to see his head back, mouth open and tongue lashing at the underside of the shaft. Adam looked up through his lashes as he rubbed his smooth cheeks and chin against Jeff's dick between licks. He took him back down his throat, humming and moaning. Chains rattled at his wrists, fingers curling and uncurling, straining to touch Jeff's body. He sent smoldering, pleading glances upward as he sucked and whimpered around Jeff's width, and Jeff lost control. He leaned against the wall above the headboard and pumped into his beloved's beautiful, velvet mouth, feeling him gag and gasp as Jeff's load shot down his throat. Jeff gasped too as he pulled out, leaning down to lick his cum from Adam's plump lips, whispering words of endearment.

"My turn," Adam fairly growled, licking at Jeff's mouth.

"Hmm, I did promise," Jeff said with a smile. He unlocked one wrist and gave Adam the key. As Adam unlocked the other cuff, Jeff turned and straddled his lap again, now facing away. He leaned down and stretched, cat-like, chest rubbing against silky legs and teeth nibbling at ankles as his taut spread cheeks swayed in the air. As soon as Adam got the cuff open, he attacked. His legs folded up under Jeff, making it easier for him to lean forward and orally explore that soft, ticklish spot where thigh met buttock. Jeff squirmed and tried not to giggle, resting his head on his arms.

Adam had a deep-seated oral fixation, and it wasn't in Jeff's nature to deny his babe anything, especially in bed. And especially since Adam had confessed that Jeff was on a very short list of men he had trusted enough to ask this of. All but one of those men refused, which bewildered Jeff. He had no clue how anyone could refuse the blond sexpot or his talented tongue.

Adam swiped that tongue across his sack, mouthing his balls and sucking gently on each, making Jeff shiver and his cock begin to swell. The dirty angel took a mouthful of cheek on the ridge of Jeff's crack and bit down, sharp white teeth pressing into flesh, and Jeff growled. Adam ignored him and continued to nip at his backside. Jeff didn't understand the obsession with his ass, but he couldn't deny he enjoyed it. He loved feeling that hot, wet tongue darting and flicking up the little path to his pucker and press against it, probing him. Loved those hands with their guitar-calloused fingertips spreading him, those soft lips pressing against his skin as Adam sucked at his rim. Jeff's dick filled and twitched as Adam shoved his tongue inside, the hungry slut moaning and whimpering in desperate arousal. A hand curled around Jeff's cock, and Jeff shuddered and arched. The bitch was trying to make him cum with his tongue inside him. Jeff allowed him a few strokes, feeling the slow build of pleasure. Dammit, his Adam was good.

"No you don't," Jeff said, pulling away from his mouth. Before Adam could react Jeff was up, grabbing Adam's ankles and dragging his body down the bed. Adam laughed as his head hit the mattress, blond waves bouncing on the sheets. Jeff kept hold of his ankles as he moved to hover over his beloved, bending him in half. "I'm going to cum inside you," he murmured. He let go to caress Adam's face, feeling those stockinged legs wrap around his waist. "I'm gonna make you feel every inch of me, feel my big dick fill you. Feel my cum inside your ass, staining you, claiming you."

Jeff's words made Adam tremble. "Yes, yes Jeff, need you in me, quick," he moaned, digging blunt fingernails into Jeff's shoulder and kissing random bits of skin. Jeff grabbed the lube Adam had laid out on the nightstand. "No prep, just fuck me, please..."

"You sure about this?" Jeff asked one last time, lubing himself and laying soft kisses on Adam's neck. "We've still got plenty of condoms."

Adam nodded, breathless with desire. "I'm sure. I want you, Jeff." He looked into Jeff's eyes as he said it, and Jeff didn't break eye contact as his hand guided his cock to Adam's entrance. He pressed inside, hissing at the tight heat. Fuck, he was hotter than Jeff had expected, smooth walls clamping down and smothering his throbbing length. He could feel every contour of that channel as he slowly took Adam, keeping his promise and making him feel every hard inch. Adam's eyes were wide and dark with lust, rolling back in his head as he groaned and panted. Hands roamed up and down Jeff's sides, gripping him and pulling him deeper as Adam's hips lifted to meet him. "Oh shit, Jeff... fuck, you feel so good... so hot and hard inside me..."

"Adam..." was all Jeff could say, leaning down to press his face into Adam's neck, lost in his scent and the flushed satin of his skin, in the constricting tunnel that sheathed his cock. He began to thrust and Adam moved with him, two hard bodies writhing together, so attuned to each other's motions. Jeff found his sweet spot with practiced ease, making Adam arch and whine beneath him. The wanton blonde clawed at the bedsheets and Jeff's back, tossing his head and tightening his legs around Jeff's slender waist. The darker man raised up, tossing pink hair out of his face to see his lover better. Adam touched his arms, running his fingers over the lines of his biceps and squeezing the muscles of his forearms. "So beautiful, Adam... fuck, so tight... cum for me, Precious. Wanna see you cum."

Jeff's hand reached between them to wrap around his beloved's cock, watching the angel's face become a mask of pleasure. Adam threw his head back, crying out as Jeff sped his movements above him, plunging his length in and out of him and hitting that bundle of nerves that made his body sing. Adam's fingers sank into the hair at the nape of Jeff's neck and tightened, sending tingles down his spine, and Jeff's control broke. He pumped his hips furiously, shouting Adam's name as he stroked his cock. His own dick jerked and pulsed inside his lover as his climax took over, and Adam gasped.

"Fuck, Jeff... oh god yes, just like that... love when you cum in me... Jeff..." he whimpered, his body quivering as his seed spilled over Jeff's fingers and dripping onto his own stomach. Jeff kissed his cheeks and chin before taking his mouth, sliding their lips together in soft pecks between panting breaths.

"Love you so much, Adam," he breathed, resting against his blonde's trembling body for a moment before pulling out. He rolled off Adam and went to pull him close, but Adam didn't move. He looked over at his baby and saw him staring at the ceiling, chest heaving. "You okay?"

"We are never using condoms again," Adam said, blinking. Once he caught his breath he joined in Jeff's laughter and snuggled into his man's chest. He wrapped his arms around Jeff's waist, getting his gloves all sweaty, but neither cared.

"You wanna try it?" Jeff asked. Adam didn't like to top very often, but once in a while they switched things up. Jeff himself didn't care; he would do anything and everything with his Adam, as long as he could be with him.

"Hmm. Maybe tomorrow. Tonight I'm enjoying feeling like a freshly deflowered bride," Adam yawned, gazing at his ring, and Jeff giggled.

"You're the sluttiest virgin bride I've ever seen."

Adam twisted Jeff's nipple for his insolence and the pink-haired man jumped, yelping and laughing harder. Adam gave a sleepy chuckle and nuzzled into Jeff again, soothed to sleep by the feel of tattooed fingers stroking his hair.