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Warnings: Violence, blood, Chibi Vegeta POV

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Summary: Vegeta is still a cub when Frieza comes to his home planet and takes over, enslaving the Saiya-jin race.

Author: Debs-dragon

Status: un-betaed

" Servitude "

Chapter 1

I sit here in the clearing, perched upon a rock forcing the food down my throat, schooling my features into neutrality whilst inside I am being torn apart. I chance a look at Nappa but he is standing away from me, lost in his own thoughts. What they are I cannot begin to even guess, but I doubt they are anything like my own. If he knew what was running through my head he would surely be afraid.

I close my eyes, feeling the pain of loss burn through my veins, I might only be young in body, but my soul is ancient. I have seen more, suffered through more than anyone my age should have had to, and yet it is as if it was written in the stars that I would be the one to endure these hardships, my destiny mapped out before I was even born.

My mind takes time out to reflect, the knowledge that I was powerless to prevent anything from occurring burning my spirit, turning it black and cold.

I can still remember the day that the future of myself and my proud race of people changed...

... for the worse.


I looked up from the game I was enjoying with my fellow saiyan cubs as my father swept into the room. I knew there was something wrong. He spoke quietly with the warrior that guarded us before stepping towards me. "Come, my son."

Curiously, I followed him out of the room and along the hallways until we stepped out of the building and into the transporter that would take us to the palace. My father remained silent throughout the short journey. I itched to ask him why he had come for me. My tail swished steadily back and forth behind me as my impatience grew. But I knew better than to ask. He would tell me when he was ready.

We reached the palace and my father led me to the large sitting room. My mother approached as we entered and I felt the cold hand of fear grip my heart. I darted my eyes from one to the other as I curled my tail around myself in an attempt to find some comfort. This had to be serious.

My father paced back and forth, my mother motioned me to sit with her and I did so, my curiosity rising and yet I knew that somehow, I didn't want to hear the words that were about to be spoken. Finally my father ceased in his wearing of the floor coverings and turned to face us both. I took my mother's hand, seeking some form of reassurance.

Clearing his throat, my father spoke. His voice remained calm, even though I could see the war raging inside him. "There is a threat coming to our planet."

A threat? I wondered what he meant. Our race was one of the strongest in the universe, able to defend ourselves from any attack that had come thus far. What was it about this threat that had my father so worried?

"The evil that is approaching is unlike anything we have had to deal with in the past." His eyes glittered with hatred. "I am afraid that we are powerless to stop this presence."

"But, father..."

"My son. I know what you are about to say and believe me when I answer you in all honesty that I have looked at this from every angle. I have torn myself apart trying to find a way, a weakness; but there is none. This battle is one that we cannot win. Not yet. Our enemy is strong, strong and cunning. But I think I have a way in which we can survive until our race can find a weakness and then use it to our advantage."

"Father?" I didn't like this, I didn't like it one bit.

"This being comes from deep in the universe, he is cold and calculating, but as yet too strong to be defeated. He intends to take over the universe, planet by planet and has already commenced his work. Our planet is next, but I have beaten him to it."


My father walked towards me and placed a hand upon my shoulder. "I have informed this entity that we do not wish to fight with him, in fact we are willing to join him in his quest. He is not stupid, he knows the strength of the Saiya-jin race and has agreed to take our people into his army. At least this will give us the chance to preserve our bloodline and eventually overthrow the monster."

"Does he have a name?" I ask.

"Lord Freiza."

It was a name I was to come to hate with a passion.

"I am telling you this now, my son, so you will be prepared. The nation I will address this evening, but I will not give them all the facts. The less they know the safer they are. Lord Frieza is in the process of building himself up to the point where no one will challenge him or his authority. He is going from planet to planet, annihilating the populace, clearing the planet and selling it to other races. It's an ingenious plan, one that allows enemies to wipe each other out without needing to raise so much as a finger, and those that purchase pay well for their victory, but it also ensures that they will obey Lord Freiza as they know what he is capable of."

My young mind tried to grasp the overall consequence of this coming nightmare. I knew we co-existed on this planet with another race, one that was by far superior to us in technological advancement. They had been convinced a while ago that it was better for them to work with us than against us. I do not recall what actually occurred and nor do I want to; all I know is that we have the advancements at our disposal and the other race? That is better left in the past.

I stared up at my father, trying to see into his mind but failing. "Then what are we to do, father?"

The king sighed heavily before turning his dark eyes towards myself and my mother. "We are going to play along with this tyrant. We will become part of his army and assist him in his destruction."

I swallowed.

"But while this is happening we will be searching for a weak spot, lull him into a false sense of security whilst we build up our knowledge. Once we have discovered his weakness then we will attack and destroy him."

The plan all sounded well thought out in theory. Just how would it stand up in practice though if this creature was as horrendous as my father made out?

"When is he going to arrive?"

It was the first words I had heard my mother speak since entering the room and I turned to look at her. My tail began to uncurl slightly from around my waist and I felt hers brush against my arm as if in reassurance.

"He will be here in six more passings of the moons."

I felt my heart stop with that announcement. "Six passings?" I echoed.


My mother turned her eyes away, no doubt thinking of the small amount of time our race had left before it became enslaved to this creature. I sat locked in my own thoughts. Surely my father was exaggerating? From what I knew of our race we were pretty much undefeatable. No one had challenged us and won before.

"When he arrives I will greet him and have talks with him to verify exactly what he requires of us. I expect you both to cooperate with the decisions that are made."

"Yes, father."

My mother nodded, albeit, reluctantly.

My father came closer and my mother stood to meet him, they embraced and their tails entwined as my father sought to reassure with touches and words. "I can't promise that we will come out of this mess unscarred, but it is the only way I can see to keep our race alive."

I turned and left, I'd heard enough. I found my way back to my own quarters in the palace, the thoughts racing through my head. I tried to understand my father's logic behind his decision, but when you are still just a cub it's hard to rationalise the adult mind and penchant for doing things in certain ways. I threw myself to my bed, grasping the tip of my tail and stroking it to soothe my jumbled mind and tense body. With the thoughts of the horror to come still invading my head I gradually drifted off to sleep.

# # #

Last night saw the sixth passing of the moons.

There is an air of electricity surrounding the palace, servents are running to and fro, too wrapped up in their tasks to bother with me and so I take advantage of my freedom to explore and investigate the proceedings. My father had addressed the nation and while the unrest and distrust was evident, the subjects had agreed to do as my father had bidden them. As he had promised, he didn't give them all the facts, just enough to satisfy the expected questions.

I was about to head outside when I was stopped by my bodyguard. I looked up into the black eyes of Nappa.

"Where do you think you're going, Prince?"

I put the best scowl that I could onto my face. "I was heading out into the gardens to watch the arrival of this tyrant."

"Your father has forbidden you to be outside by yourself. If you wish to watch the arrival I will take you to the tower where you can watch with the rest of the palace staff."

I scowled again. "Why can't I greet this being with my father?"

"Your father doesn't think that it is wise."

I folded my arms across my chest and stared defiantly at Nappa. "I will not watch with the rest of the staff, I will watch from outside or by my father's side."

Nappa gave me a cold look and for a moment I wondered if I had pushed him too far. "I suggest you go to your room young prince before I report your surly behavior to your father."

The flash of anger that I spied in those coal eyes told me that Nappa wasn't joking. I sneered at him before turning on my heel and making my way back to my room. Let him think I was going to stay there like a good little Saiya-jin. I had no intentions of staying in my room, quite the opposite in fact. I re-enterd my room and busied myself with some of the puzzle games I had, lulling Nappa into a false sense of security. After all, isn't this how you were supposed to defeat your enemies? Use strategy?

Once Nappa was convinced that I was going to stay put, being totally engrossed in my game, he relaxed. I continued to pretend to be absorbed in my task, waiting for my opportunity. Eventually it came. I got up and moved behind Nappa on the pretense of fetching another puzzle. Before he had a chance to react I brought my small hand to his neck and pressed on the pressure point, instantly knocking him out.

I made sure to leave him comfortable, after all I didn't want him to wake up stiff. I was going to be in enough trouble as it was. Once I was convinced he was going to be okay I slipped from my room and headed out to the gardens. I knew I could remain hidden out here and observe the preparations. I knew where the tyrant was going to land and I could make my way there without being seen. Just through the gardens and over the wall, then head straight for the royal hangar where all my father's space ships were stored. No way would he contemplate allowing such an evil presence to land in the usual area reserved for incoming and out going space craft. No, this one would be treated like royalty as well and so therefore would be granted access to the royal space craft landing area.

By the time I make it to the hangars, my father and his entourage should be ready to greet the incoming passengers. If I stay hidden in the shadows for long enough, once the craft has landed and my father goes out to greet this being, then all I have to do is slip in amongst the guards and make my way forwards, pretending I have been caught day dreaming or something similar.

I give a snicker as I think through my plan. I check the angle of the suns and note that it won't be too much longer before the visitor arrives. I think I should make my move now, after all, I don't want to be discovered before I get the chance to put my plan into action. With a careful look around I scan the immediate area and sense no one near to me. Stealthily I make my way through the gardens and levitate over the wall. Another quick scan and I am down on the ground, dodging between structures as I head for the main building. I dive inside, grateful I haven't been spotted as yet and look for a safe place to hide. I hadn't been inside the royal lounge many times, it was where my father brought his guests after greeting them on the landing pad so they could relax a little before he moved them into the safety of the Palace's guest quarters. I heard the approaching voices of a couple of palace guards and hurriedly glanced around. There were a couple of plants in large pots to one side. I was small enough, I should be able to wriggle myself behind them. With no time left to see for sure I dived behind the pots and managed to squeeze myself in, not before time.

The guards entered the room as I yanked my errant tail in behind me. I kept as quiet as I could as the guards went about their business, setting out the various items that my father used when he had visitors from other planets. I strained my ears, listening to the odd snatches of conversation, but I didn't hear much. All I could really make out from the snippets I heard was that my father's subjects were a little uneasy with this being's imminent arrival. This only served to arouse my curiosity even further. I had known my father was worried before, but I hadn't really thought all that much about it. To hear the guards also talking about how strong and evil this creature was had me wondering if I wasn't being too dismissive of the being.

I wish now that I had listened more strongly to my instincts.