Ranma, the Mutant Catgirl

~Noy Telinú~

Warning: cats are known for their mind control. Cuz they're so cute! Kitty! =^_^=

Caution: literary violence ahead. So, you know, G-rated stuff… It's because you can't see it… duh.

Thanks!: to the editors… Noy doesn't pay them because no one gets paid! It's Fan-fiction… FANS! We have no idea what we're doing… and I'm the TEXT!

You have been warned…


Chapter 4: Wrong foot forward

"Ugh… What truck hit me?" Ranma muttered as she awoke. "If it was the tomboy truck again…"

*Shove* Ranma was pushed off the sofa he was lying on by Akane.

"… What?" the tomboy grumbled.

Scott shook his head clear. "Are you alright?"

Ranma waved her hand in dismissal. "I'm fine… fine… Nothing I can't handle."

"You vwere knocked out!" Kurt exclaimed. "How can you be alright?"

"It happens all the time," Ranma responded. "She angers easily. How long was I out?"

"Only five minutes," Jean answered, causing everyone to stare at her. "What?"

'They sound exactly alike!' were the thoughts of every non-redhead in the room.

"You know… this staring thing is getting creepy…" Ranma sighed. "So what was it this time, Akane?"

"You were trying to get drained!" Akane exclaimed.

"Ya, why'd you want to do that?" Rogue asked.

"What? I've been drained before. I wanted to see how bad it was…" Ranma defended herself.

"Are you crazy? Rogue can't control it!" Kitty was flabbergasted. "You could die!"

"Kitty's right, it's too dangerous," Scott added.

"You're crazy!" Kurt freaked, hanging from the ceiling. "I don't vwant you to die!"

"Oh, come on…" Ranma groaned.

Akane growled. "I'm going to bed… Ranma, don't die. I don't want to have to tell Dad that."

{Only because mine doesn't care…} Ranma grumbled.

{But your mom would kill me…} Akane went up the stairs.

"Vwhat an odd girl..." Kurt commented.

"Got that right…" Ranma nodded. "Well, I'm heading for the Danger Room. Professor Baldy told me to go there soon to meet the others."

With that, the catgirl left.

"…Do you think we can trust them?" Scott asked once Ranma was gone.

"Vwhy not?" Kurt landed on the floor.

Scott frowned. "They are hiding something. I know it. And I'm afraid that the professor is keeping the secret from us."

"Aye think you're just overreacting," Rogue stated.

"I know… it's just…" Scott sighed. "He said he would stop keeping secrets from us…"

"You're being paranoid, that's the secret," Kitty poked Scott in the chest.

Scott looked at Jean. "Can you read their minds… just to make sure?"

"Scott, I shouldn't do that…" Jean protested.

"Come on, just to be sure?" Scott asked. "I know they are hiding something."

"Aye don't think this is a good idea…" Rogue warned.

"Me neither," Kitty voiced her opinion.

Scott sighed. "Fine… Just don't come crying to me when something bad happens."

"Oh, nothing bad will happen," Kitty dismissed the thought.

They let it drop, but Jean couldn't stop thinking about it.


"We've got a catgirl! Yes! Bye, Ranma…" Bobby waved as the other mutants left to rest in their rooms, exhausted.

Except for the angry one…

"Kid, there's something off about you…" Wolverine commented. "Your scent… it's the most masculine female scent I have ever smelled…"

"Why are you doing going around SMELLING PEIOPLE?" Ranma threw her arms in the air. "That's the part that's off in this situation."

Wolverine growled.

"What? Are you part dog or something? Sniffing people's butts?" Ranma smirked. "That's probably why we're fighting…"

"You don't want to fight me, kid…" Wolverine warned.

"Why not? You've got claws that cut through anything, you're practically immortal, you can take a hit… Sounds like fun to me!" Ranma smiled.

Wolverine raised an eyebrow. "Fun?"

Ranma counted off her fingers. "Well, yeah… I haven't fought anyone in over a week… I need to stay in shape. And I don't have to hold back…"

Wolverine snarled. "That's FUN for you?"

Ranma looked confused. "Of course. Why wouldn't it be?"

"You're odd, kid, but I like it." Wolverine smirked. "Not too many girls like fighting at all…"

Ranma gritted her teeth to keep from telling Wolverine that she was a guy. "Isn't America a place where you can be a tomboy freely?"

"Mostly…" Wolverine shrugged. "Well, I have some things to do, kid. You can use this room if you like."

And with that, he left.

Ranma sighed and decided to use the room to her advantage.

"Let's do this…" Ranma took a deep breath. "AHHHHHHH!"


Jean left the room to pace in the hallway.

"I shouldn't do it… Yet Scott has a point…" Jean sighed. 'What if the secret they're hiding is…?'

Jean bit her lip. 'I… I don't want to take the chance that we have another secret like Mystique's on our hands…'

Jean wrestled with her thoughts and caved in to the curiosity and fear.

'I have a bad feeling about this,' Jean thought as she went into the mind of Ranma.


'Whoa… Very dark…' Jean thought as she traveled to Ranma's mind. 'Nothing of note on surface thoughts… Huh?'

{Nya. What are you doing here, nya?} Cat Ranma asked in front of a circular wall with a gate that was open.

'Good thing I can understand that in here…' Jean cleared her throat. "Who are you?"

{Nya… Me ask questions, not you, nya.} The cat pulled a lever and closed the gate. {Me guard me's mind from intruders. Nya, are you an intruder?}

Ranma-cat had a hand over a button.

"No, no, no… I… Don't push that button!" Jean thought fast. "I'm just trying to help. The professor is hiding something and I need to know."

{Nya. Why are you here, then, nya?} the cat asked.

"Um… Well… Ranma is in on the secret."

{Nyan? Secret? Nya.}The cat tilted its head. {Nya. If I tell secret, nya, will you go away?}

"Sure…" Jean said.

The cat smiled. {Nyan. Ranma loves Akane. Nyan! Too afraid to show feelings. Nya!}

'So, they're lesbians…' Jean thought. 'That explains it… And its something the professor would hide… Ooh.'

{Nya. Go now, me no hit alarm, nya,} the cat reassured Jean.

"Thank you." Jean left. 'Maybe I can help them get together… Yeah…'

While Jean left, trying to justify her actions, the cat tilted its head.

{Nya. Pretty lady. Nyan. Me tell me, though. Nya.} The cat pushed the button.


'Akane's mind now… Maybe I can help…' Jean warily entered Akane's thoughts.

Jean looked around in shock.

Akane's mind was like a theme park, each area representing a different part of her mind. At least that's what the map said that she found on the ground right outside the entrance.

'Let's see… School, family, friends, fears, sexuality, males… Aha, Ranma… the northernmost part of her mind. And it's closed for maintenance… Hmmm…' Jean looked around, wanting to be careful so as not to alert Akane to her presence.

'I should just fly there…' Jean did just that, carefully not looking into the other parts of Akane's mind. 'Whoa!'

Right below her, Jean saw it, an area that was blocked off by a huge red force field.

She carefully landed right next to it.

'Oh, this is not good. A mind block… Huh? Made in China? Constructed 10 MONTHS AGO!' Jean touched it carefully.


'Ahhh! Ow, ow, ow!' Jean rubbed her hand.

{Error: Only anger is allowed. Break in attempt by non-anger. Break in attempts: 9001; breached 19 times in 10 months. Ranma area is off limits to non-anger. Any attempt will be met with pain to sentient beings, including host. Go away,} a machine-like voice sounded out from the force field.

'That explains things,' Jean thought. 'This really needs to be removed. Maybe I can do it.'

Jean concentrated on removing the force field.

The voice spoke again. {Error: Removal attempt by unknown sentient being. Commencing security measures.}

Akane screamed from her room as her she experienced a massive headache. {AHHHH!}

The pulsing pain shoved Jean out of her mind.

'Ow…' Jean rubbed her head. 'I need to tell the professor about this right away…'


"I didn't do it, Ranma." The professor rubbed his chin in thought as Ranma growled in his office.

"Then who did it?" she growled again. "I'm getting sick and tired of having my mind invaded!"

"The only other person could be…" The professor was cut off by a scream.

"Akane!" Ranma's eyes widened in fear. "No… NOO!"

Ranma bolted from that office as fast as she could.

"Professor!" Jean came in moments after.

"Jean… did you go into Ranma's mind?" Xavier asked, sadness in his voice.

Jean gulped. "Why would you think that?"

The professor just stared at her.

"Yes… I did it," Jean sighed. "I thought… I'm sorry."

"Jean, it's not me you need to apologize to," Charles stated.

"I understand…" Jean fidgeted. "There's something I need to tell you about Akane… She… she has a foreign mental block in her mind that is interfering with her relationship with Ranma."

The professor sighed. "You went into her mind too, I see…"

Jean nodded guiltily.

"I'll see what I can do. Jean, you know better."

"I know." Jean left the office.

'Akane… Worrying me like that… It was just a headache…' Ranma sighed as she headed back to the professor's office.

"Ranma?" Jean walked over to the catgirl.

"Jean?" Ranma turned to see her. "What is it?"

Jean took a deep breath. "I… I'm sorry. I went into your mind…"

Ranma groaned. "Don't. Do. THAT!"

"I know, I know. I'm sorry." Jean couldn't make eye contact.

Ranma sighed. "What did you see?"

"Well, I couldn't get past your surface thoughts as the interior of your mind was closed and guarded by a… cat…" Jean explained.

"A cat?" Ranma's eyes widened. "Was it black and talking funny?"

Jean nodded.

Ranma smirked. 'Looks like that thing can be helpful, after all.'

"The cat didn't let me through… I guess it alerted you," Jean continued. "Your surface thoughts were just you screaming and something about 'messing with people.'"

Ranma laughed. "That's a relief. I like keeping things to myself. Just don't do that ever again... Ever, alright?"

"Sorry about that," Jean sighed. "Where's Akane?"

Ranma's heart skipped a beat. "Why do you want to see Akane?"

Jean let out her breath. "I entered her mind too…"

*WHAM!* Ranma pressed Jean against the wall so hard that she sank in an inch.

"What. DID. YOU! SAY?" Ranma threatened.

Jean was shocked by this. "I entered her mind…"

"DON'T EVER! EVER! GO INTO AKANE'S MIND! YOU HEAR ME! NEVER!" Ranma yelled, eyes narrowing.

Jean nodded dumbly.

Unfortunately, due to Ranma's luck, her yells were heard. Scott, Kurt, Kitty and Rogue were soon running down the hallway, responding to a possible threat.

Jean's head rang and her body ached but she was able to speak. "I won't do it again."

"IF YOU DO, I SWEAR THERE WON'T BE ENOUGH OF YOU LEFT TO BURY!" Ranma was nearly blind with rage.

Of course, that's when the four other X-Men arrived to find Ranma yelling and threatening Jean, pressing her into the wall.

Now it was Scott's turn to protect his love interest.

"I knew something was fishy! Attack!" Scott switched eyewear.

"Of course this happens…" Ranma sighed and let go of Jean.

Scott shot first, aiming for Ranma.

Ranma, however, wasn't there anymore.

"Vwhat?" Kurt looked around. "Vwhere she go?"

*PUNCH!* Ranma's fist hit Scott in the back of the head.

'They never look up.' Ranma smirked. "Everywhere I go, people want to kill me."

The other three charged the smirking catgirl in a hat.

"Wait… Ow…" Jean fell to the ground. "Scott?"

Scott was barely conscious, his will for revenge managing to keep him awake.

Rogue reached Ranma first and tried to touch her.

Ranma instead grabbed her arm and flung her towards Kitty, who yelped and phased through Rogue, causing the goth girl to hit the wall.

"Sorry!" Kitty said before moving towards Ranma.

"Got you!" Kurt proclaimed as he teleported onto Ranma.

The catgirl was faster, however, and flipped Kurt at the downed Scott, causing the blue mutant to teleport again.

"Scott! Wake up, Scott!" Jean urged her boyfriend.

"I'm gonna get ya… I'm going to get ya…" Scott mumbled as he tried to stay conscious.

Kitty helped Rogue up and they phased through a wall.

*Bamf* Kurt latched onto Ranma again.

*Whack* Ranma was ready and hit Kurt in the base of the neck hard enough for him to lose consciousness.

"Got ya!" Kitty announced as she phased Rogue through the wall from behind Ranma.

That was a mistake as Ranma turned and kicked Rogue in the armpit, causing her to turn and leaving her arm vulnerable to being grabbed as Ranma yanked both girls to the floor.

"Come on, you can do better than that!" Ranma taunted.

"Enough!" Jean lifted Ranma in the air with her powers.

"Oh yeah, can do that." Ranma frowned.

"Rogue!" Jean called out.

"Ohn it." Rogue got up and moved towards Ranma.

"Oh, I don't think so…" Ranma's hair grew and spread out, causing Jean to exert more energy to keep it at bay.

But it wasn't enough as some of it took hold of Rouge's arms and lifted her upwards.

Kitty grabbed Ranma's leg, but that allowed Ranma to kick backwards, knocking the wind out of Kitty and sending her into a wall for she wasn't prepared.

Jean closed her eyes as she tried to concentrate and reluctantly sent a mental attack at Ranma.

"AHHH!" Jean screamed as her mind was hit instead, cat claws scratching at her.

Ranma felt her cat self counterattack Jean and smiled.

Jean's concentration broke and Ranma threw Rogue into a wall, knocking her out.

"Walls seem to be your weakness…" Ranma shook her head sadly. "Weaklings…"

Jean held her head and lifted her hand to restrain Ranma again.

"Nuh uh." Ranma blitzed her, knocking her down and out.

"Jean!" Scott stood up and growled. "You'll pay for what you did!"

"And should I prepare to die too? Way too many people try to kill me for me to be scared." Ranma smirked. "Come on, give me your best shot."

Scott shot at his highest setting, causing Ranma to be pushed back a good three meters before stopping, her hands blocking it with ki.

"Is that the best you *grunt* got?" Ranma taunted.

Scott yelled in anger. "I'LL SHOW YOU WHAT I'VE GOT!" Scott took off his visor and let it all out, causing Ranma to be pushed backwards faster.

"Ha! That's nothing!" Ranma let more of her ki flow to her hands. "Moko Takabisha!"

Ranma's confidence and arrogant ki flowed through her hands as it started pushing back Scott's optic beams.

"WHAT?" Scott stepped backwards as the beam o' war grew to the halfway point between them.

"I have a few tricks up my sleeve. Training for fifteen years in martial arts will do that for ya." Ranma smirked. "Now, I don't want to kill ya, so …"

Ranma was cut off by Jean getting up. "Stop it!"

"What?" Ranma's concentration broke and Scott turned his head slightly, causing the optic beams to shoot towards Jean and the Moko Takabisha to go unopposed right at Scott.

"Jean!" Ranma jumped in front of Scott's blast, but, being in midair, it caused Ranma to knock Jean over and back into unconsciousness.

Ranma slammed into a wall and slid down as Scott was knocked out and thrown backwards when he was hit by Ranma's attack.

Ranma got up and dusted herself off.

"Typical…" Ranma sighed.


"… And I take full responsibility for it… This happens to me all the time; miscommunication and stuff..." Ranma explained to the professor what happened.

"I see…" Xavier rubbed his chin. "Very well. Ranma will clean up the mess she made…"

"Like I haven't done THAT a million times…" Ranma rolled her eyes.

"…Along with Jean," the professor finished.

"What?" Scott blinked in shock.

"What?" Jean was too.

"WHAT?" Ranma didn't want to be near the girl.

"It was Jean's actions that caused this. She'll clean it up as well," the professor stated.

Ranma and Jean left the room angrily.

"Professor, Jean never gets in trouble…" Scott protested.

"She is now…" the professor sighed. "I've been too lenient with her. As for the rest of you… while I can't blame you for reacting like you did, there is something for which I can take you to task."

"Oh no, novw vwhat?" Kurt asked in fear.

"It was four or five against one… and you failed. Extra sessions in the Danger Room with Logan. Now." The professor smiled.

"Aww…" were the groans of the students.


"Professor… I…" Scott scratched the back of his head as he stood alone in the room with Charles Xavier. "I was the one who urged Jean to look into their minds."

Xavier sighed. "Why? I have taught you, all of you, that everyone has a right to privacy. This is why Jean is being punished."

"It was a mistake on my part. They seemed to be hiding something and I felt you were in on it. Sorry…" Scott sighed.

"Scott, I know you have reasons to be wary, but I keep things secret for good reasons." The professor placed a hand on his shoulder. "Both Ranma and Akane have difficulty dealing with others. Ranma has told me that many people tried to kill… her… over the past year. And there have been hints that Akane has been targeted as well. As long as they're allowed to keep their secrets to themselves, we might be able to keep things from getting ugly."

"Ranma mentioned that…" Scott rubbed his chin. "But…"

"Ranma's secret is a complicated and… odd one. Not a threat to you or anyone else here, but it can be a threat to them if the other students find out," the professor sighed. "However, Jean's journey into their minds may have been a blessing in disguise. Please bring Akane Tendo here; I need to speak to her."

"Sure…" Scott walked away.


"I'm just protective of her, that's it," Ranma told Jean as the redheads fixed the mansion. "Her dad would kill me if anything happened to her… and she already had something happen to her mind before."

'Yep… definitely lesbians… In denial too…' Jean thought over her next question carefully. "Was this mind attack Chinese?"

*Thump* The wood Ranma held dropped from her hands.

"What did you SAY?" Ranma turned around, shocked.

Jean came clean. "When I went into her mind… she had a mental block around part of it. It had to do with you… and it appeared to have been made in China."

Ranma's fist clenched. {Shampoo! You're so dead!}

Jean didn't know weather or not to be glad not to be able to understand Japanese.

"It said it was done ten months ago… Anything that is not anger gets zapped." Jean grew wary as Ranma shook violently. "I tried to remove it, but Akane's mind kicked me out…"

{SHAMPOO! OH YOU! I… ARGGG! STUPID, IDIOTIC, PIECE OF… I'M GONNA KILL HER!} Ranma stomped her way back to the professor's office, swearing in Japanese.


"What happened this time?" Akane groaned, expecting something bad.

"Akane…" the professor started, "there is an important matter that has come to my attention."

"What did Ranma do now?" Akane rubbed her forehead.

"You see…" He was cut off by some Japanese swearing.

(Un)fortunately, he couldn't understand Japanese.

{Ranma, what happened now?} Akane rolled her eyes.

Ranma came in the door, shaking and swearing. {Akane, you, I… Arggg!}

Jean came in behind her. "I told her… She didn't take it well."


"Wait… you mean, the memory-blocking shampoo?" Akane was confused. "Didn't we get past that already?"


*Slap* Akane did that to Ranma's face.

"Honestly! Now tell me what's going on!" Akane demanded.

"Jean went inside your mind." Ranma pointed at the other redhead.

"WHAT?" Akane yelled.

"It's true," Jean sighed guiltily. "Sorry about that."

'I hate it when they sound alike.' Akane sweatdropped. "So… you were in my mind, which PEOPLE KEEP DOING! And you found out that something from Shampoo's shampoo is still there?"

Ranma nodded. "Apparently, only anger gets through the barrier. Which makes sense, really… Just… please… help her…."

The professor, who had been stroking his chin in thought, finally spoke up. "Akane, I can help you, but I need to go into your mind."

Akane was fidgeting nervously, trying not to get angry. "Do it… but DON'T LOOK AT ANYTHING, PERVERT!"

She covered her mouth with her hands.

"Hmm… Troubling indeed. Come, let us go to Cerebro." The professor rubbed his chin again.


'Akane…' Ranma took a deep breath. 'I feel so… helpess…'

"Ready?" the professor asked, hands on her head with the Cerebro helmet on his own.

Akane nodded.

Jean watched on as Ranma held Akane's hand. 'It's so obvious…'

"Prepare yourself." The professor then went in.

'That is unexpected,' Charels Xavier thought as he saw the mindscape of Akane Tendo.

"This is weird…" Akane stated, coming up from behind the professor.

"It is your mind… Very childlike and innocent," the professor said. "Lead on."

"Hey!" Akane took that as an insult. "What is my… I mean… Arggg! What was Ranma's mind like?"

"Dark, abused, rebuilding itself and trying to cope. A very fractured mind…" the professor answered. "There appear to be maps on the ground…"

Akane noticed and picked one up. "It's in the far corner of my mind… great."

Akane led the professor through the turnstiles of the abandoned theme park.

The professor noticed that Akane's eyes started growing watery.

"Are you alright?" the professor asked.

"Yeah… fine… Just… this looks like Tokyo Disney I went to years ago…" Akane smiled weakly.

"Ah, yes, that explains some measure of familiarity," the professor commented.

As they went through the tunnel, things seemed to change.

"Nah! Can't catch me!" A Ranma jumped through the air, being chased by an Akane with a squirt gun.

"I'll get you yet!" the mind Akane laughed as she chased Ranma.

Regular Akane blinked and wiped her eyes. "Why am I… Ranma… How?"

"Hmmm… What does the map say?" the professor asked.

Akane looked at the map. "Happy memories… This… I remember… this is my 17th birthday party in China… the day after Ranma's… It took us a while to get home…"

Xavier nodded in understanding.

Another Akane was beating Shampoo in a game of giant ping pong.

She looked and saw a third version of herself eating ice cream with female Ranma.

"How is Ranma here if the Ranma section is blocked off?" Akane scratched her head.

"Hmmm… Perhaps you are able to store part of Ranma throughout your mind, possibly as memories. This is rather complicated, I must say." The professor looked around.

A fourth Akane accepted a gift from Ryoga.

A fifth Akane was holding P-chan.

A sixth Akane was cooking with Nodoka.

Then Akane saw a mini version of her being checked out by Doctor Tofu.

"Let's go…" Akane's face was red with embarrassment.

They left the good memories and came to a hub of sorts.

In front of them was a giant Furinkan High. To the left, Akane saw a forest and to her right was the Tendo dojo.

"Here, there's a path here to get to the Ranma section without going through other parts of my mind…" Akane led the way.

As they walked, Akane tried not to look around too much. It was scaring her.

On the left side of the path, they came across Jusenkyo, and to the right was the Kuno mansion, lightning surrounding it.

'Just stay focused… Past the bad memories and fears… around the sadness canal… and… here we are…' Akane's eyes widened as she saw the giant mental force field.

"This appears to be it…" The professor rubbed his forehead. "I have a bad feeling about this."

{Ow! Ow, owow!} a voice came from in front of them.

They saw a tiny Akane sucking her hand next to the force field.

{Non-anger is not allowed. Your persistence is annoying. Go away,} the force field said.

{No! I wanna go inside! Why can Anger go in and not me?} the tiny short haired Akane pleaded.

{Identifying: Innocence. Attempts made: 117. Successful breaches: 0,} the voice spoke.

"What is going on?" Akane yelled.

Innocence turned and saw Akane.

{Akane!} Innocence ran up and hugged Akane. {You're here! I tried to go in, but it won't let me! Big Sister Anger is in there… but I can't get in!}

Akane was stumped. {I have no idea what's going on… Who are you?}

{I'm Innocence! Please help me, Akane! Please!} Innocence pleaded.

"Hmm… It would appear that your innocence and all other emotions run around rampant in your mind. Interesting. Innocence, we are trying to get rid of that barrier; can you tell us about it?" the professor asked.

Innocence nodded. {It's big and scary… and it came here ten months ago… Big Sister Anger broke through it, but no one else can. It hurts!}

"I see… Are there any other emotions around here?"

Akane shook her head clear. "Hold it! Why are my emotions separated? Huh?"

"It's due to human nature; feelings may change quickly and often. I have noticed this with you. Quickness to anger and back to other, softer emotions is common, albeit unhealthy. Perhaps this barrier may be causing more problems," the professor explained.

"I… No… You! Arrggg!" Akane grumbled.

{Perhaps you can get inside…} another Akane-like voice spoke.

Everyone turned around to see Akane in a sailor fuku…

{Big sister Logic! Yay!} Innocence jumped into her arms.

Akane stared blankly. "How the hell is logic an emotion?"

The professor shrugged. "Don't ask me."

{Logic is an emotion for you due to the rarity of it being used and the fact that your mind is very, very weird,} Logic explained.

"Gee… thanks." Akane frowned.

{Weirdness isn't an insult, Akane, it merely makes the world interesting. If everything were normal, the world would be boring. Search your feelings; you know it to be true.} Logic clenched her fist.

"But they aren't here!" Akane yelled.

"Akane, I think it is time to try and remove this barrier," the professor spoke up.

{Error: Removal of barrier unacceptable. Go away,} the force field declared.

"Hey! YOU go away, you stupid Chinese thing!" Akane yelled.

{Anger detected, you are free to enter,} the force field announced.

"What do you mean by… Hey!" Akane fell forward as Logic pushed her in.

"Good luck, Akane. Perhaps you can deactivate it from the inside…" The professor stroked his chin once more.


"Wow…" Akane looked around after she picked herself up.

There were hundreds of Akanes beating each other up, wrecking the place, being angry in general. They were all wearing yellow gi.

{Akane? What are you doing here?} an Akane voice called from her right.

Akane turned to see another Akane, this one in her underwear.

"Gak! Akkkak!" Akane couldn't believe her eyes. "Who are you?"

{Oh, I'm Love! But what are you doing here? We need to get you to safety. Your anger keeps destroying this place!} Love glomped Akane.

"No…. You don't mean…" Akane was fearful of the details.

{It regenerates. I'm more concerned about you!} Love pulled Akane away, behind a sculpture of male Ranma and female Ranma embracing each other in a friendly fashion.

"Wait… do you know of a way to bring down that barrier?" Akane asked her love.

{No… I sneaked in… um… well… by muscling through the shield… I had to… I… Oh, hug me, Akane!} Love glomped Akane again, crying into her shoulder.

"Right… but… WHY ARE YOU NAKED?" Akane seethed.

{Huh? No, I'm not. Lust is… There are a few more of me here… but many more Angers…} Love calmed down as she hugged Akane.

"But wait… how is there more than one of Anger?" Akane tried to understand.

{Because there are more of us? You are angry, so you get more angry. You feel love so there's me, Love… but there aren't many Loves around…} Love shed a tear.

"Oh…" Akane began to understand. "But how do I get the force field down?"

{I don't know.} Love shrugged, still hugging Akane.

"But I do," a new Akane voice spoke out from behind them.

{Oh, it's you…} Love got up… and then glomped the other Akane. {How are you, Understanding?}

Understanding, in her too-big, stolen-from-Ranma clothes, shrugged. "Better."

"How is Understanding an emotion?" Akane yelled.

"Because of how rare I am…" Understanding answered. "I've spent my time here understanding how this thing works and how to get rid of it."

Love caressed Understanding. {And?}

"We have three options as I understand them: One, we get the right shampoo, formula 911, and use it. Two, Akane gives in to her lust and has sex with Ranma. Or three, laser surgery on Akane's brain…" Understanding listed on her fingers.

Akane fainted.

{Uh oh… Akane? Wake up! Wake up!} Love started shaking Akane. {Stay still if you want me to kiss you.}

{Love…} Understanding sighed.

{OK!} Love then kissed Akane full on the lips.

{GAHH!} Akane awoke and rolled out from underneath Love.

{Aw, don't be like that. You're bisexual anyway. ^_^} Love smiled.

"I… akka… grrr!" Akane growled.

"So, what are you going to do?" Understanding asked.

"I am NOT having sex with Ranma!" Akane growled.

Love gasped. {But you love him!}

"It doesn't have to be straight sex, seeing as that's a non-option for the time being…" Understanding tried to help.

"I do not!" Akane denied.

"Tell that to Denial over there." Understanding pointed to a tiny Akane with long hair being beaten up by angry Akanes.

Akane facepalmed.


{I cannot let you enter,} the force field stated.

"But you WANT me to enter." Xavier waved his hand around like that.

{Telepathy doesn't work on me, only anger. No anger, no entry, no Ranma.} The force-field stood firm.

'Worth a shot.' Xavier shrugged. "How about you leave this girl's mind?"

{Error: Removal is against primary objective: Keeping Akane Tendo from becoming intimate with Ranma Saotome. Former primary objective failed: Keeping Akane Tendo from having any memory of Ranma Saotome,} the force field stated, rejecting the professor.

{Psst… Logic, what's 'intimate'?} Innocence asked.

{I can't tell you. Once you've evolved, then I can,} Logic explained.

Innocence sucked her hand. {Ooh…}

"Do you have any weaknesses?" Xavier asked.

{I can't say,} the force field answered.

"Can't say or don't know?" The professor raised an eyebrow.

{I… can't say,} the force field stressed.

"And why is that?" Xavier asked.

{I can't say. Chance that information was removed by installer: 100%.} The force field would have shrugged if it had an avatar.

"This is pointless…" Xavier sighed.

{Force field, what is the number for pi?} Logic asked.

{I Can't Say,} it stressed.

{I know what 2+2 is!} Innocence smiled like a green mongoose dog.

The professor rubbed his temples. "How were you constructed?"

{Formula 411 shampoo in addition to 36 pressure points used on the cranium of Akane Tendo,} the force field answered.

{And this shampoo is from?} Logic asked.

{China,} the red barrier answered.

{Of course…} Logic thought. {And what about formula 911 shampoo?}

{I… can't say…} it answered.

"What is this formula 911 shampoo?" Xavier asked.

{Nothing. Nothing to see here, move along…} The force field would have whistled if it could.

{It's what Ranma was supposed to get to free Akane. However, Shampoo kept the shampoo to herself; thus, the shampoo was replaced by insulting Akane to the point of anger since it was strong enough to remember Ranma and get through this barrier,} Logic answered.

{LIES! The filthy Logic LIES! She LIES!} The force field flared.

{Big Sis… I'm scared….} Innocence hid behind Logic.

"I think I have the answer." The professor smiled.


"They have been in there a long time…" Jean commented.

'Come on, Akane… be healed…' Ranma bit her lip.

{AHHH!} Akane woke up in pain, clenching her head.

"That didn't work well…" Xavier rubbed his head as well.

{Akane! Are you alright?} Ranma stared, huge eyes boring into Akane's.

{We need the shampoo.} Akane grimaced.

"Professor?" Jean helped Xavier to sit upright.

"I'm fine… fine…" The professor turned around and rubbed his temples, causing the screen to come to life.

"What are you doing?" Ranma asked slowly.

"I'm looking for formula 911 shampoo…" the professor answered.

"Why not google it?" Ranma suggested.

Everyone paused at that.

"… What?" Ranma looked around in confusion.

Akane looked away. "I use Bing…"

Jean looked off into space. "Yahoo…"

The professor turned around. "… So, which one?"

The three teens in the room facefaulted.


"Nihao!" A purple-haired Chinese girl showed up thirteen minutes later. "Package for Charles Xavier!"

Ranma and Akane stared at her as if they'd seen a ghost.

"What wrong?" the girl asked.

"Thank you." Xavier simply tipped her and took the package, sending her on her way.

The engaged couple in denial just stood there.

"Come on, Akane." Jean dragged an unmoving Akane away.

"She looked just like Shampoo…" Ranma muttered. "See that? Akane?"

Ranma turned and saw no one. "Akane?"

Ranma reacted and dashed around the mansion, looking for her.

"Akane?" Ranma peered into the kitchen.

"Akane?" Ranma looked into the giant living room.

"Akane?" Ranma looked in the Danger Room.

"Ahhh!" Kitty screamed as she dodged a saw.

'Where can she be…?' Ranma wondered.

*Snap* went her fingers.

'Of course!' Ranma ran to their shared room on the top floor.

"Ranma?" Akane said weakly, bag of ice on her head as she lay on the bed.

"Akane!" Ranma rushed over to her. "Are you alright?"

"They did it… They washed the barrier away," Akane groaned. "It just hurt… a lot. Thank you, Ranma… I…"

Ranma glomped her. "Everything will be OK now."

"Ranma…" Akane whispered.

"I don't care if you hit me, I… I… I'm glad your mind's fixed…" Ranma held back tears.

"Ranma?" Akane said, a bit stronger.

Ranma turned to her. "Yes?"

Akane lifted her head, lip quivering, coming closer to Ranma's…

"Nyra?" Ranma was now a cat, chickening out.

That earned her a laugh. {Oh, Ranma… Thanks for cheering me up.}

'Stupid! She was going to kiss you! Sure, it would be as a girl… but… ARGG!' Ranma yelled in her mind.

{'Nya… Ammateuur… Nyara! Thanks, me, for choosing this, me...'} The cat smiled as it talked to itself in Ranma's head.

'Oh, shut it… Just… make Akane happy… I… Little animal does that for her…'

{'Whatever me says, me… Nyra!'}

Ranma sighed in his mind, thankful that it was a male cat.

{Oh, Ranma…} Akane sighed. {I know you can't understand me… but… I've been feeling weird ever since they removed the block in my mind. Things… seem clearer now… it feels weird.}

'Weird?' Ranma worried.

{I feel more… open… relaxed. Less angry at you.} Akane smiled. {Still a little bit mad, but now… I don't have the urge to HAVE to be angry at you. It's… nice. But I feel so sleepy…}

"Nya!" Ranma the cat voiced his kitty opinion.

{I know that we didn't eat dinner yet… but… I'm just so tired,} Akane yawned. {Is that how you felt?}


{Oh yeah… can't understand me…} Akane giggled. {I feel like… I'm not as quick to anger anymore… like back when we first met. Before the shampoo. It's like I'm… refreshed. Thanks for listening.}

Ranma purred and snuggled with Akane.

'Just be careful, you stupid cat!' Ranma commanded his cat self.

{'I'm making her happy, nyra! Isn't that what me want, me?'}

Ranma grumbled.

{You can sleep with me if you want. You like that, huh?} Akane smiled.

Ranma as a cat meowed and crawled between her breasts.

'You pervert…' Ranma scolded his cat self.

{Let's take a catnap… Hee-hee! That'll do us good.} Akane soon slept, with her cat fiancé nestled on her chest.

Ranma couldn't sleep, however, and nervously stayed awake.

'Stupid cat…' Ranma muttered in his cat head.


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