First time doing something like this. This was actually my homework for social studies. Ehe~ Hopefully I get a high score~ Anyway, please enjoy... Meant as a crackfic but...

It was a normal day in Mt. Olympus. The gods and goddesses were enjoying this peaceful day to relax. Well, they tried to, at least. The loud bickering of two goddesses echoed throughout the entire palace.

"When will you accept the fact that I'm better than you?" Zeus heard Aphrodite from his throne room. He couldn't help but rub his temples. It had been going on like that for weeks now.

"It's because you aren't, Aphrodite." It was the seemingly calm but somehow irritated voice of Athena to be heard next.

"And who is there to say otherwise?"

"Me, of course."

"You're biased."

"I am not."

"Admit it, Aphrodite, the best goddess here is –"

" -Me!"

The bickering continued longer. Zeus had learned to tune it out so that it would just be like music in the background but today was far worse than anything they have ever experienced. The fight was reaching new heights. Even the mortals who prayed to the two goddesses have started a little rivalry of their own. It was becoming more than Zeus can handle.

Today, he's had enough.

"Aphrodite. Athena." His voice boomed louder than anything throughout Mt. Olympus that even some of the sleeping nymphs were awoken.

Said two were at the garden when they heard Zeus' thundering voice. The two flinched, frozen on their spots, for they feared Zeus when his tone was like that.

"You wouldn't want to keep him waiting." Demeter, who was sitting on a bench while admiring the different varieties of flowers, advised the two, who quickly followed.

Athena was the first to walk in, followed by Aphrodite.

"This rivalry of yours..." Zeus started. "It's greatly disturbing the rare peace we have here. Whatever is the problem, I would like to settle it... NOW!"

The two flinched again and both refused to be the first one to speak.

"So tell me... What is the problem?"

"Well... Father, Aphrodite here keeps making false claims that she's the better of us two." Athena explained.

"If we were disturbing the peace, don't you think he would've heard what we were arguing about?" Aphrodite mumbled but it did not escape Zeus' hearing, though he did not react to it.

"V-Very well. Why don't we settle this with a contest?" Zeus proposed. Since the two didn't reject the idea, he continued. "It will be a three way battle. Elegance, intellect and skill. Paris, Themis and I will judge both of you in those three categories."

The contest quickly became known throughout partially because of Pheme. Soon after, the contest was commenced. The contest for elegance was obviously won by Aphrodite obviously. The next round was won by Athena, which was once again obvious. Quickly enough, it was time for the final round; skill.

And it was decided to become a weaving contest. The sly smirk on Athena's lips was the one thing that irritated Aphrodite the most. She was at a disadvantage. Once it began, Athena quickly started working on her cloth. Aphrodite pouted as she stuck the needle once more in her finger.

"Tada~" Athena exclaimed as she held out a beautifully made tapestry, perfectly done and without flaw.

Aphrodite angrily threw her cloth to the side and marched up to Athena. Zeus was with him and was examining the cloth.

"This is so unfair. That was your forte." Aphrodite angrily said.

"Which just makes me better than the two of us. Admit it, Aphrodite, the best goddess here is –"

" –Me"

Athena wasn't able to finish her sentence and for once it wasn't the goddess of beauty who disagreed with her. It was the beautiful mortal, Psyche. Once more, everyone was entranced by her beauty. And the two goddesses couldn't say anymore. They were speechless.

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