Ranma Xero.


Twenty years ago...

"Riker pull up damn it!" screamed the voice over the com. The gruff looking man stared out over the sea of stars and simply glared at the massive cruiser that moved slowly over his head. The sounds of explosions ripped through the gasses that the bulky cruiser emitted as it passed.

He jammed the stick down sending his fighter into a downward spiral as he passed by the rear engines of the starship letting loose a barrage of energy from his front mounted cannons that seemed to merely scorch the surface. His spin sent him harmlessly between the two massive jets of plasma that propelled the cruiser through space. Riker switched off the comlink with an annoyed grunt.

"Yo boss, HQ is screaming for us to pull back. There ain't nothing more we can do," said a familiar voice as one of his wingmen pulled up behind him.

"These bastards are heading straight for our hometowns on earth; you really think I'm going to pull back just because our cannons don't do more than dent this thing? I'll find a way," retorted the man angrily.

Five more ships pulled up beside him from various points in space. They were all the same type of fighter, a light brown color with long noses, a short wingspan, and four laser cannons jutting from the nose. The cannons varied in size and several missiles rested on the underside of each vessel. Markings indicating they were a part of the planetary defense force adorned the portions of the ships that were not scoured with damage.

The battleship itself was huge, easily a hundred times the size of the ships that circled around it. Humanoid robots almost twice the size of the Earthian ships zoomed through space picking off the ships not fast enough to obey the evacuation order.

Silence filled the airwaves with the occasional scream for help or last cry of life before another human pilot ended his career in a flaming ball of glory. "I'm going back in."

"With you all the way boss!" agreed the wingman. None of the others responded, their feelings were clear enough.

The five ships tore through space with surprising speed as all of the afterburners roared to life. Riker's ship was in the lead as he spun and weaved through laser blasts and enemy mechs. His cannons roared with an almost continuous blast as he tore through the hectic battle. Most of the ships were limping in the opposite direction. However the heroic charge had picked up three other ships by the time the reached the battle cruiser again.

They roared down the side blasting at laser turrets and cannons as they streaked down the side of the massive ship. Riker could hear the screams of his men through the communications interface as they died bravely at his side, covering each other from fire. "I'll get you bastards!" he screamed as he pulled away as he finished his attack run.

Three ships remained, small explosions could be seen down the side of the cruiser from the damage they group had created along the ship's hull. "That was one hell of a hit," commented one of the two remaining wingmen.

"But not good enough, if that payload reaches the planet we're done for," said Riker with a heavy sigh. He steeled himself and looked at his display. "I've still got enough missiles for another run. How are you two doing?"

"Fresh out boss, I've still got my frontside blaster though," said the ship to his right. He had a heavy Texan accent.

"Still green on half my payload," said the other man with a dissatisfied grunt. "I ain't going back until I unload it all."

Riker glared at the ship with a burning hatred in his eyes. The plasma ports were facing them directly and he could feel his teeth begin to grind unconsciously. "Don't bother, just cover me." He reached down and flicked several switches before entering a code on a keypad that rested just below the canopy. The interior of the ship began to flash red and he breathed in and out in slow controlled motions. "Let's go."

The ships charged forward again moving through enemy fire easily. Almost the whole attack force was alerted to them now as most of the human ships had retreated or been destroyed. The three men plowed through them relentlessly taking heavy damage to their ships. The Texan screamed as his run was ended in a ball of fire. Riker didn't even give the man a passing glance as he bore down on the cruiser. He simply shot forward pushing his engines to their maximum. Red lights and heat sirens flashed around him in warning and a yellow circular symbol flashed on his main screen. "Danger, core overheating," chimed the computerized voice.

"Boss, what the hell are you doing?" screamed his remaining wingman as he pulled away as they neared the star cruiser's engine ports.

The computerized voice of the ship's computer began to count down inside Riker's ship. "Five...four...three..."

"Take this you sons of bitches!" screamed Riker as he slammed into the rear of the ship. A massive nuclear explosion shattered both of the engine ports sending the gigantic ship into a slow spin in space.

The wingman shot forward just ahead of the blast at a speed that slammed him into his seat. His own warning lights blared around him as he struggled to control the ship as he rocketed towards the space station. He finally managed to regain control and spared a glance back at the sparking remains of the space cruiser. A majority of the ship still survived, but it was now a sitting duck in space. A dark smile crossed his lips as he realized that it was still moving slightly. "Way to go boss." He turned his attention back to piloting his starship home.

"What is going on here!" screamed the older looking man on the bridge of the starship known as the destroyer. He had a long white beard and a light blue skin color like everyone else on board the ship.

"Admiral, our engines have been destroyed; we are without power on eighty percent of our systems. In short, we have lost," said the taller man who stood next to him.

"Impossible!" screamed the man in rage.

One of the female officers turned from her console with a shocked look on her face. "Sir, we are being pulled into the planet's gravitational system."

"What?! Take evasive action!" screamed the old man in a rage. "Get us the hell out of here!"

"We cannot, there are no engines," said the tall man with a strangely calm look about him.

"Oh god! The emergency systems are down! There's no way to escape, all the pods are shorted out!" screamed another man from his seat nearby. The bridge quickly went into a panic and the Admiral merely stood from his seat and watched as the screen began to take a slightly red glow.

"Send a distress signal! Ask them for help, I cannot allow all of these people to die!" screamed the old man in desperation.

"It has already been done," said the tall man with a slight smirk. "I believe the return message was...'Burn'."

The old man hung his head and stared down at the console in front of him. "Damn them."

"Apparently they have not forgotten what we did to their colonies on Mars sir."

Kimiko stood on the remains of Mt. Fuji and smirked. The side of the mountain had a huge gash in it where the enemy battle cruiser had crash landed. Pieces of the doomed ship littered the landscape of Japan for miles around the sight. Fortunately for her team, several almost completely intact mechs had been recovered for study. With these machines Earth's technology would grow in leaps and bounds in just a few short months. Robotic technology alone would be enough to give them the edge they had lost in the last confrontation with the alien menace. Now where they were desperately lacking, they had an edge where they could fight back again.

"Kimiko, come and look at this!" screamed her husband as he pushed back the heavy fur hood of his coat. His long dark hair flowed behind him as he turned to look at her with an excited look in his eyes. She noticed his friend step back with a look of terror in his eyes.

"My god! What is it?"

She paused when she neared the crater they were standing over. Buried halfway in the ground was a completely intact mech. It was black and red with an almost demonic appearance about it. The seams of its body were smooth, and it had an almost sleek appearance about it. Two black metallic wing protrusions rose from its shoulders and a blade like horn rose from the forehead. It's head almost looked like Samurai armor with two red eyes that remained dull as they stared out into space.

"What is this?" she gasped out loud. She turned to face the team of scientist she had brought with her. "Get over here! Now!"

"An ill omen," said her husband's friend.

"Quite so Saotome," agreed her husband.