The Waterfall's Nymph

Chapter 6 – The melody of memory

"B-But you are…" murmured Seraph when she saw the girl...that little or nothing had yet come out from behind her son's back, he instead looked confused towards his mother before looking back at Nymph and then again to her.

"Is there something wrong?" asked the boy, the mother left her trance and looked at him

"'s j-just that she looks so much like-"

Sulfus quickly stopped his mother from continuing, his eyes suddenly became cold and hard as well as his voice "But she is not, mom, she is not and she can't just drop it"

Caught by surprise by this aggressive reaction of her son, Seraph jumped a little startled but quickly remembered how much it hurt her son remembering that subject "I'm sorry" it was all she could say. The boy was about to grab Nymph's hand and go upstairs when suddenly Edan, Sulfus ' father, entered in the hall together with Elisabeth.

He was surprised to see the strange blonde haired girl standing next to his son "Sulfus...have you brought a friend?" he asked, somehow confused when he saw her was a bit old? It reminds him of the castaways' clothes. Sulfus froze, literally, when he remembered that never, and it's really never, had he spoken about Nymph to his father...

He sighed and turned to him "Well..."...this was going to be a veeeeeeeery long conversation...


After some effort, Sulfus managed to tell the whole story about Nymph to his father. At the moment the whole family was reunited at the living room, they had managed to convince Nymph that the sofa wasn't some kind of monster that would swallow her in.

Edan sighed after that conversation "So let me see if I understood everything...she saved you on the day you fell on the went to look for her even though you thought she was just a mirage and as the past months went on, this is for about nearly two seasons and half, you have been going to her to help her understand more of this world...?"

"Yes, yes and yes..." answered the boy

The father crossed his arms "Well...I suppose that letting her stay here by the winter isn't a bad idea...but you do know that you will have lots of work ahead of you, don't you?"

Sulfus scratched the back of his head "I'm very aware of that, moreover I haven't had any other thing but hard work with's just going to be another phase, I suppose"

" long as it won' disrupt your studies..."

"It won't"

"And by the way...when are you thinking about telling Kabale? Knowing her, she will get very jealous when she sees her here..." warned somehow Edan, Sulfus couldn't hold back a sigh...he couldn't handle much more this fake relationship he had with Kabale and just the idea of the marriage gave him nauseas, he didn't hate the girl but simply didn't want her as his wife...only his father wasn't aware that this marriage thing was all fake, all of this to keep the name of his family, his father was really proud of him and he didn't want to take all that pride away...

"I...will find a way..." murmured the boy, he took Nymph's hand "Come, I'll show you around the house"

"I'm going to ask Bianca to prepare the room for her" said Seraph standing up as well from the sofa and walking to the place where the maid was. Sulfus and Nymph went upstairs and walked through the halls. He opened the first door.

"This is my bedroom" he said, then pointed to the door that stood in front of his own "That is going to be yours, so don't worry, if you need me you just have to take 5 little steps and you're here." She smiled which he returned, the guide through the house keep going until both of them were again downstairs. They entered again on the living room "This is the living room, it's where we have been first" he explained but that was when Nymph noticed something that wasn't there before...a bonfire...the blue eyes of the girl widened and as fast as she could she hide behind Sulfus, he was caught by surprise and was confused as well by the reason that made her do that, he turned around.

"H-Hey but what's wrong with you?" but the girl just keep holding his shirt tightly, that's when he understood that she was trembling, just like someone would when it was about to cry, he put his hands upon her shoulders and forced her to back away just a little from him "What's wrong...?" he asked, Nymph, already with small tears on her eyes and with her hand trembling, pointed slowly towards the bonfire, he followed her forefinger..."The bonfire? Oh...are you afraid of the fire?" she quickly nodded and that's when a small flash lit up on the boy's head, he finally seemed to have the answer to the question he had kept with himself ever since he met her...he remembered that she had pointed towards his eyes when he had asked her why she had run away from him...and now he understood why...his amber colored eyes probably remembered her of the fire, something that she feared...

"So that's why you were afraid of my eyes? Because they remembered you of the fire?" slowly Nymph nodded, Sulfus sighed and took her out of the living room, so she wouldn't see again the bonfire...he managed to distract her by showing her more rooms of the house, until they walked by a door that stood right under the stairs. Catching her attention that closed door, Nymph pulled a little on the sleeve of his shirt, he turned to her and saw to where she was constantly pointing at.

"Oh there? It's nothing special, it's just the cave-wait where are you going!" he exclaimed when he saw the girl getting away from him and going towards the door, she opened it and peeked in. It was dark but Sulfus once he got there turned on the small light, just as he had said it was a cave, filled with old things like toys and furnishings "There isn't anything special in here...unless you like dust..." he murmured

Nymph continued watching the inside of the cave, peeked under the sheets that covered the furnishings that were in there. That was when in one of these peek-ins that something caught her attention, an object not too big, golden colored but with spirals effects of a celestial blue color, heart shaped and with a red star in the middle. Curious, the girl picked up the object and turned to Sulfus who was looking at her.

However the boy seemed to have remained breathless when he saw what she was holding on her hand, he couldn't say anything, not even a single word, let alone a move, he just could stay there and look at the object...

Seeing that he wasn't reacting, she got a bit worried, she turned her attention back at the object she had on her hand and as if she knew what it was, she opened it slowly. From there it started sounding a melody, a beautiful and sweet melody; it was so calm and sent such a sensation of tranquility. Even though there was lots of dust covering the object and how old it seemed to be, it worked perfectly well, not even a single musical note seemed to fail.

Suddenly Sulfus' hand touched Nymph's hand and forced her to close the object, cutting the melody on the middle of it. The blonde haired girl looked up at him as soon as this happened, confused, why had he done that? But seeing the pain on the boy's amber eyes...somehow that affected her too...

Without saying a single word Sulfus turned his back on her and left the cave, it didn't take too long for her to follow him but not before wondering if she should bring with herself that side of her was telling her to leave it at the place she had found it and forget that she had ever found it...but another side of her was telling her that the object would still be important...her stubbornness gave in and she run out of the cave with the object hidden on her palm. She still was able to see Sulfus on the stairs, walking up, so she followed him, although sometimes she would stumble on her own feet due to not being used to the stairs just yet.

And because of that she wasn't able to see him at the hall but quickly deduced that he should be at his bedroom, even knowing that he was feeling bad, or at last that was what it seemed to her when she saw that sad and painful look in his eyes, she walked to the door and opened it just a little bit, peeking in...

And actually there he was, sitting on the rail of his window looking outside to the sunset that shone upon him, giving him a even more beauty than he already had. Trying to not disturb him much, Nymph walked inside the room on tiptoes, being the most silently as possible, however it didn't take too long for Sulfus to notice her presence in the room and turned to her. That look was still there and not even the smile that she was so used to see on him was there...only pain...he seemed to carry a huge agony inside him that he hide very well every single day, making it seem that everything was just fine.

The girl immediately hide the object behind her back when she noticed that he had already seen it, she looked down as if saying that she regretted, both from having entered inside the cave and having brought the object with her...Sulfus sighed, stood up from the rail and sat down on his bed...hesitating for a few moments, Nymph ended up sitting down next to him, looking at him, as if waiting for him to speak up...again the amber eyes of the boy settled down on the object she had on her hand...the small music box...

"It belonged to her..." he spoke up finally...his voice was barely heard but since she was really close to him, she was able to hear him "To my best friend..." he closed his hands into fists but then she placed hers upon his, in sign to calm down, he looked at her and saw the smile she had on her lips...

He sighed and continued "But she is dead..." he closed his eyes when the images of that day came back to his memory "It happened 10 years ago, almost a few weeks it happens the 11th anniversary of the incident that killed her...her and her family..."
He looked at her "You know...just like you...for a few years I feared the fire as well" she seemed surprised to hear this "Because...I was there...on that day...I saw everything that happened...and it's something that I will never be able to forget...we were both just 6 years old..." he took the music box from Nymph's hands and opened it, letting the melody being released on where it had been stopped.

"The two of us were really close, and sometimes we would sleep on each other's houses, you see over here?" he pointed to a hill well visible from his window, there were nothing more than trees covered by snow "Now there were born trees but years ago there stood her house, we lived really close to each other...anyway, on that day it was my turn to sleep on her home, I usually slept on a mattress close to her bed. It would have been just another night...if that fire hadn't started...

Little Sulfus woke up with the smell of something burned, and this blocked his breathe, he started coughing and sat up and opened his amber eyes, his vision was blurred due to the sleep he still had so he was forced to rub them with his small hands. That's when he saw it...smoke coming from under the door.

As fast as he could, he jumped from the mattress where he was laying down to the bed of his friend that was still sleeping, he shook her a few times "Raf, Raf! Wake up!" moaning on her sleep, the girl opened her blue eyes, yawned and then coughed

"What is it Sulfus...? It's late..."

"I think there is a fire!" said the boy, the girl looked at him as if he was crazy

"Stop talking nonsense!"

"It's not nonsense, look at the smoke coming from under the door!" he exclaimed pointing to the referred place, Raf followed his forefinger and saw that her friend was right, there was actually smoke and a light between the yellow and the orange shone on the corners of the door. The smoke that was starting to accumulate inside the bedroom only made the two children cough more.

They stood up from the bed and run towards the door, they opened it and looked horrified at the fire that covered already half of the house "How are we going to escape from here...?" asked the young Raf, holding on to her friend's hand who held it back tightly.

"There must be a place that it's not covered by the fire...over there!" he pointed towards a window, he started running in that direction but his friend grabbed him by the pajama's sleeve, stopping him

"Wait! My mommy and my daddy, I have to help them!" exclaimed the girl, running then in the direction of her parents' bedroom, the door then opened revealing the two adults that also had been woken up by the smoke, seeing her mother, Raf hugged immediately her legs, scared, Sulfus was right behind her.

"Mommy, I'm scared!" said the girl, the mother lowered down and took her daughter in her arms as her husband held the boy's hand.

"Calm down we'll take you out of here" said the mother, returning inside the bedroom together with her husband and Sulfus, the woman lowered down and opened a small door that was hidden behind the wardrobe "You two go in there, this door will take you outside" said the mother pointing to the entrance

"B-But what about you and daddy...?" said the girl with a trembling voice

"Don't worry, me and mommy will also find a way out, but now you two must go in there" ensured her the father, the mother went to her bed-side table, opened the drawer and took something from inside there, giving then to her daughter.

"It's your music box..." said Raf looking at the object, the mother smiled at her and kissed her face

"And now it's yours. Now go." She pushed the two children inside the entrance, they lowered down and started walking down the hall...quickly they reached the outside and started running the fast they could away from the house...

I was totally sure that she was right behind me...but when I arrived on a safer zone, I looked behind myself and saw that she wasn't there...I tried to go back and find her but right on that moment it happened an explosion that finished with her house completely...I tried to go there but the people that had seen the fire and had called the firemen, had arrived to the place and held me back...they told me that there was nothing I could do...and I refused to believe in that..."

"No, NO! I've got to go get her!" screamed Sulfus, fighting to get rid of the arms of a woman that held him in her arms to avoid him to commit craziness and entered inside the fire

"There is nothing you can do to save them!"


Sulfus closed his eyes painfully and closed his hand that held the music box, closing it and cancelling the melody that was playing "They never found her body...all they found was this..." he said indicating the object he had on his hand "I couldn't save her nor could I say goodbye to her..." Ninfa tightened the grip she had on his hand

"For years I feared the fire...I couldn't be near it without reminding myself of that fatidic day and for days after that night I cried...but then I promised myself that no more I would shed a single tear...and since then that I don't cry...not even when I remember that day..."

Suddenly Nymph hugged him, catching him by surprise, he wasn't waiting at all that she did this...even though she always did it when she saw he was sad, it's something that he got used to but he wasn't waiting for it right now. But then he relaxed and circled his arms around her waist, closing his eyes and smiling...

Then the girl let go of the hug and put both her forefingers on the corners of his mouth, forcing them up, trying to create the best she could a smile. Sulfus blinked trying to understand what the girl was trying to do...then he stated laughing.

"You're just unreal!" he laughed, however she smiled, happy by seeing him smile again "However...thank can always manage to make me smile. remind me of Raf so much...I don't know why but when I'm with you...I feel like she is here too..."

Two hours or less later, the two of them were called for could say it was totally humorous because before they were able to make Nymph hold correctly the was a really hard job but also very funny, something that this family hasn't done for a very long time, together. After the meal, the family went to the living room where some read, others played, and others watched TV...well, many things.

When the clock hit the 11 PM, Sulfus was about to go to his room when he noticed that Nymph had fallen asleep curled on the sofa, next to him. He couldn't hold back a smile when he saw that scene...well...adorable? He picked her up in his arms and without much effort; he took her to the up floor, going to what now was her bedroom. He laid her down on the bed that now had cleaned sheets and covered her, tucking her in the blankets to keep her warm in that cold winter night.

Before he left the room, he kissed her face and smiled...whispering a few last words...

"Thank you"


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