Ranma, the Mutant Catgirl

~Noy Telinú~

Warning: the following story is a crossover fanfiction piece. It is not intended to be used officially. Do not, under any circumstances, use this to argue about the official series on the internet. It is stupid. It is very stupid to do that. By reading this work, you also acknowledge that you are breaking the law. Fanfiction is illegal. No matter what Noy Telinú writes here, it is illegal and I know that by being written, I am an illegal document. So really, I'm an illegal text-ian. … Noy… you suck at puns, you know that?

Caution: this fanfiction includes catgirls. If you are allergic to cats, girls, or both, please don't tell your lawyer I didn't tell you that this contains them… cuz I did. So… ha!

What: this story has confusing elements in it… like being a mutant catgirl. Read carefully when the exposition comes or you might get confused. Noy says that Noy will try to make it make more sense than it originally did… but… eh, it's Noy… I don't have my hopes up.

Notice: that there is a whole bunch of references to EVERYTHING all over the story. So if it's "I think I read/heard/seen it somewhere" than yes, yes you did.

Wow: This is really long. I've been told it's because Noy Telinú considers anything up to the situation of the plot a prologue. Therefore, there are black dots separating things. count the sections while you read. that is, if you can't read this much at once. I blame Anime Addventure. If they didn't delete Noy Telinú's episodes, then the story wouldn't be here.

Internet: was used to research the universe of x men evolution. Noy also looked at forums about how a fight would work between them and Ranma. It did not look good for the x men. Really, it didn't. Even the eye test on the anime vs. the series proved that the x men are screwed. So, to try to make it fair… Noy plans to use the mixed up version of Ranma. Specifically, the Ranma has red hair as a girl, but it's the nicer Akane from manga, and the nicer versions of the other fiancées from the anime, while having Ranma be more laid back than both series combined. In short, throwing it all together and see what happens? Noy plans to make it up as the story goes along. All I know is that Ranma will be eating more while the others are fighting each other instead of butting in all the time. I don't think Noy is planning on nerfing Ranma, just having him more of a "You guys suck at fighting" attitude while eating popcorn. I am told that this makes more sense than messing with power levels. Fortunately, this keeps more Ranma in the fic since it's a comedy/martial arts/harem/reverse-harem/slapstick/fanservice/urban fantasy/sexual anime and manga. Noy got this from the Comic recourses forum at Comic Book Rumbles. I agree with those people and Noy. How Noy is going to keep this interesting I don't know, but I trust Noy. So there. I need a better job…

Edit: the prologue was split into four pieces now. you are welcome.

You have been warned…


Prologue: Magical Overexposure X Gene. Huh? Is this made on drugs?

It was a quiet, sunny day in northern Tokyo. Things were going well. For most people. But those in a certain Dojo owned by Tendos, well…

{You want me and Ranma to go where?} Akane spoke in her native Japanese. (Translated for your convenience, obviously… idiot.)

{To New York, daughter. There you would both be far away from any distractions.} Soun Tendo replied eagerly, this was their best plan yet to get the schools joined.

[You will be alone with Ranma] Read a panda sign. Flip. [It's for the best.]

Now, Akane did want to visit other countries yes, but, there were a few problems with this. Like for example…

{I thought Auntie said to stop trying to push us together!} Akane crossed her arms.

[She approved of this herself!]

{Right… like I'll believe what you tell me.} Akane said sarcastically.

{Akane, my husband does tell the truth.} Nodoka said as she came into the room. {You can finally have peace and maybe get along better in a place far away from the other girls.}

{Auntie, I don't know…}

{Nonsense, you two have your week together. All I ask is for you to make sure Ranma stays manly.}

Akane sighed, even a little over three weeks after the failed wedding; Nodoka still carried that katana around. Maybe a week away could help Ranma relax. It would help her too; Kuno carrying a steel sword to school everyday was still putting her on edge. Things weren't progressing much between her and Ranma; although, he was not getting her mad as often. It helped that Shampoo was getting desperate enough to try to kill her on a daily basis, causing Ranma to intervene a lot. While it did get Akane paranoid, it did cement in her mind that Ranma only had his eyes for her, even if he wouldn't admit that he cared. Well, without trying to take it back at least. Still…

{But, we don't know enough English for a trip to America!} Akane counter argued.

{Who's going to America?} Ranma asked, coming into the room, male.

{Son, you and Akane are staying a week in New York. The schools will be joined!} Soun announced to the pigtailed lad.

[You will do it] flip. [Your mother said so!] Genma knew what to emotion button to push to get Ranma to do what he was told.

{Mom?} A confused Ranma asked.

{Take good care of Akane and please stay manly.} Nodoka responded.

{But we don't know English!} Akane tried reminding them.

[Not a problem!] Flip. [I planned everything!]

{Yeah right pops! What are you going to do to make me learn English that fast?} Ranma challenged.

Genma the panda only held up two packages that were mostly clear and it seemed to have riceballs in them…

{What is that supposed to do?} Ranma yelled.

[It makes you speak English.]

Akane and Ranma gave him skeptical looks while Soun was too busy celebrating internally and Nodoka was in the kitchen helping Kasumi make dinner.

[It's true!] Flip. [Ask Nabiki!]

The two teens looked over to Nabiki, who was watching TV.

"What? It works." Nabiki said in English. {You need to know English to do well in the business world after all.}

{So… it does work.} Akane noticed. {I still don't trust magic stuff though.}

{There is no side affects sis. I won't even try to make money off of you. English is so easy now.} Nabiki added, "Although it does hurt like hell when you eat it."

{What was that?} Ranma asked.

{Nothing, just remember to concentrate on the languages when talking.}

{I don't know… magic and me don't go well together.}

{Aww, come on, don't you trust me?}


[It doesn't matter boy!] Flip. [You are eating it.] Flip. [And you two are going to spend a week in America.]

Ranma was about to protest again when another sign came up.

[Remember your mother said so.]

Ranma growled and snatched the package.

It said Viz Media in English with the word 'Donut'. Underneath the word 'donut' was the phrase 'It's really a riceball. Stupid 4Kids…' On the back were instructions and side effects in English. The only kanji was the price tag and in the right corner {If you eat this, English will flow from your lips.}

{Well… if this works… maybe I'll save it for later.} Ranma put it in his pocket.

[Do it soon!] Flip. [The flight leaves in two hours.]

{What! Why you…} Akane was getting mad.

{Akane?} Kasumi came in from the kitchen with food. {Pack now, you don't have much time.}

Akane gave in and took the package from Genma and left to pack.


Forty seven minutes after dinner, Akane was next to a female Ranma, about to board the plane. They were not alone as their fathers were there to see them off.

[Boy why are you a girl?] The sign read from the panda's hand.

{Cuz I'll get more legroom, duh. Besides, why are you two here? I thought you didn't want anyone to know where we are going.}

{Son, your mother is counting on you to go. Have you eaten the magic food yet?} Soun looked down at the girls.

{No, Dad. I do not trust any food that Mr. Saotome gets.} Akane answered.


Soun started to tear up. {But you have to! We are here to make sure you leave! Besides, if we don't, it'll make Nodoka angry! } Soun shivered. {She is a scary woman, Saotome.}

[That is why I'm bald.]

{Fine! Just… please, stop crying. Dad, you're embarrassing.} Akane pulled out the Viz riceball. Ranma rolled her eyes and did the same.

Security was closing in due to reports of a Panda…

{Eat it! We'll be watching you!} Soun told the girls as he and Genma scattered off.

{Better eat this thing now, huh Akane.} Ranma said, opening the weird plastic package.

{Yeah, I guess, you first.} She responded.

{Well, it looks good at least.} Ranma said. {Open it up though.}

Akane had hers in her hand and just looked at the slightly shorter girl.

Ranma grumbled. {Fine, I'll eat it first, can't be worse than your cooking.}


Ranma then tossed it into her mouth and chewed it whole. {It's actually pretty good.}

Akane followed and ate hers too.

Right after Akane finished, Ranma clutched her head and grit her teeth.

Her mind was being assaulted by a new language, English being shoved in sideways into her brain. As things went by fast in her mind, Akane held her head as she learned English as well.

It was over as soon as it began, the pain slowly receding.

"Are you ok, Akane?" Ranma asked Akane in English. She quickly covered her own mouth and glanced down at her hands. Her voice was different.

"Ranma?" Akane asked before covering her own mouth.

"I… guess it worked." Ranma said. "I feel even more like a girl speaking English damnit!"

Ranma looked at the packaging and realized she could read it. After turning it over a few times, she found the side effects.

"Oh, this is just great…" Ranma's voice sounded doomful.

"What's wrong?" Akane covered her mouth again. This was just too much.

"Side effects may include: roaring headaches, confusion, stomachache, and changed voices. Well, actually we're supposed to have different voices when speaking English. Hey… I just noticed. I can say 'L' La la lalalalalaa! Ha!" Well, at least Ranma was happy again.

"It still… sounds weird."

"La la la la lalalala!"

"Ok, I get it."

"Come on! Try it! Lalalala!"

Akane sighed.

{We did it Saotome!} Soun cried as he and Genmapanda looked on from far away.

[It worked!] Flip. [Now to make sure they get on.]

{Right.} Soun was filled with glee. {Afterwards I feel like…}

[To the bar!]


Later, up in the air, where they played the movie Up in the Air, Ranma and Akane were still trying to get this new language down.

"Oh, come on Akane, like anything bad would happen." Ranma tried to reassure Akane.

"I still don't know. Something always happens. And last time…"

"Hey! I won't let anyone kill you! I can handle anything!"

"You're right, I want to relax, but, I'm afraid to. Ranma, could… ah, forget it."

"What? What do you want?"

"It's just…" 'Come on! Say it! You know he cares! Just say it!' She thought. That's when Akane noticed something. "Ranma, is your hair longer?"

"Huh?" Ranma checked her pigtail, which was now waist long. "That's weird. It can't be the dragon whisker; it wore off and can't work on girls anyway." She tried to remember if there were other side effects she forgot.

Akane just stared at the redhead as Ranma's pigtail shrank to its original size.

Before she could say something, the plane landed.


It was in their hotel room when things started to get strange… er.

"Oh come on! You should be excited!" a still female Ranma told Akane as they entered their hotel room on the northern outskirts of New York City. "I mean… yeah they set us up again, but it's an exciting place! All the superheroes are here. The mutant people could put up a decent fight and there are things terrorizing this place all the time!"

{Thanks… that really helps me right now.} Akane answered sarcastically. {Ranma, why haven't you changed back into a guy yet?}

"I was hoping for someone to fight, and looking like a defenseless girl usually works." Ranma sighed. "I'm just itching for a fight since Ryoga hasn't come around and Shampoo is all in her killing mode. That's no fun."

"Everything doesn't have to be a fight!"

"It does if I want to improve! I don't want to be in another Saffron situation again! That was too close… I…" Ranma paused. "I call the bathroom first… I'll bet there is only one bed, you can have it, of course." Ranma then left for the bathroom.

Akane sighed and examined the room to find only one bed. Rolling her eyes, Akane started to unpack when she heard a "thud" from the bathroom. She put down her bag to investigate.

"Ranma, are you alright in there?"

"Sure! Nothing happened! Nuh uh! I just… dropped something!" Ranma answered in a female voice.

Trying to ignore it, Akane went back to unpacking.

In the bathroom, Ranma was clutching her head, trying to keep calm.

'This is bad! This is bad! THIS IS BAD! How did my curse get locked again? I don't remember doing something to cause this!'

Breathing deeply, Ranma once again dipped her hand under the hot water coming from the faucet. Nothing happened but the hand becoming wet. Resisting her urge to scream, Ranma tried again and again before turning it off when it started to become too hot.

'Think, Ranma, what could have happened to cause this… um… hmmm… nothing I can remember but…' Ranma's eyes widened. 'The riceball thing!'

Going through her pockets, she was relived to find the plastic wrapper. After re-reading it over a dozen times, Ranma couldn't find anything on Jusenkyo, girls, or anything to relate to her curse at all, just that it was magic.

'Great, first day in America and my curse gets locked. At least there is nothing else goin-' Ranma's eyes widened even more as she saw, in the mirror, that her hair was now knee length and purple.

"AhhhhHhH!" Ranma screamed. The hair grew faster, changing colors from green to blue back to purple and blonde before going randomly. Her head started to feel pain that grew as fast as her hair.

Akane turned to see Ranma fling open the door and fall out of the bathroom, hair growing rapidly, while also changing color.

{Ranma!} Akane dashed to the slightly shorter girl's side, trying to help.

{ArgggahgragHHH!} Ranma screamed as the pain kept coming. {It burns! ARGGG! DAHHHHH!} The hair stayed on red as the hair was starting to fill the room.

Akane crept back and felt for her bag, hoping to find scissors or something. She turned her head from Ranma just to hear the screaming end.

{Ranma?} Akane was there as Ranma's empty clothes lay on the floor, only a bulge under it.

Akane looked left and right.

{Ranma! This isn't funny!} She flipped the bed sheets over.

{Where are you?} Akane started to tear apart the room.

{You better not be trying to steal my underwear again!}

Akane entered the bathroom.

{You are here somewhere! Stop being invisible! Ranma!}

She looked in her bag, she looked under the bed, and then she snapped her fingers and looked up. There was no sign of him/her anywhere.

{You better come out! And put some clothes on! Arg!}

She rechecked the room again and again.


'He can't be gone… He can't BE!'

Akane stood in the middle of a messy room and scanned frantically over everything. There was no movement. Ranma wasn't seen anywhere.

'No! THIS CAN'T BE! HE'S NOT DEAD! HE… HE…' Akane knelt down, and banged the floor. 'He can't be dead! He can't! Oh, where ARE YOU?'

Tears ran down here eyes.


She got back to her feet and ran around the space, swatting the air.


After some time she fell to the floor, eyes gushing like a Tendo.

*Bang* *Bang* Bang a BANG BANGY BANGY BANG* The floor sounded as she banged her fists on it.

'No! NO! NOOO!' She screamed in her head while sobbing. Then, from her watery eyes, she noticed movement in the clothes.

Crawling out of them was a Jet black cat, with the fur on its neck mangled and tangled.

The cat stared at her and she stared back.

"Meow?" The cat turned its head sideways.

{Whaa… What? Ranma?} Akane cried, not able to make out much detail.

The cat jumped on her head. The purring cat laid there, its blue eyes closed as it drifted to sleep.

Akane tried to look at the cat on her head, in doing so knocked it onto her back.

"Mwraaa!" the cat yelped as it adjusted itself once again when Akane rolled over.

Akane, vision much clearer now, stared into the eyes of the cat, immediately recognizing them.

{What? Ra-Ranma?}

The cat responded by walking across her stomach to her face, rubbing its check again the startled girl, purring.

Akane took a hold of the cat and sat herself back up. The cat wriggled free and faced Akane cautiously from a few feet away.

Akane wiped her tears away. 'Could that be Ranma? How would I know?'

{Here kitty, kitty!} Akane tried. {Come Ranma!}

She wasn't disappointed when the cat leaped like a bullet into her lap.

Cautiously, she stroked the cat the same way she did when Ranma fell into the catfist and it responded with purrs as it closed its eyes again, very comfortable with its surroundings.

After a few strokes, Akane realized it was Ranma, just… now as a cat.

{How did this happen?} She asked herself out loud.

Minutes went by as Akane sat and thought. She studied the cat and noticed that the hair on its neck looked braided somehow. Like a pigtail seemed glued into the cat down its neck and upper back.

As she continued to pet the cat that was Ranma, she started contemplating what had happened.

{I'll fix this, ok Ranma?}

{Nya!} It purred.

{Yeah, I can fix this! I can change my Fiancé back!} Akane stopped and had a blank look on her face. She just called Ranma her Fiancé. What just happened really got to her. It seemed familiar somehow…

'Good thing he can't understand me right now… I hope. He's supposed to do things first. Get a hold of yourself! Now's not the time for that. Something happened, but, what? Think; is there anything to change him back? Wait… he changed that means… water! The curse should still work!'

Happy to realize that, Akane gently put Ranma into her arms and placed the cat on the bed. Then she went into the bathroom and got a cup of cold water.

'I hope this works.' She thought as the blue haired girl dumped water onto the cat.

'What if Ranma is stuck a girl?' And similar thoughts raced through her mind as the water fell onto the cat that was Ranma.

To Akane relief, Ranma changed from a cat into a girl.

Upon further inspection, Akane's eyes widened.

Well… mostly a girl.

'What? How? Oh my!' Akane thought, not realizing what she was thinking sounded like her sister.

Ranma woke up. {Ah! Huh, it doesn't hurt anymore.} She opened her eyes and breathed a sigh of relief. Then the little redhead girl saw Akane with wide eyes. {Akane, why are you staring like that?} Ranma looked down and saw that she was naked.

Ranma quickly covered herself up. "Heh heh… I'm sorry about that. Uh… Akane, what happened? I don't remember any of this."

'Ranma has cat ears… Ranma has cat ears… Ranma has cat ears… don't stare at the cat ears… don't think about cat ears… They are not cute… they are not cute… you don't wanna touch them… u don't wanna toouucchhh thhheeemmmm… Kitty! No! Don't! Not! I'm… gonna… hug… you…' Akane's thoughts raged on as she forced herself to close her eyes and look away.

"What's wrong Akane? Come on you've seen me naked before! Is it something on my face?" Ranma felt her face and didn't feel anything different… wait…

'Where are my ears?' Ranma thought as she furiously felt around her head. 'WHERE ARE MY EARS!'

Ranma then got up and ran into the bathroom.

In the mirror, a redhead, red eared female Ranma stared back. Nothing changed but the cat ears on her head… that and the tail she felt swishing back and forth.

Akane finally snapped out of her stupor.

{Um… Ranma? Uh… *cough* do you… know what happened?}

"AhhhhhH!" Ranma screamed before shoving her hand in her own mouth.

'I'm a catgirl… I'm a catgirl… I'M A CATGIRL! CAT… GIRL!'

"Ranma? Um… I don't know what happened at all…" Akane ventured into the bathroom.

'Why? WHY! What did I do to deserve this! Who did I piss off this time? I'm a CATGIRL! That was the only thing I was glad for at Jusenkyo! Well, it could be worse, you can be a mixture of a girl and a DEMON CAT! So don't be sad… oh, wait! I am one NOW! AHHHHH! Owwww!' Ranma took her hand out of her mouth to see two streaks of blood lightly running down her hand.

"Huh? Why did that-" Ranma saw her reflection… a reflection that had something in her mouth…

{Fangs! No! This Can't be! I'm a! No! I! Not!} Ranma's eyes then glazed over.

Akane grew worried and approached Ranma, turning her around, seeing the eyes look different…

{Ranma! Snap out of i-IIT!} She screamed as Ranma shrunk into a black cat once more.

It took a few seconds for Akane to snap back into reality just to find Ranma missing again.


Akane left the bathroom and looked again for him.

{This is getting annoying!}


Akane turned her head to see, out of the hotel window, a familiar black cat scratching the tree out in front.

{Oh, no. Not again…}


A floor below, two people sigh in relief.

"Finally!" A man told his partner. "Any longer and I would have complained to the front desk! Kids and their anime…"

"Why do they have it on so loud?" The partner asked. "My ears still hurt."

"Who knows? They are Japanophiles that's for sure. I didn't understand a word."

"Me neither. Although, come to think of it, I don't remember any shows that are in Japanese here?"

"There are some, you just have to look for them."

*Bang* *Bang* Bang a BANG BANGY BANGY BANG*

"Great! Now what?" One asked.

"Forget this, I'm leaving. Call me when they stop."

"No way, I'm going with you."


It was an hour and seventeen minutes later that Akane was able to bring in a cat Ranma back into their hotel room. Akane didn't look so well either. Nevertheless, they made it back and it was with a heavy sigh that she carried Ranma in.

Ranma, who was asleep, snuggled into Akane's arms as he was brought in the bathroom to change into a more… human, appearance.

It was only after being unceremoniously dumped on a towel and splashed with cold water did Ranma wake up.

{Whatever it was I DIDN'T DO IT!} Ranma shielded herself with her hands.

Akane just sighed. {Ranma…}

Ranma opened her eyes to see herself naked on the bathroom floor.

{…I freaked out again didn't I?}

Akane's eye twitched and Ranma saw how bad she looked.

{Um… so… Akane… need to use the bathroom?}

The girl in question just closed the door and walked away.

'Great… what did I do this time?' Ranma thought, not paying attention to the flop on the bed.

'Come to think of it, why did I go cat in the first place I don't remember any-' She turned to see herself in the mirror again.

'… oh yeah…'

{Mwmmphmphhmmhphwhmhw!} Was the sound of hands over a mouth.

'Don't scream, don't scream, don't scream… its not that bad, not that bad, don't be afraid, I AM NOT AFRAID!'

Her left ear wiggled slightly.

"AhhhHHH! Mwhphfmm"

Ranma whined silently as her heart kept beating faster and faster.

'I-I feel it… It's so... so…'


{DAHHH! MWhphfffhwh!}

'It's on me! It's on me! I can't escape! Breathe Ranma, breathe, just, don't look at it, yeah!' She closed her eyes and tried to calm her breathing when she felt something touch her leg…

{AHHH! What was that!} Ranma screamed.

Her tail swayed back and forth.

Ranma opened her eyes to see the tail again. Which was enough to fall into the catfist… again.


Akane finally awoke to the knocking of the door.

{Err, what?} She rubbed her eye and yawned.

"Room service." Was the voice from behind the door.

'I don't remember ordering room service.' Akane thought as she answered the door.

The transaction was made and the Chinese food was put on the table.

Akane, still dreary eyed, looked at the clock that said 8:30 PM.

'Oh yeah… time differences, that's why it's dark now. Man I'm tired. Huh, what's that?' Akane saw a light blinking on the phone in the room.

'A message?'

"*BEEP* You have… 7… unread, messages"

'Who… who could be calling us? Auntie!'

Akane picked up the receiver.

{Ranma? Akane? Did you make it there? Your fathers said you got on the plane. Please tell me things are going alright. It's 10pm here. Wait… Hee hee sorry, time differences I was just impatient. I'll call back later.}


{Are you there yet? Its 6 AM here I think the timing is right. Just make sure Ranma stays manly.}

Akane gulped at that.


{It's me again. Are you alright? I hope so. Keep Manly, my son!}


{It's 7 AM here, are you there? Oh! Maybe you two are out on a date! How romantic. You can keep the Chinese food for later. I know how Ranma loves Ramen. I think they said they would deliver it at 8 PM or something. Take good care!}

'So that's where that came from.'


{Hope you are alright. School is going to start here soon, oh and Nabiki said hi! Kasumi too! Your fathers are still out though…}


{I hope you two are doing well, take care of Ranma for me, Akane. I can wait a week. Maybe you can bring me a souvenir? Unless you are mad at me for making you go, but this is for the best. You can be alone together without anyone distracting you. We won't push you, just please try to be nice to each other, you are so cute when you do that.}

'Maybe I can get along with him better here. I just hope he could stop getting scared of himself. Maybe there is a cure here somewhere.'


{Shampoo dropped by and I told her that you two went out to cure Ranma's curse. Too bad you aren't, although this is good enough. I just want you to be manly, son; if not for my sake then for Akane's. She deserves that at least. I miss you both very much. Bye.}

'That one was ten minutes ago. What am I going to do if she calls again?'

Akane sighed and put down the phone.

*growllel* went Akane's stomach.

'I haven't eaten in a while, wait, where's Ranma?'

Akane looked around and didn't find anything different than the last time she looked.

'Where is he? If he ran off again...' Akane clenched her fist. 'I am NOT going to chase him again. Stupid cat…'

After turning some things over and checking the windows, Akane couldn't find Ranma anywhere.

That is, until she went into the bathroom again.

Ranma, again a black cat, was on the edge of the bathtub, staring evilly into the water that was in it.

Steam was rising out of the tub as Akane realized that Ranma was wet.

'I didn't turn on the water… wait, if he is still a cat, uh oh.'

Ranma's tail swayed as he continued to stare into the water, occasionally growling.

{Um… Ranma?}

Ranma's ear closest to Akane perked up as Ranma turned to face her.

{Nyaa!} Ranma's mood seemed a lot happier, but he turned back to the water and the hatred returned as it seemed to pour out of the cat in waves.

{Here kitty, kitty.} Akane tried to get Ranma to come to her. However, he was too focused on trying to kill the water by looking at it.

With a groan Akane walked over and picked him up.

Ranma didn't complain, instead just looked evilly at the water, though there were signs of betrayal in his eyes.

Akane was going to pour cold water on Ranma, but the cat snapped into attention and hissed at her.

{Alright, alright. Guess you don't like water, huh?}

'I'll just change Ranma back later. When he isn't paying attention.'

They got to the table where Akane put Ranma down to close the window. She did not want to chase him again.

Ranma waited for Akane and when she was close enough, Ranma leapt into her arms, snuggling her breasts.

Akane blushed before sitting down and started eating.

It wasn't long until she started feeding Ranma while he was in her lap.

No one complained and it felt good for Akane who started to pet Ranma while this was happening. One thing was for sure, Ranma was much nicer as a cat.

{Open up, Ranma, it's shrimp.}

*Om nom nom nom nom* Ranma ate the shrimp.

The girl and her cat ate peacefully, nothing could ruin this moment now…

*Ring* went the phone.

'Who could that be?' Akane put Ranma down on the table and answered the phone.

{Ranma? Akane? Are you there yet?} Was the sound of Nodoka's voice.

'Auntie called again! What am I going to say about Ranma?'

{Hi Auntie, we made it here.} Akane answered nervously.

{Akane! How are you and my son doing? Hopefully not anything naughty. Although, I wouldn't mind…}

{Auntie!} Akane blushed furiously.

{Take your time, I won't push you, Sex does, however, relive stress and you've been sounding stressed lately.}

{I didn't do anything like that!} Akane was blue and red all over. Although, the blue was her hair, she wasn't losing blood anytime soon.

{It would prove my son is manly… if, he could do it in bed…}


{Akane? Akane, are you there still?}


{I hope something didn't happen…}

{…I'm here… just… fine.}

{Oh good, you worried me there for a bit. Speaking of which, is my son manly? Oh, I would like to speak with him.}

'What do I do? What do I do? Yeah, Auntie, you son is stuck as a cat, don't worry, he just BECOMES A CATGIRL WITH COLD WATER! Come on, think Akane, you can't tell her about this, um… well, it is magical…'

{Um… there seems to be a problem…}

Nodoka panicked. {What? Oh no! Please let my son be alright!}

{Um… err… auntie Nodoka? Did anyone tell you about Ranma's training?}

{Genma did send me postcards up until China, although, he was vague on the most part. Why?}

{Anything about… cats, show up?} Akane braced herself.

{No… not that I recall, Ranma did use to torture cats when he was young, though. Not badly, he didn't try to kill them or anything like that, but he would hang them upside down and try to dance with some. I remember one time when we were at a shrine and the cat fought with him. Well, it was more playing and come to think of it, he did seem to be sadistic against them. But that is silly, so what is it about cats?}

'Ranma… it MUST be karma.'

{He didn't tell you about the training that happened with cats, huh?}

{Training with cats? That does sound like him, I think when we were there he tied a piece of fish to Ranma so that the cat would chase him so he could become faster. It didn't work since the cat was too lazy. Even as a kitten it didn't move much. I think the name was Buyo or something like that. Their daughter was nice too. Although they didn't meet she seemed helpful… wonder what became of her.}

{Ask Kasumi about the catfist… and um… the problem… I need to… do… stuff… bye!} Akane hung up.

'Ranma was sadistic to cats, no wonder they hate him so much. Still, I hope that Mr. Saotome didn't engage Ranma to that girl…' Akane furred her eyebrows. 'He better not.'

"Meoww?" Ranma cocked his head as he continued eating the food, head in carton.

{You just keep making things worse for yourself, huh?}


Akane sighed. 'That should keep her busy for a while.'


Author's notes: hi there! Um… err… Noy said that people were complaining about this prologue being too long and confusing and long… so… I am now split up… yeah… the prologue is now in 4 parts. Be happy about that now… Ok? And to new readers… yes, it was over 20,000 words long. The chapters were only about 5,750 words long on average… yeah… even Master Yoda doesn't have a prologue that long. Carry on…