Ethan's POV:

It was almost time for Sarah to come and babysit Jane, me and Benny sat on my bed and talked about this.

"Don't worry E! Nothing will go wrong" Benny tried to comfort me.

"Dude! Do you know that for sure?" I asked shoving my head in my hands

"Hey! I'm trying to be supportive!" Benny raised both his hands

The door bell rang; it looks like its Sarah.

"Guys! Sarah's here, behave" My mom yelled

Benny opened the door ready to come down stairs, he stopped to ask me.

"Hey you coming?" Benny asked, I shook my head

"Well, I'm gonna pop me some popcorn" Benny said walking away

When Benny left I sat on my bed thinking about what I should do, all of a sudden Rory flew to my window.

"Hey Ethan!" Rory said

"Hey Rory!" I said with a low voice while letting Rory in

"What's up with you? Why are you so sad?" Rory asked

"Kind of a long story" I said

"Ethan! Tania's here!" Benny yelled

"I'll go downstairs" I said pointing outside

I walked downstairs with Rory, Tania was kinda angry but Sarah's face had no emotions, I wonder why!

"When did Rory come?" Benny asked

"Two seconds after you left my room" I answered

"Ok let's get this over with" Tania said putting her purse on the corner of the couch

"Ok! I'll tell you know, but I need to explain first" I said, they both nodded

I went to Tania holding her hands to talk to her.

"Listen Tania…" I began

"Wait before you say anything, I have a question" Sarah said

"Yeah?" I looked at her; Sarah took a deep breath then swallowed

"Do you love her?" She asked, I was shocked from this question

"Well… my heart wants someone" I said, and then I shook my head

"Ok! Tania! We went out on one date; I mean I do like you but…" I looked at Sarah

"Not as much as her" I released her hands

"Really?" Sarah said acting surprised; something tells me she already knew.

Rory was watching and shoving popcorn in his mouth and Benny did the same thing too!

"Yes!" I walked towards her "Actually… I need you! I love you" I said, She hugged me, which made me blush

Tania was kinda mad but she got over this when she saw Rory.

"Oooh! You're such a cute vampire!" She ran towards him

"Why do you guys have to get the girls and I don't?" Benny whined, we all laughed except Benny

I lifted Sarah spinning her making a dramatic scene, Benny was staring at us me and Rory, Both! His eyes were full of jealousy.

Sarah's POV:

After all this have happened Erica sent me a text message.

Erica: Was I rite?

Me: Yes! U were rite

Erica: C? I toldja!

Me: How did u no we just finished?

Erica: Lets say im lookin rite now

I looked left and right till I saw Erica looking through a window, it was really hard to find her, anyway I'm really happy! Erica is such an awesome friend; I knew she wouldn't say anything just to comfort me, now I got myself a date with destiny!

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