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Ethan's POV:

"Thor is much better than hulk" Benny argued.

"Thor is so not!" I yelled.

"Yes he is, Hulk is a stupid green guy" Benny said.

"Benny, we gotta head to class" I said looking at my watch.

We headed straight to class trying to not bump into some students, we sat down, we had biology, there was a new girl, she had a bright skin, brown curly hair, blue eyes and she wears clothes with floral patterns, she looked at me smiling then she looked at her paper writing something, after class finished I wanted to go to Sarah, just then Tania walked to me.

"Hi! Ethan right?" She asked.

"Yes it's Ethan!" I laughed.

"So I was wondering if you wanna go out on a date tonight" she grinned.

"Yeah sure, I would love to, where do you want to go?" I asked smiling.

. "What about bowling?" Tania suggested

"Ok" I simply answered, she waved and walked away.

"Nice job dude! You got a date! Sweet" Benny hi-fived me.

"I never knew I would get a date" I said with amazement, Benny nodded.

I was so happy, I smiled all day, I'm a nerd! I never knew someone would ask me out, well... everything is fine until now, I don't know what can make this day even better, at lunch time Tania sat beside me, I think that we should get to know each other, but not now, maybe at the date.

"Hi Ethan!" Tania said.

"Hi Tania! I'd like you to meet my friends, this is Sarah" I said and Sarah waved hi.

"This is Erica" I said, Erica did the same thing.

"This is Rory" I said

"Nice to meet you" she said with a low voice

"And you already know Benny" I said, Tania laughed

Tania's POV:

Ethan's friends look friendly, one of his friends (Erica) is a big fan of dusk, I don't know why girls love dusk, the book and the movie is stupid, I hate dusk I'm not like the other girls, Rory seems to be hitting on Erica, she doesn't like him HAHA, Ethan and Benny always talk about super heroes from comic books, oh my gosh I love these stuff, I like x-men, he's my favorite.

"Hey! You guys talking about super heroes?" I asked, they nodded

"I love super heroes" I said, Ethan looked at Benny then hi-fived him

"Dude! You're lucky!" Benny whispered, I could hear him

"So who do you like? I like x-men" I said, Ethan smiled and froze, I clapped my hands in front of him, he woke up

"Oh yeah! Favorite super hero? Hulk" Ethan said

"Mine is Thor" Benny said

"Cool!" I said

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