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"Nii-san?" Izuna knocked on Madara's bedroom door. "Nii-san, are you up, yet?"

A cough from inside the bedroom made Izuna frown. Was Madara…?

"I'm up, otouto," Madara called back from in the bedroom. "I'll be out soon."

Izuna frowned again; he was worried about his big brother. "Nii-san, please come out now…"

An annoyed groan from the bedroom worried Izuna. "Izuna, go! I said I'll be out soon!"

Izuna shook his head sadly before turning and walking away. His brother had changed; ever since Madara's best friend had died, Madara had been on drugs – he drank every night until he passed out and, if that weren't enough, he was now whoring himself out to anyone and everyone.

"Nii-san…" Izuna whispered, trying to fight back the tears; he was sick of seeing his aniki like this.

Inside the bedroom that Izuna had just walked away from, Madara sighed in pleasure as he finished his joint. He stood up off the bed and stretched, intending to go and get some food; he was starving. He walked out to the kitchen, finding Izuna just sitting down at the table not doing anything, just sitting there.

"What's wrong, Izuna?" Madara asked, sitting beside his little brother.

Izuna wrinkled his nose in disgust as he smelt the scent wafting from Madara and shook his head. He so desperately wanted to tell Madara that he was the problem, but how could he say that? I'm sorry to say this, aniki, but it's your fault I'm upset because you're an alcoholic, drugged up whore? Yeah, that would really go down well with Madara…

Madara shrugged and stood up, headed towards the pantry, grabbed every little bit of food he could find. Izuna sighed sadly, seeing that he was once again in for another mealtime alone, which had happened just about every meal time lately. Izuna had hoped today would be an exception, but…

"Nii-san…" he said softly, tentatively, "…it's only breakfast time… Please cook us some breakfast and sit down with me… It's my bi –"

Madara shook his head, cutting Izuna off. "Sorry, otouto; can't. Got to go buy some more."

Izuna, of course, knew that Madara was referring to his drugs and it broke his heart to know that he was second to Madara's addiction. Madara had to get his hands on some more ecstasy, cocaine and amphetamines; he went through it so quickly Izuna was terrified that one day Madara would accidentally kill himself.

"But, nii-san…" Izuna whimpered as he watched his brother leave the kitchen and heard the front door close quietly. "Nii-san, it's my birthday today…"

Izuna laid his head down on the breakfast table, unable to help but cry out all of his pain and distress. He hated his life. He hated how Madara changed from that once loving, happy boy he was to this depressed, neglectful and, even abusive, man.

Izuna couldn't help but blame himself for Madara turning out like this, and he knew that if he could change the past he would. If only Izuna didn't want to go over to his friend's house that night, than none of this would have ever happened.


Madara had arrived at his drug dealer's house a while ago, having been forced to walk due to not being able to pay for fuel for the car. Everything had seemed to be going normally once Madara had arrived at the home, but once Madara refused to hand cash to the dealer – he couldn't afford to pay for it - the drug dealer, Pein, refused to hand the drugs over .

"I said I'd pay you back," Madara growled, reaching out to snatch his drugs. "Give them to me!"

"No, Madara!" Pein shouted angrily. "You've skipped out on the last four payments! Pay up or no more for you!"

"Fuck you!" Madara growled louder, hatred in his voice. "You know I don't have the money anymore! I was fired from my job, remember?"

"Then no drugs for you, Madara. You said it yourself; you don't have a job anymore. Go find someone else to buy your drugs from unless you can afford to pay me back!"

Madara snarled, watching as his dealer walked off. Madara needed them! And now! The Uchiha could already feel with withdrawal effects sinking in – Madara had to do something for his drugs! –and he knew exactly what he could do.

"Pein, wait!" Madara called, racing after the older man. "I'll pay you back in blowjobs until I can afford it!"

Pein stared at Madara like he was crazy, absolute disgust on his face. "I'm not gay, Madara. You're disgusting."

"So? It's just a blowjob! Not like you're gonna fuck me! …Or the other way around. Please! I need those drugs!"

Pein sighed, remembering that the last time Madara had been refused his drugs: he had gone home and taken it out on his brother, and Izuna had to be hospitalised for a week because of Madara's rage. "Fine. Only because I would hate to see something happen to your brother if you went through withdrawal effects again."

Pein lead Madara further into the house before stopping the Uchiha in the bathroom and unzipping his pants. Madara eagerly knelt down and took the cock into his mouth, sucking it as best as he, enjoying his little job; he had always been gifted with giving blowjobs.


Later that night, Izuna sat in his room crying softly. Madara had been gone all day and hadn't called once to check on Izuna or even to say happy birthday. Izuna should have expected this, though; Madara had forgotten his last three birthdays in a row now. Still, despite all the neglect Madara seemed to have for Izuna, the small boy couldn't help but hope that just one day Madara would remember him and want to spend time with him just like the old days.

"I miss my old aniki…" Izuna whimpered to himself, wiping at his tears.

He lay down on his bed, closed his eyes, and he was just about to fall asleep when he heard the front door open. Izuna sat up and went to investigate - he had to make sure it was Madara because Madara never bothered to lock the doors anymore and Izuna always forgot to check.

"Nii-san?" Izuna crept around the house, finding Madara sitting down on the couch in the living room, laying all his drugs out along the coffee table. He crushed his amphetamines before leaning down to snort it and Izuna let out a sob at the sight; Madara was so occupied doing drugs he couldn't even remember his little brother's birthday…

Izuna turned around and stormed out of the room, back up to his own room, slamming the door closed behind him. He was sick of Madara acting like this! Madara was only seventeen and already he had been doing drugs for four years! That meant four years of neglect and fear for Izuna.

Their parents wanted nothing to do with either of them, so they weren't there to take care of them. This left Izuna to rely on Madara, but Madara was a terrible guardian. He had lost his job due to his drug addiction and now they were in danger of losing their house, and yet all Madara wanted to spend his money on were his drugs, he didn't seem to care about their financial issues or personal issues and he barely even noticed Izuna anymore – because all Madara wanted to do was drugs.

Izuna punched his pillow, so angry at everything that had been happening. He loved his brother with all his heart, but at the same time he loathed him for being so dependent on drugs. There had to be something he could do to save Madara. If he didn't… Madara's life was already downhill, and Izuna's was beginning to follow.

Could he, the fifteen year-old little brother, do something to save them both? Or would Madara's addiction be the thing to ruin both of their lives forever?