A Little Something from Luna Peachie

N'cha, you guys! Luna Peachie here with a pretty long author's note. It's just to settle some things and let you guys know about the process that went into making this fic. Think of it as a bonus feature on a DVD, if you will.

Where to start…AHH! I know; the idea for this fic!

To be honest, the idea of this fic had been circling in my head for quite some time while I was working on another project. I wasn't planning on starting it at that time but when I found it difficult to concentrate on the project I had, I decided to at least get some ideas down for when I did start this fic. What was supposed to be just an idea page turned into the first chapter and I decided to post it. Oh my, did it get quite a response! I wasn't expecting such a response for that one chapter! I was blown away! So, I decided to get to work on the second chapter right away and so it went!

Wheatley, as a character, wasn't hard for me to figure out. I had read a few human!Wheatley stories and I liked them a lot. Most of them, I'm sad to say, seemed to follow the same course: Wheatley comes back, finds Chell, less than two chapters later they're in love and it went from there. Though, there are some really great "Chelley" stories out there, don't get me wrong, I felt that the concept was a little overdone. So, I went about it in another way. I decided that Wheatley was going to be reintroduced to humanity by someone else. So, how does one make a human!Wheatley story but still stay true to the game? I didn't even know if I wanted to put Chell anywhere in this fic, but then an idea came to me. Not Chell, per say, but relatives of Chell!

The McLain sisters, Lillian and Angela or "Lil and Angie", were actually pretty spur-of-the-moment characters. I knew I wanted characters that had some kind of relation to Chell, so I decided to make them her daughters. I wanted to give a sense that she had gone on with her life and though she hadn't forgotten about Aperture, she had at least put it behind her. For a while, I was actually fighting with myself to even reveal Chell as Lil and Angie's mother so soon. I was planning on doing that around the end of the story, but the fans wanted Chell, and they wanted her NOW! So, despite myself, I revealed her earlier in the story than I had anticipated. Looking back at it now, I'm happy I did.

The age difference (Lil being 20-21 and Angie being 6) has always been a key note to me. The age difference was to help me personally as I tried to convey the older sister trying to relate to the younger sister. So, Lillian and Angela McLain became Chell's daughters, which helped with the flow of Wheatley's mission.

I never thought that those two would get such a positive response, but I got a lot of compliments about them. So, I've decided to keep these two and possibly incorporate them into some of my other fics (such as giving them little cameos and such) and possibly even giving them their own series over at fictionpress (after making some adjustments, of course). I haven't decided yet.

Wheatley stories, to me, always depicted Wheatley as one would call "a blank canvas". I always knew I wanted to have a story where the character felt he was battling his past and his present. Wheatley needed to come to terms with his former self as well as his construct self. So, I told myself; "Luna, give Wheatley more than just a personnel file as a life." Pam, Wheatley's girlfriend from his past, was always planned. I wanted something of a "ghost" to haunt Wheatley. Sometimes, a memory can be the most haunting thing and the flashbacks came about.

Am I happy with the story, overall? Yes, yes I am.

Am I sad that it's over? Unbelievably, but I take with me the experience of a lifetime.

Oh, did I mention? I'm planning a sequel! Oh yes I am! What is the sequel about? Well, you're all probably dying to know what happened to GLaDOS and the Androids and the facility. Maybe you're wondering who that group at the abandoned bus stop was. Maybe you're also wondering what happened to Robo-Wheatley...

Want to keep up with my hijinks and other updates? I have a deviantArt account: LunaPeachieWasHere is the name.

Well, what else can be said except…thank you, all of you. To the people that reviewed and helped me build my confidence as a writer, the lovely people here on fanfiction, particularly the ones that frequent the Portal section. I made some awesome friends while working on this story and I must say I think I'll take those with me the most. I want to thank everyone who faved me and my story, and I want to extend and extra thanks to those who reviewed my work.

In particular, I want to thank xXKatnissXx for being such a loyal fan and for the cute picture of Wheatley in a Gir hat, portalfan4351 for the private messages that kept me going, any and all works of fan art and fan mail I've received and/or will receive in the near future from my fans, and last but certainly not least, Sparky16, for being an all-around awesome person, loyal fan, and most importantly, a good friend.

Thank you everyone, for keeping me going through the good times and bad. I love you all. So, as always my loves…

Read, review, and most importantly, be merry.

With Love,

~Luna Peachie~