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Her Bones

The Enterprise was docked at Starbase 43 in Alpha Quadrant for restocking, ship's repairs, R and R and one crew member transfer. It was the last day of their scheduled dock, and Captain James T. Kirk was in the transporter room, awaiting the arrival of his newest crewmember. Security Chief Giotto was taking a personal leave of absence due to a family emergency, so they were taking on an interim Security Chief. Commander Summers came very highly recommended from Admirals Barnett and Pike. In fact, she was Pike's first choice to crew the Enterprise with him before the clusterfuck that was Nero, but she was off-planet and only due to return the day before the Enterprise's maiden voyage was scheduled to depart.

The transporter beam cleared, leaving behind a blonde woman of small stature who most definitely did not look like she could be useful in the security field. Jim Kirk was skeptical, but willing to trust in Pike's judgment. With a smile specifically designed to charm, the Captain held out his hand.

"Welcome aboard, Commander Summers!" he said as she grasped his offered hand in a surprisingly firm grip and pumped.

"Thank you, Captain Kirk. It's a pleasure to be here," Commander Buffy Summers replied with a sweet smile that made Kirk a little warmer than before. With a gesture to walk with him, he moved out into the corridor.

"Let me give you a little tour. We'll end at Sickbay, where you can get your baselines done. After that, Lieutenant Giotto will give you an overview of his department and get you settled into your quarters."
Buffy nodded, her eyes never still as they took in everything around them. She listened as the Captain pointed out things of interest, like the rec rooms, and things of more importance, like the conference rooms. The tour of the bridge was as awe-inspiring as expected. Buffy had been on the ship briefly as it was being completed prior to her last mission before her more permanent assignment to this ship was to occur. The tour was finally at an end, Captain Kirk escorting her to Sickbay as promised.

"Bones! I've got your next victim here!" Kirk called out. Buffy snorted softly, a small smile tugging her lips upward. Until she heard something very unexpected.

"Dammit Jim! They're called patients! Something I have –" Leonard McCoy cut off as he came out of his office and caught sight of who stood next to his friend. Then a blonde blur launched itself at him.

"REAPER?" cried the new Chief of Security as she threw herself at the CMO. Jim Kirk's jaw dropped as he watched his surly, irascible and downright grumpy best friend wrap the small woman in his arms.

"Buffy?" McCoy asked softly, almost unable to believe she was right there; tangible evidence or not. He seemed not to notice the looks they were receiving from the Captain or the rest of the medical bay. He never even heard the thump!of a nurse's body hitting the floor in a dead faint.

17 August 2011