Full summary: A series of ficlets about young Tygra and Lion-o's adventures in Thundera, full of enough sugary sweetness to make you puke rainbows and glitter. Set technically in the 2011 series 'verse, but since so little is known about Thundera and the princes' childhoods anyway, I will take as many liberties as I want. Also, these ficlets are based on the idea that, after they defeat Mumm Ra and restore peace and whatnot to Thundera, Tygra and Lion-o will get together (I blame the bell ringing line). However, the story is set in a time when they consider each other family and nothing more, so if you're against the pairing or whatever, it seriously doesn't affect the story whatsoever. Promise. Also these ficlets will jump around in time, but will probably not go any further than Lion-o's early teens. Tygra is four years older than Lion-o here.

Disclaimer: Thundercats belongs to Cartoon Network and I own a total of 0% of it.

Chapter 1: My Hero, Tygra

Bare feet thudded against the dirt roads of an obscure neighborhood in Thundera, far from the royal palace. They'd been running for nearly an hour, and Tygra would have thought Snarf was lost if it weren't for the quick twists and turns he took without hesitation through the maze of streets.

"Are you sure he's down here?" the young prince asked for the umpteenth time, too out of breath to be irritated.

Snarf looked over his shoulder and made a reassuring sound before hurtling around another corner. They found themselves in an open, grassy area overtaken with weeds; Tygra assumed, from the abandoned ball or two, that this was a popular place for the local kids to play. The uneven dirt roads and ramshackle houses surrounding the field made him anxious to scamper back to the familiar spoils of a privileged life. Quickening his pace, he ran up to where Snarf was clawing at a tree, making distressed noises.

Tygra squinted up at the branches of the oak tree. Sure enough, he soon spotted expensive-looking clothing covering trembling paws.

"Little brother!" he called, cupping his hands around his mouth.

After a moment, a mane of red fur peeked out from behind the leaves. Two wide, blue-green eyes stared nervously down at him.

"Tygra?" Lion-o called back in a quivering voice.

"Who else would it be?" Tygra sighed, smiling despite himself. "Why are you up there?"

"Um..." Lion-o averted his gaze, biting his lower lip. "No reason."

"Uh-huh." Tygra crossed his arms over his chest, an amused look crossing his features. "You wouldn't happen to be stuck, would you?"

"No!" Lion-o denied, far too quickly.

"Ok then, come down," he challenged.

A long silence stretched out between them, during which the two princes stared at each other; one rather smugly from the ground, one with his claws buried into the tree.

Finally, Lion-o muttered, "I... might be a little stuck..."

Tygra sighed heavily and dropped his arms, worry for his younger brother winding its way through his mind despite his best efforts to keep it at bay.

"Hang on," he instructed, coming closer to the tree. Of course he would hang on, what else could he do? Stupid baby brother. What kind of cat got stuck in a tree, of all places? When he got up there, he would give him an earful.

Shaking his head to himself and marveling at what a good brother he was, Tygra easily climbed up the tree to where the prince was perched. As soon as Lion-o's big, pleading eyes met his, all thoughts of lecturing him on responsibility flew from Tygra's mind. He sighed once more.

"Come on," he said quietly, reaching for Lion-o. "Take my hand."

Lion-o pursed his lips in concentration and shakily let go of the branch to take Tygra's out-stretched paw. Balancing precariously on a thin branch below him and clinging to the trunk with one hand, Tygra carefully gathered his brother into his arms.

"Easy on the death grip, Lion-o, jeez," he grumbled in feigned irritation, even as his chest swelled with pride and relief.

"Sorry," came the small response.